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Nestir's Fate: Records

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Sigismund Himself

Sigismund Himself


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Nestir's Fate


Imperial Prologue

Battle One- 'Midas'-X (Aurelius Rex) and Belial Neigorath 8th Grand Company, Black Legion (Neigorath) vs Brother-Colonel Sanders of the Imperial Death Chickens (Captain Ahab)

Battle Two- Aedan Radek of the World Eaters Legion (Alphz) vs Brother Praaxius of the Crimson Guard (TerminatorinHell)

Battle Three- Chaplain Lycan (Ju'kosian) and Canoness Ophelia Arcadion of the Order of the Blessed Damsel (Chaplain Erasmus) vs Sorceror Lord Kherandus, of the Sons of Malice (Sarrat)


Battle Four- Lord Hakon Greymane of the 13th Company (CryWolf) vs Caenargeon, Diplomat of Zha'Hadumm, errant of the XIIth legion (PanzerSmurf)

Battle Six- Commander Bannister of the Guardian Angels (Chaptermaster Greymantle) vs Apoc Everkill (yogi)

Battle Seven Lead-in

Battle Seven- Chaplain Calgon of the Blood Angels (mattman) vs Brother-Veteran Weiss of the Steel Dragons (Renik) & Gorgo of the War Claws (Einna)

Battle Eight Lead-in

Battle Eight- Brother-Codicer Korvac of the Legio (Sigismund Himself) vs First Lieutenant Aizalephar (TheDarkApostle)

Nestir V- The Resurrection

Battle Nine- Captain Xavier Crussis (Aarhus) vs Mortiis of the Purge (Savage Mortician)

Battle Nine Aftermath

Battle 10 Lead-in

Battle Ten- Sergeant Berevius of the Saints Tears Chapter (Crouching_Monkey) vs Cryus Crom, angry Berserker of Khorne (Kevlarshark)

Battle Eleven Intro

Battle Twelve- Captain Eutronus Amorphous of the Sons of Doom (Brother Cambrius) vs Solomon Caine (Stuart)

Battle Thirteen- Space Wolf Battle Leader Thor (Nightrunner)
vs Sergeant Dalencius (Marine with a Mullet)

Battle Five- Morg of the Legio (Nephren-ka) vs Thanatros Dagon, Champion Ascendant of Tzeentch (Brother Vyze)

Round One Conclusion

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