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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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Welcome to the new Tutorials Forum setup. In order to keep this area a bit more tidy than the morasse it had become prior we have a few guidelines on what should and shouldn't be here. Please follow them.

Before posting anything

Before you post anything in here (and frankly anywhere else for that matter) it is a good idea to be familiar with how the forum software works. You can get a basic run down both from the built in Help Files and from the B&C 101 Section of the forum.

The two areas from B&C 101 that are of particular importance to this area are:
Search. Search diligently. No one should have to post a reply to you listing 4-5 existing threads on the topic!

Posting and hosting pictures at the B&C. This is important for several reasons. First and foremost you need pictures for your tutorials. Given the visual medium you are working in, simple text instructions, while helpful in a quick answer format in the WIP forums, just don't give the same level of instructions as text plus pictures. The other important thing about having your pictures stored on the B&C is that you don't have to worry about bandwidth limits (like imageshack and photobucket impose) nor do you have to worry about your posts being removed, randomly moved or just deleted (assuming of course the pics you host here are board appropriate). This way the only time your pics won't be seen is if the B&C itself is down.

Read the resource threads here in the tutorial area:
Tutorial Resources outside the B&C
Chapter Specific Resources
General PCA FAQ

Things that don't belong in the tutorials area:

Questions that aren't a tutorial for starters.

"What color do I highlight Scorpion Green with?" Isn't a tutorial or even a tutorial question. That is for General PCA Questions.

"Does anyone want a tutorial on X?" If you have a tutorial then just post it. You can find tutorials that people are looking for in the Tutorial Requests Thread.

"Where can I find/buy model/paint/tool X?" Again this is something for General PCA Questions.

Basically if it isn't something that isn't a step by step instruction it shouldn't be in here!

Requesting Tutorials

We have a special Tutorial Requests Thread for just that purpose. Please do not start seperate threads or you will see your post get fragged.


Websters Dictionary describes a tutorial as the following:

Main Entry:

1 : a class conducted by a tutor for one student or a small number of students 2 : a paper, book, film, or computer program that provides practical information about a specific subject

Tutorials should be a step by step process showing both text and visuals of how something is done. People will learn your techniques faster and more comprehensively if they have something besides text too look at.

A wall of text with no pictures or 10 steps with just a picture of the final result really do not help people very much.

You also need to make sure that both your text and your pictures are clear and concise. Blurry pictures with a bunch of text-chat speak will see the melta-gun turned upon your thread quickly! Save everyone the headache and take the time to craft a quality tutorial. You will get more feedback in the end by taking that extra care at the start.

Obviously if you have a tutorial on your own blog you are free to simply link to that but feel free to repeat the tutorial here if you like.

Make sure you post your tutorial in the right area:
Basing and Terrain.
Painting This also includes decal tutorials.
Modelling, Converting, Sculpting.

Each area will have tutorials and stickied FAQ threads for subjects we see crop up often. As this will be an ongoing process you will see the FAQ threads change/merge/be added to from time to time.

Librarium Tutorials

Occassionaly tutorials will be ported over to the Librarium. If you feel your tutorial is ready for the Librarium treatment or if there is another persons tutorial you feel qualifies then contact a Codicier or Lexicanium.

You can find those tutorials in this sticky: http://www.bolterand...howtopic=144129 which will be updated periodically by the Librarium staff.

Reporting Issues

If you find a problem with a tutorial (photos missing for example) or a topic that you feel doesn't belong in the tutorials area please use the Posted Image button so the PCA Mods can look into it.

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