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Art Scale Dark Angel Army

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Hey guys, I'm still plugging away, and sadly there's no pics today, but

I've been working on my fluff for this Contempter Dread, this is the first piece of fluff that will accompany an, as yet unwritten second piece of fluff, both of which will form the actual character description



The Herald of Vengeance

Captain Azazel took a knee and bowed before his Lord.

“You have returned quickly, Captain, I assume your mission was successful then? You have captured our two Unforgiven brothers?” came the question from the shadows.

“Not exactly, my Lord”, replied Captain Azazel, as he regained his feet.

“Explain....not exactly!!!” came the roar from the darkness.

“It was as last time, Lord, the first was gone, no trace. The second however, had aid. We....”, the Captain paused unsure how to continue, his own disbelief making things no easier. Silence from the shadows bade him continue. “were ambushed....there were more of our...loyal brothers....”

“Ambushed? By some agri-world country bumpkins?” sneered the voice, “Wait...more? HOW MANY MORE?” raged his Lord.

“At least six ranking brothers, Lord, but that is the least to be concerned about, there is something you need to see” continued Azazel, pulling a holo-slate from his robes, “ I captured this image as we withdrew.”

Taking the holo-slate, Lord Luther, Master of the Dark Angels Traitor Legion, watched as a massive outline strode through the wafting smoke-haze revealing a Contempter pattern Dreadnought, a shape he had not seen since the Crusade. The dreadnought was lavishly adorned in golden Legion symbols, largest of all, a roaring lion, emblazoned upon it's chest, it was armed with a gigantic sword and plasma cannon, swatting a traitor marines like a fly, it roared, “ I am the Herald of Vengeance, the honour of the Dark Angels Legion shall be restored! Each and every one of you know this, I come for you...”, the feed cut off suddenly as a blast of plasma flew by, perilously close to the view point.

“ Of the three squads sent, only five of us are unharmed, another three in sus-an, the rest are gone...”, began Azazel.

With a look Azazel had not seen in ten millennia, Luther stepped from the shadows, his face twisted by rage and fury, in a barely audible whisper, stated “You are dismissed, we will discuss this failure again.” As Azazel left the chamber, Luther examined the holo-slate again, the Contempter pattern dreadnought was not the only thing Luther had recognised, the adornments of the dreadnought echoed that of another set of armour he had not seen in 10,000 years....


So, still here? excellent !

So, it's still WIP and any and all comments, (constructive) criticisms, suggestions are welcome,

Cheers, and thanks for reading,




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Hey guys, update time again!


There's a PIP True Scale Termi, and the pose of my first Contemptor