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Renegade Battle Company

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This is pretty straight forward. The idea is simply to recreate the Battle Company formation using Chaos Space Marine units, with the goal of representing a renegade warband which still makes use of its Imperial tactics and organizational structure.

Renegade Battle Company: 300 points
The Renegade Battle Company must contain the following units:
-1 Chaos Lord
-6 Chaos Space Marine squads
-2 Chaos Space Marine Havoc squads
-2 Chaos Space Marine Raptor squads
-One of the following squads*: Khorne Berserkers, Thousand Sons, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, Chaos Chosen, Chaos Terminators**

An army including this Formation gains the following Strategic Assets:
-Orbital Bombardment
-Careful Planning
-Hold at All Costs

*If the Chaos Lord in this formation bears the mark of one of the Ruinous Powers, this unit must bear an icon of the same Power, or each model in the unit must bear the mark of that Power. (note that Khorne Berserkers count as bearing the mark of Khorne, Plague Marines count as bearing the mark of Nurgle, Thousand Sons count as bearing the mark of Tzeentch, and Noise Marines count as bearing the mark of Slaanesh.)

**This squad must be of Chaos Terminators if the Lord is equipped with Terminator Armour himself. It may not be of Chaos Terminators if the Lord is not equipped with Terminator Armour.


A few notes:

I have made the formation slightly more expensive than its Loyalist equivalent. I think that is appropriate, all things considered. It both represents the difficulty of maintaining such an organizational structure and tactical doctrine within a renegade warband and accounts for the somewhat greater versatility in the Formation's composition.

I have copied the Strategic Assets directly from the Battle Company formation. It think this is appropriate, but I'd be open to suggestions for alternative assets that could help distinguish the Renegade Battle Company from its loyalist counterpart.

I have chosen to remove the 10 man squad size restriction from the various units. This is a stylistic choice, first and foremost, as it seems that Renegades would have more difficulty recruiting and training more marines and, thus, maintaining their ideal squad size. In addition, the Codex: Chaos Space Marines does a good job of promoting ten-man squads on its own. A set-in-stone limit did not seem appropriate or necessary.
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If they still follow Codex doctrine, I doubt they would be influenced enough by Chaos to have any Cult Troops, I would drop that from your list. For the same reson, maybe even limit them all to MoCU.

Why Orbital Bombardment?

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Eh, maybe. They're there because something ought to fill the role of the Command squad, and Chosen don't do it very well. I figure it's not totally out of line to postulate a core of the Lord's most loyal and dedicated followers at the head of his warband.

But, sure. I could see it going to just Chosen or Terminators--or maybe even just Chosen. I think there ought to be some analogue, there, to the command squad. I'd be interested in other opinions before settling on the switch, though.

Also, orbital bombardment is in there just because it's in the regular Battle Company formation. Who knows? Presumably the idea is that they're really never going to be anywhere without a ship in support. That seems reasonable to me.

On the other hand, the actual logistics of war in 40k are asinine beyond any real hope of salvation, and the relationship between armies and their orbital support is so ridiculously misrepresented that I'm not really hung up on providing reasons for orbital support assets.

It's there for whatever reason the Loyalists got it. =P
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I'd drop the command squad thing. You already jumped the cost up by 100 points, that should cover it. Let the player buy those things separately if they want them.
Its worth noting that the "Battle Company" benefits apply to the PLAYER, not the army; if you did the same with this one, they would still apply to any additional unit the player bought to back up his lord.
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