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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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My Controls

The My Controls function allows you to access a variety of options and features of the B&C. It is not necessary to utilize the My Controls functions but many users find the features offered very useful. Below are some basic guidelines on how to use the various My Control features.

On the right of My Controls are your Menu controls, on the left are a series of simple tools and summaries detailed below:

Account Summary
Shows the basic details of your account, including the email address used to send topic notifications.

Recently Read Topics
Below the Account Summary is a list of the last 5 topics you�ve viewed. You can click on the thread names to read any of these 5 threads.

Below �Recently Read Topics� is your Notepad. The Notepad can be used to store anything from ideas you have for future threads to replies you were unable to finish before needing to log off. Simply type or copy and paste the information you want to store into the text box and press �Update� to store it in your Notepad.

Posted Image

Forum Jump Menu
The Forum Jump Menu allows you to quickly navigate from your current location to any forum you choose. Simply use the drop down menu to select the forum you wish to visit and click the name, this will take you straight to that forum.


Posted Image

The Messenger function allows you to send and read Private Messages to other members of the Bolter & Chainsword.

Compose New Message
This allows you to send a PM to another member. Writing a PM is just like making a post on the board, the same functions and methods apply to PMs as posts. Also note that the Rules of the B&C apply just as much to PM as they do to public posts.

Posted Image

Addressing PMs
To address a PM simply fill in the �Recipient�s Name� textbox with the name of the member you wish to contact. Names are case sensitive and must be 100% correct to ensure they go to the right person. We suggest you use the �Message� icon in the mini-profile next to each post or simply copy and paste the user�s name to ensure you get it right. Note that if you�ve arrived at the new PM page by clicking on the �Message� icon below a poster�s mini-profile or the �Send a Personal Message� link in a member�s full profile this box will already be filled in.

If you�ve added any forum members to your PM Buddies/Block List you can select their name from the drop down menu.

As with posting a new thread you must enter a title for your PM. Titles must be more than 2 letters long and we recommend that the title relate clearly to the content of the PM.

Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder
Ticking this option will save a copy of your message to your Send Items folder.
Track this message?
Tracking a message will let you know when the recipient has read it, ensuring you can sleep soundly that night knowing your message has been received :lol:

Sending the message
Three options exist once you�ve written your PM:
Send Message
Does exactly that, sends the message to the recipient.
Preview Message
Allows you to check the message before you send it, recommended if you�ve included pictures, quotes or links so you can make sure they work before you send the message. Also gives you a chance to review the message and ensure you want to send it.
Save (Send Later)
Places the PM in your Saved (Unsent) PMs folder. From here you can delete it, edit it or send it at a later date.

By default users have 3 PM folders:
Inbox � Where incoming messages hang out
Sent Items � Houses private messages you�ve sent and chosen to save to the Sent Items folder
Saved (Unsent) PMs � Messages you�ve written, chosen to save for later and are waiting mailing, editing or deletion.

Message Limit
Members may have a total of 50 messages in your folders. Once you reach 50 you will need to delete some messages to make space for more.

Managing Folders
Once in a folder you have a number of options for managing your messages. Please note you can quickly jump from PM folder to folder using the �Jump to folder:� drop down menu followed by clicking �Go!�

Posted Image

You can manually (un)select messages for moving or deleting or you can use the �Select read messages� or �Unselect all� links at the top of the page to (un)select all the messages in a folder. Once you�ve done this you can move the messages by using the �move to� drop down box to select a new folder for the messages. Alternatively you can use the �delete� button to permanently delete messages. Both options are located at the bottom of the list of messages in your folder.

Please note there is no confirmation message for deleting PMs so make sure you�ve selected the right message(s) and want to delete them.

Empty PM Folders
Clicking this link take you to the Empty PM folders page

Posted Image

Simply tick the box(es) of the folder(s) you wish to empty then click �Continue�. Note that you can choose to keep unread PMs at this stage. Also note there is no way to undo this so please make sure you�ve ticked the right box(es). Clicking �Continue� will empty the selected folder and return you to the Empty PM Folders page.

Edit Storage Folders

This option allows you to new folders to the default 3 each user has. This can be useful if you�re participating in a group project and wish to keep all correspondence neat and tidy. Simply enter a name for the new folder in a blank textbox in the �Add New Virtual Directories� section and click �Submit Changes�.

To delete a folder simply delete the name from �Current Virtual Directories� and click �Submit Changes�.

Posted Image

PM Buddies/Block List
Allows you to list members you frequently PM making it easier to contact them or to list members you wish to ignore mail from. Simply enter the member�s name, any description you want and then select Yes or No for �Is this member allowed to message you?� Selecting Yes adds them to your buddies list, selecting No blocks them when you click �Add This Member to My Address Book�.

Archive Messages
This function allows you to compile selected messages and email them to yourself. Use this feature to save any messages you want to keep before deleting them to make room for new messages.

Posted Image

Archive from which folder?
Select the folder (or all folders) you wish to archive messages from.
Archive messages received in the last:
Here you choose the messages you wish to archive by virtue of their age and whether they were sent before or after the number of days you�ve set. For example to save messages older than 30 days select �30 days� and �and older�, this will send you any message in the selected folder that�s 30 days or older.
Number of messages to archive:
Select the number of messages to archive, we recommend you select �50� to ensure all the messages in your chosen dates and folder are saved.
Delete messages after archiving?
Choose whether or not to delete the messages you�ve archived, useful for making room if your PM folders are full.
Compile data file as:
You can either send the archived messages to yourself as a Microsoft Excel file or an HTML page. The HTML page preserves the formatting of messages much more closely than the Excel version so we recommend you select this option.
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