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Welcome to the Bolter & Chainsword Community Forum.

The purpose of this forum is to provide the members of the Bolter & Chainsword with a way to arrange games with other members, plan team representation of the Bolter & Chainsword at events like Games Days, plan events on behalf of the Bolter & Chainsword, etc.


If you're looking to meet other members of the Bolter & Chainsword for some friendly gaming, The Arranging Games sub-forum is the way to do it. Discussions created for this purpose should be specific to both a geographic location and a specific time period. The geographic location might be a specific game store, a city, or something similarly limiting. The time period should be no more than a week or two, though there might be exceptions (for instance, if someone takes a three week vacation, they might see if there are other members of the B&C who might be interested in meeting for some gaming during those three weeks). Each thread will be closed at the end of the time period.

These threads should be titled using the following basic pattern:

[dates], [geographic location]

For example:

12-23 December, Surrey, UK
Memorial Day Weekend, LA Battle Bunker

One thing that will help everyone out in the long run will be to include basic information on where and when you play in your profile. While this information isn't easily searched under our present software, we might incorporate some upgrade later that will enable this information to be used for more efficient searching.

There are also two sub-forums within Arranging Games for the following:Each Geographic Locations thread will be for general use one-time posting by each individual who lives in an area. The intent is to give other members a way to look at a single thread for their geographic location in order to find other members they might contact via PM or e-mail in order to arrange a game. For example, in the thread simply titled "Scotland", each member who games in Scotland can post basic information on where and when they play. They might even give a little more specific information on city, game store, etc. (though they should not give out personal information such as e-mail address, residence address, phone numbers, etc. - see below). This way, anyone who is in the same geographic location can simply search the relevant thread in order to find other B&C members and narrow down prospective opponents. These threads should be named for the basic geographic location, with the smallest location being a city name (all thread titles should include information up to the country name, for example: Salt Lake City, UT, USA).

Game stores and clubs can also provide information that will provide prospective gamers with news, etc. Basic location and contact information should be provided in the initial post (and will be updated regularly based on replies). New for the game store/club can be provided via replies. For example, if your local game store has a regular league that meets to play games, this information can be posted for other members to see (and, if they're in the area, hopefully join in). Likewise, if your store has an upcoming Warhammer 40,000 event planned, this information can be provided to other players. These threads should be named for the store/club, with the topic description giving the location (city up to country name). For example, if you game at Bruce's Game World in Perth, Australia, the topic title would be "Bruce's Game World", with the topic description being "Perth, Australia".


If you're going to an event such as a Games Day, Grand Tournament, convention, Rogue Trader Tournament, etc. and would like to see if other members of the Bolter & Chainsword will be attending and are interested in meeting, the Events sub-forum is the way to do it.

This might also be a way to coordinate teams or other group efforts at such events.

This sub-forum can be used for both the preparatory discussions as well as after action reports.


When we talk about running events, we're talking about actually running the event and representing the Bolter & Chainsword. This can take three distinct forms:
  • Holding an event at a major event like a Games Day (running a table)
  • Holding a small event at your local gaming venue (minor event)
  • Holding a major event (major event)
If you know of a larger event at which you can run a table that represents the Bolter & Chainsword, that would be great.

For now, this section will remain really sparse as we're still developing our ideas on this.


Protect your personal information. Protect yourself.

You never know who you're really communicating with on the Internet. Personal profile information is not controlled.

Don't give out personal information via the discussion forums. If you need to pass sensitive information such as cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., use the Private Message function or e-mail (you don't need to know another member's e-mail address to send a message - you can simply open up a member's personal profile page, then click on the Send an E-mail link at the bottom left of the page).

Don't give out your residence address. When arranging meetings, use public places (ideally game stores or other places where you can play games).

If you are a minor, be especially careful. Ensure that your parents/guardians know where you're going and who you're meeting. Better yet, have them with you (at least for any first meeting).

While the Bolter & Chainsword assumes no responsibility for the results of any meetings arranged via this forum, please report any suspicious members to the Administrators of the Bolter & Chainsword.


This forum is a work in progress. We intend to refine things and improve the functionality of the forum and its capabilities based on what we learn. If you have any suggestions for ways in which we can improve this forum, please post your ideas in the main Community forum.

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