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Announcement: +++ Praeteritis Historiam Belli +++ Posted by Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Belial stood stock still as he watched the aspirants training below. They were still new and sloppy compared to those serving under his command. But his thoughts were turned inward to the recent events over Fenris. With his armor being repaired, several fresh scars were visible on his exposed arms.

The quiet whirring of servos announced the arrival of a Chaplain overseeing the training of the Tenth Company. With helmet in hand and his hood pulled up, his identity was safe from the Aspirants. “A bitter campaign is being fought behind those eyes and you are not alone. Many of the Circle are also on a similar campaign.”

“How did we not see? How were we blinded to the enemy right in front of us? A Knight of Titus and the leader of the Wolves were not swayed but so many of us were.”

“They had knowledge that we did not possess.”

“Then perhaps it is time to fill in the blanks. It is time to send out envoys to the Legio B&C.”

“It will be done.”

The Inner Circle presents:

Praeteritis Historiam Belli

The Praeteritis Historiam Belli is replacing the Legends of the Angels and is a Forum Wide Event aimed at participants creating unique stories about a character, squad or chapter. This even includes the recently added Xenos sections of the community.

1. Make an oath in this thread in the following manner:

I, <<your name>>, make this oath of moment to submit a completed story about <<insert character or squad here>>.

2. Write your story and submit it in the Fan Fiction Subforum with a link posted to the associated Praeteritis Historiam Belli in your chosen faction forum by Midnight of February 6, 2018.

1 The story should have a minimum 200 words and a maximum of 5,000 words. Spell-check and grammar-check are highly encouraged and recommended.
2 Optional: Include artwork or photos of scenes from your battles using your painted minis.
3 Optional: Include characters or squads that were a part of a prior Painting Competition or the Brotherhood of Angels Competition or MAY be a part of a future Competition.

Possible Story Ideas
  • A narrative of a squad or individual’s performance in battle (from one of your games)
  • A story taking place in the time of Horus Heresy, possibly a link to the BL books
  • Fleshing out a story in the Hhistory of your group
  • A story about one of the heroes
The Shadow Guard’s simple steps to Fan Fiction:
  • Pick a model in your army, it doesn't have to be the commander nor your favourite model. It may be even a lowly neophyte or a veteran Sergeant.
  • Think of a game you played where this particular model did very well. Eg: A devastator lascannon marine who took out three tanks? A scout sniper who did the enemy commander in? A chaplain who led an amazing charge... you get the idea….
  • Write down how the battle took place building around the model in question.
  • Then go back and add some information about the early years and then follow up with the aftermath.
  • Keep reading it again and again and you will find that you can add additional details to flesh things out and voila!!
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