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=][= Writing Resources =][=

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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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These are some sites that can help with inspiration, development or feedback on your short stories. If you have other sites that you would like us to include please PM a moderator.

English to Latin Translation

Writing websites -- good for cross posting to get more feedback.

Dictionary sites

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Updated writing websites

The Cult of Orange -- None Can Withstand Our Color!
Duck Blind Miniatures - The website has been gone for a long time so I've put up a FaceBook page to show what photos I have left or may add in the future.
Duck Blind Minis IG - I do post on IG too but fair warning there are other things (mostly the gym) on here besides minis.
Kurgan's Twitter Feed
Kurgan's FaceBook Page

"And maybe the Traitor Legions would come to their senses, renounce the Ruinous Powers and return to the light of the Emperor." -- Ciaphis Cain on the likelihood of a Mawloc being scared off by a melta blast.

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Sheesh Mode

Sheesh Mode


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Any suggestions on websites for material, particularly relating to warfare, human anatomy, and effects of weapon damage on the human body?

This is my narrative voice.

My army is expendable towards achieving victory.


  The only way to truly lose is to take it seriously. After all, it's not even a real wargame.


Rob P

Rob P


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Did anyone take notes of the 'dos and donts' advice from the editors at the Black Library weekenders (e.g. during pitch factor)?

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