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Blood Duel Forum Champions and Inter-Forum Battles

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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And in a surprising turn of events, we have an all-Chaos final for our Blood Duel championship:

Angerecton Harbinger of Extinction vs Ferrous Ironclaw

DokSnyder and Shas'o R'vre have 24 hours to submit their special instructions to me.

In a strange turn of events, the dice I ordered this year were red and yellow, so I will break them in for this battle. The red dice, of course, will be used for Angerecton, while the yellow dice will be used for Ferrous Ironclaw. All previous battles were fought using the other B&C dice.

I will be writing the batrep for this battle.





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Goodluck to Ferrous Ironclaw! The Champion who defeated our champion must win it all! Looking forward to this one. For the Liber!... inadvertently...

Should be a truly epic battle!

Shas'o R'Vre

Shas'o R'Vre


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Wowee, to be honest I never thought I'd get this far...

In commemmoration of all the events that have happened in this AoD, I wrote a little fluff to precede the battle;

As Agemo the Sundered knelt on the deck of the Warsmith's Battle Barge, watching the corrupted techpriests repairing the rents in the great silver and gold armour, he muttered a brief prayer of thanks to Tzeentch that the Warsmith had seen fit to keep him alive for one last task.

“Is it prepared?” Asked the Warsmith, without turning from the viewscreen. It displayed an image of the planet below, Kollia Prime, as it burned with the fires of war.

“It is as you designed, Lord” replied Agemo.

“Were the skulls enough?”

“Enough to mark out ten unholy runes, Lord. Truly your warriors have been busy.”

“With the skulls of those Loyalist dogs at the Centre?”

“Of course Lord. They make an excellent centrepiece”

“And the blood?”

“Enough to paint the skulls twenty times over, Lord”

The Warsmith paused, and Agemo became nervous. Had he forgotten some part of the ritual?

“And the Governor?”

“Ready to be sacrificed as we speak, Lord”


Agemo relaxed, and muttered another prayer of thanks to Tzeentch. The Warsmith focused the viewscreen on the burning capital spire, and zoomed in. Even from orbit, a vast, blasphemous rune was clearly visible at the highest point of the spire.

A great rune to Khorne, but not one of praise.

An insult.

A challenge.

“Let his greatest Champion come,” spat the Warsmith “and with the defeat of a Daemon, Perturabo cannot refuse making me Lord of this Sector.”

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