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Grail Company

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Looks good. I think the silver armour needs a bi more depth, I would give it a couple washes of black and possibly another colour (brown?) to make it look more worn down. The gold could also do with some washes. The bases look quite boring. It looks like you didn't even put flock on them. If you finish off the bases and give the armour some more depth I think it would make them look "really" good.

Valid C&C all round! This is pretty much the standard I aim for, brand-spanking new and shiny (and tabletop!), and a sort of 'pulp-comic' feel to them (hence the black-lining and no shading at all). The bases are painted sand and are meant to look plain, centre of focus should be on the torso/head (or so the theory goes in my head).

My silver is black undercoat, mithril silver basecoat, black ink to detail, touch up with mithril silver.

Also, I was not expecting this to come up after two months of inactivity!

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Great work love the theme of the army I was thinking something similar.....but I am going to do my companies based off the knights templar,knights hospitallers and knights of Jerusalem... Just can't think of a unifying color....
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