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  • Submitted: Mar 16 2013 06:20 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 16 2013 06:20 PM
  • File Size: 1.09MB
  • Views: 3465
  • Downloads: 691

Download Macharian Crusade Army Logos Sheet BOLS

- - - - -

Well, guys you have asked for it and here it is. The Macharian Crusade Logo Sheet has arrived.

Within this sheet you will find logos for super heavies down to individual trooper sizes for:

Imperial Guard Army Groups
1st Army Group (Byzant, Merica, Krieg, Cadia)
2nd Army Group (Mordia, Cadian Armored, Barac)
3rd Army Group (Cadia, Genswick, Elysia)
4th Army Group (Tallarn, Armageddon, Kanak)
5th Army Group (Cadia, Praetoria, Harakoni)
6th Army Group (Methalor, Catachan, Terrax Armored)
7th Army Group (Valhalla, Catachan, St. Joseman's Hope)

Xenos Empires
Il-Kaithe Craftworld
Orks of Calavera (Waaagh Kaboom)

Black Templar's 745th Crusade
Crimson Guard

IG Terran Household Regiments
Byzant Janizars
Merican Fusiliers

This is a tricky sheet to use as you could use it with either the white or clear decal paper depending on which logos you want to use. In general, most of them will look good on white paper, with the complex black-only logos (like the Orks and Crimson Guard) looking better with clear paper.

As usual, go here for the BoLS Custom Decal Sheet Tutorial. This is the last Macharian post before we release the book, so gentlemen, get ready, and start cracking those paintbrushes.

And you can get the Macharian Crusade play aid here.

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