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Why the SW's are so hard

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The God Emperor

The God Emperor


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I don't think Calgar or any of the famous marines can handle Fenrisian Ale. Fenrisian Ale are reserved for true space marines who possess long fangs for fanging people, not sissy marines whose most alcoholic drink is something even ordinary human can handle. E.g. red wine.

Note to all non Space Wolves marines: Do not drink Fenrisian Ale, only bad-asses can drink Fenrisian Ale.

Even with free upgrades and made a scoring unit, the Tactical Squad still is the "unwanted stepchild" of the Space Marine army.

if Ragnar gets a new model he will be made of Beard, Cheese and Frostblade.




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Its made to weaken all SM's antybodys so normal marines can drink it, In the latest HH i'm sure the UM had a drink with the WG in times before
Sigismund replied.'"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?
The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris" Torgadon put in "because there clinically insane."
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