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Duel to the Death

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Brother Nihm

Brother Nihm


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Nooo, I'd never. Wait, what? ;)


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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Okay, Grey Mage confirmed that he'll have his image soon, so I've turned his entry post visible. You can see it here.

After a little debating of our methodology, we decided that the mods can offer me bribes in order to arrange battles. Bribes come in the form of articles for the Librarium. As long as a mod's character is alive, he can only try to arrange a battle between his own character and someone else. Once his character is dead, he can offer a single bribe to arrange a battle between any two characters. Also, any mods (and other staff members) that didn't enter characters can offer bribes to arrange battles. However, a bribe offered doesn't guarantee that the arranged battle will take place. Other bribes will be taken into account. Bribes can be either cancelled out or overruled by other bribes. Regardless, all bribes offered are considered binding, whether the challenged battle actually takes place or not.

Any characters that aren't in arranged/bribed battles will be fixed up randomly with other characters.

The mods have a little more than 24 hours from now to offer their bribes for the first round. After that, I'll tally up all of the bribes, figure out which arranged (bribed) battles will take place, and then randomly determine all of the rest of the battles for the first round. Tomorrow evening I'll have the entire first round of battles arranged.


Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Update: We're just waiting on Grey Mage's image and his character's psyker powers and we'll kick things off.

All battles for the round will be arranged/announced at once. I have several other mods helping out running battles and writing batreps, so we'll knock the battles/batreps out as quickly as possibly (ideally with multiple battles/batreps per day, but real life always has a way of interfering with the best plans).

These are the rules we'll be using for the battles, slightly modified from the Crusade for Antioc Arena of Death:


Each battle will be conducted as follows:


1. INITIATIVE CHECK - Roll 1D6 for each character.
The model that beats its Initiative score by more (rolls lower than its Initiative) wins the Initiative.
If both models roll lower than their Initiative by the same amount, the model with the lower Initiative wins the Initiative.
If both models have the same Initiative, Initiative check is considered a draw.
If both models roll higher than their Initiative, Initiative check is considered a draw.
Models that roll higher than their Initiative are considered to have failed Initiative.

Models that pass Initiative may move up to either 6" forward (unless they have special rules that allow more) or 2" back.
Models that fail Initiative may not move.

Any model with a ranged attack may shoot.
The model that wins the Initiative shoots first.
Both models shoot simultaneously if the Initiative check was a draw.

If the models are within +++ their charge range (normally 6")+++, models that passed Initiative may charge.
Both models may benefit from the bonus attack for charging if both charge.
Models that moved backward during the Movement phase may not charge.
The normal restrictions for shooting apply.

5. ASSAULT - Follow the normal rules for Assault.
If a model loses an assault and falls back, it performs a jump back (see below) instead.

Models may jump back out of assault by choice (the player submits a special instruction to that effect) or involuntarily (the model falls back after losing an assault).
Models that are Fearless may not jump back.
Models with the Combat Tactics rule may jump back automatically.
Models that have neither Fearless nor Combat Tactics must pass a Ld check in order to jump back.
Models that jump back move 2" out of combat.
The opposing model may make 1 free attack at normal Strength if it passes an Initiative check. The attack does not have any special effects - it may be Saved against as normal.
A model may make only 1 jump back move in a turn.

Note that we had some special rules in that previous AoD that are not being used here (Parry, etc.), and the addition of Combat Tactics in the Codex army list changed the jumping back rules a bit; hence the minor modifications.

Once again, don't expect any fancy storyline or batreps. I'm sure that each of us will try to present something passable, but at least a few of these are going to be fun diversions.


Chaplain Lucifer

Chaplain Lucifer


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Fair? Sounds fitting to have a recreation of the old DA / SW feud. B)

Are you fixin' to lay a challenge on one of the Wolf characters, Luci? :evil:

I would fix so the wolf characters face each others... :evil:

But I got to bid my time.. I can't do that many Librarium articles and I will wait results from round one to start having fun with pupeteering matches.
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A few rules questions, I'm guessing you can't run in lieue of shooting and that you can shoot regardless if you fail your initiative check or not. Also, if two models are within 6" (charge range), and both charge, do they meet halfways? Wait... it doesn't matter, does it?
I'm guessing jumpback replaces fallback and similar (so is only done at the conclusion of an assault phase). Each turn consists of first an initiative test, then a movement phase, a shooting phase and finally an assault phase? If you were allowed to make more than one jump back move in a turn, how would that work?

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Yes, you can run in lieu of Shooting.
Yes, models that fail the Initiative check may still shoot.
Yes, if two models within charge range both charge, they meet halfway.
Yes, jumpback/fallback are alternatives and take place at the end of the Assault phase.
Since you can only make one jumpback move in a turn, your last question is moot. :P That rule was there because we had options for multiple combatants, so we wanted to prevent any Neo-esque shenanigans. All of these battles will be one-on-one, so no worries.


Ferrus Manus

Ferrus Manus


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I know this may be a bit premature, but are there any plans to launch a board wide AoD? If so, when? and if not any chance there could be? I'd like to get more inn the next one. This has certainly wetted my appetite - even if I didn't get past the first round!
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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There are plans.

We're working out details and will make them known as soon as we have them ready for public consumption.

The next AoD, though, will be for the entire Frater Domus membership.