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Nestir V AoD - In between R2B2 and R2B3 story.

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Well I am very uncertain about whether or not any of the last player stories actually will be ready before the 15th, so I will begin posting up some in-between stories from me now. That way everything wont be presented in one huge pile on the 15th, but the drawback is that the continuity of the stories will be a bit shuffled. - Anyway, all of the stories are retrospective in relation to where we are in the current campaign timeline anyway.

Today is a piece which takes place after the story Brother Cambrius is writing. It presents the Character "Legio Captain Cyprian of the Infernals", who has had some cameos and roles in other stories so far.
This character actually has its basis in a piece of artwork by Aqatone, which he graciously "donated" to the Nestir V AoD. The image is also sorta the basis of this story, given that it fit pretty perfectly into a story part I had been planning on writing anyway.
You can find the image here: http://www.bolterand...howtopic=177911
Many thanks to Aqatone! - Give him a great big hand and a thank you! <_<

Tomorrow I will put up another part in the story of Captain Holus' fate, then R2B5 will follow on Thursday and finally R2B6 on Friday, which will be the last story in this Round.
But now:


Snow was falling in huge clumpy flakes as the Storm Eagles of Captain Cyprian and his team of Legio Marines flew nearer to the "Occasus Niveus Montis"; the mountain that Adramalech's battalion of traitors on the snowy Occassus plains had been heading towards.
Operation Permafrost had revealed this force to Imperial High Command and then Captain Eutronus Amorphous' Sons of Doom had intercepted and made short work of them.

The force of some five hundred traitor guardsmen had been totally annihilated, but not before the Sons of Doom had dragged all the info they could out of the group's leaders. From the poor wretches that survived the battle between the Traitor Guardsmen and the Astartes of "the Sons", they had learned the location of the place they were headed towards. An ancient Eldar pirate fort dug into "Occasus Niveus Montis", a particularly tall mountain to the west. Now it was up to Cyprian and his Legionnaires to locate, clean and secure the old pirate fort once and for all.

A few minutes passed while Cyprian sat deep in contemplation, before the Storm Eagles finally touched down at the base of the mountain. Captain Cyprian was the first to set foot on the untouched land, but as he did so, his legs sank almost forty centimeters into the snow and Cyprian cursed. This planet was bothersome. The rest of the Legio Marines under his command soon followed and in groups of five they started searching the mountainside. Visual aids like magnification and thermal imaging, as well as Auspex was actively used in the search, yet it was a huge mountain. Without pretty accurate coordinates from the traitor guardsmen, they might never have found this place at all. Yet as it was, only two hours went by before the first of many cave entrances was located.

While on patrol, Cyprian thought back to his time before the Legio. Originally he had been from the Third Company of the Infernals Chapter, an Ultramarine successor founded over three thousand years ago. In terms of Imperial history that was relatively short, but even so, his Chapter had a long and proud history. Although his Chapter was relatively unknown, Cyprian was proud to be an Infernal.

At no more than sixty years of age, Brother Cyprian had been asked to serve with the Legio and the young, brash Marine had been quick to accept. Little had he known at the time that few if any Marines serving with the Legio ever returned to serve with their Chapters of origin again.

Looking down at the shoulder pad bearing his Chapter's insignia: two swords crossing eachother like an X alight with flames, he thought about the first time he had seen it, and the first time he had been honored with the right to wear it.
He missed the vibrant, fiery orange armor from those days. The colours of his Chapter. - His Legio armor was black and red as any Legio Marine's, and it was a great honor to be chosen to serve with the Legio. It meant you were the best of the best, but still Cyprian longed to see his own once more.

He remembered how Brother Capitan Ellius of Third Company had taught him everything he needed to know as a Marine. The Captain had taken a special liking to him because of his mastery of the Bolter and it had been said that within the Infernals, he was second only to his Captain in proficiency and accuracy with this type of weapon.
Once, upon their return to their homeworld, Ignis, Chapter Master Calas Valerian had also presented him with full battle honors while serving as an initiate with the Scouts. The honors had been presented for his exceptional skills with Sniper Rifles. - Allegedly Cyprian had saved his Captains life using such a weapon, but Cyprian himself wasn't so sure. After all, the Captain was an excellent fighter.

Now the Infernals were charged with paroling the Eastern Fringe and the last thing Cyprian had heard about them was that they were re-assembling upon Ignis after beheading a full-scale rebellion on the planet Ebbanon.
Cyprian would have liked to be there with them, but instead he was here on this frozen rock, searching for traitors that hid underground like a mouse hides in its hole.

Still it wasn't all bad. There had been plenty of fights ranging from small skirmishes to huge battles. Given the nature of the planet and the places in which the battles had been fought though, cities, caves and tunnels mostly, there hadn't been any titanic battles of ave-inspiring proportions that would go down in imperial legend. Still, the battles fought here were important on a grand scale, for if the Imperials failed then a whole sub-sector would be affected and the Imperial Warmachine of the whole sector could suffer.
Also, this war had seen more Space Marine Chapters involved than most, which was educational and interesting in its own right. The enemies were somewhat intriguing and more often than not the planet itself had been like an adventure.

Nestir V, cyprian thought, looking about at the white snow and sharp mountains. Is a planet that may seem to the untrained eye, to be steeped in nothing but the monotonous white of snow and icy death.
But those that have spent some time here know that it is so much more than that. - It is a place of utter beauty.

Upon his arrival in the Nestir system, it had appeared from space, like a ball of white marble surrounded by a shower of stars. Innocent and pure it had been floating there surrounded by a halo of what seemed like glowing gems.
Since then he had learned that it's pristine, innocent white surface, was been steeped in the red of blood and the black of Promethium. He had been involved in many battles and searched huge regions allowing him to see wonders few others on the planet ever got to. But he had also seen much of the beauty that was commonplace on the planet.

On the surface during the day, tiny ice particles would twinkle and dance like a scattering of fairy dust on the wind. While the ground would shine out in the purest white, reflecting the sky like a billion tiny diamonds.
At night the sky was filled with swirling kaleidoscopic lights of multicolored hues that lit up the landscape in such a way that watching it became an adventure in itself.

Even on the darkest of nights, when one would think everything dreary, the stars of the night sky would twinkle and shine out as pure as if one was floating in space itself. And to top it all off, a shimmering belt of asteroids lit up the sky like a scattering of glowing jewels.
Staying out on patrol or in scout camps in nature at times like that was downright magical.
Then as morning would break, the horizon was lit on fire in glorious streaks of orange, pink and gold, leaving one with an impression of having witnessed the birth of divinity.

To those that had truly seen Nestir V, it was a planet shining in the purest white of innocence and the multi colored hues of infinite adventure.
Cyprian sighed. He missed those patrols too now, so maybe this place wasn't so bad after all. He just wished there would be more action. After all, months upon months of patrols and searching didn't seem a worthy task for an Astartes in a way.

Recently though, he had been promoted to temporary Legio Captain rather than just a Sergeant. That had presented him with new challenges and seeing the overall picture of strategy and tactics had made the job of searching out potential enemy areas much more interesting.
This place, no matter how beautiful in the tiniest of details, was only one more step in the overall plan that lead towards victory.

At that thought Cyprian's mind was pulled fully back to the search at hand again. A few of his other Legio Marine teams had already discovered small cave entrances and had started searching them, but now, scaling the ridge of the mountainside, Captain Cyprian came upon a cave entrance of his own.
The rest of his team hadn't caught up yet and Cyprian turned to see how far off they were. Upon turning, he was taken a bit aback by the magnificent vista of this place.

He was a few hundred meters above their landing zone and he could clearly see the Storm Eagles down there with their guards standing vigilantly outside. The rest of his team was still struggling through the thick snow, and were probably about a minute or two away. Then lifting his eyes, Cyprian could see more mountains in the distance, protruding majestically out of the ground. Partly hidden by snowfall that looked like a form of fog from this far away, the mountains were still beautiful and Cyprian felt his sense of adventure and discovery appear again. Maybe that trait was one of the reasons he had been chosen by High Command to lead so many search parties in these far secluded locations.

Cyprian turned towards the cave entrance again and took a few steps towards it. It was strange he thought. It looked natural, but he felt like it also held traces of having been constructed somehow. One of the search party's servo-skulls swiped past him and turned slightly to regard him as it flew by, before turning again to search out the area ahead of it. The skull would map out the outer cave and create a tactical map that could later be delivered back to High Command as part of the final report on this place.

Cyprian's team was almost upon him now, so he took another few steps towards the cave entrance and noted what had been bothering him. Connecting his auto senses to the remote camera and mapping lasers of the servo-skull within the cavern, he explored that sight further.
Beneath the icicles hanging menacingly down from the overhanging snow, to one side, it looked like a pile of Ork skulls had been gathered with a huge Ork glyph placed on top of it. Barbed wire was coiled out all throughout the place and it looked like maybe hundreds if not thousands more Ork skulls littered the floor in there.

The Captain's team finally caught up with him and Cyprian held up a hand, signaling for them to halt, move out and form a security perimeter.
From within, the servo-skull kept feeding back even more detailed images and a live vid-feed. It was indeed a seeming Ork burial ground. Thousands of Ork skulls were gathered within caves and tunnels stretching hundreds of meters inwards. - Finally, having secured enough intel, Cyprian gathered his men and entered the cave complex.

+ + + +

A few hours later they reappeared outside. It was starting to get dark and the Legio teams were gathered again. They had met with no resistance, but they had found navigating the outer caves a bit hard.
Thousands upon thousands of Ork skulls, glyphs and weapons had been found. For safety's sake, the Legio teams had purged it all with flames. They wanted no Ork spores to survive in this place if that was even possible.
After navigating past the Ork skulls, the Marines had found that the place within had actually been a Space Hulk at one time. Overtaken by Orks it must have crashed here in the past, only to be merged with the mountain and concealed beneath millions of tones of snow and ice.

The areas within the mountain were a mix of natural caverns, artificial tunnels and ancient space ships mangled together from many different cultures.
The Marines also discovered traces of Eldar pirate activity, though it must be centuries since the place had last been used.
Cyprian's theory was that the Ork's had crash landed here and that a possible Waaagh formation had been attempted, but that the Eldar that had been using the mountains as a base of operations had eradicated them. This told them something about the size and strength of the Eldar Pirate activity that had once been present on Nestir V.

Unknown to the human population, this enemy force had saved them from another enemy. The whole place drew up a strange story of secrets and battles from long ago. How Adramalech would have known of this place in enough detail to send one of his own forces here though, was a mystery. - Perhaps he was in league with the Eldar Pirates in some way.
One way or the other, Imperial High Command would have to have this place searched out more thoroughly. If it was indeed an ancient derelict Space Hulk, then it may contain data and technology salvageable and usable by the Imperium.
If it had been up to Cyprian, they would simply have demolished the place, but he was sure the Adeptus Mechanicus arco-tech areological teams would have done more than frown on that course of action.

Finally having returned to the Storm Eagles once more, Cyprian's teams had sat up and were ready to depart again.
Cyprian took one last look at the now dark landscape before entering the cargo bay of his ship. The planet's astroid belt lit the mountain and the snow falling all around it, in a way that made the mountain seem like it was crawling with the ghosts of old. For a second, Cyprian even imagined them to be the raging spirits of a long dead Waaagh, but the notion was silly and childish he knew. - The product of an over-active imagination.

He turned and went inside his transport, the cargo door closing slowly behind him. Tomorrow they would have to send security details and search teams here. It would cost the Crusade valuable resources, but the Adeptus Mechanicus forces were sure to insist on this course of action he knew.
Still, it was out of his hands and he knew it was unlikely he himself would return here any time soon.

With everyone securely onboard, Cyprian's Storm Eagles took off and headed back towards Hive Secundus, leaving the strange, ghostly mountain behind for another time.
Left behind on the ground, the translusant blue appertain of an Eldar Spirit floated lazily on the breeze, watching them disappear.

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


  • 3,139 posts
Ok, well as promised we will now have a look at Captain Holus' story.
What is happening to the former Crusade Commander who has been wandering the wilderness ever since his disappearance from the Bloodied Scion many moths ago? - Time to find out!


Snow had kept falling as Captain Holus continued his seemingly never-ending struggle through ice and snow, to reach civilization on Nestir V once more.
He had no idea how long it had been since he was spirited away from the Legio's flagship to end up in the wilderness. Nor did he have any idea how long it had been since some unknown Eldar had appeared before him to show him the path back to civilization.

Holus thought it had been months, but for all he knew it could have been mere days. - No matter, it seemed like an eternity.
He had felt famished and disoriented before reaching the mountain-top from where he had spotted a city again. A Hive reaching up into the sky like some magnificent fairy-tale castle filled with glowing lights before a sky dancing with colours.

Upon seeing it he had felt the hunger and exhaustion leave his body, only to be replaced with newfound hope. - That had been ages ago, or at least it felt like it.
Back then he though the Hive had been close, but it must all have been a mirage, for he had spent days, or maybe weeks getting back down off that mountain. Then once he did, the city had seemed eternally far away again, but at least he had been provided with a tangible goal to reach for.

Since then he had been struggling through an endless wasteland of snow, snow and more snow. He had become increasingly weaker during that time, often fainting or collapsing in the snow, too tired to keep going.
He felt insane pangs of hunger and even thought he heard music or voices at times. His vision swam and he had long since given up trying to read the internal readouts of his Power Armour. They no longer made any sense to him and he found them impossible to decipher.

He head even tried removing his helmet to breath fresh air, taste the snow or at least feel the cold on his skin, but he had found it impossible to operate the atmospheric seals. It almost seemed like his armor wouldn't let him out, or like his fingers had forgotten how to do their job.
The monotony of his suit's perfectly adjusted internal atmosphere had numbed him until he started liking feeling hunger just to feel anything at all, but then even the hunger had become to painful before it faded fully. He still felt it at times, but now is was more like a scream from afar than a ravaging monster in his belly. Instead it now seemed like constant blackouts had become his only true companion, and it was really only ever there when he wasn't. Leaving him with no true companion in his journeys, but confusion.

Holus had even tried turning on the voice of his Power Armour's Machine Spirit, but how to do so constantly eluded him. Even drilled routines was not enough to operate his gear any more and all he knew how to do now was to keep his eyes on the Hive, while putting one foot in front of the other.
The hive had seemed to be getting closer and closer, but even that was days or weeks since now.

Then a few days ago he had finally come up from a shallow canyon to find that he had reached to within a day's march of the Hive.
The enormous, towering structure had reached up into the sky itself and Holus had found new vigor to bring his feet moving even faster towards the giant structure. For the first time in Emperor knows how long, he felt happy again.
But even that had been days ago.

+ + + +

Holus, revered Captain of the Legio awoke with a start due to the sound of war drums. He was confused and disoriented, seeing nothing but black out of his helmet's auto-senses. Then he realized that he had blacked out again and that the war drums weren't drums at all. They were his twin hearts beating like crazy within his own chest.
Holus rolled over in the snow and found light streaming through his helmet lenses. A bright blue sky accompanied by enormous white towers greeted him.
He was at the base of a Hive's enormous protective walls and he thought he had identified this place as being Hive Primus now. In fact, based on his previous two days of searching for an entrance, he was certain of it.
He had never witnessed the Hive from this angle before now, but he had studied images and he felt certain this was it.

With great effort he sat himself upright and looked about. It was a beautiful new day with a shining sun and a clear blue sky that shone out like a blue jewel. Tiny ice crystals swirled and danced lazily on the air, like glittering fairy dust, or like a million tiny diamonds hovering around him.
He had fallen on his stomach when blacking out this time. That made five hundred and forty two stomach landings. Or at least so he thought, ensuring himself that everyone needs a hobby to stay sane.

Struggling back to his feet he searched the sides of the hive and started stumbling away again. He had awoken exactly where he must have passed out last night, but now in the daylight, the search would be much easier.
He had searched for at least two days now and was coming up on one of the city's corners. "Just around that bend" he said to himself. "Just around that bend I will find a way in". And so he did, for under two hours later, Holus finally reached the end of the wall section he had been searching for days on end now. He rounded the corner and found that the Hive had suffered tremendous damage to the wall section of this side. At least two towers must have come down and in doing so they had left huge cracks in the lower protective wall.
Holus cheered! He ran up a small gathering of snow and searched one of the breaches only to find it was blocked. A few others he searched had been repaired or temporarily sealed, but then, finally, less than half an hour later, he found a small hole that he managed to press through.
He was in! He had returned!
Hive Primus!
At last!

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