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Event: Imperial Fists Expansion V

in Community Calendar
Added by Chaplain Dosjetka , 13 Oct 2017

Taking place 27 Sep 2017 through 07 Jan 2018 12:01 AM - 06:00 PM (Ranged Event)

Chaplain Dosjetka

Posted Image

Across a galaxy torn apart by conflict and misery, Traitors and Xenos spill forth from their filthy strongholds. The Imperium is weak and these foul carrion birds spy an opportunity to feast upon the rotting carcasses of the Imperium's loyal defenders, torn assunder by a million wars, brought low by treachery and cowardice. Hundreds of billions die with their names consigned to oblivion, their heroic deeds that should shine as beacons of hope and courage are forgotten or ignored.

And yet, one beacon has been lit, its glow and warmth slowly expanding, growing in strength with every passing day, spreading promise and fortitude wherever it goes, whatever it touches.

Mankind's staunchest and most loyal defenders have not said their last word and rise yet again to raise their blades and shields against this legion of foes, to throw them out of His domain, to cast them down and eradicate their very presence from the stars.

Dorn's children have defended the Emperor and the people of the Imperium for over ten millennia. They shall stand firm and spill the blood of their foes for ten thousand years more.

Rise, Sons of Dorn! Mankind calls and we shall answer!

Raise your shields and stand firm! Raise your blades and let them taste blood!

Foes shall be cast down and glory shall be had!

Rise, in the name of Dorn and the Emperor!

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