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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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Registration at the Bolter and Chainsword is a quick and easy process.

The first time you visit the board you will see the following at the top of your screen:
Posted Image

Click the Register link and you will next find yourself at this screen:
Posted Image

Obviously having read the forum rules (and you have right?) you'll put a check in the box and hit the register button.

Next you will have this screen:
Posted Image

This is where you will fill in your information. If you have a properly filled in field you will see a green check mark next to it, if you do not you will see a red X with an error message as seen here:
Posted Image

Once you have completed that you will get a confirmation screen:
Posted Image

Then you just need to click the link included in the validation email that you recieved. Please keep in mind that the email may get filtered depending on your email settings, so be sure to check your junk mail and trash folders. Normally you will get the email in under 2 minutes. If after an hour or so you still have not seen the validation email, please send an email to the email listed in CONTACTING THE B&C

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