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New Forum

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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We've created this new forum in order to expand on the concept that has been used to great effect in the Who is Who on the B&C discussion that has been going on for quite some time. Instead of everyone posting in that one thread, now new members can introduce themselves in their own thread. This will allow discussion to focus on the new member without the confusion of everyone else's comments/questions. In fact, that old discussion is now closed, with the expectation that new members will create their own new topic in which to introduce themselves and older members can then welcome the new members, ask them questions, etc. For established members

In the near future, we'll also be putting up a primer for new members. This primer will mostly consist of links to things that will be useful to those new members (the forum rules, the guide to using BBCodes, etc.). If you can think of things that will be useful to new members, please let us know.

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