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Preadator Metalstorm Squadron

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Just a quick idea...

50pts + models

Usually, a preadator destructor will strafe its weapons across an enemy unit, which usually garantees it a few hits. But in certain situations, squads of 3 preadator destructors have been known to concentrate their fire on a very select area of battlefield, scouring the area with a sustained maelstrom of flying metal.

Formation. 3 Preadator Destructors (or Chaos equvilant) one must de nominated a command tank

Strike force: All tanks in the Metalstorm Squadron must be depolyed within 6" of each other, blah blah you know the rest...

Metalstorm: If the formation does not move in the movement phase, the entire formation can choose to resolve its fire in a single shot using the following profile:

Str 6 Ap 4 Ordanance, Pinning, 7" blast *

They can only fire like this if they all can draw a line of sight to their target.
* due to the nature of this means of fire, ie. a hail of shots rather than a shell, the template does not scatter, and does not have its strength halved against vehicles if the hole is not over them.

the next turn they can only fire normaly, but the turn after that they can use the metalstorm template again. this is to represent the large amount of ammunition used up by fireing in this manner.

NB. this formation can be combined with the preadator assassin formation (obviously, not with preadator annihilators)

any improvements?

Katana :)

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they all have been wrapped by the wrap...




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I dont really think it makes sense. why would them all firing together reduce the strength of their weapons? and besides, I prefer to have the 6 autocannon shots and the 18 heavy bolter shots than a large blast. sorry mate, it doesnt really work for me.
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