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Blood Duel: Round 3, Battle 1

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"You mere mortal. You are too weak to control me. You will fail."

Aru'Bael fought off the tainted whispers that emerged in the back of his mind, knowing that these slivers of doubt came not from his own mind, but from the Daemon of Tzeentch that was bound within his gauntlets. He looked around at his hand-picked bodyguard, as they were watching over the slave-crew on the bridge of the Desolator-class warship Unholy Decimator, as the slaves guided the battleship through the Immaterium toward the Acharis system. Another system that would be remade in the name of Aru'Bael's patron god.

The vox-slave turned to Aru'Bael and spoke, with a raspy, tired voice. "My lord, we have reports of intruders on deck 34 forward, near the torpedo bays. Stalker group is nonresponsive." The slave was rewarded for his report with a set of daemonically-tainted claws through his midsection, severing his spine and sending blood from the corpse splattering across the mutated vox system. "That will teach you not to speak without bidding, worm!" Aru'Bael spat, in a voice that reverberated through the bridge. Aru'Bael turned to his bodyguards, and spoke. "Come with me. We will investigate the obvious incompetence of Stalker group." A chorus of "Yes, my lord!" responded.

As Aru'Bael and his Chaos Marine bodyguard made their way through the warp-tainted halls of the warship toward the forward section of the warship, they witnessed the ship use the power of the warp that it had been imbued with to turn many of the slaves and heretics in the halls into bloated, tentacled spawn, in an attempt to stave off the invasion. Aru'Bael strode forward, toward the largest group of the mindless creatures. He noticed that the floor was slick with blood, and he realized that the vox-slave had been correct. The Unholy Decimator was being invaded.

Aru'Bael turned to his retinue, and ordered them to open fire on the cluster of spawn, not caring about the warp-creatures, but seeking to destroy whatever had boarded the battleship. Tainted bolters spat forth unholy rounds, tearing into the spawn. Several spawn fell to the barrage, and Aru'Bael saw several more fall to the tainted blade of a Herald of Khorne, which was astride a massive Juggernaut. The daemon within Aru'Bael's claws whispered again. "The Herald is known by the name Angerecton in your mortal tongue, and his steed is called Cernunnos. Regardless, you are doomed." Again, Aru'Bael fought off the words of the daemon, and screamed to his bodyguard "Advance! Kill the Khornate daemon!" though Aru'Bael knew that they were no match for the Harbinger of Extinction. The four Chaos Marines advanced, their blades drawn. Four bodies fell, their heads severed. Four more skulls for Khorne.

Angerecton then turned toward the Chaos Lord, and urged on Cernunnos. The Juggernaut needed no urging, however, and was already rushing toward Aru'Bael. Aru'Bael advanced, raising his arm at the charging beast and taking aim at the blood-slicked servant of Khorne. The Deathscreamer spat foul warp energy, sending bolts coursing through the air toward the Herald. They found their mark, but the daemon was unharmed, the shots bouncing off Angerecton's unholy flesh. Aru'Bael moved toward the charging beast, his gauntlets lashing out. The blades scraped across the Juggernaut, but the massive daemon-creature was unhurt. Cernunnos' rider brought his axe down on the Chaos Lord, but Aru'Bael brought his left arm up and caught the axe between the blades of his claw.

"How dare you use me to try to extend your insignificant life, weakling. Now, I will show you just how weak your mortal flesh truly is!"

Aru'Bael ignored the taunts of the daemon locked within his Deathscreamer, and brought back his arms, preparing to strike at the Herald of Khorne. Suddenly, he felt his arms immobilized, leaving his body unguarded. He realized with horror that the Deathscreamer was doing this to him, and he tried to force his arms forward, to no avail. Angerecton used this to his advantage, lancing out and puncturing Aru'Bael's armor and flesh in his abdomen and left leg, exposing bone, and sending blood flowing down his armor to mingle with the blood of his four bodyguards.

Aru'Bael lashed out in pain, using the sheer agony to break free of the Deathscreamer's grip on his mind. He whipped his left arm around, digging tainted claws deep into Angerecton's torso. As Aru'Bael did this, however, Angerecton brought his axe down in a diagonal strike, slashing deep into Aru'Bael's chest and dealing irreparable damage to Aru'Bael's vital organs. As he fell backward, dying, the Chaos Lord brought his right arm around, claws digging into the Herald's arm, sending daemonic blood flying. Several drops of this caustic, unholy fluid splattered into Aru'Bael's chest wound, causing untold agony as he felt the daemon blood eating away at his flesh from the inside. The last thing Aru'Bael heard was a familiar voice, emanating from his gauntlets. "I warned you. You were too weak. You mortals all are." As the Chaos Lord lie on the deck in agony, Angerecton brought his axe down a final time, cleaving through the mortal's neck. Another skull for Khorne.

Angerecton's daemonic flesh reknit itself, and the Herald rampaged through the Unholy Decimator, leaving no soul alive and claiming many more skulls for Khorne.

324.27 years later, the Warp coughed up the Unholy Decimator. On deck 34, there were 5 power-armored bodies, their corpses still fresh, lying among scattered Spawn bodies in a pool of blood, all protected from the passage of time by the Immaterium.


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"We must thank the Emperor, I suppose, that it was Roboute Guilliman's gene-line that proved the most stable and prevalent. Had it been that of Russ or the Khan, for example, we would have found ourselves defended by feral savages barely distinguishable from our foes. At least the Ultramarines successors understand how to conduct war in a civilized fashion." - pg. 25, Codex Supplement: Ultramarines




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Excellent Battle Report Khornehunter! Very well done. Looks like Khorne vs Iron Warrior in the finals. Sadly, Ferrous must prevail, so that the Liber is validated haha :D

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