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Index Astartes: Crimson Lions

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Crimson Lions

Battle Brother Posted Image

Sergeant Posted Image


Established in the 10th Founding from Imperial Fist geneseed, the founding fleet of the Crimson Lions never made planetfall on their intended homeworld of Rho Pardus. Forces of the archenemy, in league with informants of the Alpha Legion, set upon the fleet at the divide between Segmentum Solar and the Ultima Segmentum. The escorting vessels were able to stave off the attack, but at terrible cost. Few ships had escaped damage, and many would never sail the tides of the Empyrean again.

In a gambit to save as much material as possible, the Tech Priests attending the fleet made a hulk of three titanic mass-conveyor vessels in the hopes that it might limp to the closest Imperial system. However, surpassing even their own calculations, the amalgam of vessels proved remarkably resilient. This formed the core of what would eventually become the Spelaeum Leonis, the unplanned monastery barge of the chapter. The chapter's artificers have added to it considerably in the intervening millennia, expanding both its size and capabilities, but it will never be accused of either beauty or speed.

The Master of the Fleet for the chapter must possess a a keen, strategic mind to plot the best course for the lumbering barge, taking into account the needs of both the chapter and the Imperium.


The roaming course of the monastery makes consistent recruiting a challenge, and this difficulty in maintaining a regular flow of aspirants has led to a slight variance in their implantation process. The chapter strives to maintain a small pool of recruits that train and receive hypno-therapy prior to any gene-seed implantation. Occasionally an aspirant will grow too old or prove unsuitable during this process, and these are typically handed over to the Schola Progenium. Aspirants from this pool begin gene-seed implantation as required to maintain chapter numbers. The additional therapy is thought to increase chances of successful geneseed implantation, and tends to produce a cannier, less reckless scout.


The 10th founding was a transition period for many new Space Marine chapters. The concept of the Emperor's divinity had already gained widespread acceptance throughout both populace and Adeptus Terra, though not yet amongst the Adeptus Astartes. The duality of belief for the Crimson Lions reflects this transitional period.
Like many other venerable chapters, they look at the Emperor as a father, albeit an extraordinarily gifted one. However, they also see him as the living vessel for human divinity, a Divine Avatar to borrow a Thorian term. Though many outside the chapter have difficulty reconciling these two views, with the exception of some members of the Inquisition, they view it as an innate duality in the Emperor's physical and Warp manifestations.

More to come...

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voi shet magir

voi shet magir


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You're hot. You are a hottie.

I want some more clarification of the recruitment pool, like a time frame sort of like the Red Scorpions'. Official IAs do not usually get very specific, though.

I am also starting to care more about company markings, maybe if you made a text note, or changed the pictures to a brother from one company and a sergeant from another.




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Can't wait for more looking really good so far. Big thing I want to see next is their reason for creation.
Do not forget.

Philip S

Philip S


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@ schoon - I've added this link to the new gallery (page 9)


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