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Chaos Victory

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Well I just wanted to gloat against a win against the the black legion. Ragnar's wolves took to the unyeilding foe with a tenacity only fit for a wolf. First turn my whirlwind fired a minefield square in front of his beserkers while my pred and gh fired a volley into those sons of khorne. My Long Fangs took aim an obliterated his lord with las canon fire whilst the other half of the squad pounded down a tactical squad. His turn rolled over and he took three wounds from a well placed minefield and was stopped by difficult terrain, his thousand sons crept forward and nearly hit my pred with bolts of change. The long fangs were well out of sight and forgotten :) . Turn two rolled around and the ww fired another well aimed minefield in front of those beserkers while the lf squad had some blessed plasma rolls to wipe out the tact squad (with the help of my pred). The GH tore up the rest of the beserkers sans their lord. Wolf Priest Baldur led the charge which cost him his life but took the lord down. The BC made their way toward the haughty thousand sons. His turn saw some more casualties from bolter fire in my BC unit but nothing outstanding, my pred was knocked out by a lucky plasma shot. He had moved himself to a corner...all was over. My Rune Priest cast storm caller over the BC's while they moved into charging range of the thousand sons. The Grey Hunters held the objective and the lf gave serious fire support. The ww fired another minefield and the BC's charged.....oh the glory the thousand sons fell fast under the might of my runepriest and his pack of blood thirsty BC's....Ragnar was proud .... Praise Russ!

Brother Gabe

Brother Gabe


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if u won why did u call it "chaos victory"
unless did u meen that the victory was chaotic?
besides that...
PRAISE RUSS! More of the trechorus thousand sons have been defeated. Have an ale on me.

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Folk Metal FTW




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good victory

But next time try and use some enters and double enters in your story. It will make reading it a lot easer. ;)
Sigismund replied.'"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?
The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris" Torgadon put in "because there clinically insane."
-1st captain of the imperial fists and Captain of the 2nd Company of the luna wolves.
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Jonny Wolf

Jonny Wolf


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Paragraphs help sing your saga better :)

But another blow for the imperium! Well done brother.
For the Wolftime, praise Russ!

In Russ we trust, all others kiss my axe.