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++Codex: Fire, Steel and Zeal++

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And finally, how'd your opponents feel about the codex?

The answer to that question could be more important than the response of the people using the list.

Marshal Recard of the Black Templars 18th Crusade.
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Sorry I wasn't on at all yesterday, new Magic stuff release so been throwing down and trading away cards for the last 2 days :rolleyes:

Everyone was kosher with the codex. If they hadn't liked the look of it they wouldn't of played against it. The reason it tore apart the IG so well was mainly the fact that my pods did this number: Land, infantry blow up something, fail an armour save on Neophyte and charge into CC against another unit with Righteous Zeal. :D

Now if I had taken to the field in rhinos and LR/Cs, it would have been a different story. His heavy weapons would have had something to shoot at before they died, I would have lost many many more models that I did, and my list would be completely different than it was. Then again he had moved his LRBs forward 6"+D6", forgetting about moving at cruising speed and lost a round of shooting me with pie plates. THAT would have changed the outcome, not who won, but how many men I would have lost.

My list was trying to determine whether or not Helbrecht was indeed worth his point cost to only grant 2-3 units(4 at most) Furious Charge. Honestly I can't say that he impressed me granting my Sword Brethren FC for his rather not impressive price-tag. Again my advice would be to either lower his cost back down to around 200, or to make the Sword of the High Marshals a +D3 attacks Relic Blade. Even giving him the Relic Blade doesn't quite make up for the cost, but it does indeed bring him closer to around 220-30.
If nothing else, remember that right now you could get a Termy squad for his cost, with upgrades. Is he worth/as viable/more dependent than a squad of termies? Not right now he isn't so something's got to be done.

The Emperor's Champion....
He didn't fail me, he just didn't kill much. Against the IG he detached the turn after the squad landed and charged ~10 guardsmen in the center(and only) objective. Killing 3, they strike back and manage to inflict a single wound. Fail morale and Champion sweeping advances, consolidate of 1". Next turn a squad of guardsmen fire plasma into the champion, making him fail one Halo save and die.
The main benefit of the Champion was(As always) giving the entire army Preferred. Now I won all CC in the first round as I always got the charge off, but I think that when Preferred would have dropped off next turn my to wound would have taken a dive against MEQ with almost half of my attacks missing with-out Preferred.

So thoughts: Don't drop the Orbital from Helbrecht but do something to beef him up to being 240 points of a list(My vote is still in for making Sword Brethren troops as well as Elites). Sword Brethren are gods(least the ones with the Relic Blades)when they charge and Varrikan in a termy squad is beef, definitely worth his 80 points if they land close enough to charge, though it would be nice for him to be WS5 instead of 4 considering his fluff and point cost. Champion is fine, might work on the Vows but that's it, he's got nice options and is good to go stat wise.

I'll get around to another game later this week running a list more standard to what is usually run now: Crusaders in Rhinos, maybe a termy squad in a LR/C, fire support from Dakka Preds w/las-sponsons. etc. etc. .
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