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More Horus Hersy Apocalypse action

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I know, Fred beat me to it, but mine required more production!!! Here is another video from that big Horus Heresy Apocalypse game. This is take one. I will be adding another 3 minutes of action shots as well. Feel free to give input!


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I have to say, I quite like looking at a horde of imperial fist terminators charging at the enemy. A bit overkill, sure, but hey, they're the Fists. Overkill is what they do.




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Quick Question, but weren't there Titans, Baneblades, and the like at the actual siege?

Does look good though.
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You mean the game isn't about rules lawyering? :rolleyes:
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You'd make a terrible Ork. :P
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You know that using the new Codex, Marine players will also be able to win connect 4 in three moves.
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He <Captain Cortez> was so ashamed of the horrible mini that GW made of or him in 3rd Ed. that he fled into the Webway, and was captured by Dark Eldar, who now taunt him day and night with impressions of the pose of the model. I believe he cries himself to sleep every night, cursing the name of Juan Diaz. ;)

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You don't become administratum for just looking good in a swim suit.