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=][= Other Games Resources =][=

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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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If you would like a site listed here, please PM a mod with a link.

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Duck Blind Miniatures - The website has been gone for a long time so I've put up a FaceBook page to show what photos I have left or may add in the future.
Duck Blind Minis IG - I do post on IG too but fair warning there are other things (mostly the gym) on here besides minis.
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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I'm looking to expand this listing considerably. This will include not just the links, but also the listing of "other games" that we cover. If you have suggestions for other games to be covered, please reply here. Note that suggested games must include the armies we discuss here at the B&C (so Gorkamorka, nice as it is, is out). Also, please post links to sites that you'd like to see included. Also let me know if any of the links above are dead or need to be changed.


In addition, discussions here at the B&C can be added.





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I notice the Inquisitor section is empty. I humbly suggest The Conclave forums for discussions and general community activity regarding that under-appreciated game.


Link: http://www.the-conclave.co.uk/

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Was about to post the conclave for inquisitor
May I also suggest. http://www.forum.specialist-arms.com
It has sections for all the specialist games with Bfg being its main focus
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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It's time to expand this resource listing significantly. Intent is for the construct to parallel other resource topics found here at the B&C, so each game will have its own entry, with the first two posts being edited to give info and serve as an index (so that you don't have to scroll through posts to find the game you're interested in).

What we need to do now is compile a list of all of the non-WH40K games that GW has pushed out/licensed (just those set in the WH40K game setting, including back to the Great Crusade - no WHFB, AoS, Warhammer Historical, or other GW games, please).





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These are the GW official 40k boxed games I can think of, a lot of these are currently still supported, with varying degrees of additional content available via WD etc;

  • Assassinorum: Execution Force
  • Betrayal at Calth
  • Burning of Prospero
  • Deathwatch Overkill
  • Gangs of Comorragh
  • Gorkamorka
  • Imperial Knight Renegade
  • Lost Patrol
  • Shadow War Armageddon
  • Stormcloud Attack

There's a few Fantasy Flight published licensed games; 

  • Conquest
  • Forbidden Stars
  • Relic

And their RPGs

  • Black Crusade
  • Dark Heresy
  • Deathwatch
  • Only War
  • Rogue Trader

As for video games, i'll just link this list rather than typing out the 30+ games individually.

gallery_84244_13371_906.png gallery_84244_13422_1322.png gallery_84244_14220_751.jpg gallery_84244_11417_18892.jpg gallery_84244_11417_880.gifgallery_84244_11417_1545.gifgallery_84244_11417_3775.gifgallery_84244_11417_2850.gif gallery_84244_14462_19350.jpg

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