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Nestir V - The Ressurection

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Ok, hello everyone!

I promised you to continue Nestir V now and so I will.
The truth is that I had hoped to be a lot further along in my work for the AoD so far, but the amount of material to read and sort out is just way more than I had originally imagined, so I estimate I will be done with sorting everything out in a couple of weeks.
Furthermore I estimate to be where I wanted to be now, for round two. Where you will be seeing a major reworking of the AoD concept.

In the meanwhile I will be providing you with some intro stories and battle write-ups and naturally we will be continuing the round one battles.
The plan is for votes to open on Thursdays and official updates to the AoD will happen on sundays.
Mind you, the official updates will not always be a continuation of the Nestir storyline, sometimes it may be artwork, animation, Character profiles and such to.
We will hopefully also see in-between stories written by different people, although I will ask you kindly not to post any stories yet; not until the intro for my reopening of the AoD is completely done.

By the way, I originally said I would leave it up to Chaos to give me the heads up on wether or not I needed access to the Chaos sub-forum; well the deeper Ive been looking at this AoD, the more Ive realized that I will need access to keep an objective look at both sides and give "secret messages" to either side if needed. - So it has been arranged for me to have access to both camps now.

As for now the status of the AoD battles, this is as follows:

Battle 5.
Is still missing due to Luku´s computer going bust on top of all his other bad luck. :rolleyes:
I know how it is! Everything seems to go wrong at the same time. Ive been there myself and I can only wish Luku the best of luck.
Hopefully he will get his computer up and running again before round two, so we can get battle 5 into the mix.

Battle 9.
Savage Mortician - Mortiis VS. Aarhus - Xavier Crussis. - Crash Landing in a snow storm and slugging it out on the ice.
Savage and Aarhus have both sent their instructions to Luku way back, but I havent seen these, so please send them to me again, using:
You have until next saturday (May 31st). to do so.
Unless I missed something, I will be rolling up this battle and write it as quickly as possible.

Battle 10.
Crouching_Monkey - Brother Sgt. Berevius VS. Kevlarshark - Cryus Crom.
Chronologically, this is the battle that will happen after the intro story is complete.
The Imperial strike at Hive Primus once more. - General Battle.
I need instructions for this battle as well, but Im not setting a deadline for this here yet.
As for who will write it, I dont know yet, but I believe it may be me here to.

Battles after this will be detailed at a later date.
Votes will not begin anew until battle nine and ten are written up.
Hopefully this will leave you time to gather your teams, as well as finish the Dueling AoDs, and it will give me time to finish my research and work for the AoD.

Ok, I want to see some activity in the AoD forums again, so I urge the leaders of both sides to PM the members of your teams and ask them to drop by the AoD and give us some lifesigns.
Im also going to ask both sides to post up the number of points you have left for voting here, because this is unfortunatly something that I havent got the foggiest on right now.
I may still decide to let the rest of the battles go to public vote for round one though, just to get the rest of the B&C Community a bit involved in the AoD again.

Oh, and Im hoping to see more people contribute with some original artwork as well over at the PC&A.
Go nag at the artists there, or make something yourself ;)

The Nestir V teaser intro teaser has now been removed, but I put something else up for you instead:

Ok, so with that I hereby declare the Nestir V AoD for active again.
Come one, come all. - We are open for business!

You will be seeing some twists and loops in the plot for Nestir now as I take over and write up the continuation. - And, a few of them may indeed take you by surprise.
So, here is the first part of the intro story.



It was the night before the Emperor´s day and all throughout the Nestir system, not a ship was a stirring.
Not a ship, except the Stormwolf that is.

Onboard the Space Wolf Strike Cruiser sitting in orbit above Nestir V, the Great Hall of meeting was filled with leaders and soldiers alike, and like anxious children waiting for their presents, all of them awaited the presence and words of the Imperial Crusade´s leader.

Through the Great Hall´s windows, snow-covered pine trees could be seen in the ship´s biodome training grounds, while holofield projectors provided ghostly images of crackling torches and flickering candle light, creating a dim environment that allowed the lights of the sparkling stars overhead to add to the mystery of the scene.

At one end of the room, a great roaring fireplace sat, allowing the people present a warm focal point that stood in stark contrast to the freezing planet that was perfectly framed in the huge gothic glass dome sitting on the opposite wall of the room´s great fireplace. Roasted meat and kegs of mead could be found all throughout the room, and polite serfs stood ready to entertain the guests, who spoke among each other in hushed words of anticipation.

Near the fireplace sat Chaplain Lycan in a nice warm seat, while "Captain Eutronus Amorphous" of "the Sons of Doom" Chapter, stood not to far off, holding a couple of large flagons of hot Fire Ale.
He presented one of them to the giant of a Marine next to him, who was gnawing on a large slab of roasted meat.
The Marine was Wolf Guard Battle Leader Thor, who was the host of this gathering; and the mountain of a Space Wolf gladly accepted the offered ale in a loud toast. Both of them and everyone around joined in and drank deep.

Inquisitor Smith sat taking the whole scene in, feeling slightly glum.
He always seemed to have a bit of bad luck around The Emperor´s day, and this gathering reminded him of the time he accidentally bumped into the Starship Titan and had had to fight a host of golden Necrons to save both the ship and the nearby planet. - That had started out as a silent night to, but in the end he had lost more than he cared to.
Still, this night was turning out to be a bit to silent, although looking at the merriment of Battle Leader Thor and his men, he had a feeling it wouldn't last.
Smith quickly glimpsed at his watch, then at the fair haired beauty next to him. - The Angels should have been here by now; he would just have to start without them.

Smith got up and walked over by the great dome window opposite the fireplace, nodding curtly to Thor as he passed.
As one of the most important strategic minds in the Imperial assembly, the Space Wolf was among the few present who knew the full truth and terror of what had happened, as well as what was yet to come.
A lot of the time, the great Marine may seem all muscle and barbaric bravado, but it was in great part a price-worthy act, for behind that rough exterior lay a brilliant and cultivated mind.

Getting up on the podium to speak to the assembly, Inquisitor Smith´s form was perfectly outlined against the white backdrop of the turbulently snow filled planet of Nestir V.
He quietly cleared his voice and immediately got the attention of everyone in the room, for his voice was greatly amplified by the rooms vox system. - The room fell silent.

"Friends and allies. I welcome you to this gathering!" Inquisitor Smith felt a bit strange hearing his own voice like this. This was not part of the original plan and he didn't quite know where to go with this, so he felt a bit skittish. - This was supposed to be the Commander´s task, not his; but if they were going to avoid loosing even more Imperials from this cause, he would have to act now. - People were getting restless.

"I welcome you and thank you for coming.
Im sure you are all anxious to know what is happening, but the Commander, it seems, has been delayed, so I am going to have to start without him".
At the mention of "the Commander", the crowd grew slightly agitated; some seemed surprised and a hushed murmur sprang to life in the room as hundreds of people uttered whispered questions all at the same time.

Inquisitor Smith held up his hands to quiet them.
"Please! settle down. - All will become clear as I explain. Please!"
Once more the room fell silent, and Smith caught a look from Inquisitor Alerius who nodded reassuringly.
Looking out over the assembled crowd, Inquisitor Smith cleared his voice again and continued.

"As well you know, the Crusade for Nestir V was frozen some two months ago. What you probably do not know is the full extent of the truth behind what happened.
Sixty six days ago today, the Traitors on Nestir V mustered their forces and pushed us back out of Hive Primus.
With the fall of Chaplain Calgon and his Blood Angels, the last vestiges of our real foothold slipped and we had to withdraw. Librarian Korvac´s solo mission into the city was our last real success before having to pull our forces out completely.

Then, even as we were preparing a counter attack, our fleet was struck hard by anti-orbital weaponry on the planet. We thought we had secured these facilities, but as it turns out, we missed quite a few hidden in the snow drift.
While our fleet managed to cripple most of these batteries, we were also preoccupied by an attack of Traitor ships and then the true disaster struck, and this is the part most of you have not been informed of until now".

Inquisitor Smith stood up a bit taller, taking in the hushed silence of his intrigued crowd; then he continued.
"While our fleet was engaged in battle, a massive psychic attack assaulted the `Bloodied Scion´ and struck several of the Marines onboard dead in an instant. Over 40 Serfs died and those who did not die went utterly insane. - We had to seal of the Scion completely in case of Demonic contamination.

But the attack´s main purpose was not to destroy the Scion´s crew. It was to strike a blow at the heart of the Imperial Command, and at this it succeeded one hundred percent.
After the attack, the Scion´s bridge was utterly devastated by crewmen and Marines that had gone insane and amok; but more importantly both Captain Holus and his entire support staff had utterly disappeared."

The crowd went into a frenzy of surprised chatter at this, but Inquisitor Smith was quick to intervene and the crowd´s surprised murmurs quickly died down again as he continued the tale.

"We are three Inquisitors here at Nestir V and yet it took the effort of all of us to locate the source of this psychic attack.
It was well hidden and was launched from the heart of Hive Primus. - We suspect it was carried out by Lord Adramelechk himself, which would put him dangerously into the high class Alpha level psycher range. - We are well and seriously outmatched here gentlemen!"

A roar of questions and remarks pelted the room in a wall of noise as the crowd reacted to the news of having both lost the leader of the Crusade to some unknown force, as well as hearing that this unknown force in all probability could be an Alpha level psycher.

Inquisitor Smith tried to silence the crowd again and again, but it wasn't until Battle Leader Thor got to his feet and roared for silence that the crowd finally settled down.
Thor glowered at them all and growled low in his throat before spitting out his next words.
"Be quiet the lot of you! Is this how you repay my hospitality? By acting like a scared mob of little children?
I for one would like to hear the mans words!"
Thor nodded for the Inquisitor to continue and as the crowd´s attention returned to him once more, Smith nodded back to Thor in a silent gesture of gratitude before continuing once more.

"Please!" Smith started, as the crowd´s attention focused fully on him again.
"Holus was my friend and for all intents and purposes I hope he still is.
We traced the attacker to Nestir and think we glimpsed a slight psychic signature that may belong to Captain Holus as well, But...
We were unable to carry out a full trace, as the trace quickly disappeared and covered itself up. - We are dealing with one Powerful entity here!

Naturally, those of the Legio who were close by when we divined the attackers location and probable coordinates of Holus, wanted to launch a rescue party, and they did.
The last ship to leave for a mission to Nestir was launched just after we had defeated the last of the Traitor ships. It belonged to Captain Xavier Crussis and was headed for the planet´s surface.

Shortly after however, a massive, planet-wide blizzard of a snowstorm started forming and Xavier´s Thunderhawk was lost to us. Their last transmission was a mayday saying they were going down some 25 clicks due south west of Hive Primus.
Further than that, we also lost contact with all the Legio strike teams that landed on the planet, as well as all Traitor radio transmissions.
The last transmission we received was one from Brother Veteran Morg, who was active on a mission deep within the Genatorium complex of the Hive. Im afraid we havent heard from anyone else since then.

And the rest as they say, is history.
The snow storm has covered the planet now for sixty six days, making all attempts at landing or teleporting futile. All scans and attacks from orbit have proven useless and leadership within our ranks have fallen on bad times.
Some of our forces have left and most of you are suffering failing morale.
Since that fateful day; that world below" Inquisitor Smith half turned and pointed at the white planet behind him.
"has been covered in an unrelenting and unchanging snowstorm. - Until two days ago that is.
Two days ago we detected a drop in storm activity down there, and the storm has been dropping ever since.
In addition to that, two days ago, in utter secrecy, we received a Stealth ship into our midst.
It carried with it a package of unmistakable importance, for it is with her help that we will gain a foothold on this planet once more.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: `Lady Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost´".

With that a strikingly beautiful woman of exceptional elegance strode onto the podium. Her slinky, body-hugging dress seemed to be made out of perfect pearly ice, her platina blond hair fell lazily at just over shoulder length, over her perfect fair skin, and even her nails were a perfect polished white that seemed like frosted ice.
Around her neck hung a beautiful necklace of perfectly cut, clear diamonds on a silver webbing and her wrists were covered in amazingly intricate silver bracelets.
Finally her ice blue eyes took in the crowd, and made it fall as silent as an icy tomb.
This was the sort of woman any man would gladly lay down his life for, and it wasn't just her physical beauty, it was something in the way she moved, something in her posture and something in her eye.
The lady simply had class and an unmatched charisma that mesmerized anyone she laid eyes upon.

"Hello." she simply said, addressing the crowd in the sweetest voice, but there was a coldness there to, a power that made it clear that this was a woman who was used to getting what she wanted, and that she was no stranger to holding a position of authority.

Inquisitor Smith piped in again to get the attention of the crowd back were it belonged.
"As I said, this is Alexandra Frost. And make no mistake gentlemen, she is a dangerous contender".
At that Lady Frost presented the most wickedly charming smile and looked like a dangerously intrigued predator studying the crowd in front of her. – Unknowing, Smith continued his presentation.

"Lady Frost is one of the Imperium´s foremost expert Imperial Guard Generals on Cold Weather Warfare and she has come to assess our situation here". He said.
"She is known for showing up on cold battlefields all over the Imperium, and she has many nicknames that go with her. - You may have heard of General Frost; Storm; The Storm Hawk; The Frost Hawk; Snow White, or most profoundly, ehem..." Inquisitor Smith had to clear his voice before continuing. "The Ice Queen".
All in all she has commanded over five hundred battles in cold weather zones and it seems the cold hearted Imperial Administratum cant get enough of sending her to all the.. cool, places.

The smile on Lady Frost´s beautiful face didn't waver. "Given my name, it seems," she said, again in that sweet voice, "that someone in the Imperial Bureaucracy has a sense of humour after all."
"Yes, well..." Smith continued. "If she deems it fit, she can call in an almost immediate Imperial Guard reinforcement, and on top of all that, she is also a highly powerful psycher. - One we are certainly going to need if we are to defeat our class A psycher down there.
And finally, she has intimate knowledge about him. - Self proclaimed Chaos Lord Adramelechk that is".
"Well, I certainly should have" miss Frost said sweetly looking at Inquisitor Smith, then back at the assembled crowd.
"After all..." she continued. "He is my brother."


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Sigismund Himself

Sigismund Himself


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Awesome! Great start :thanks:

One question, what happened to Korvac? Is he still down there or did he get rescued?




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very nice and i get the slight impression someones a doctor who fan

Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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Yes, Luku's a fan of Dr. Who. Loved the golden Necron part CMG. :thanks: That made me burst out laughing.

Dun dun duuuun. Family ties and betrayals, I'm starting to enjoy this even more Graymantle. Where have you been for all of this? Makes me glad I tempted you back in last year for recruitment. :lol:





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Very nice, good to see thinks kicking off again

My Space Marine armies
Imperial Fists third company under the command of Captain Korban Vermaas
Imperial Fists Seventh company under the command of Captain Ark Noonan
My DIY chapters I've created.
The Templars of Steel (Which have fractured and split into three new chapters, The Steel Templars, The Doom Templars, The Lost.)
The Hyplions.
The Crimson Gargoyles

Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


  • 3,138 posts

Awesome! Great start :tu:

One question, what happened to Korvac? Is he still down there or did he get rescued?

Thank you Sigismund!
My original idea was that he made it off the planet before the Planet-wide blizzard hit; but if you have other plans for him for an in-between story, I leave it to you to decide wether he left or got caught by the storm.

very nice and i get the slight impression someones a doctor who fan

He he. :)
That was in honor of Luku as I understand he is a great dr. Who fan and often use dr. Who references in relation to Inquisitor Smith.
I have in fact not seen all that many episodes and saw one just for this occation.
- Would like to see more though...

Yes, Luku's a fan of Dr. Who. Loved the golden Necron part CMG. :tu: That made me burst out laughing.

Dun dun duuuun. Family ties and betrayals, I'm starting to enjoy this even more Graymantle. Where have you been for all of this? Makes me glad I tempted you back in last year for recruitment. :)


Thank you Brother Cambrius!
Family ties and betrayals, yes indeed!
And even more twists, turns and surprises are yet to come.

Very nice, good to see thinks kicking off again

Thank you!
Lets hope we see more activity around the AoD in general.

Up next will be the Chaos Ressurection intro.
But you will have to wait a while yet...





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Hey matey, been away for a week with work - loving the strike cruiser action, I've got to say! :P

Well, can't wait for all of this to kick off again, will try and PM you are points total asap.

Keep up the good work!

NR :yes:
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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Thank you Nightrunner!
Glad to still have you onboard!





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Still avidly watching for AoD action, and still rooting for Chaos even tho I hate them. (yeah my warband is conflicted..lol)

AoD Intro Story Full Version: http://www.bolterand...p...blogid=279




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beautiful woman, beer, warm fire place, food.. aah good place to start <_<

Savage Mortician

Savage Mortician


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Instructions for battle 9 sent :P

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


  • 3,138 posts

beautiful woman, beer, warm fire place, food.. aah good place to start :(

Isn't it just! :(

Well, once more it is sunday and time for another update in the storyline.
After this, one more part of the Nestir V Resurrection intro will be presented before the intro is complete.

So, this time, continuing on directly from the Imperial intro, we get the Chaos intro.
- Should be lots of food for rumors, speculations and conspiracy theories in here. ;)



"My Brother!", Yana Orkan whispered in the Eldar tongue, standing near Adramelechk´s "frozen" form.
"My Lord, my Master. - You must awaken. - You must!
Before it is to late!"

Chaos Lord Adramelechk´s form was laying with arms folded across his chest; flat on his back, on a clear crystal "bed". A crystal "bed" that in all truth was a psychic resonator. - An amplifier for psychic powers.
His resting place was more of an alter than a bed really, and Adramelechk had been resting here for sixty six days in all. His cheeks were sunken, his face sullen and his skin, as ashen white as his beard.
The chamber in which he "slept" was large and grotto-like, with frost creeping up the walls and icicles slowly growing downwards from the ceiling high above.

The chamber was located deep in the bottom levels of Hive Primus, and even here in this secluded and once warm place, the icy threat of frozen death, now reached.
Usually, the silence of the chamber was interrupted only by the low droning of the machinery and tubes keeping Adramelechk´s body alive; the drip drip drip of water falling from icicles high above, and the occasional murmur of Adramelechk´s largely incomprehensible whispers.

Now however, the words of Yana Orkan, an ex-Eldar pirate lord and Farseer who was also Adramelechk´s most trusted servant, echoed alien-like of the chamber´s walls.
The Eldar´s true identity was hidden to all others thanks to Adramelechk and Orkan´s psychic powers, both.
Yet, in here, that disguise meant nothing. Adramelechk, Orkan knew, could see right into the minds of any and everyone of those who crossed into his domain; and the chamber bore the marks to underline the certainty of this knowledge.

The circular, frost-covered stone floor around the two lone figures was stained here and there in blotches of crimson reds and dark gore.
For sixty six days Adramelechk had lain dormant here, like a dangerous Polar Bear. Seemingly unconscious, yet extremely dangerous; and in that time many unsatisfied subjects had come before him to end his, according to them, pathetic life.
These individuals had mostly been Chaos Lieutenants and Aspiring Champions, but not a one of them had come within ten paces of Adramelechk´s form. - Those with projectile weapons hadn't even been able to set foot inside the chamber before falling victim to Adramelechk´s sleeping might.

They had all died in different ways. Some had burned, others had keeled over with blood spurting from all orifices; yet others had just fallen dead, not a mark on them. But most of them had died terribly due to pure insane terror; as if though they had stood with minds naked and unprotected, while being forced to perceive the deepest, darkest horrors of the Warp; in an instant absorbing all the secrets of space and time itself.
- Luckily none of Adramelechk´s true Chaos Lord allies had tried anything as stupid as an assassination. - They were to smart for that. In fact they had largely kept to themselves, and in this Adramelechk´s force was extremely fragmented and untrusting.

An assassination attempt or even a simple audience, even by such powerful individuals, would surely have been a bad thing for anyone insisting on trying it.
Only Orkan had been able to approach Adramelechk largely unscathed, to administer to the machinery keeping his Lord and Master alive. - Still, even he had been troubled by overwhelming, stinging headaches and terrible nightmares after each and every "audience".

No matter! - He was here now yet again to plead with his master to awaken.
"Master! You have been here now for sixty six days and nights.
Ever since we mustered our forces and drove the Corpse God´s minions out of our domain.
Ever since our attack on their fleet and flagship.
Do you remember my lord?"

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, Orkan fell to his knees beside Adramelechk, with such a force that it seemed his kneecaps would crack and break apart.
In excruciating pain he knelt subservient beside the Chaos Lord, eyes closed while mustering every ounce of his will not to break down - To anyone watching it may seem as if he was in prayer.
"Of course you remember!" the fallen Eldar breathed. "You are Adramelechkzkhcelemardax. You are the Master!"

"Yet, ever since you mustered your three hundred mind warriors and sacrificed them to bring the Imperial dog to us, you have slept my lord. For sixty six days you have slept and in that time a terrible blizzard has engulfed the planet, protecting us from the wrath of bombardment or pre-scanned operations; but we have also lost all communication.
The landscape outside has changed drastically and the temperature has dropped to near zero my Lord. - Absolute zero.
- Had it not been for the Iceberg´s secondary shield generators we would not have lasted this long...
And even worse. The Imperial dog still runs loose".
Orkan breathed a heavy sigh. One filled with despair and memories of better times.

"Your forces have started to fall apart my Lord.
You must come back to us. - Resurrected!
- Time waits for no man."

"The rules are about to change!"
Adramelechk´s voice was a dry husk of a whisper, like a far away man, out of breath.
"Do you remember the future?
He is slooow... The Throne... is... dying...
Twenty thousand, skeletons of metal, flooatiiing. - Out of time; out of space; un, reachable. Dead!
The Golden... Light, is fading, failing.

The last word was strong and present, and with that Lord Adramelechk´s frosty, white eyes sprang open.
At the exact same moment, all throughout Nestir V, the planet-enveloping blizzard stopped and died down completely.
Lord Adramelechk´s icy eyes immediately bore into Orkan´s own, and with a focused intensity borderlining insanity, Adramelechk breathed out his whisper.

"She is here!"


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Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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Ooh, a face off with family perhaps CMG? It appears that many conspiracies will emerge from this... :(


Sigismund Himself

Sigismund Himself


  • 6,415 posts
:huh: Hopefully some fluff on Korvac will come after this week... Great stuff, now we await the battles :)

Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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So I said I would do updates on Sundays and Votes on Thursdays with the potential updates in-between by other people, so its high time I gave all of you another tidbit update.
Yes, yes, I know Im a day late with this, but I must confess I find it awfully hard to write about an icy snow planet when Im stuck in 30+ Celsius degrees. ;D

Ok, so since we haven't tied up the loose end and started the actual new votes yet, this will not be a vote update; instead it will be a status update to let you know something is going on behind the scenes.

So here goes:
I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is:
There is no actual story or vote update today.

Im going away on family reunions both this and next weekend, so it could be I´m unable to make the Sunday updates as I may be away.
- Still, I will do my best to get updates out.

The Good news is that Im still hard at work on the AoD.
Im still reading and collecting info on the AoD and something extra for round two is in the works.

The AoD originally didn´t have much of a plot, but now, as you have already seen examples of, the plot thickens.
I´ve been doing a bit of research and a lot of thinking and writing towards this end, and now the story is coming together with new twists and turns, new characters etc.
All to be presented in good time. You have already sen some of it, but a lot more of it will be revealed in the final piece of the Resurrection intro story.

The intro story is almost done and all throughout it and other stories you may find hidden and/or open references and clues that unveils the story as it progresses.

Behind the scenes other people are working on a couple of things as well and I´m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Heres a kicker: :blink:
Battle 9 is finally rolled up and Im already way into writing it.
This battle surprised me a bit, but you will still have to wait a while yet before it is revealed to you...

Finally, here is a bonus update for you considering that I don´t have a story or vote update this time around:


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Savage Mortician

Savage Mortician


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now that youve said that about batle 9, I'm practically DYING with anticipation

I am the Physical Manifestation of Hell. I am the Reaper of souls, The bringer of Death. I am Pain Incarnate. I am the Savage Mortician

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Well try not to die to much Savage.
The battle is still not quite there yet and we still need you around for it... And more...
One shall stand, one shall fall. - Who will hear the reapers call?

Oh and incidentally I just remembered that today is 06.06.08.
My x-character in the AoD, Bannister, began his story in my publicly held community event hosted by none other than myself on 06.06.06. so today is kinda his 2 year birthday...
For some nice nostalgia, have a look at:

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Well, another slight delay to the end of the intro.
The story is pretty much done, but I'm missing one small piece of info, and until it's clear to me, I'm purposefully delaying the launch of the final part.
Still, Im sure you will enjoy the stories by everyone else in the mean while, as we have had a few of them now. – All set in the past of the AoD I might add (as was battle nine).
And Im sure TDA's story should be up any moment now too.
In the mean time I will have a look at wrapping up battle 10, which will bring us fully into the here and now of the storyline again.


Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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I wait in earnest CMG. Sadly Nurgle still has me infected so not much has happened with my story. :( Also as it says in my signature I'll be missing for a month in a few weeks time. :D


Chaptermaster Graymantle

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Well, Im sad to see you go Brother Cambrius, but your cause is an honorable one.
Also, I believe you will be able to catch up quite quickly once you get back.
– After all, things are rolling along again, but hardly at a neck-break pace.

Oh, and get well soon! ;)


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Well, once more its Sunday and that means storyline update time.
Last week we had a bunch of cool stories written by you guys.
This week, I've prepared one more section for the Nestir V Resurrection story, so that should conclude the intro for me taking over and resurrecting the story again, bringing us back into the present of the AoD.

The former parts of this story can be found here:
Part 01.
Part 02.

And now on to the next part.


"She is here! - Among us, like a viper!"
"How can we trust her? - She is HIS brother!"
"Who allowed her in here?!"

The Imperial crowd was shocked at the presence of Adramelechk's alleged sister. Some were outraged, all were filled with questions, all wanted answers, and indeed they got one.
"Who allowed her in here? – I! Did!".
The reply came in a deep, booming voice of power. A voice of harsh and gruff authority.

Behind the mob of protesting Imperials, the heavy bronze gate to the Hall of meeting had just been slammed open and what stood there gave pause to everyone present.
The figure was huge! Its dark frame partly hidden in flickering shadows, but as it took two floor shaking steps into the room itself, there couldn't be a shadow of a doubt that this was an Mk IV Venerable Dreadnought.
The voice that had spoken seemed familiar somehow, yet distorted and metallic.
That strangely familiar voice was still puzzling the crowd, when from behind the Dreadnought, stepped a form they all knew.
The armour was pearly white and jet black, of a hybrid Mk 8 mark and obviously of artificer quality. Like the voice, the characteristic helmet was familiar too, with its blue, T-slit form and V shaped mouth-piece.
The armour had clearly been repaired recently; a large hole to the chest had been patched up; and the torn, blue Commander's cape, had turned purple due to what was clearly traces of blood.
The armor´s black shoulder pads proudly displayed the golden form of an Imperial Aquila and the round blue and white mark of humanity; the mark of the Guardian Angels Chapter.
There could be no doubt! - This was the form of Commander Iniel Bannister. Neither could there be any doubt that the deep, husky, yet metallic voice had been his.
The armoured Commander stood there looking at the shocked and dumbfoundedly silent crowd. - This was impossible! Bannister had died! – And indeed, so he had.
As the Marine removed his helmet, it became clear to the crowd that this was not the Iniel Bannister they knew.
The Marine in front of them was clearly wearing Bannister´s armour, but the man looked younger, less scarred and war torn; though across one eye he wore a black eye patch. – Highly unusual for a Marine.
This was the Guardian Angels new 8th Company Commander: "Draco Kinghorn" – It had to be!

The whole scene had taken no more than a few seconds, but the crowd had been both shocked and mesmerised by the sudden appearance of the Guardian Angels Commander, making it seem as if the moment dragged out in time. Now however, they were quickly recovering from their reverie; full of questions again. – Who was this upstart Commander? What was he doing here and what authority did he think he held to allow Adramalech's sister to walk freely among them?
Then the metallic voice spoke once more to answer their still standing question. – "I! Did!"
– But the Guardian Angels Commander´s lips did not move. Instead he stood with arms crossed and thrust his thumb out to the side, nonchalantly indicating the Dreadnought. – It was the Dreadnought!
The Dreadnought´s metallic voice was Bannister's, and that could lead to only one conclusion...

"But... How?" Captain Eutronus Amorphous finally voiced, speaking for most everyone in the crowd, a lump of both sorrow and joy forming in his throat.
Battle Leader Thor in turn, only seemed amused, nodded contently and smiled. – Wolfishly!

It was Captain Draco Kinghorn, Eighth Company´s new Captain that finally answered their question.
"Commander Bannister was pierced through the torso, suffering massive internal damage to a whole range of vital organs. But he didn't die immediately, instead he bleed out, and rather quickly to I should add. – Must have hurt tremendously."

A low mechanical growl escaped the enormous machine that was now "The Crimson Winged Arch-Angel", Bannister. The growl, though more felt than heard, spoke volumes about the pain he must have felt at being pierced through by a spire, only to slide down it with nothing but an icy death to greet him at its end.

"Only in Death does duty end!", Bannister declared, his husky voice lending credence to the saying.

"Indeed!" continued Inquisitor Smith, giving the huge Dreadnought an appreciative nod before taking the word.
"As was stated, Commander Bannister did not die. But, he did bleed out, and quickly to.
There was one saving factor though. The Ice cold killer of arctic frost.
The sub-zero temperatures that so ravage Nestir V, were cold enough to freeze Bannister's blood at almost the very moment it left his body; forming what resembled Crimson wings of crystalline vitae. This freezing cold also sent Bannister into a state of Hypothermicaly educed Cryo frozen hibernation."

"Giving my Apotecharies time enough to carry me away, revive me and insert my dying form into the already vacant Dreadnought shell of Oriel." Bannister´s voice carried with it both sadness at loosing his ancient Dreadnought friend, and relief that the Dreadnought shell had been available for his transfer.

"Well, this is all fine and dandy. Bannister lives to fight another day. But have you forgotten about her?"
Justicar Borroleth of the Grey Knights stabbed an accusing finger at General Alexandra Frost; Adramelechk´s alleged sister, and the crowd´s attention rapidly shifted to her, then back to an enraged Justicar Borroleth who now faced squarely off against the jet black Dreadnought in front of him, clearly showing no fear at the potentially deadly machine.
Throughout the room five other Grey Knights got to their feet and steadied themselves for battle. The room immediately tensed, its former welcoming atmosphere at once becoming one of unease.
"Have you forgotten that she is the sister of a Traitor?" Borroleth asked, practically spitting out the last word.
"How do we know she does not consort with this Daemon even now, planning our downfall and the defeat of the Imperium here at Nestir V?
How do we know? And by what authority do you allow her to walk among us?" Justicar Borroleth, hands on hips, directed the question directly at the huge Dreadnought in front of him.
"Who made you the Commander of this operation?"

"I did!" The answer came from behind the crowd, from Inquisitor Smith who was still standing on top of his podium, from were he addressed the crowd.
"As did I!" said Inquisitor Alerius, getting to his feet and adding Ordo Malleus' weight to the decision.
"And I!" replied Inquisitor Rugajov of Ordo Hereticus, revealing his presence in the crowd.
"And so, by the authority instated in us by the Emperor and his most holy Inquisition, we hereby declare Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels' Eighth, to be the new Commander of the Nestir V operation." Inquisitor Smith declared smugly while grinning and taking a big bite out of a banana he had just produced from some obscure pocket. – He looked quite pleased with himself.

Justicar Borroleth bowed respectfully to Inquisitor Alerius and withdrew without another word, melting back into the crowd. An Inquisitor of Ordo Malleus had given his consent, and that was all the justification Borroleth needed.
Others still had questions though, and it was Canoness Ophelia Arcadion that finally asked the question on everybody´s mind. "Why him?"
"And why have you waited so long to reveal this to us?" Redemptor-Chaplain Sigrdrífa demanded.

The Dreadnought Bannister shifted his heavy bulk restlessly, as if he was getting tired of all these taxing questions; but again Inquisitor Smith spoke, having warmed to his role as a spokes person by now.
"Us Inquisitors and a few others got together and decided Banister was the right leader against what waits for us down there." he said.
"In his journeys, Bannister certainly has had enough experience with the forces of Chaos to make a good leader against them. He was well respected by everyone here before his... – ascension, and we see no reason why it should not be so now.
As to why we waited so long. It has taken this long for us to assemble the pieces of what has happened to us. It has taken this long to fully rebuild Bannister's Dreadnought form. General Frost didn't arrive until a few days ago, neither did Inquisitor Rugajov who arrived here at the same time as Frost; arriving on his ship "The Goldfield Voyager", alongside the support elements of the Guardian Angels Eighth Company's support Fleet, who also brought more Marines for Eighth Company. But most importantly, we had to wait for the Snow Storm around Nestir V to start dying down before we could plan our next move properly. – Strangely enough, all of these occurrences converged on the same date, and that was two days ago."
"Besides, it was Captain Alexander Holus´ wish that Bannister should lead in his stead", said Alerius.
"Indeed!" replied Inquisitor Rugajov, standing by a wall now, sparsely lit by the flickering light of the rooms many candles and torches. "Before his disappearance, Captain Holus lef us a ICED message (In Case of Emergency or Death). - Observe!"

Rugajov pressed a button on the wall next to him and immediately a blue light streamed forth from the floor of the podium, right next to Inquisitor Smith. The light held the distinctive holographic representation of Holus. It flickered a bit, then started with Captain Holus giving the crowd a respectful nod, followed by the sign of the Aquila.
"My friends and allies!" Holus began. "As this ICED message has been activated I am sorry to report that I am most likely dead or missing. In that case you must continue to carry the torch of the Emperor to Nestir V. – Let it bring the warmth of war to that cold place. Light a fire and with it, burn our enemies from its surface.
I cannot begin to tell you what to do next, for I am not among you and so I cannot know the strategic situation in which you now find yourselves.
What I can tell you however, is who I would have lead in my stead.
I will now give you a list of people, starting with the one I feel would be the most experienced for this role; for I do not know who is still alive. – Hopefully one of the following persons still is.
Commander Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels Chapter. W..."
The message was paused and Holus hung like a pale and ghostly blue aperation suspended in time above the podium´s holographic projector. Inquisitor Smith observed the flickering image with sadness in his eyes. The concern for his missing friend was clear for all to see, but the crowds eyes were not upon him, instead they focused on Inquisitor Rugajov, who spoke to them from the holographic projection controls near the fireplace.
"We will skip the rest of the list. - Knowing who would be next in line could often sow discontent and treachery in the hearts of men."
"But..." Lord Hakon Greymane began, but he was immediately cut of by Justicar Borroleth. "The Inquisition has spoken!" he sternly stated, and Canoness Ophelia Arcadion immediately backed him up.
A soft murmur passed over the crowd, but it died down again almost immediately as the holographic projection started up again. – The Inquisition had spoken indeed!
On the room's podium, the holographic Holus continued.
"That concludes the list of people I feel are worthy to lead this Crusade. – Seven people in all.
I pray that your forces are still strong and that you succeed in your quest!
This is Captain Alexander Holus of the Legio B&C, saying good bye and good luck!"
Just as the holographic representation of a clearly saddened Holus said these last words, the image of him flickered for a moment and in its stead appeared static. – Or was it snow?
In among this static snow, everyone thought they could make out the faint outline of a titanically huge demonic shadow of some sort, but then it faded to static again and it could have just been an imagined thing. – The illusion of an image created by a mind built to look for recognisable patterns in the chaos of the universe.
What came next though, was not imagined. The image flickered again, and in the snow of static a female face, bathed in red as if lit by a nearby fire, could just be made out.
The apparition seemed to be looking straight at Brother Sgt. Berevius, and impossibly the holographic image seemed to be looking him straight in the eye.
"You must not break the wall!", it said. "Whatever you do, do not break the wall!".
Then the red face was gone from the holographic projection, replaced by static instead; but next to it stood it's real counterpart for all to see. – It was The Lady Frost. – `General Alexandra Storm Hawking Frost´. – The holographic projection had been an image of her!
On the podium she simply shrugged, innocently as if she knew nothing.
"Adramalech's mind is strong!", she simply stated. Then Holus' ghostly blue holographic image reappeared once more.
He said one thing and one thing only before disappearing:
"May the Emperor be with you all!"


Well that concludes the first intro bit of the Nestir V AoD.
We now have a few new characters, the leaders for both sides of the conflict have been "resurrected", and we possibly have a mystery plot development going. :)
I think I will continue this story a bit further still to elaborate on more details, but that will again have to wait.

I apologise for bringing Commander Bannister back into this, and I woudnt have if it wasnt for the fact that I've taken charge of the AoD now, and that I needed a new leader of my own making, under my control, who was no longer part of the AoD, but familiar enough to relate to.
– Bannister seemed to fit the bill, and I hope his reentry into the story was smooth and believable enough...

Stay tuned next Sunday for the exciting continuation of the Nestir V series, in Battle 10!
See you there!

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Ooh, Bannister still lives then? How will I feed him the Autonian wine I worked so hard to brew on? Is there a fuel cap on him somehwere? :D Just a little reminder when mentioning my character, you don't need to give his full name throughout as honoured as I am by the gesture, just plain old Amorphous would do. :)

I imagine Amorphous won't be able to have a remtach now then. :) I guess we'll have to even out the odds by giving him a sticky bomb or lascannon. ^_^

Keep up the excellent work CMG,


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I thought I killed him good and proper in that write up! :wacko:
Just goes to show, you can't keep a good Imperial down

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Hehe, excellent story Graymantle, excellent indeed ^_^





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so it continues i look forward to more and soon i shall detail a bit on the voice weiss is gonna start hearing