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Kentucky, USA

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  • Location:Michigan U.S.
  • Faction: Blood Angels
I know this is necro as :cuss but I just moved to Kentucky from Michigan and need some friends to play 40k with. I have 5000 points of blood angels




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  • Location:Louisville, KY, USA
  • Faction: Adeptus Mechanicus

I know this is necro as censored.gif but I just moved to Kentucky from Michigan and need some friends to play 40k with. I have 5000 points of blood angels


It might help to know what area of the state you're in. 


In Louisville, there are at least three 40K communities: one centered on the GW store in Stoneybrook (Taylorsville Rd and Hurstbourne Lane), a smaller, more infrequent, lower points games one at Louisville Game Shop on Baxter Ave, and a third out of Pet Shop Comics on Preston (though I haven't participated in that one).

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Howdy man- in Lexington myself. We have a GW store, Legendary Games, Rusty Scabbard and the Battleforge.
GW is...ta-da... AoS and 40k, Legendarys focus is on Magic with Star Wars and Rpg and every once Ina great while some tabletop gaming, Scabbards the warmahordes store and also has a Heresy guy and 40k night. Battleforge (used to be Albright) has the best tables with terrain in town for 40k to Flames of War(shelf selection not the best anymore for GW stuff). They host an apocalypse game every Monday night And have open gaming every Wednesday.
Couple of FB groups- 40k in the bluegrass and Lexington tabletop to check out.




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Elizabethtown (near Fort Knox) also has a strong group of 40K players, all quite friendly, at Hard Knox Games in the Elizabethtown Mall.

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