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The Shadow Guard

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In addition to the ground rules of the B+C forum, we unforgiven have some additional rules by which we conform. These are listed below courtesy of Chaplain Lucifer.


The Dark Angel and Space Wolf rivalry is of particular concern. At the time of the heresy and beyond, each brother acquitted themselves well in the eyes of the Emperor. It is said that Russ had the highest tally of victories second only to Horus and Johnson. Furthermore during a combined assault on the the Crimson Fortress of Durath, Jonson stormed the citadel and killed the tyrant while Russ was caught up at the gates. Russ had sworn to kill the tyrant for insulting the emperor and himself, and so felt his honour stained. This ended up in a fight and subsequent rivalry between the brothers that has been mirrored by the Chapters 'til this day. This brings out the best in the two chapters, as they strive to show their skill to their brother chapter. It can also bring out the worst at times, as reflected in our respective forums in days passed.

The Inner Sanctum will accommodate the odd light hearted joke from either side but you need to know where to draw the line. If you find yourself offended, do not 'bite' back. Either wait or PM a mod and they will be along shortly to deal with it as they see appropriate. By the same token, we expect that you should keep the jokes to a minimum to avoid turning the forum into a light hearted spam event. We also ask you to restrain yourselves similarly when visiting the SPACEWOLVES forum, especially in relation to such topics.


During the Horus Heresy, while Lion El' Jonson was fighting against Horus with part of the DA, the part remaining on Caliban under Jonson's most trusted officer, Luthor, turned to Chaos. After the Heresy was over the DA returned to find their homeworld coverted to Chaos, and during their attack on their homeworld a massive warp rift opened, destroying Caliban (with one piece to be turned into the Rock,) and sucked all the traitor DA through time and space. Jonson was severly wounded and disappeared, while Luthor is imprisioned in the Rock. Now the DA inner circle hunt throughout the Galaxy to prevent any word of their heresy leaking out and to capture every one of their fallen brothers that they can.

As you may have noticed this forum has seen the growth in the number of generals developing fallen armies. This forum can accommodate both, however within limits.

As with the Wolves, light hearted banter is fine. Hijacking posts will not be tolerated from either side. This includes any fallen discussion copping too many "traitor" or "Interrogation room" comments. This also includes those advocates of the fallen turning every single conversation into a fallen discussion.


This subject does not relate entirely to Dark Angels, but pertains the Dark Angels forum. With the release of the Codex and with the popularity that DA always had, we recently saw an influx of DA players, old and new. The consequences are that (and as you may have noticed) there's a lot of posting done. You're probably asking what does it have to do with you. The fact is that sometimes some eagerness takes precedence and some posts are written in a non-friendly viewing manner, with usage of chat speak and lacking punctuation.

Those kind of posts affect all users since they're not aesthetically pleasing and sometimes they're difficult to read... and as you can well imagine, the more difficult to read or the more unorthodox, the least quality feedback that thread / post will have. A properly written threat / post will denote greater interest on the part of the writer and people will respond in kind. If a post / thread is written in a less coherent / acceptable manner then the answers are likely to be proportionately less and worse.

An example:
To which one of the following posts would you be more prone to answer in a good positive manner and which one would you take more time to help?

Post 1:
"hi there i wanna know how can if arming a land speeder with a multi melta is any good a friend of mine told me that u could help bcuz ur forum is the best around."

or Post 2:
"Hi! I would like to know if arming a land speeder with a multi-melta is any good. A friend of mine told me that you could help because your forum is the best around."

Both posts ask for the same thing, but the second post is guaranteed to generate better and more complete answers, I guarantee.

We're not asking for perfect written English as we know there are many non-native English speakers, but we would like that the forum posters to put at least some effort behind posting so that we all can benefit from it.



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