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Blood Duel: Battle 5

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Brother-Captain Silon Almach was sitting in the muster hall, cursing Munitorum clerks and browsing over the data-slates. Supplies provided by the Munitorum were not sufficient for the Ultramarine and Space Wolves joint-operation. Apparently, they would not have been sufficient even if the Ultramarines would fight this war alone. Something had to be done about it and Silon took a fresh data-slate and started to fill-in his third report (for this week) to the Local Munitorum Office.

He was almost done when Battle-Brother Trasimach silently entered the premises.
„What is it, Trasimach?”
„Brother-Captain, I think You should see this. The Wolves have made their move and we must hurry, before there are any supplies left...”


A couple of Rhinos was parked just outside of the Munitorum Hangar and chapter serfs in grey robes were loading the ammo-crates into them, assisted by warriors in grey power armor.

„Now, wait! What is the meaning of this? These are our supplies according to the Munitorum decree 456-890233##YCQ-99451. So put them back as they were!”

„I don’t think so, Silon” said a huge bearded warrior in grey power armor adorned with intricate glowing runes and wolf totems. A necklace of wolf tooth hanged loosely over his enourmos brest-plate. „We were first to respond the emergency call en route to Fang and our supplies are already depleted. We need them more than You and we are going to take them. In fact, we have already taken them, as You can see!” the warrior smiled cunningly.

„You took them, so now You put them back, Garm!” replied Silon curtly. „And know – I am fed up with Your and Your warriors mischief. Stealing from Your brothers does not fit true Astartes.”

„Strong words, Silon! Will You stand to back Your words up? I know You do all those fancy duels with blunt swords on Macragge and then the winner gets an extra cup of milk... Since I hate milk, You will have it, when I win – I will prefer taking those ammo crates” Garm taunted.

„Oh, don’t worry, Garm! You will get nothing except some lessons on good manners and sound beating ex gratia!” And with determined silence, Silon activated his lightning claw, and charged ramming with his shield forwards.

Garm spurted forwards, aiming at Silon’s knee and clipping a shot. Silon dodged sidewards and shot went wild. Next moment he was onto Garm, kicking the pistol out of Garm’s hand and slashing into the opening, one of the claws piercing Wolf Lord’s shoulder.
Garm pushed Silon back with his shield, and drew his mighty double-edged axe.
Silon’s eyes widened when he saw the great weapon and he adopted the defensive stance dictated by the Codex Astartes. Garm continued his push, determined to battle on his own terms.
The first hit landed squarely on his shield, when Garm fully turned round and slashed at Silon’s legs. Silon jumped high seeing the blade passing under him and seeing an opening, slashed down with his claw – only to be blocked by Garm.

„Enough, laddie or you are for some more?” Garm asked, grinning wildly, though Silon saw some blood on Garm’s shoulderpad, where he managed to pierce the joint between ceramite plates.

„If you are tired, old wolf, you can just say so...” Silon replied.

„Bah, it needs something more than an Ultramarine Captain to wear me down! So you just going to stand there and fight with your mouth or what?”

Silon feigned attack with the rim of his shield in Garm’s face and promptly slashed out with his claw, seeing his hit wounding again.
Garm roared and kicked Silon with his armored boot squarely into chest, making him stagger backwards. Garm followed with series of blows, using both axe and shield to maximum advantage. He spun round, slashing high with his axe, and keeping momentum to continue his attack with the mighty shield push, catching Silon open and headbutting him in the face. Only by turning his face away and raising his right shoulder high, Silon managed to avoid the attack.

But the initiative was still lost. Garm pressed on, tearing hugh chunks of ceramite from Silon’s armor, cutting through his shield, injuring Silon’s arm and hitting him squarely into the face with his own shield. After the last hit, Silon lost his balance and fell on his back. With a victorious roar Garm slashed the mighty axe down, with Silon barely managing to roll aside, only to see Garm trying to pull the axe out of the rockrete floor, where it had stuck.

„Something wrong with You, Garm, or this is an excuse to take some rest? said Silon, pressing his claw against Garm’s neck and deactivating its crackling power. „Now, I remember, we were talking about those ammo crates...”

Victory to Brother-Captain Silon Almach.

Tried to mirror the battle report as much as possible :lol:. But You guys made this task difficult :tu: - very close battle, with no side gaining clear advantage till the last turn.

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Fus Roh Da!!!

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Well fought Brother! When you are done with the milk we will find a couple of Bolter Babes and I will show you where we keep the hot tub and the Ale is on me!

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Wooo! Good write up.

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Trust a Wolf to bungle putting out the Ultras...




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Well fought Brother! When you are done with the milk we will find a couple of Bolter Babes and I will show you where we keep the hot tub and the Ale is on me!

Well fought indeed! But milk? Milk is for those dress-wearers who still haven't found their champion. We sons of Guilliman prefer something more refined after our victories. *swirls fine Macraggian wine in an ornate crystal goblet* Though I might take you up on the offer after the Blood Duel is over. :P

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congratst to khronehunter the true champion progresses

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The real victor here is the floor for being there when it is most needed/unwelcome. :D

Congrats to the victor. Enjoy your moo moo brother-wolf.