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What do I need in a 1k list?

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the jeske

the jeske


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And where is Jeske when you need him biggrin.gif ?

I sometimes sleep and go to work you know.

As the list goes its what others said . pms are a good armies for 1k pts . yes it does have bad match ups , any army build to counter them or mass termiantors will put a world of hurt on them . playing with smaller units has its down saids too [its the same as playing DW. +2 save is nothing when your army is 17 models and opponent roll 150 dice per turn].

I know I should scrap the Predator but I'm still unsure whether to replace it with another Vindicator or Obliterators.

always spam stuff . if you spam stuff enough even sub optimal units become "viable". the chaos zilla army runs 2 dreads and 3 defilers , no other chaos army even touches those. But when you bring on 5 of those +2 dps the army can steam roll a few builds .

one the whats better side. In a noob[sorry but you said it yourself] tournament its not probablly as important [what of course doesnt mean one should go with weaker options. dont want to disrespect your opponents with a weak army]. oblits are more flexible and , help against some tough match ups . they can deep strike what on the whole isnt used a lot , but against some armies its god sent . vindis have the psychological factor[that doesnt work on vets] and thats it. weak side armor in the edition of drop pods/outflankers/deep strikers etc is asking for trouble . single gun means if you loose it ,you end up with having an almost 150pts LoS blocker . short range means it goes in the way of your own squads because chaos armies work at close/hth range.

"Felix wondered how Calgar might feel about the primach's unilateral altering of the Codex Astartes. The captain could not help but feel that, in his drive for victory and efficiency, Guilliman had been careless with the feelings of his existing sons. Increasingly, Guilliman looked to the Primaris Space Marines as his first solution. He made no attempt to hide the fact that the days of the older space marines were numbered."




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O hope you did get the 'sarcasm' or whatever you wanna call it jeske? It wasnt meant that serious... How could I ever blaim one for not spending time on something like this?

I'm open to messages if you want help or advice from me.


You can ask me anything.




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I just went and bought two blisters of obliterators just before I read your posts.

The myriad of heavy weapons will probably be useful against whatever the rest of my list might struggle against.

This means I'll get some personal icons for my Plague Marines in case I should want to use deep strike.

@ the Jeske: I thought of what you wrote and now I'm starting to think the predator would benefit my army better than the Vindicator because of the additional range, more guns and cheaper points cost so I'll proably be uncluding it in my list instead of the Vindicator.

Thank you very much Zhukov, DemetriiTZ and the Jeske for your tips, strategies and thoughts :P

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