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Sweeping advance and terminators?

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Hello everyone, i was thinking earlier today, if you had a IC say a captain in terminator armour in a normal assault squad, and you won combat, and your enemy failed their leadership test. When they are running can you make a sweeping advance, because models in terminator armour are not allowed, but that doesnt stop the assault marines.

So would you:
A) let them run
;) take the sweeping advance test but using the assault marines leadership (think its that) rather then the captains.

:( many thanks
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It is initiative and yes, you would use the Assaultsquads value as the Captain is prevetend from pursuing due to the armour.
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If a single member of the squad can not sweeping advance, the squad can not sweeping advance. The terminator captain prevents the squad from advancing.

Q: Will one model in a squad that is unable to Sweeping
Advance prevent the entire squad from making a
Sweeping Advance? (p40)
A: Yes.

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