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[DH] Dornian Heresy- Iron Warriors Codex

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Greetings readers and welcome.
Within you will find a series of homebrew rules developed to reflect the Dornian Heresy version of the Iron Warriors. To accomplish this, I have taken the traditional Space Marine Army list from the most recent codex and made a series of changes rather than start from scratch. If something is not specifically mentioned here, than it can be assumed I have either forgotten it or am unsure, so please proceed with caution. BI have included fluff elements and my personal opinions to help bring the reader into the Iron Warrior point of view and justify why I choose to include or exclude certain items. I have gotten Aurelius’ permission to post these here, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Feedback is always welcome.

First of all, some background, themes, and assumptions to explain my logic

Metal Fatigue: One of the things I inferred is that the Iron Warrior’s separation from the Adeptus Mechanicus and the degradation from over cultivating their gene seed has led them to take a “quantity over quality” approach, making them the opposite of the Emperor’s Children. To the IW, gene seed and vehicle designs are not “sacred” but merely another tool to be mass produced, much like their legions of combat servitors. This means that inferior designs or materials may have worked their way in over the millennia as they started cutting corners. When this is combined with their trademark paranoia, I imagine they would take even the most constructive criticism as a personal attack and just shut down. This doesn’t mean that they are incapable of creating titans or ordanati. They can, but as things like land raiders or predators, which are normally quite rare, start becoming more common place, then there is more potential for them to be made with substandard materials or for shortcuts to come in.

To Serve Man: Servitors play a large part in the Iron warriors mindset and as such I have introduced rules that would allow players to field large units of these cyborg killing machines in forms both familiar and new. This is intended to be balanced as the servitors are weaker but cost less than marines allowing a redistribution of points into other units like tanks or specialists. With any luck, there will be sufficient variety in this list to allow players to make choices and not feel railroaded. That way, they can take a tank heavy force with cheap servitor troops, a marine heavy force with emphasis on some hard hitting units, or a mixed bag.

Iron Warrior General Rules

Combat Tactics: Iron warriors replace the combat tactics rule with the following rule
Split Fire: Iron Warriors spend years practicing the rites of firing and training in the arts of artillery. As a marine ages, his modified eyes begin to fail and are replaced with bionics that allow him to further coordinate his shots with his squads by sharing optical information. Relying on their sergeants to paint targets for rapid and precise elimination, units of Iron Warriors seek to strike with speed and precision. Some paranoid superiors take this even further, modifying their bionics to allow them to see through the dozen or more eyes of their squad mates. All the better to orchestrate the death of their enemies.

During your shooting phase, you may split your squads fire to target multiple enemy units. Declare which models are firing at which units before rolling to hit or measuring distances. Once chosen, treat shooting as normal.


Removed: Librarian, Chaplain
Both the Librarian and chaplain have been removed as the article indicates they are not in keeping with the Iron Warriors method of warfare.

Chapter Master: renamed War Smith. Otherwise unchanged

Captain: unchanged

Master of the Forge: renamed Master of the Armory,
New Rule: if Master of the Armory has not taken a conversion beamer, he may purchase a narthecium for +10 points. Further, any unit of combat Servitors or Storm Servitors he joins will benefit from Furious charge. This represents his knowledge of how to enhance their combat stimulants beyond the safety norms.

New Unit: Garrison Lord
The Garrison Lord is master of siege craft and fortification. Under his watch, even the most feral and primitive of planet can be transformed into a citadel capable of repelling the enemies of the Imperium. Traditionally drawn from veterans who have proven themselves, a Garrison Lord carries a heavy burden, as he continues the Iron Warriors ancient tradition of securing the vital supply routes and holdings of the Emperor’s domain. Without such worlds, mankind would stumble and fail, leaving countless worlds open for the ravages of the enemies.

Such a fate, each garrison lord is sworn to prevent and they will fight until their last breath fails to insure the world they are entrusted to shepherd never falls. On a planet under his rule, the Lord’s word is law and none may defy it, for the history of the Iron Warriors is filled with the stories of foolish worlds that dared to test the patience of their ruler, only to be brutally corrected. A garrison Lord has no time for politics, queries or mercy. He is the master of his domain, and let none forget it.

Cost 100 Points
Ws 5, Bs 4, s 4, t 4, w 2, I 4, a 2, ld 10, sv +3
Special rules:
Bolster Defenses, Counter-attack

Cold Logic: The Garrison Lord is absolutely sure of his own defenses and contemptuous of any that would dare attack him. Any squad he joins is fearless
Iron Within, Iron Without: the garrison Lord is capable of rousing even the most shell shocked of defenders back into the fight. If a unit with the Garrison Lord would be unable to act this turn due to having gone to ground, the Garrison Lord may make a leadership test during his shooting phase. If successful, the unit may shoot and assault as if it had not gone to ground the previous turn.
Equipment: Power armor, bolt pistol, Bolter, frag and krak grenades,
Hammer of Olympia: this iron banded maul is a symbol of the Garrison's lord’s authority to defend and fortify the Imperium, no matter the cost. It is a Power weapon.
The garrison lord may purchase any items that would be available to a Space Marine Chaplain at the same cost (with the exception of jump pack or bikes)

New unit: Herald of Perturabo
The Herald of Perturabo is a traditional name given to a tank commander who has achieved phenomenal success in leading armored cavalry units. Such an individual is given a special place in the iron Warrior hierarchy, allowing him to direct entire armies from the reinforced protection of a heavily armored Command Tank.

Cost: 100 points
Ws 4, Bs 5, s 4, t 4, w 1, I 4, a 2, ld 9, sv +3
Power armor, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades, servo-arm[/b]

Special Rules: the Spear of Perturabo is an upgrade that can be purchased from the vehicle armor by any tank unit in an Iron Warrior army. This unit gains the Tank Commander rule from the Space Marine codex along with the following additional rules:

Command tank: any unit with this upgrade takes up an HQ slot in an army instead of its normal slot.
Tank brothers: Whether it is the skill of the Herald, the years of training shared between the tank commanders under him, or some hidden secret of their siege craft, armored columns led by a Heralds are capable of keeping their vehicles moving despite near impossible odds, even at the expense of their weapons. If the Herald of Perturabo is purchased by a tank squadron, then members of this unit treat immobilized results as weapon destroyed.
Reroute Power: if a tank does not fire during its shooting phase, it may roll a d6. On a result of 5+, the tank is no longer affected by an immobilized or weapon destroyed result.


Legion of the Damned: renamed Vengeance Squad
For centuries, the Iron Warriors have sought to expand and accelerate their production capacity. While this has been successful and resulted in many new discoveries in vehicles and weapons, the sons of Perturabo have encountered unending failure in their quest to mass produce the much beloved and treasured terminator armor. However, the research did bear unexpected results with the discovery of the Mk7b “Chronos” pattern armor. Incorporating powerful force field generators and temporal dilation fields, the Mk7b allows its wearer to teleport onto the battle field behind enemy defenses. Once there, the fields create a protective sphere that mimics the incredible defenses of terminator armor. Bullets freeze in the air, and explosions fade away, unable to penetrate the power of the field.

Despite this protection, the temporal forces at work strain even the incredible metabolisms of a Space Marine. Movement is laborious at best and even temporary exposure can lead to uncontrollable aging. For this reason, only those Iron Warriors who have suffered some terrible dishonor, such as loosing a garrison world, are allowed to don this armor. In doing so, they fearlessly condemn themselves to be ravaged by the claws of time in the hope that their final act may somehow erase their failure. Truly, they are a Legion of the Damned.

Techmarine: renamed Siege Smith

Terminator squad and Assault Terminator Squad: unchanged

Sternguard Squad: Additional rule:
the Sternguard squad may exchange their bolters for sniper rifles at no extra cost. The Sergeant may exchange his bolter for a Stalker pattern bolter (see the Sergeant Tellion entry) for +15 points

Dreadnought and Veteran dreadnought: unchanged

Ironclad dreadnought (renamed Olympian dreadnought),


Removed: Scouts

(My thinking was that scouts would first be deployed in support of servitor units or artillery pieces where they could learn the complex art of taking apart enemy fortifications before being promoted into a devastator or tactical squad. They wouldn't fill the normal role of snipers or forward recon.)

Tactical Squad: Unchanged

New Unit: Combat Servitor Squad
The Iron warriors will support their tactical squads with vast regiments of battle servitors under the command of a lesser Iron Warrior. As these forces are viewed as mere weapons, command of a servitor squad is traditionally given to those who have failed or are seen as unworthy of higher responsibility.

Servitor: Ws 3, Bs 3, s 3, t 3, w 1, I 3, a 1, ld 8, sv +4
Servitor Controller: Ws 4, Bs 4, s 4, t 4, w 1, I 4, a 1, ld 9, sv +4

A servitor squad consists of 9 combat servitors and 1 space marine controller.
Cost: 65 points
Equipment: Servitors are equipped with a twin-linked bolter and a close combat weapon.
A Servitor Controller carries a bolt pistol, bolter, and close combat weapon.
Rules: Mindlock. As normal, except it now counts the Controller, Siege Smith, or the Master of the Armory
-Up to ten additional servitors may be purchased at the cost of 7 points per model.
-Any servitor may exchange their bolter for a shotgun or an additional close combat weapons at no extra cost. They may exchange their bolter and combat weapon for a servo-arm for +8 points

Up to two servitors may replace their bolters with:
-twin linked flamers: +15 points
-a heavy bolter: +20 pts
-a multi-melta or plasma cannon: 30 pts

-The sergeant may purchase anything available to a space marine scout sergeant, with the exception of a teleport homer


Drop Pods: Unchanged, though they can be replaced thematically with underground tunneling devices. This does not have any effect on the rules.

The following Fluff Changes to transports were suggested by Aurelius

Razorbacks: renamed the Tilvius APC

Rhinos: “While other legions honor the noble Rhino transport as a loyal steed and sacred relic, the Iron Warriors look down upon these venerated machines as antiquated and outdated. Compared to the glory of a Land Raider, the rhino is seen as a pale imitation. This disgust dates to the Iron Cage campaign when the hellishly accurate fire of Imperial Fist tank hunters turned many Rhino transports into metal coffins. In the centuries since, this feeling has only festered, and were the rhino’s robust frame not viable for other vehicles, such as Vindicators, Predators and Tilvius APC’s, then they would likely have disappeared all together."

"When a new rhino is produced, it never receives a designation greater than a string of number, marking their world of manufacture and company of origin. Today, the rhino is rarely used to transport actual marines, but instead to carry units of Battle- and Storm-Servitors. Among the Iron Warrior’s, it is a sign of disgrace to go into war aboard such a lowly craft, and the situation would have to be desperate indeed to force a Warsmith to lower himself into being carried by such an unworthy machine.”

Fast Attack

Removed: Land speeder, Land speeder storm, Scout Bike Squad

Bike Squad: Unchanged

Assault Squad and Vanguard veteran squad: Assault and Vanguard veteran squad do not begin with Jump packs and may not purchase them. The base cost of the unit has been reduced (Assault Squad: 90 Points, Vanguard veteran squad: 100)

(I took out the assault and vanguard veteran squads’ jump capacity because the cold and logical method of warfare described in the article is the opposite of the "fly into your face" style used by armies like the blood angels. Plus, it is a nice contrast if they view the jump pack as the tool of their most hated foe. Scout bikes came out for obvious reasons, I don't see a problem with regular bikes but the idea of fast moving land speeders also seemed off.)

New unit: Storm-servitors:
In every battle, there comes a moment when the walls come crashing down, when the gates are ripped from their hinges, and the inner defenses laid bare. This is a moment every Iron Warrior yearns for, but it is also one of the most dangerous, as the defenders will mercilessly poor all of their fire power into such gaps in a vain attempt to hold off the inevitable. To help open such breaches further and draw the enemy fire, the Iron Warriors will deploy hyper-violent Storm-servitors.

Their mechanical bodes ravaged by chemical stimms and macro-steroids, these servitors are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Created through extreme modifications that shorten their lifespan to days, they are often carried in specially reinforced land raiders directly into the heart of battle and set loose. Once deployed, these cyborg killing machines run wild, drawing the fire of defenders while the iron Warriors redeploy their forces inside the enemies walls.

Combat Storm-servitors are identical to the Arcoflagellants from Codex: Witch Hunter with the following exception. They do not suffer from the dangerous to know rule and the player does not require priests in their army (and cannot take priests even if they wanted to!)

New Unit: Iron Angel Dreadnought
First deployed against the Blood Angels on the planet Mackan, these metallic killing machines were deliberately created as a weapon of vengeance by the Lord of the Iron Warriors’ Eighth Company. After successfully drawing the plague legion into a trap, the Blood Angels found themselves under an attack from an unexpected vector as a dozen drop pods, each carrying a trio of these ferocious devices, landed suddenly amongst their forces. Against bodies of metal and oil-blooded servitors, the plague blades and black rage of the Blood Angels were useless. With the successful annihilation of two great companies of the enemy, the Council of War Smiths declared them a success, despite the loss of all these machines, and dubbed them “Angels of Iron” in contempt of their much hated foe.

Though technically originating from the design of a dreadnought’s base frame, the Iron Angel is at best a distant cousin to the much revered construct. Viewed as a technological blasphemy by members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Iron Angel remains an example of the Iron Warrior’s pragmatism and engineering skill. Incorporating elements of the penance devices first developed by the Word Bearers, each walker consists of a stripped down and unarmored chasse that is compact enough for multiple frames to fit inside a single drop pod, yet still robust enough to weather short range fire.

Each Iron Angel is a ferocious killing machine designed to enter the battle from drop pods fired from ships in orbit or from specially constructed Iron Warrior Ordinatti located miles away from the main battle zone. Once it has arrived, the storm-servitor pilot is awoken from hibernation and driven into a lethal rampage that inevitably spreads confusion and demoralizes foes already under fire from Iron Warrior artillery. Because they are considered expendable, Iron Angels are not piloted by injured marines, but instead by servitors that have been too badly damaged to return to service.

While some legions consider their use distasteful, the Iron Warriors ignore such criticism and point to the many fortresses that have fallen due to the sudden appearance of these berserk killing machines behind enemy lines. Perhaps the mayhem and panic the Iron Angels inspire appeals to some dark impulse in the hearts of the Iron Warriors. Alternatively, it may have something to do with an old rumor that overly ambitious aspirants must be cautious, lest they find themselves “sleeping with the angels.”

Iron angels are identical to the Penitent Engine from codex: Witch hunter with the following exceptions. Iron angels do not benefit from the Holy rage Special rule. Instead, this rule is replaced by Fleet and Rage. Iron Angels, like Storm Servitors, do not require priests to be deployed and may be taken in squadrons of 1-3. Finally, Iron Angels MUST be taken with a drop pod. Up to three Iron Angels may be transported by each drop pod.

New Unit: Tilvius APC strike force
The Tilvius modification of the venerable Rhino was not initially developed by the Iron Warriors but it was swiftly embraced for the powerful utility these vehicles could provide. While sometimes used to transport small units of Marines into combat, the Iron Warriors have also employed the Tilvius as a fast acting flanking unit. Replacing the internal transport space with modified fuel tanks, additional power generators, and secondary ammo stocks, the Tilvius is capable of traveling for much longer periods without needing to stop to restock. However, such modifications cause irreparable long-term damage to the engine, effectively halving the lifespan of the vehicle. Such a price in ruined machines is deemed acceptable by the Council of War Smiths.

Rule: you may choose to take a unit of 1-3 Tilvius APC’s as a fast attack option. All razorbacks must be equipped with the same weapons. These are not considered tanks, not dedicated transports, and will take up a fast attack slot. A Tilvius unit replaces its transport capacity with the ability to scout and outflank.

Heavy Support

Thunderfire cannon: You may now take Thunderfire cannon in squads of 1-3 models.

Devastators: unchanged

Predators: New Rule
You may now take Predators in squads of 1-3 models. All predators must be equipped with the same weapons.
Predators may now purchase Side sponsons equipped with assault cannons at +40 or multi-meltas for +20

Vindicators: New Rule
You may now take Vindicators in squads of 1-3 models.

Whirlwinds: New Rule
A Whirlwind may replace its whirlwind launcher with a typhoon missile Launcher for +10 points.

Land raider, Land Raider Redeemer, Land Raider crusader: Unchanged

New Unit: The Land Raider Troy
“The Troy pattern Land Raider is a modification developed by the Iron Warriors and named after Olympia’s primary moon. Purported to be an STC design discovered by the Iron Warriors after the heresy, doubt has long hovered around this vehicle and its use is shunned by the other legions. This may be due to the extensive weakening done to the Land Raiders engines to accommodate its expanded transport capacity, its abnormally temperamental weaponry, high incidents of metal fatigue and maintenance requirements, or the slanderous rumor that the Troy is the result of unsanctioned experimentation. "

In typical Iron Warrior fashion, the criticisms of others are quietly ignored as the vehicle is hailed as being far more robust and dependable than the lightly armored Rhino. Capable of transporting two full units of tactical squads and entire units of terminators and Battle-servitors, the Troy is a common site on the battle field whenever the Iron Warriors go to war. "

Cost: 125 points
Rules: the Land Raider Troy has all the rules and upgrade options of a standard Land Raider and is identical except in the following ways.
Weaponry: Replace the two twin-linked Las Cannons with two “quad bolters” (counts as a twin linked storm bolter). The forward mounted twin-linked heavy bolter remains.
Transport capacity: 20 models
Dual transport capacity: New Rule. The Land Raider Troy can carry up to twenty models. This may consist of a single unit or two separate units whose total models do not exceed twenty models. (terminators still count as double). Units may embark as normal and disembark as normal, with the following exception. When possible, disembarking units should use different access points. If there is insufficient space to disembark the second unit after the first has been disembarked, it may not disembark. (note if possible, one should disembark a unit and move that unit before disembarking a second unit.) Please keep this in mind in case of forced disembarking!
Unstable Power Core: Modifications to the Land Raider’s plasma coolant system have resulted in a well known flaw that the Iron Warriors stubbornly refuse to correct. If the Troy would suffer a vehicle destroyed result, roll a d6. On a +4, the vehicle destroyed is instead treated as a vehicle explodes.

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