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Illinois, USA

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Hey everyone for those who live out in the Northwest suburbs or around theres a local game shop called Tyton Games in Villa Park. They have between 5-6 tables and have various events going on every moment.


I myself will be hosting an event every month with a different spin on it.


The next event we will be doing is on Feb 25th,


We will be doing a 750pt Troop Tournament.

Gameplay Rules
1. The tournament will be based off of 3 rounds. Each round will be a different objective based mission (no tactical objectives will be used) and in each round everyone will be playing the same mission.
2. Games will be played on a 4x4 table
3. Winner of each mission will get 5 points, tie will give 3 points to each, and a loss gives 1. On top of this you gain the amount of victory points scored in game divided by half and rounded down. (I.e. I scored 5VP in game and won, so I get 5 for winning and 2 VP for what I scored in game.
4. We will also be giving 3pt bonus (1pt per round) for any army that is fully painted and based to tabletop standards. (At least 3 colors, can't just prime your army and call it painted...)
5. *Pending rule* Need to ask Ty if he's willing to do this but anyone who writes a bio on their troop force and what it's doing there will have a chance to win 2pts if Ty chooses it as the best.

Rules for Armies
1. Army can consist of only Troop Choices. Anything that would be legal for a troop choice to take is fine (I.e. Heavy weapons, Transports, etc...) 1-6 Troop choices, nothing from the HQ, Fast Attack, Elite, Heavy, LOW, Fortifications data sheets.
2. No Formations, Detachments, Forgeworld.
3. Army must come from one codex.
4. Max 6 troop choices.

There will be a $5 entry fee with a standard prize pool
1st place: 50%
2nd place: 25%
3rd place: 15%
Best Painted Army: 10%


If your interested let me know or go on it! It's a great store run by some pretty cool people.

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Just moved to Chicago, living just a little north of downtown. Anybody trying to meet up for a game, or know of any good groups?




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Fairly new to the city myself, living up toward the Lakeview area. Haven't encountered any games or groups yet, but certainly open to getting in some games of 8th.