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Need a new army, need your help decieding.

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Lone Scout

Lone Scout


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I'm looking to start a new army. I like SW's, I'm thinking that Grey Knights might be fun but uncompetitive. I like the idea of a DIY chapter but can't see them being as good as SW's. I'm also kicking around Orks and Impyguard so as you can see I'm totally undecieded and need some guildance. I like writing fluff for the humies but as most people play marine based armies, I'm thinking that orks might be ok since I hate marine on marine battles. So are any of the mentioned armies more or less competitive than most? Do orks and guard totally suck? Are DIY marines as good as SW's or Codexed SM armies? For the love of the emperor, mork or a chaos god some one, anyone please help.
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"All the theory in the world won't give you a win unless there is a cohesive plan based on the understanding of how each unit functions in a variety of environments."




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allot of questions not belonging in a power armour board, on the SW and DIY ill give you my 50c, SW can still be competitive but we pay allot of points for our stuff and troops.
most of us on this part of the board love our wolves to death and play for the fluff and the feel of the wolves, if you dont have that love or feel, they might not be for you, or not until the new dex comes out and it will be easer to make competitive lists again.

As for the DIY, dont, the system will not be in the new marine dex.
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As you mentioned Lone Scout, "competitive" the first thing I don't think of is Space Wolves. As Max said until our codex comes out, we're at somewhat of a handy cap and unless you really know how to use the wolves you'll just end up having a hard time competing with them.

If you want an army that's "different" from your average marine on marine battle, then take space wolves, it'll be different. :D

If you want an army that's even less "competitive" than Space Wolves, play Daemonhunters. :o

And if you want to have the least fun but be the most "competitive" then play ultra smurfs or chaos marines. :tu:
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