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The problems with implants

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Lord Howland Greywolf

Lord Howland Greywolf


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Yes the implants on space marines are all well and good, but there have got to be some points in the history of space marines where they have been annoying. Here are some examples...

A space marine, in the jungle, noteces a pool of blood, but no signs of combat. Crouching down, he takes a sample of the blood on his fingers, sniffing it he relises it's not human or any alien he's faced before. He tastes the sample and talkes to himself while the knowlage flows into his mind.

"O.K. Its a 20'' long lizard with teeth capable of tearing through a battle tank. It is very inteligent for an animal, setting traps using bait. It waites for its prey to be fully procupied with the bait to strike. Mmm...I wonder what it uses for bait?"

he tastes anouther sample and waits for a few seacounds to decipher the memories

"Ah, it uses it's own blood. Hold on...Oh Frag."


Betchers gland:
A librarian is reading through an acient tome from before his chapter was created. Opening it the dust, couses him to sneeze, violently. The rezulting gobbet of acid burns through the book, cousing irreprible damage.
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I enjoyed both, the first the most.
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That's brilliant. I'm digging out IA to see if I can come up with any!
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