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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


  • 18,356 posts
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  • Location:Segmentum Solar
  • Chapter Name: Vultures
The User Control Panel

You can access your user control panel by clicking MY CONTROLS at the top of the forum.

You will get a screen like so:
Posted Image

This is broken up into several areas:
  • Messenger -- Summary details for your PM box.
  • Community Blog -- entry area for managing your BnC Blog.
  • Invision Gallery - entry area for managing your Gallery and Gallery Albums.
  • Download Manager - to manager any files you may have added to the download area.
  • Subscriptions - helps you to manage threads and forums to which you have subscribed.
  • Personal Profile -- this lets you change and update information in your membership profile.
  • Options: You can change your password, email, manage settings for the board and your email, manage your friends and ignored lists and also manage any paid subscriptions you may have with the board.
  • Account Summary - This gives you the run down of your total # of posts, how long you have been a member and other info that appears under your avatar when you post.
  • Recently read topics - Your top 5 (five) most recently read topics will appear here.
  • Notepad -- this is for keeping any notes you may require when visiting the board.
  • Forum Jump Menu - This drop menu allows you quick access to forums which you are allowed to participate on at the BnC.

The Cult of Orange -- None Can Withstand Our Color!

The Universe is a very big place and no matter what happens....you will not be missed.


Duck Blind Miniatures - The website has been gone for a long time so I've put up a FaceBook page to show what photos I have left or may add in the future.

"And maybe the Traitor Legions would come to their senses, renounce the Ruinous Powers and return to the light of the Emperor." -- Ciaphis Cain on the likelihood of a Mawloc being scared off by a melta blast.

Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


  • 18,356 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Segmentum Solar
  • Chapter Name: Vultures
The Subscriptions tools allow you to view which threads or forums you are currently subscribed to and to change those settings. You will receive notification of replies to topics you are subscribed to as well as being informed of new threads in forums you�re subscribed to.

View Topics
Shows you the topics you�re subscribed to. Topics are listed by forum allowing easy viewing. From here you can open any topic you�re subscribed to by clicking the topic title or open the topic in a new browser window by clicking the (New Window) link.

To unsubscribe or to change notification type for a topic just tick the box at the far right of a topic title then scroll to the bottom of the page and use the drop-down menu to change options, click �with selected� to apply your changes. For more information of subscription types please see Email Notification help topic. To change or remove all subscriptions please use the check box at the top right of the header bar.

Also note that you can choose to view subscriptions from a variety of different time frames. Please use the drop down menu below the Unsubscribe menu to change the time frame you wish to alter subscriptions for.

View Forums
Members can subscribe to forums, that is request to be informed of any new topic (not replies, but new threads) created in a particular forum. For help with subscribing to forums please see the Forum Options help topic. As with topics you may unsubcribe or change your notification type using the drop down menu available on this page, for help on Email Notification types please see the appropriate help pages.

Personal Profile
Your personal information is stored here as are the controls for a number of settings and options regarding your profile on the board.

Edit Profile Information
This section is optional. If you elect to fill in any of these fields they can be seen by other users should they view your profile. Note that the Your Location and Your Interests fields both have restrictions on how much info you can place in there. You can click the (Check Length) links to ensure your information will fit if you wish.

Posted Image

Edit Signature
The B&C allows users to attach a signature to each post or PM they make. Simply fill in the message box in the Edit Signature page with your sig and click �Update my signature�.
Please note that signatures on the B&C are subject to the B&C rules in general and in specific Rule 2C

2.c. SIGNATURES: Signatures are an interesting way to add a little personality to your replies, as well as a means of providing links. Signatures will be limited, however, in order to keep them from becoming a distraction.
- You may have up to 10 lines of normal-sized text. Larger text size will reduce the number of lines allowed.
- You may have only ONE image. The image may be no bigger than 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. Signatures with more than one image, or with an image that exceeds the maximum size allowed will be subject to editing by a moderator. - You are also not to have links to "character power sites" such as Outwar, games-workshop.com and their like. These sites are generally loaded with spam/virus problems. Links of this nature will lead to your immediate banning.
- You may advertise your own web site or projects in your signatures, but links to sites with objectionable content will be edited and subject to banning (porn, etc.).�
Images, links and so forth can be added to your signature, within the rules listed above of course, in the same manner as any other post.

Posted Image

Edit Avatar Settings
An avatar image appears just below each user�s name when they make a post or send a message. From the Your Avatar Settings page you can edit, link or remove your avatar.
Pre-installed Avatars
Many of the talented artists on the B&C have donated their time & effort to create a huge variety of board related avatars, ranging from Marines to Terminators to Sisters of Battle. Others have graciously consented to the use of images of their miniatures as avatars. To choose a pre-installed avatar choose a folder name from the �Choose an avatar from one of our galleries� drop down menu and click the �Go!� box. This will take you to an Avatar Gallery.
To use the avatar you like best from the gallery simply click the radio button below the image then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the �Use Selected Avatar� button.
Your image avatars
You can also provide your own avatar if you have somewhere on the internet to host it. Simply type or copy the URL of the image you wish to use into the �Enter a URL to an online avatar image� and click the �Update Avatar� box. Note that you may only upload .gif, .jpeg, .jpg and .swf files. Your avatar will automatically be down-scaled to fit the avatar box if it is too large.
Removing an avatar
To remove your avatar simply click the �Remove Avatar� box, this will remove both pre-installed and linked avatar settings.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Change Personal Photo
You can attach a personal photo to your profile if you wish as well. Either enter a link in the �Enter a URL to a photo image� or upload an image from your PC to the board to use as your personal photo. To select an image to upload click the �Browse� box, this allows you to navigate your around your PC and find the image you wish to upload. Once you�ve chosen an image either double click it or click it then select �Open�.
Personal photos are also subject to board restrictions regarding adult or obscene material, if you have any doubts please contact a Moderator for more information.

Posted Image

The options section contains a variety of tools for changing the way you view or interact with the board.

Posted Image

Purchase Paid Subscriptions
The Bolter & Chainsword does not currently offer any subscription schemes

Manage Your Attachments
The Bolter & Chainsword does not currently allow users to utilize attachments in their posts or messages

Manage Ignored Users
This option allows you to decide whether or not to ignore particular board members.

To ignore a user either types their name into one of the �Add new users to your list� text boxes or clicks the �Find User� box to search for a particular user. . As with addressing PMs the username of the member you wish to ignore must be 100% correct. If you search for a user simply enter part or their entire name in the pop-up box that appears and then select the appropriate member from the drop-down menu containing names with your search phrase in it when the search is done.

To un-ignore a user click the �Remove� link next to their name on your list of ignored users.

Email Settings
Used to hide/show your email address to other members, along with managing your preference for Topic Notification (Topic Notification is a system that allows the board to send users an email notifying them when a reply or new thread has been posted in a particular area or thread. You can subscribe to topics or entire forums.)

Privacy Settings
Hide my email address from other members
Clicking the tick box here will prevent other board members from emailing you. You will still be able to receive topic notifications from the board with this option turned on.
Send me any updates sent by the board administrator
Decide whether or not to receive updates from the Admins regarding changes to the board or upcoming events etc.

Board preferences
Include a copy of the post when emailing me from a subscribed topic
Choosing this option will instruct the board to send you the text of any new posts in threads you�ve subscribed to (i.e. activated Topic Notification) along with a notification the reply has been made.
Send a confirmation email when I receive a new private message
Turning this option on will instruct the board to let you know when you get a new PM. We recommend you turn this feature on so you don�t miss any PMs sent to you, particularly as Moderators often communicate with members via PM.
Enable email notification by default?
Turning this option on will automatically subscribe you to any topic you reply to. If this option is off you will need to activate the topic subscription feature when you make a reply in order to be notified of replies to your post/thread. Note that even with this feature on you can untick the subscription notification in any given thread if you do not wish to know of any replies.
There are 4 types of email notification:
Immediate: An email is sent when a reply is made to a topic you are subscribed to.
Delayed: Notification emails are only sent when you are not active on the board. That is, if you�re on the board and someone replies to a thread you�re subscribed to you won�t receive notification, if you�re offline and a reply is made you�ll be notified.
Daily email digest: You�ll receive a single email listing all replies made to subscribed topics each day, rather than receive a separate email for each reply.
Weekly email digest: You�ll receive a single email listing all replies made to subscribed topics each week, rather than receive a separate email for each reply.

Clicking �Amend my email settings� after making any changes will confirm and activate them.

Board Settings
Allows you to change details such as the Time Zone you�re in and how many threads are shown per page.

Time Zone
Select the appropriate time zone
DST Correction
Ticking this option will automatically apply Daylight Savings Time for you when appropriate.

Board Display Settings
The first 4 options here are fairly self-explanatory and allow you to choose whether or not to see signatures, avatars or posted images, turning these off will allow the board to load faster which may be useful for 56K users or those at work. Also allows you to choose to receive notification of PMs or not. Simply choose Yes or No from the appropriate drop-won menu and click �Confirm my Account Options� to confirm and apply changes.
Number of posts to show for each topic page: The forum default is 25 posts. Decreasing this will reduce page load times but will mean you need to switch between pages more often. Increasing this will increase load times but will reduce page switching.
Number of topics to show for each forum page: The forum default is 25 topics. Many users elect to increase this so that they don�t miss new posts or topics in busy forums such as Amicus Aedes or the Painting, Converting & Artwork forum.

Personal Messenger Options
Allows you to totally disable the Personal Messenger system of the board. This option is not recommended as PM is the major means of one on one communication between board members.

Posting Settings
Open Fast Reply automatically when available?Activating this option means that the Fast Reply message box is always open at the bottom of the page when you are viewing topics. You can manually close the box in any particular thread.
Type of text editor to use when posting?
Changes the message box interface so it resembles word processor programs like MS Word. Some users may be more comfortable with this kind of interface than the default Invision Board software.

Change Email Address
Shows you the email address that connects you to the board for things like topic notification and allows you to change it. You will be asked for the new email address, confirmation of the new email address and your password. You will also be asked to input a security code presented for you on-screen (like the one you saw at registration). Once you�ve changed your details click �Change my email address� to confirm.
Note that you�ll be required to reactivate your account after an email address change. This will require you to follow the activation link sent to the new email address you�re using so make sure the email address you choose is correct and that you can access it.

Change Password
Allows you to change your password. It is recommended you change your password on a regular basis, at least every 6 months, particularly if you share a computer with other users. To change a password enter your current password and then your new one. You�ll be asked to retype the password to ensure it is correct. Click �Change my Password� to, well, change your password.

Please note you may need to log out and log back in with your new password if the automatic session update doesn�t work. If you still can�t log in with your new password please contact an Administrator.

View New Posts

Clicking this does exactly what you�d imagine it does, takes you to a page showing new posts. The View New Posts index will show you a list of the day�s most recent posts, organized by time/date stamp, drawn from across the entire board. Note that you can choose to view new posts for longer periods than the default one day, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and use the drop-down menu at bottom right to select a different time period.

The Cult of Orange -- None Can Withstand Our Color!

The Universe is a very big place and no matter what happens....you will not be missed.


Duck Blind Miniatures - The website has been gone for a long time so I've put up a FaceBook page to show what photos I have left or may add in the future.

"And maybe the Traitor Legions would come to their senses, renounce the Ruinous Powers and return to the light of the Emperor." -- Ciaphis Cain on the likelihood of a Mawloc being scared off by a melta blast.

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