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#4554827 Malchy's WIP thread : Kohuru head hunter squad (up 12/10)

Posted by malcharion on 06 November 2016 - 09:02 AM

Hi there !

Working for a while on my armys and even if it's not quite finished it's on a good way..
Feel the need to share theme with you guys smile.png.

First of all some of my Carcharodon army :

Carcharodon 8th battle company known as the "Oblivion's predators".
First Battle barge : the Hemiodon
Known Shoal master : Captain Nebriuson "the black water jaw"

Command officer :

Nebriuson :


Makoha Noronhai Second in command Red brethren sergent :


Isodon Saar, Primary Librarian of the 8th company :


Known characters of the Shoal :

Saelei Brachyurus, Contemptor class dreadnought :


The Oromatua "The Soul eater", "8th tithe" of the Oblivion's predators company .

Background :



Rest of the shoal :

Drop pod :

Leviathan siege dreadnought :

Leave you their for the Carcharodons parts but their is a lot more to come ..

Next post for my raven guard
here is a taste :

Moritat / Count as Kaedes Nex :


( if you are asking why the tau gun, it's just to represent the special gun of Kaedes nex and for the most part it's just that I wanted to try a light effect.. just an aesthetic issue ^^)

Hope you guys will like theme ! Stay tuned for the next round msn-wink.gif

Malchy aka Nebriuson

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#4786588 Post Your Primaris Marines

Posted by Rob_Loken on 17 June 2017 - 09:58 PM

I'll bite, my first unit of Angels Revenant.


I figure after being blown up by Necrons these guys might benefit from the Primaris program. 😁
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#5171535 we appreciate you mods! * hugs*

Posted by Triszin on 10 October 2018 - 10:47 PM

just wanted to say, thanks!


Hope ya get better!

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#5060817 =][= HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =][=

Posted by Kurgan the Lurker on 19 April 2018 - 11:55 PM

Ok so I wasn't able to post earlier as I had planned so here it is short and sweet.




Today the B&C turns 19 years old!!


Thanks to you, the Frater, this place has become and continues to be one of the best places to discuss Space Marines and (more recently) 40k.


Next year we turn 20....it is gonna be big!




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#5045620 It's been a long time...

Posted by Captain Semper on 01 April 2018 - 05:54 PM

...but light will come from darkness yet again!







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#4214821 ...but blood - blood is forever

Posted by poom on 03 November 2015 - 12:51 PM

So I read how you paint the white for your WE but how do you do the blood and the blue?
Curious. I am going to give this a ago.

Sorry for the late answer.. the blue is ultramrines blue, washed with thinned down dark tone and then drybrushed ultramarines blue again. Then I add decals and wash everything with the oilwash.
The blood is Tamya Clear Red with a bit of Chaos Black.


I finally finished her...

"If wolves have a queen, this is she"
Lion El'Johnson, sire of the first legion





































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#5175079 Sharing some news!

Posted by HCMistborn on 16 October 2018 - 10:06 PM

So, I'm fairly certain this is the right sub forum for this, but last night my girlfriend and I went to see one of our favorite bands, and I proposed during my favorite song. So, I just wanted to share with my B&C buddies, I'M ENGAGED! 


Now, just have to learn how to hide the expenses of my hobby....

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#3458312 Night Lords 15th Company - In Memoriam...Pg.68

Posted by Brother Heinrich on 12 September 2013 - 06:36 AM

 "centurions" (In the Legion's day that was a rank, not a synonym for giant armored toddler)


This needs to be on a shirt. Somebody get to work on a badass graphic.

Got you covered brother.


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#5057811 Post your homages

Posted by Rogan on 17 April 2018 - 07:10 AM

Nice idea!
One picture that helped me out of a serious painter's block was actually a non-40k artwork:


A WIP of the mostly finished miniature:

And the painted result:


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#4474788 =][= E Tenebrae Lux V =][=

Posted by Captain Semper on 22 August 2016 - 03:54 AM

Section 4 – The banners of excellence
The Realm of Chaos is the Primus Inter Pares a third year running! This is a hat trick and a record almost impossible to beat! 
So here's the Primus Inter Pares
ETL_2016_Banner_04_Primus_Inter_Pares.jp ETL_2016_Medal_02_Primus_Inter_Pares.gif
Furthermore, like last year, the Champions of each faction (i.e. the ones that made the most points) will be awarded the Badge of the Champion:
Codex:  Halandaar
Blood Angels: evildrcheese
Dark Angels: Tanyr
Space Wolves: dantay_xv
Forces of the Imperium: Passeltov
Realm of Chaos: Chaeron, SlaveToDarkness
Horus Heresy: Demonl
Now moving on to the other badges of excellence:
The Badge of the Hero: This goes to all who have successfully completed all of their vows and at least one vow worth the maximum of 3,000pts.
The eligible participants are:
Augustus b'Raass
Sturm Moonwolf
Wolf Lord Kieran
The Badge of the Martyr is awarded to any participant completing the maximum possible of 15,000 points (5 vows x 3,000pts/vow)
The eligible participants are:



The Badge of the Artificer: This is one of the most difficult awards as it is purely subjective and ultimately unfair...
But here goes:


Hidden Content


Brother Chaplain Kage:

Hidden Content



Hidden Content



Hidden Content



Hidden Content

I would also like make some honorary mentions based on innovative or outright crazy ideas:

demonl for painting up not one but two Warlord Titans! And he didn’t stop there. He went on to paint a Knight and infantry too.

Hidden Content


WarriorFish for his Knight with LED eyes!

Hidden Content


Hyperion for putting together the past and the future with his retro Field Police "counts as" the newest kids in the block: the Deathwatch! (and the helmet stripes)

Hidden Content


TheOneTrueZon. Look at those dozer blades! (and the tartan lining)


Hidden Content

The ETL Collegia Titanicus: This is a new ETL Badge of excellence to reward those committed enough to complete at least one Titan during the ETL. The ETL Collegia Titanicus will be expanded further to award badges depending on the type of Titan each participant completed and will create specific badges for previous years as well... In the mean time, all those who completed a Titan this year but also in the past, feel free to wear it. 
If your name is not in the list below/ please send me a link of your ETL post with the completed Titan in it and I will happily add it below. Furthermore, we will try to produce Collegia Titanicus badges corresponding to each specific ETL and with the specific Titan type. Until then please use the badge below.

demonl [HH]
You can see the image above in the honorary mentions (running out of images allowed per post) 

Ninjaman [HH]

undeadsoldier [Chaos]


Warsmith Gorrched [Chaos]


And if I have missed any, let me know an I'll add it to the list.

Section 5 – Captain Semper's closing notes
Well, ETL V – The Shadow Guard Edition is over. Half a decade of ETL and it still goes strong! With 470 participants and the most points completed ever, I can say this was arguably the most successful ETL of all. As usually, the conduct of the frater during the event was exemplary and in line with the best traditions of the B&C.
Some interesting things happened this year that may need further analysis. First it was the sharp decline in participation levels in the Blood Angels and the IFOR Factions. Or to be more precise the return to their more normal levels after a spike in ETL IV. In the case of IFOR it can be mainly (but not exclusively) explained by the hype created by the Mechanicum Codices last year. Unfortunately this hype did not create a deep routed following within the B&C community, with the natural result of a sharp depression in participation levels. The Blood Angels experienced a huge surge last year for no systemic reason other than the fraters’ enthusiasm and the sense that the BAs should be leading in a painting event such as the ETL. This attitude continued this year resulting in a very impressive performance as analysed in the relevant section above. Be that as it may, the Blood Angels managed to beat the ETL III participation levels and completions so one may argue that ETL IV although not repeatable (or is it?) it certainly transformed the Faction’s ETL profile. IFOR on the other hand, seem to have lost its direction this year, but next year it will be bolstered with the Deathwatch. Maybe it’s time for a single IFOR Strategium? Hmmm…
On the other end of the spectrum, this year the Space Wolves (not least because of the new forum’s Champion’s efforts) came together in what was a show of force that ticked all the boxes in SWs ETL characteristics. Slow start – explosive end, large average vow (in fact the largest of ETL) and loads of Heroes to boot. And on top of that their participation rose to an unprecedented 51 – putting them for the first time at par with the BAs, DAs and even the Codex. And the rest, as they say, is history.  
Now my beloved DAs…. The valiant efforts of those who completed their vows shined through as a beacon of hope but for a Faction that has become Primus Inter Pares this was a very lukewarm performance. I sure hope that the DAs will get back to full strength again next year and will be challenging the top position again.
What I need to think about now is the future of the event.
One thing that will definitely go is the Badge of the Artificer. It is a torment for me to sit down and choose among like a thousand outstanding entries, with no set criteria and ultimately with no qualifications. It’s not that I’m a painting guru, nor have I any Golden Demon credentials. Besides the ETL is not about painting excellence, it’s about commitment and motivation. Still there might be a substitute, but it’s early days yetl…
Another issue to address is balance. The ETL was never supposed to be this super balanced event to begin with especially as the interest of the frater is not proportionally divided among the ETL Factions. It was supposed to be more like light-hearted fun with a competitive edge. Over the years a number of rules were introduced such as the points’ limit and completion rate adjustment to keep things a bit more balanced without losing sight of the core ideas of the ETL. Still there seem to be further room to improve.
HH in particular is extremely popular and it increasingly feels like an entire setting vs. individual 40k Codices rather than the Codex vs. Codex that was the initial inspiration of the event. At the other end of the spectrum, participation levels in the IFOR are materially lower and it comprises many diverse Codices and (perhaps more importantly) Strategiums. There are other things as well, and all will be considered, taking into account not only balance but also the ETL mechanics and practical application... One thing is for sure, ETL VI will see some important differences!
Before I close I'd like to thank yet again the Admins (Kurgan and Brother Tyler) for allowing the ETL to run for a fifth year in a row! I would also like to thank the Supreme Grand Master of the Inner Circle The Shadow Guard for giving so much of his time to shape the imagery of the ETL! This fifth ETL is dedicated to him as a token of appreciation and gratitude!
I would also like to thank all the Frater and Mods who put an extra effort to create an environment of friendly rivalry - too many to list individually and missing one would be too unfair! These are the frater that rose to the challenge to lead the ETL effort in their respective forums and with wondrous results!
Looking ahead, there are the usual events like the Call of Chaos and the Loyalty and Treachery and who knows what else... And of course a refreshed ETL VI will be again with us next May!
So until next year, farewell!
Captain Semper
Member of the Inner Circle
Master of Recruits

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#5222694 Of pale skin and paler souls - Aeternus's Carcharodons

Posted by Aeternus on 24 December 2018 - 11:59 PM

Something stirs in the deeps...


After a long break decided to start up my contributions on the BnC again in earnest, and with such comes the first of two project logs. Having picked up a selection of the space marine heroes models with some friends we've all decided to paint them up as a new army kill-team, and, after some consideration (and in no small part due to what I had bitswise) I've decided mine'll be clad in the myriad greys of the Carcharodons, savage warriors roaming the edges of the Imperium.


While for the foreseeable future there will only be these five marines, at the end of the squad depending on how I feel about them I might slowly continue to dabble in this worryingly loyalist project :P 


For now here's the pics of how the first of the squad is coming along. I'm going to be heavily drawing on Malchy's carcharodons for inspiration, as they are a truly beautiful army, though I'm hoping I'll be able to give my squad their own character. 


His legs are finished except for the holster and purity seal. Comments and criticism welcome, the grey has come out darker than probably intended tho still think it works well, though I might try to have lighter plates on some of the next marines in places for a sharky mix of light grey, this grey, black and white. Planning on using red as the company colour, undecided on whether to do the pistol plating in red or black.


Shoal-sergeant Manasu of fourth company, third Nomad-predation fleet of the Carcharodons.




Thank you for the interest :) 


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#4560492 Only victory is honourable - White scars - Siege of Terra

Posted by One-eye on 12 November 2016 - 06:13 PM

I know it's been quite long, but life is not a straight line smile.png


I've finally finished my Terran - Unification Wars Veteran - White Scars Contemptor.


Brother Bunraku - Contemptor Dreadnought of the XXIVth Brotherhood

Put into stasis just after the Vth Legion reunited with its Primarch on Mundus Planus.

Reactivated for the Siege of Terra. Status unknown - Presumed destroyed





The idea was that during the desperate times of the siege of Terra, no forces could be laid back, whatever the beliefs. Only victory is honourable for White Scars !

I deliberately let him quite plain and different from my other WS. I avoided red markings, except some simple red stripes. The idea was to keep the WS colour scheme, without all tribal markings or anything referring to Chogorian culture. Some Japanese reference, to keep him tied to my WS without being Mongol strictly speaking. And of course badges of victories from the Unification Wars.







You can expect more gold in the upcoming reinforcements ! And maybe some speed too, if I keep the rhythm.

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#3601826 Abaddon vs Sigismund

Posted by A D-B on 24 February 2014 - 05:04 AM



But then, I cheated. I wrote the answer a few months ago.


It may still get changed in editing, mind you.

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#5134324 Kill Team Returns! Show me what you got!

Posted by MaxB on 31 July 2018 - 06:31 AM

I've done up a Fallen Kill Team.


Seems like the perfect ruleset to field a small band of Fallen - lurking in the shadows sowing disent as they pursue agendas known only to themselves, aided by a band of fanatically disciples converted to their cause.


I will be running them as Heretic Astartes, though with a few more marines could also try them as Adeptus Astartes. Need to add a few more models to make up the full roster, but I'm really happy with how they are turning out - mostly in that my initial vision of them has ended up more or less on the models haha.






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#4087783 ++ Turpe Et Dicere ++

Posted by Hyaenidae on 15 June 2015 - 07:35 AM

++ Truth and Justice ++

-A History of the Unification Wars- 




-- Chapter 1: Introductions --





The decision was made.
Delah Shawae, Daughter of Gaia, knew peace with this decision, the calm echoes of her faith soothing her anxieties. Here, in the Living Temple of the Blessed Mother, surrounded by the near-extinct splendor of Terra's long dead bounty, she was unassailable. Untouchable. A small smile turned the corner of her lip, this small moment of serenity easing her heart. With her decision made, her next course of action was simple; thanking Gaia or the life that was breathed into her.
After all, her ashes would return to the Goddess's embrace soon.
Stepping towards the altar, her bare feet softly padding through the blessed and rare green grass planted into the aisle, Delah knelt before a living sculpture of Gaia, twisting cedar and willow branches shaping her gentle facial features, leaves and vines weaving back into flowing hair laced with nearly extinct flowers, adding a soft scent in the air that calmed the heart like no other. Small, genetically-crafted incandescent insects lit the room warmly, while they fluttered gently through a light breeze that cut through the temple, rustling leaves in a symphony sung since Gaia's awakening, a plainsong made by nature itself. Touching the small reflection pool at the feet of the Goddess with a petite henna-tattooed hand, Delah began singing lightly with the wind, a harmonic nonsense of a song that created it's own flow and rhythm, filling the room with the sound of simple joy. Oh, how Man had failed their Mother, how they had ruined her, stole the air from her lungs and the light from her eyes. When the Second Awakening came, though, the Mother would reclaim her children, strike down the vileness of war and technology, and the Earth would flourish once more. Delah sighed softly as she daydreamed of running through a real, living, field of flowers under a brilliant sky of the purest blues and whites, pinned with golden sunlight.
The moment of serenity died with the sound of the chapel door opening wide. Distantly, much screaming could suddenly be heard without the door buffering the sound, the crash of stone and the crackling of Hell unleashed. Slowly, the door closed, an action meant to show respect, only allowing the horror raging outside the temple to pour in for longer, the sound finally dying to the shaking gasp of a hive-city in it's death throes as the oaken door finally shut.
Cinder and smoke blocked the scent of flowers. The electric humming of fully active warplate filled the air with the sound of technology crafted for death. The sound drove the insects away, darkening the room to match the sudden change in mood.
Delah's joy died.
The quiet steps of armoured boots on the creaking wood floor grew louder as he approached, finally kneeling beside her, with grinds and squeals of metal shifting. The giant's breathing was a small, bass note in the background, as he patiently waited for Delah to finish her prayer. Slowly, she pulled her fingertips from the water, watching the ripples reflect from the pool walls, gathering her thoughts as she prepared herself.
“I've made my decision.” Delah's voice was quiet, reserved. She lifted her eyes, and looked upon her visitor.
He was gigantic, his layered warplate giving him even greater size and girth. There was an echo of the Old Night to his wargear, a distant vision of monsters like the Ursh, like the Oxitanians, the Xeric tribes, the Legiones Tontrua. Burning books and lightning bolts were enshrined in silver, gold and black marble, framing flowing inscriptions carved into storm-cloud gray plate scarred with alchemical scoring. The reek of annihilation followed his wake, his armour rich with the scent of hot ash, promethium, and shattered marble. Long strips of vellum hung from a pair of Solar devices hung upon his chest, writings of rationality and Godlessness, with further scrolls hung from his back like a cloak, words ancient and difficult to understand detailing the glory of a secular Humanity. His face, though, was youthful, boyish even. Sandy, unruly brown hair topped curious hazel eyes, freckles dotting his nose and high cheekbones, between the ragged ridges of scars faded and fresh. Those forest green eyes, lined with black circles, so deep in sorrow, so rich in emotion. Any rumour that Delah had heard of the Tyrant of the Himilazia's creating his warriors without souls died when she saw into them.
There was a soul in there. One that was trapped, forced down, and enslaved, Delah realized with a start. She suddenly felt pity for this creature, so broken and confused.
The young titan smiled knowingly, a trace of tiredness in his voice. “I know what you're going to say. Please, rethink your decision, mamzel. It doesn't have to end this way.” Carbon-blackened fingertips lightly touched the tops of her hands, rough with their cast-iron texture. “It is rare when we give time to reflect. Often, such time has passed when my kind arrive. The people of this entire Hab-Sector spoke on your behalf, told us of your missions of mercy and kindness, of your selflessness. This was all that stayed Master Lucan's hand; your reputation. My brothers and I may have a terrible duty, but we are not wanton in our destruction. We save what we can, who we can, to improve all of Mankind. You deserve life, Daughter Delah. You deserve to spread your kindness for the rest of your days. We need people like you in this world, especially as it heals, and I would do much to ensure you could carry on with your acts of mercy and love.”
He took her hands in both of his now, engulfing her tiny fingers with his massive gauntlets. He looked intensely at her, his eyes almost begging. “All you must do is recant. Accept the Truth. Turn away from ignorance, and welcome reason. Deny the lie your faith is, and you can spread life. Please, mamzel. Don't do this.”
She finally returned his sad smile, with one of her own. Tears blurred her vision of this kindly murderer, desecrating her home with his supposed kindness. “I cannot. The Goddess has given me everything, and if only you believe, you could receive her bounty for eternity.”
He shook his head slightly. “Only science and genetics can save the earth and it's people, Daughter. Already, He has begun repairing the human genome, healing thousands of years of nuclear scarring. He is refilling the oceans, and has plans to rebirth much of the lost fauna and flora of ancient times. Given time, after Unification, Terra will live again as it once did, and you could be a part of that. Many of your order already have, and are now aiding geneticists with their work. Not whispers to nothingness, begging for change from a non-existent entity; real action, with real results. You must see the truth of this. You must wake up.”
She turned away, remembering her vision of the field of flowers, of actually seeing her vision alive. The moment of hesitation faded instantly. “No,” she said with a strength returned. Her chosen path was final. Nothing else needed to be said.
The giant gently released her hands with a morose sigh, looking downward to the floor. “Then it's time, Mamzel Delah.” Slowly, the giant stood, towering over her meek frame, clad in it's pain white shift. He offered his hand, which she took with a welcome nod. He didn't let it go as they began walking slowly towards the door, and she was strangely grateful again. She was shaking with fear, and keeping her feet had suddenly become as difficult as taking a calm breath. She glanced at him again, seeing the sorrow writ on his face.
“What is your name?”
He seemed taken aback by that. Delah assumed most people were too busy screaming to ask.
“My name is Noam Mahntag, mamzel.”
She took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart, to halt the sick feeling in her gut. Trying, and failing again. Only the core of her everlasting love for Gaia kept her from losing consciousness.
“Will it hurt, Noam?” Her voice broke.
He said nothing for the next few steps, finally speaking as he touched the handle of the door.
“Yes.” He finally said, almost....ashamed.
The door opened, and the peace of the temple was lost forever.
The entire skyline of Urusalim Hive was aflame. The Holy City, the spiritual home of so many of mankind's religions, was dying horribly. Minarets and temples, towers and idols, churches and fanes, all fell to ruin under the masterful destruction wrought by the Imperial Heralds, and were put to the fire. Other giants strode through the ancient plaza, dragging tomes and priests alike to a massive inferno at its center, condemning that which was contaminated by the ignorance of faith to the light of pure fire. The scream of chainaxes barely overrode the scream of an entire society dying in terrible pain. The crash of falling statues and towers shook the ground, the thrashing of a victim near death, undercut by bass tones of further shaped charges bringing down more. Slowly, the plaza fell silent, as Daughter Delah of the Temple of the Blessed Mother strode down the steps to the plaza, to the towering flames of humanity's sins being washed away in the purity of the inferno. All knew of her, all had felt the touch of her kind heart. She had crossed violent religious divides in the entire hab-sector, and had been a champion of the destitute and weak, no matter their creed or faith. Even the gray-clad warriors stood idle suddenly, understanding the gravity of this moment, pausing in their whirlwind of destruction.
They were before the fire now. This close, it reddened her skin, drew sweat from her brow. Her mouth was dry, her eyes wet. Noam's voice was the only thing she could hear, over the sound of the crackling fires and her heart pounding painfully in her chest.
“I beg you, one last time, mamzel. If not for yourself, then think of how many lives you could save by leading from example. These people adore you, and if you could see the wisdom of the Imperial Truth, then they would follow.” Noam's was steady, composed, resolved. The face of a devout child given a terrible burden.
Delah could barely raise her voice to a whisper. “No. I follow the Goddess's light, and I will not turn away.” Noam shut his eyes slowly, and turned his face to the flames. He began lifting her by the back of her neck.
“Noam?” Her voice was wavering, her fear barely held in check. Tears poured down her face. “I don't want to die in pain. Please.”
Noam opened his eyes again. He nodded his understanding sadly, and she smiled weakly.
“Thank you.” She breathed. She closed her eyes, and imagined the flowers.
Noam snapped the priestess's spine, and cast her corpse to the fire.
The entire Hab-Block exploded with the pitiful howls of the broken-hearted, as Noam's brethren began taking the city apart again.
Noam Mahntag, Champion of Heavenfall, Iconoclast, wept as he watched Delah's body blacken.
He wasn't sure why.


A Pictographic History of the Heavenfall Chapter, Iconoclasts, XVII Legion; First Series


Chapter Champion Noam Mahntag



Iconoclast-Delegatus Lucan Ystraid

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#4559409 ++IV Legion: A Grimdark Horror++

Posted by Candleshoes on 11 November 2016 - 08:38 AM



'Are you an angel?' The child asked, her voice no higher than a whisper.

'Once... perhaps.'

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#4321454 ++ Turpe Et Dicere ++

Posted by Hyaenidae on 28 February 2016 - 08:41 PM




"Do not pass by my epitaph, traveler.


But having stopped, listen and learn, then go your way.
There is no boat in Hades, no ferryman Charon,
No caretaker Aiakos, no dog Cerberus.
All we who are dead below
Have become bones and ashes, but nothing else.
I have spoken to you honestly, go on, traveler,
Lest even while dead I seem talkative to you."
-Ancient Romanii Tomb, Anon.


A Pictographic History of the Heavenfall Chapter, Iconoclasts, XVII Legion; First Series, Second Iteration





++++ Centurion Noam Mahntag, Chapter Champion, 7th (Heavenfall) Chapter, 2nd Battalion ++++


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#4265883 + The Unification Wars +

Posted by Apologist on 01 January 2016 - 07:08 PM



Hesitantly, the rubricist coughed. His overseer looked over, lenses coiling as his vis-spectacles adjusted. His expression was irritable – more so than usual, the rubricist thought to himself, glumly.


'I have told you more than once not to disturb me,' began the overseer. He raised a finger to stop the rubricist interrupting, and continued. 'There is little in these archives as-is; and even less that requires me to hold your hand. Make the decision, rubricist.' With that, the overseer turned back to his own datascroll. The rubricist, clearly agitated, remained for a moment, until the overseer dismissed him more angrily.


As the rubricist travelled slowly back to his station deep in the under-cellars, his mind was turbulent. He wished he'd never thought to check the deleted remnants. Old files shunted here were – in principle, at least – unreadable, unusable; at least without skills unknown to the Adeptus Mechanicus in these benighted days. He drew his stool up the his writing desk and took a deep breath before striking the rune of ignition on the recovered dataengine.


Lambent runeglow from the dusty slate gave his face an unhealthy and sinister under-lighting. These files were different. The encryption had prevented them being accessed; even by the machine spirits intended to destroy them. Like an airtight travel chest taken down in a shipwreck, the contents had lurked unmarked and unnoted for centuries. Perhaps longer.


The rubricist raised a finger, then hesitated. He bit his lip, then depressed the rune of resurrection. The files spooled. They were incomplete, patchy, but as he began to read, his mouth hung open as wide as his disbelieving eyes...


+ [datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT] +

+ [datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [fatal error] +

+ [datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT] +

+ [datalog] [spooling] [inload traction located] [exloading] +


It is the 30th Millennium. For more than twenty-five centuries, mankind has been bound in unceasing genocide, struggle and atrocity. Contact has long been lost with worlds beyond the solar system, and the so-called Dark Age of Technology is an irrelevant myth to the barbaric wretches that grub a living amongst the ruins of Terra. 


Since time immemorial, cruel masters, inspirational madmen and monstrous warlords have arisen and burned the world and boiled away the oceans with forbidden arsenals of dirty atomic, biological and alchaemical agents. Each sends their ignorant armies marching across the haunted dustbowls that make up the hostile planet to victory and eventual defeat. Humanity battles for Terra's meaningless territory, meagre resources and thin glory, their lifeblood wetting the dead soil over and over again in forgotten battles.


Mars and Luna have looked away, wracked with their own civil wars, and the cradle world has slipped into irrelevance, a dusty and ruined jewel. Against this, a New Man arose. Long-hidden, he names himself the Master of Mankind. Leading his bio-engineered super-warriors – the dread Thunder Warriors – the warlord conquered one techno-barbarian tribe after another, until the cry was taken up that an Emperor had arisen; an Emperor of blood and steel – and hope.


Building and refining his nascent empire tirelessly, the Emperor's foes gather their strength against this new threat. The Thunder Warriors have been superceded by his new creation, the twenty Legiones Astartes. With this advanced army of elevated post-humans, clad in the finest armour and bearing the best weaponry the Emperor's scientists can craft, the Emperor intends to stare down the jealous eyes of Mars and Luna – and look beyond to the sea of stars itself.


His ambition is boundless, his conviction complete. His vision is as inspiring as it is terrifying – nothing less than casting back the shroud of Old Night and unifying humanity in a mighty galaxy-spanning Imperium.


Before he can strike for the stars, however, Terra must be pacified. Humanity will kneel before the Emperor – or it will be crushed.


To be a man in such times is to dwell in terror and ignorance. It is to live in a time of great change; of terror, brotherhood, fear and ambition. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be relearned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for the struggle to survive allows no such luxury. In the darkness of these last days humanity stands at the brink of creeping extinction. These are the tales of those times.


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#4558517 Showcase: HQ

Posted by malcharion on 10 November 2016 - 01:54 AM

Nebriuson "the black water jaw" Carcharodon 8th Company Captain :




Isodon Saar Carcharodon 8th Company chef librarian :




Malcharion "the War-Sage" Night lords 10th Compagny Captain :




Konrad Curze :





Raven guard Moritat prime Kaedes Nex :





Raven guard Character Nykona Sharrowkyn :




More pictures on my Wip thread :) :




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#4274258 The Red Sorcerers of Prospero: Exiles of Osiris

Posted by Athrawes on 12 January 2016 - 05:15 PM

The Red Sorcerers of Prospero: Shaping the XV Legion


Legionnaire Inek




Legionnaire Ansu





Legionnaire Marek










++++++ Metallic Red Recipe ++++++++


  • Black undercoat,
  • follow by a thinned airbrush coat of Ironhand Steel (leadbelcher would work too, but it's slightly darker so I opted for the FW Iron hands Steel. leaving the lower half of armor plates darker. Bestway I can describe this is airbrushing from just ever so slightly above the model. This gives the Silver a natural shading on the lower armor pieces and in the recesses.
  • I followed this up with a Zenithal highlighting of the upper armor plates and head/backpack by airbrushing Runefang Steel. Pay careful attention to getting an even coat on the head, backpack and shoulder pads.
  • With the base metallic finished; I did three thinned airbrush coats of Angron Clear red, followed with a brief spurt of Tamiya Clear red to darken it a bit. The clear red takes a while to dry so it's best to do large groups at once. Tamiya Clear red could also work, but is again slightlly darker than Angron, while agron has a mild orangish tint to it which i like for a vibrant red.
  • Next wash the recesses carefully with Nuln Oil, try hard not to get any on red armor. If you do an easy fix i to go back over that spill with brushed on Angron Clear.
  • Finish the red by Weathering/edge highlighting Runefange steel.





I Had previously done a few XV test models with a nice pastel scheme but with the advent of the FW upgrades, and the metallic paint scheme I decided to take the plunge. This is the Beginning of a 2000 point army which I plan to have complete by october of this year, when I believe Inferno and the Thousand Sons rules will be released.


As always, comments are welcome!

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