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Below is the FAQ for the contest. As we are striving to make a worthwhile contest that will go on into the future we will be taking into consideration your comments on the contest. Hopefully the FAQ should take care of some of the questions that are cropping up. The FAQ will be updated as necessary after questions are considered by the judges.


Q: Can I use any kind of photo manipulation?

A: We will allow you to use things like white balance, auto adjust and other basic forms of clean up/image quality functions. What we really do not want people doing are inserting a background, adding sun bursts, twinkles, "bionic eye glow" and other types of post image processing that do nothing for the miniature.

Q: Does this mean we cannot have a paper backdrop behind our minis when we take our picture? for example, a gradient blue colour sheet of paper printed and held behind a mini would be legal or not?

A: A background that you use during your photo set up is fine. We don't want people adding a background in after they taken the picture.

Q: I don't have Photoshop or Paintshop pro so how can I even do something like auto-adjust on my image?

A: If you don't own P-shop or Pshop-Pro then your next best option is GIMP which is a free program with similar functions to P-shop and Pshop-Pro.

Q: I don't have a good background to take my picture against what can I do?

A: How it is you don't have a shirt, pillow cover, table cloth or something else we don't know but if you absolutely need a background for your picture download and print out this.

Q: Do I need to include a WIP shot and/or description of what my model is supposed to be?

A: No. Unlike in past B&C contests we are not requiring a WIP shot of your entry. Nor are we requiring any kind of descriptive write up. Just submit your finished entries please.

Q: Is there anyway of submitting pics from a 35mm camera?

A: We will not take entries through any means other than E-mail. So unless you have a scanner we cannot take physical photographs as your entry submission.


Q: Do I have to use only the Chapter listed from the Codex list in each category?

A: No. Most DIY players should be using the official rule sets for one GW Chapter or another to rep their own. So you can paint up your DIY Chapter since is should be following accepted 40k rules anyway. You are not restricted to GW only Chapters.

Q: I presumed Space Wolf Thunder Wolf riders would be in this category like regular bike upgrades, but there is no mention of them. Does this make them an ineligible choice for the competition?

A: If you do not see the entry listed in a category then it cannot be used.

Q: In the Squad entry, suppose I do a Space Wolves Grey Hunters squad, since it is legal to have a member of the Wolfguard as part of the squad, would I be able to include him in the entry, or can I only have the Grey Hunters?

A: Since a Wolf Guard is actually added to the unit by being split off from a Lord's Wolf Guard unit you cannot include the Wolf Guard in your entry. Only the Grey Hunters would be eligible for the squad entry.

Q: Space Wolf Thunderwolf cavalry, being unlisted, is clearly not allowed, nor is Canis the model. But my question is, can I do a Wolf Lord riding a thunderwolf mount?

A: Since single minis can't be mounted and Wolf Lord isn't in the Large Vehicle/Model category that isn't allowed.

Q: I take it this means that Brother Artemis (and conversions) from the Inquisitor range are out as far as a large entry is considered?

A: If it isn't in the list for the category you can't use it.

Q: No power armoured or Terminator armoured Inquisitors in the single mini category?

A: Correct. For this first event we are sticking to what the B&C focus' on -- power armor armies.

Q:Obliteraters are listed as acceptable in the Squads category, but the biggest game-legal unit is three while the squads category is for five-plus models. Could you clarify this please?

A: As stated in the rules, Obliterators are the exception to the minimum 5 man squad rule.

Q: if I was to enter a 5 man tactical squad, would I be able to give it special/heavy weapons as if a combat squad, or would it have to follow the rules for a normal 5man squad?

A: Squads must be game legal to be considered for the contest.

Q: Am I allowed to use my fW Space Wolves termi Bust in the Large category?

A: Again, if you don't see it in the category list you cannot enter it in this first run of the contest.

Q: In the vehicle catagory, what are the standards regarding other models such as crew and such. For example, could you model a rhino with a tac squad firing out of the doors or something equally dramatic and ridiculous or would you prefer that the entry was strictly the model as in the box?

A: Since a squad is not part of the crew you wouldn't be including them in your entry. Unless of course you want to be DQ'd. Obviously things like bikes, land speeders (including a storm) might have more than 1 mini because that is how it is in the rules. Even a LR or Rhino might have the gunner or commander piece. But a full squad poking out of all the hatches would get your entry bounced. A LS storm is really the only vehicle entry that specifically includes a squad hanging off it.

Q: I have an attack bike that i have converted into an attack quad but because of the size it no longer fits on the standard attack bike base so I mounted it on 2 WHFB large square bases glued together to make a larger version of the older biker bases. Can I enter it?

A: Models must be entered on the appropriate basing as dictated in each category. Since this is 40k this means round bases or in the case of bikes pill bases. However attack bikes can also be fielded without a base.

Q: You specifically state entries have to be 40k-themed, so are Pre-Heresy-themed miniatures forbidden? Obviously some models work in either setting, but I'm thinking about PH traitor legions for example - would PH red Thousand Sons or white/blue World Eaters in PH livery be excluded?

A: By 40k theme we mean within the 40k Universe. So that would include Pre Heresy Legions.

Q: What's the age limit on this?

A: We have never and will never have an age limit on our contests.

Q: Is this restricted to UK and US or is it possible for others from other countries to enter?

A: You can enter no matter where you are in the world. However please keep in mind that certain countries (such as Italy and Malaysia) have some odd ball postal practices that may make it difficult for a sponsor to get your prize sent there. Should win and be located in a country with difficult postal practices you'll need to work something out with sponsor of your particular prize.

Q: Are older edition models allowed?

A: You can use any era of 40k model as long as it means the requirements as set down in the contest rules. Outside of size an RT era Marine with a bolter is no different than a current plastic Marine with a bolter. A RT Marine with a shuriken catapult on the other hand wouldn't be allowed.

Q: I take it that Space Hulk terminator minis, so long as they're based on 40mm round bases?

A: For the purpose of this contest SH minis need to be mounted on an appropriate gaming base. However the newest version (3rd) with the stylized bases are ok as is for the contest.

Q: I have a squad I want to paint, but I have altered the special weapon guys a little bit.
One is holding a flamer with one hand and instead of giving another marine a plasmathrower I gave him two plasma pistols as a count-as plasma thrower.
Is this legal to enter in the contest?

A: Since the Judges can't tell what is/isn't supposed to be "counts as" it is in your best interest to make the weapons within your squad very recognizable as what they are supposed to be.

Q: Is there a requirement as far as post count/how long a contestant has been a member here?

A: The only requirement is that you are a member of the forum. It doesn't matter if you have 1 post or 10,000.

Q: Can we start WIP threads purely for the competition in this sub-form?

A: You can start WIP threads if you wish. However if you have them on the B&C please post them in the WIP forum

Q: Do we get critism back from the judges??

A: Due to the number of entries we are hoping to get it is unlikely that the judges will be putting notes down for each entry. However once the contest is over you can probably contact them for feedback.

Q: Just a thought - how many entries can one member enter into the competition? Is it one per person?

A: As the rules clearly state. 1 Entry per person, per category. Three categories gives you a possible 3 entries.

Q: Are conversions of charcters allowed?

A: Conversion are allowed. This also means that if you want to create a Vulkan He'stan or a Khan clone, you don't have to use the base GW model. If you want to build one from Marines parts that is up to you.

Q: I have been developing a squad, that will now get finished for this. The plan was to use it in the 2010 Demons, so I know it's ok there. However, one model was painted earlier in the year, and posted on CMON...but NEVER used in a comp. Reading the rules explicitly, it seems I am ok...but what protection is afforded against someone twisting off because they've seen that one model before?

A: A mini posted elsewhere (or even here on the B&C) is fine as long as it hasn't been used in another contest prior to this one (if you want to enter it in one afterwards that is up to you). Just wouldn't be fair to allow something that has had a shot at winning something else or won something else to have a shot at yet more swag.

Q: What do you mean by other contests?

A: This means any other contest where the mini has or could have won a prize, trophy or some form of recognition. So Golden Demons, Adpeticon, Origins, Warseer forum contest, AmmoBunker forum contest and so on. If you have entered it in a competition before (win or lose) don't enter it here.

Someone saying "I've seen this on CMON" isn't going to get a piece DQ'd. "I've seen this on CMON and at Adepticon 2009 Painting competition (as an example) and here's a pic" -- that will get someone DQ'd. The judges will review any instances of that and woe be to anyone who gets caught being a pond-scum-cheat.

Q from twistinthunder: Kurgan are you really removing the daemon forum?

A: :sweat:

Q: If I continue to ask questions that have been answered in the rules or FAQ because I chose not to read them fully will I be mackareled?

A: Posted Image
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