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What to put in 1000 points

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I still have some trouble of getting a good 1000 points tournament list to work in 1000 points so i was wondering has anyone been able to work out a usefull list.

I was thinking about 2x8 man Greyhunter units with boltpistols and some Bloodclaws, SW scouts to do some Obel work, Runepriest with Chooser for hindering outflank, and the cheap Wolfguard battleleader, with the added transports to the units.

BTW the new local tourney rules an army becomes more effective with 4 troops choices in the list. (rules are in dutch so many of you can't read it if i would post a link.)

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i use a battle leader-frost blade plas pistol belt of russ ,frag,wolf tooth necklace
a rune priest bp frost blade

1 x 10 gh blt guns 1 melta rhino,smoke
1 x 8 gh 2 pwr fist 1 melta 2 plas pis
1 x 9 bc 2 pwr wepons rhino ,smoke(with battle leader)
1 x 5 lf 2 las canon,2 missle launchers(with rune priest)




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One heavy choice I would suggest is a Vindicator. Having a high strength pie plate laying around is good for both taking out swarm armies, but also cracking open any high armor troops that you might run across. It also can be a very effective anti-tank weapon in its own right if it manages to hit or scatter on-target. It's also rather cheap as far as heavy choices go.

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