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Trying a new Colour scheme.

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Marek Grimfang

Marek Grimfang


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My wolves are black with a highlight, with bolt gun metal/mirthil silver highlights for the chest decoration and metal bits. Looks good and is a welcome change to grey.

I did this as in 2005 I was the victim of a "Shadow Grey" mishap. The spray can it came in coated the models with what looked like stucco and they were useless.

So I sucked it up, and stripped evreything I had down tot he bare plastic. This took forever especially with the use of a tooth brush to get down to the nitty-gritty. I had to pack everything away and take a break I was so P.O.'d.

So after priming everything black, I thought it would be a good change, so thats what I am staying with.

I am stuck though with the shoulder pads and what colours to paint them. I am staying with the GW provided decals for the varying packs.

So here is what I have come up with, and a little info on each choice:

1.) Yellow pads with black trim. Sticks with the general SW theme and is a striking opposite to the black armour.

2.) All dark red pads with same colour trim. Only the recess of the trim is outlined in black. It matches the red painted eyes of the armour, but the only Blood Claw decals I have are red, so they won't show up.

3.) All white pads with the same colour trim. Only the recess of the trim is outlined in black. I am sort of leaning towards this as the black decals will stand out, and the red BC decals will really stand out. I'm only concerned this will look too "Templarish". I saw this on a Raven Guard Assault Sgt. and thought it looked good.

4.) All grey pads with the same colour trim. Only the recess of the trim is outlined in black. This was the first incarnation of wolf armour I did and I have a few pads with decals still lying around. I tried them on a few of the mini's and it looks okay, very "City Fight" urban looking. But it does look a little colour mute with the black armour.

5.) All black pads with the same colour trim with white pack decals. This is what I would love to do, but getting the white decals is a pita to do. I'll have to have someone photoshop or whatever a decal for the whitepaper surrounded by the actual black ink like the Raven Guard ones available on this forum.

I am trying to get a lot of plastic painted to get gaming again for 5th Ed. and the pad colours are what are sort of holding me back.

So, im looking for a little bit of direction from you guys. This is my last ditch effort for wolves. For 5th Im still fence sitting on whether to do a Codex army but sticking with a wolfy look.

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Well I go with what the codex says but that is me....I like how the Sunshine Yellow and the Blood Red stand out against my Fenris Grey armor color (although this crap with double digit coats of paint gets old...=P)

I was going to say paint the trims in the colors of the packs (yellow-Blood Claws, red-Grey Hunters, etc) but it would be tough to get the decals to show except for Blood Claws
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Without seeing any examples to compare, I'd suggest going with the yellow shoulder pad inserts, with black trim. Both red and black decals show up well against yellow.

Or here's a radical thought - do them in gold. That way, your shoulder pads and chest eagle in gold contrast nicely with the black armour.