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A tale of outflanking

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This was a small game of around 1500 points (I believe my list came out to 1420's) basically a friendly match that was sparked when a tyranid player made a smug remark about my "softie marines" with their "German shepherds".

He made the comments after hearing how I dominated his friend's drop pod list. I in return offered a match consisting of his Tyranids vs. my 13th company.

(The reason I had about 1420 points was because that day I had brought extra models as proxies for another player who was testing out a DA army, and instead of breaking up their game, I made due with what I had.)

My list was as follows:

Wolf lord, SS, frost axe, pelt, frags.
Rune priest, SS, frost axe, Chooser of the slain, pelt, frags.

2x Grey slayer squads, 2x plasma guns, MotW WGL with power fist

3x 15 fenrisian wolves (for obvious reasons the proxy player had no use for 45 cavalry bases)

2x long fang squads with ML's

His list was as follows:

Brood Lord with genestealer retinue
Flying Hive Tyrant with the bone sword thing and whip

Warriors, 6 I think 2 squads of 3

lots of gaunts and another genestealer squad

3 fexes with the usual

I decided this would be a nice twist to outflank against an army I would normally sit still and shoot, but seeing as he dishonored my army, I would have to use brute force and determination to swiftly annihilate him at the one place he thought he was superior.


I had first turn, which was no problem, I'd be using my scouts move anyways to tempt him into putting certain units within LoS of my LF's (which would be holding an objective). I started out by killing 2 warriors, with my long fangs, and that was it.

His first turn would see his assaulty gaunts running and all that good stuff along with the hive tyrant flying towards the objective, his brood lord (who wasn't infiltrated thanks to a 3 rolled against my CotS) with his retinue began taking the objective nearest him. His fexes took LoS of my LF's and fired, just out of range with some weaponry but was able to kill a long fang (I took the leader of course). Everything else of his basically just moved up with trying to anticipate an outflank as best as he thought he could.


Second turn would prove to be a time of rejoicing. It would see BOTH of my grey slayers to come into play, along with 2 of my fenrisian wolf squads, leaving only 1 fenrisian wolf squad still in reserve. My only complaint would be my grey slayers both arrived on the same table side, and both fenrisian wolf packs on the other side.

The grey slayers both fired at the genestealer squad with the brood lord, and being in rapid fire range, killed them all including the brood lord; oh happy days. My fenrisian wolves would assault the shooty gaunts, and the warrior squads. My long fangs wounding a fex twice. The fenrisian wolves won combat killing all the warriors, and dealing more wounds to the gaunts than receiving, seeing the gaunts out of synapse, and running and me catching them.

His 2nd turn made me even more thrilled, the Hive Tyrant, now looked toward the other side of the board towards my grey slayers and flying towards them. He shot my grey slayers up with his fexes (one shooting at my fenrisian wolves killing 3 off) and he wounded 5 grey slayers, one saved to a cover save. His other gaunt squads moved up to shoot at one of my fenrisian wolf squads, killing all of them but 2.

He took his flesh-hook-less genestealer squad and assaulted my one grey slayer squad with my Wolf Lord, all dying before getting a chance to swing. He assaulted the other grey slayer squad with his hive tyrant, which died from 6 power fist attacks of doom hitting on 3's (MotW makes cheese cry). The gaunts would assault and see a 2-fenrisian wolf squad dead.


My 3rd fenrisian wolf squad came in, and immediately set it's eyes on the mass of gaunts that surrounded the table. My Long fangs would see a wounded fex dead and wounding another fex. My grey slayers would see another fex dead along with killing a few assaulty gaunts.

My fenrisian wolves would assault the mass of shooty gaunts, killing them all thanks to synapse out of range by 2~3 inches. The end was surely near.

His remaining fex decided to try and destroy a grey slayer squad, but failed to kill the whole squad, leaving the HQ, the WGL and 1 grey slayer. His assaulty gaunts assaulted my grey slayer squads holding the objective on his end, resulting in a won combat for my grey slayers thanks to a mass of 3+'s saved and the gaunts getting slaughtered from getting caught.


This turn would see the remaining fex dying to shooting and Tyranids having nothing left to fight with.

I lost a fenrisian wolf pack but nothing else.

I must admit, my shooting was dead on, and his knowledge of the best counter charging unit in the game (grey slayers) eluded him until it was too late. My fenrisian wolves really shined, fetching well over their point costs and tying up key units.

He was a novice for sure, but he won't make a mistake when it comes to fighting 13th company again, or as he said " I don't need to worry about that army anymore, as 5th edition overpowers them too much and GW will surely stop allowing them." ^_^
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nice job, that will shut up the xenos for a while ^_^
Spacewolves are badasses who operate barely inside the rules.
The 13th Co didnt even know there were rules limiting how badass they could be.

Space Wolves Veteran, with lots to learn still

Jarl Kjaran Coldheart

Jarl Kjaran Coldheart


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aw...the whine of a losing PGer...i mean 3 fex and a flying HT and claims your army is nuts.

well thank Russ you kicked him in the nuts, and more importantly, the pride. killing a Nid army in CC is no small feat (atleast in my experience...i dont think my opponents know of these gaunt things you speak of...everything is warrior or stealer)

have an ale on me!

wolf lord kieran

Space Wolves are badasses that operate just barely within the rules. 13th Co. didn't even know there were rules applying to how badass they could be. DepthCharge on the Space Wolves

I'm so pleased that GW have gone to such great lengths to produce these awesome Space Wolves basing kits. Wraithwing on the Thousand Sons Rubic Marine release

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Lord Howland Greywolf

Lord Howland Greywolf


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Nce job. keep it up. ;)
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Seems iám not the only Nid killer. Let's have more ale served.
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