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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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The Index page is the main forum page. This isn't necessarily the main site page however (as we do plan to put in a new portal page as part of this upgrade).

The layout of the Index page is like so:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Components Top Bar
The components area of the Index pages provides links to the:
Posted Image
  • Forum Rules
  • The B&C CafePress Store (for T-shirts, mugs, paint tiles and mouse pads)
  • Donations -- if you would like to donate to the B&C to help offset the cost of keeping the server going
  • Chapter Name Creater
  • User Blogs
  • User Gallery
  • Downloads area -- army list sheets, decals, avatar making kits, etc.
  • The Librarium -- the BnCs article repository
  • Links area -- links to other 40k related websites
  • Calendar - to find events world wide relating to 40k
  • Members - A list of all members on the BnC
  • Search
  • Help -- the basic Invision help files included with the software (and not as helpful as BnC101)

User Controls

Just below the Components bar is the User Controls:
Posted Image

This includes links to your own personal:
  • User Control Panel
  • New posts since you last visited the board
  • The My Assistant function
  • Your Friends list

If you have started a BLOG or Gallery, links to those will also be included in your User Control area

Categories and Fora
The board is broken up into Category and Fora subsections.
Categories include:
  • Ordo Administratum - Fora dealing with the board administration
  • Frater Domus - the general sections of the board. While still under the power armor only rules these sections are general sections that you will find all members of the BnC using at one point or anohter
  • Painting Converting and Artwork -- this general section deals with all things art/modelling related to the hobby
  • Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes - this category is for those Chapters still Loyal to the Emperor. However the Liber Astartes is also there for Traitor DIY Chapters
  • Chaos Legios - this category is for those Legions that have turned their backs on the Light of the Emperor
  • Vive Imperium - this category is for our power armor related armies or in the case of the Adeptus Mechanicus armies that we felt had no true home on the web
  • Tactica Astartes - this category is for your battle reports, army lists, rules discussions, home grown rules and tacticas for power armor related armies

The forum sections on the Index Page are broken up into left and right sections. The left section includes the Forum name and a brief description of what is the topic of that forum:
[Posted Image

and then right side which includes the most recent topic and poster, the number of topics and replies and the time of the most recent post in the forum:
Posted Image

Board Statistics and other functions

The bottom section of the board provides statistics and other information related to the board.
Here you can mark all the posts read or delete cookies from the board:
Posted Image

You can also go straight to quick links for the mod team, todays top posters, the sites overall top posters or todays hottest topics:
Posted Image

The number of users currently online is also visible, along with the latest calendar events and the overall board statistics:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

You can also acces the boards lo-fi version if you wish from the link at the bottom of the board:
Posted Image

You can also change skins and select a language. Please note however that the BnC is an English only forum.
The current skin selection includes:
  • Invision Power Board Default
  • Invision Power Board Pro Default
  • Bolter and Chainsword Default
  • Bolter and Chainsword Classic (the old EZboard style skin)
  • Dark Angels

Most skins may appear at a later date.
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