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my new... something wip!

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I have to side with the "Horns stay" option.

Are there some in the Fang that would say that the Space Wolves, descended from quasi-primitive, animal-hunting, primal, nigh-feral humanoids wouldn't adorn themselves with horns, teeth, or whatever they'd taken from their enemies? Maybe they're Kraken teeth. Maybe they're the fangs from an exceptionally large wolf. Maybe they're detachable drinking horns.

Either way, I think the horns look quite wolfy. Just throw on some tails, the skullplate (as mentioned before), and battle scarring. LOTS of battlescarring, because inevitably, the bike would end up suffering from all the combat that brutal-looking close combat monster will be in.
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Eiric Hakon

Eiric Hakon


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Maybe they're Kraken teeth. Maybe they're the fangs from an exceptionally large wolf. Maybe they're detachable drinking horns.

:P last bit seems so SW like (not in a bad way) :D

I agree with the Battle Damage suggestion

Well, if thats what they are calling dresses these days well then :P ..... its a robe :P

I'm going to pretend I only saw the last part of that :P (it's not a dress :P )
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Kraken teeth...

"I wound on a 3+ with my frost blade."
"Hum, I don't see a frost blade. Actually, I don't see any blade on that model."
"Frost blades are made with kraken teeth. My helmet IS my frost blade. Headbutt!"

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I like the horns personally...

Anyway to wolf it up a bit. I think you should do a couple things:

1: Batter up the robes some and make them look more like leather. Maybe cut some lines into them and add some GS stitches to make it look like pieces of wolf hide sewn together.

2: Add more wolfy talismans, some fangs, some wolf tail talismans, some space wolf icons, heck maybe add some Green Stuffed runes here and there on the bike, some SW knives strapped behind the saddle, that sort of thing. Especially a wolf tail attatched to the bottom of that mace haft.

3: Add a wolf Pelt to that guy, the robes even leathered up need some fur! It's easy with Green stuff just kneed some together and then stretch it into a thinish sheet, lay it out in the rough shape of the pelt you want and let it dry. Then go back and add a second layer to the first and then take a knife of any kind, get the blade wet with water (so the GS doesn't stick) and then just stab the GS and pull as you draw the blade back, little stabbing/cutting lines. Do that repeatedly into the GS and it simulates a decent wolfy hair look. It sometimes helps if you let the GS semi harden before you do that so it doesn't dry out of shape and lose it's fur look. Then go back and add a little GS as claws, tiny pinches rolled out and stuck onto the paws works just fine. If you could add a Wolf Head over the back of that helmet it would pull off that model spectacularly.

I think he'd work great as either a Battle Leader or a Wolf Priest.

"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
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