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Nestir V AoD - Timeline

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Ok, so we are just about ready to get the Nestir AoD underway again, and it has grown to become a grand tale. So long is it in fact that I spent a month reading through it all while writing up a timeline as a "short" summary of events that have been mentioned or that have transpired in the story.

If you're just interested in the current battle for Nestir V, then you can skip the ancient and mid history posts and jump straight to the modern day historic timeline in post three.

Updates will happen as the story progresses.




750.M32 - 000.M33
Xamanth Shenestra Sistau, an ingenious mind of Craftworld Lugganath, is elevated to become a powerful Spiritseer and an influential official of the council of Elders within Clan Lugganath. Young for an Eldar of his stature, he has found an inner peace few of his age have mastered, and seeks no more than peace and prosperity of life. He relishes in his family, glad to see their strength grow like a speck of hope within the otherwise dying Eldar race. Yet for his love for his family, Xamanth's duties as an official often carried him far and wide in service to the Great War against Slaanesh and her minions.

Upon returning from one of his journeys, Xamanth finds that his homeworld has come under attack by the demonic minions of the Great Enemy. The hordes of mad creatures have been beaten back by the time of his return, but not before leaving many undefended homes in ruin. Hundreds of Eldar have been killed in the attack, among them, his family.

The touch of the daemons has shattered the Spirit Stones of their victims, and so the Spirit of his family had been lost forever. Mad with grief and thoughts of vengeance Xamanth swears revenge and looses the calm needed to continue on the path of a Farseer. Instead he loses himself to dark moods and an ever increasing thirst for the knowledge of a Spiritseer.

002.M33 - 004.M33
Xamanth goes through varying states of shock, denial, anger, sadness, and pain; and for a time he is seen as a creature so filled with anguish and pain that he is more pain than creature. He is driven to madness and beyond. Then, finally re-emerging from his own private hell, he sets upon the path of the Spiritseer with newfound purpose. One in which he bent his mighty intellect and power towards shaping the future. A future in which he will be able to destroy the Great Enemy and restore his family and race to the forefront of existence. – Even if that means losing himself to become a God in the process.

The Eldar Spiritseer "Xamanth Shenestra Sistau" of Craftworld Lugganath seeks to device a way of defeating Slaanesh to ensure the survival of his race, as well as to save his family's spiritual essence from the Immaterium in the process.

Supported by the Eldar of Lugganath and the Eldar of Ulthwé, he is given access to much knowledge, materials and power in the search for the completion of his quest.
The Eldar Craftworlds even seek out the help of the Ancient Slann and humans.

By the end of the thirty-fifth millennium, the Eldar Spiritseer "Xamanth Shenestra Sistau" is known among the Eldar as quite possibly being the most powerful and knowledgeable Spiritseer ever to have lived.

Xamanth and his followers locate a gathering point of "living" Warp energy within the Immaterium. It is believed that this Warp energy is the still semi conscious spirits of the dead, which have not yet dissolved back into the Immaterium or have not yet been claimed by a Warp entity. The Eldar call this gathering point "Sha'ell", land of the dead.

Xamanth and his followers locate and begin the research and work to modify an ancient and broken Webway Portal to lead into the Warp itself; specifically into "Sha'ell". They call this portal "Credeas Sercambelach".

"Xamanth Shenestra Sistau" and his followers gain the aid of the Inquisitorial Thorian faction, in their search for a safe way to bind warp essence to a living creature within Real Space.

Xamanth gathers to himself a great army of Eldar and Wraith. Even some humans rally to his cause.

After centuries of preparations, Eldar Spiritseer "Xamanth Shenestra Sistau" opens the "Credeas Sercambelach" portal. In the bleed between the Immaterium and the Real, a twisted place comes into existence within the area that used to hold the now damaged Webway. This twisted place is "Sha'ell" made semi-manifest and Xamanth leads his army in to explore its mysteries.

700.M36 - 723.M36
Drawn to this new place of power, many denizens of the Warp seek to destroy or rule it for themselves. Over the years Xamanth's army is forced to do battle on a number of occasions and by the end of it, his army has to defeat seventeen Daemon Lords, three Greater Daemons and over a thousand of their minions.

723.M36 - 738.M36
Having conquered and secured "Sha'ell" for himself, Xamanth explores its depths and learns many secrets of the Immaterium.

738.M36 - 742.M36
With his newfound knowledge, power and technology Xamanth forges three special Psycho-crystalline Spirit stones used to trap and release huge amounts of Warp energy. Xamanth embeds the stones within his own body and names them, the "Aika Carrecenad.

Using "Sha'ell" as a base of operations and the "Credeas Sercambelach" portal as his anchor back into the Real, Xamanth starts exploring even deeper into the mad depths of the Warp. At this time his allies in Lugganath and Ulthwé start questioning his sanity and begin speaking out against him and his quest.

In one of his many Spiritseer walks, "Xamanth Shenestra Sistau" discovers a great gathering of Warp energy within the Empyrean. Due to its bluish, cold visage and ability to make anyone who looks upon it shiver; he names the gathered mass of Warp energy "Lir Rhiantha", "The Heart of Winter's Starlight", or simply "The Heart of Winter".

743.M36 - 748.M36
Xamanth investigates researches and learns everything he can about this huge mass of Warp energy. During this time he learns that it is semi-aware and that it is somehow being fed upon by a larger warp entity tied into Slaanesh itself. Terrified by this new discovery, Xamanth continues his research regardless.

Learning that destroying "The Heart of Winter", may weaken their great enemy, the Eldar once more rally to Xamanth's cause and aid him in any way they can. Xamanth has no intention of destroying the "Lir Rhiantha" however and instead, using his "Aika Carrecenad" Spirit Stone Phylacteries; Xamanth traps and focuses the entity's self-aware energies. – He binds its energy to his own spirit and bends his enormous psychic potential and intellect to control and fully awaken the Warp Entity that he has come to call "Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in".

748.M36 - 750.M36
With his newfound power Xamanth finds himself to be more and more under the corrupting influence of the Warp entity he has tied himself to. He finds his power keep increasing and eventually starts thinking of himself as a Warp god of considerable power and influence.

Seeing Xamanth's fall towards utter corruption and a power to truly be feared, the Eldar of Lugganath and Ulthwé; and even most of his own Wraith army turn on him.
As Xamanth returns through the "Credeas Sercambelach" Webway portal and back into the Real, he is attacked by a massive army of his kindred. In an awesome display of power, Xamanth, fuelled by "Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in" destroys the army that stands against him and makes his escape into the Real.

Eldar Spiritseer "Xamanth Shenestra Sistau" is cast out of Eldar society and is branded a "Brylidassian". – An outcast not of their people.

750.M36 - 257.M37
Xamanth and "Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in" begin merging to become one and the same, a new entity of sorts. Over time however, the Real loses its hold on them and Warp energy, part of their essence starts seeping back into the Immaterium.

Desperate not to lose itself to the Warp, this new entity he has become falls upon a dark xenos world with all the might of a god. And indeed presenting himself as the god "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" begins devouring souls, fully intent of securing an anchor for itself within the Real.

257.M37 - 264.M37
War ravages the Hrud planet as "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" fuses with the planet itself, essentially creating and becoming a daemon planet. Some of its inhabitants rally to his side in religious fervour, others do battle against him. By the end of it "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" has been strengthened even further by the Warp energy of the souls he has drawn to himself.

By the time he leaves nothing remains of the world but a few lone stragglers that flee into the void of space to spread their tale of terror and how their race must never group together in one place as large as a planet.

When the Eldar hunting him finally arrive at the planet, their prey is long gone and the trail has gone cold, but they swear never to forget.

264.M37 - 543.M38
"Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" continues to ravage and possess planets, leaving nothing but death and destruction in his wake as he gathers Warp energy to power himself.

During this time of lonely seclusion, Xamanth finds his shared consciousness with the Warp entity 'Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in' to be a welcome relief, and he becomes both a mentor to and a pupil of the mighty Warp Entity.

At times he appears among Imperial populations, intent to set them back on the right path when he sees them begin to turn towards the direct or indirect worship of the Chaos Gods.

At times he also appears in different guises among his people, to oppose opulent behaviour in the Quess. Then for a time, he finds new purpose in going to great lengths in order to thwart Dark Eldar attacks.

A Warp anomaly appears on several planets near the eastern side of the Damocles Gulf. Descriptions of the Warp anomaly is said to be shifting colours in the sky. Whispered voices or pleasant, alluring smells in the air. The appearance of one or two strong and charismatic leaders and occasionally huge amounts of people found dead due to what psychers that bore witness to such incidents, later came to classify as 'A Soul ripping Wyrm of colourful might'. Many scholars among the Imperium and Eldar believe that these phenomena were caused by the presence of the super-daemon Adramalech".

The Warp Entity known as "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" once again appears within Eldar history, within the Sepharvaim binary system. Here he is worshipped as a sun and moon god for a while on the twin library planets of Sepharvaim I and Sepharvaim II.

Here "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" overthrows old religious beliefs planted by the Word Bearers. After this he is worshipped as a two part god: Adramalech, the sun god; dedicated to the powerful essence of "Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in"; and that of Anamelech, the moon god, dedicated to the wise and ambitious side of "Xamanth Shenestra Sistau".

His worship and rule grows in staggering proportions, but eventually fails when he declares for all the infants of the twin planets to be sacrificed to him by their parents for the next twenty years. - Declaring that they burn the children within huge bronze statues of the gods.

In exchange for such dedication, the gods promise the Sepharvaimians knowledge far surpassing that of mere mortals, but the Sepharvaimians refuse and revolt.

To punish the people for their betrayal, the two-part, powerful entities of Adramalech and Anamelech, once more unite into one form and start consuming the souls of whole cities, one at a time.

Drained of their souls, millions are massacred, and in sheer terror, the people of Sepharvaim I and Sepharvaim II do as they had been told.

Within the span of one night, all the young of the planets are killed in ritual sacrifice, leaving the Sepharvaimians futureless and sullen, but they now believe that at the very least, they had saved their own miserable hides.

In the carnage "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" has grown tremendously in power; and feeding on power and rage, he himself becomes a raging monster hungering for the energy of ever more souls.

Within a week more than 20 billion souls succumb to "Xamanth Quass Arathinos Cae" in the name of Adramalech, and from that day on he goes by that name alone.

The Imperium discovers recordings etched into memorial stones on Sepharvaim II, depicting these incidents.

The records also describe the true guise of Adramalech as a being that of a shifting dragon shape seemingly made out of translucent ice, weaved into a crescendo of brilliant colours deceptive to the eye; like the optical interference of iridescent hues which shimmer and change with viewing angle. – Much like Adramelch's mind and nature of spirit.

The texts go on to describe Adramalech as being greater in ambition, guile and mischief than God, as well as being the greatest enemy of Fate; meaning that he is an enemy of the Sepharvaimians' former god of knowledge: Tzeentch.

Furthermore he is described as a swirling mass of destruction and an evil greater than ever encountered. A fiend more cursed and a deeper hypocrite than The Ender of all things.

The Eldar of Lugganath, the Eldar of Ulthwé and a small band of Imperial Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lords, initiate a warrior program designed to destroy Adramalech.

With the help of the Lugganath Eldar and the resources of the Inquisition, Dr. Aegir Outek Scientia the third, leads a cross-species team of scientists on an ice planet known as Frost.

Here they create a batch of more than two hundred test-tube babies, allegedly made with cell samples from the God Emperor himself and the most powerful Eldar Farseer ever to have existed: "Eldrad Ulthran".

To ensure the safety of the program, a small group of dedicated Space Wolves are tasked by the Inquisition, with protecting the facility on Frost. Their leader is a hardy and good humoured Wolf Priest and Skald named Snebjeorn Pennskjender.

Dr. Aegir Outek Scientia the third's program is a success, but out of the two hundred specimens they started with, only ten are a success. One boy, and nine girls.

970.M38 - 995.M38
Dr. Aegir Outek's children of Frost are raised to hate daemons, and especially Adramalech. They begin their training alongside the Space Wolves, then later go on to study within the hallowed halls of Ordo Malleus

015.M39 - 027.M39
After years of training with Ordo Malleus, the children, now known as The Warriors of Frost, are sent on missions alongside the Grey Knights, while posing as Inquisitors.

027.M39 - 052.M39
The Warriors of Frost are allowed to train with the mysterious Harlequins of the Eldar.

It is quite clear that the Warriors of Frost do not age like regular humans. They are found worthy by the Harlequins and while they do not get to see the library itself, they are allowed time to study knowledge allegedly gathered from the mythical Black Library.

052.M39 - 072.M39
The Warriors of Frost study Eldar and human knowledge, including many years of studying lore about the Immaterium.

072.M39 - 097.M39
Beginning their training on the planet of Krieg, the Warriors of Frost are introduced to the Imperium's military machine via the Imperial Guard and work their way up through the ranks, from privates to generals.

097.M39 - 020.M39
As high ranking officers within the Imperial Guard, the Warriors of Frost use their training, contacts and special skills to bring victory to dozens of Imperial battlefields. All the while keeping a network active, to seek out any and all traces or possible sightings of Adramalech.

804.M39 - 906.M39
Space Wolves battle alongside the Frost Maidens on a series of icy battlefields while searching for a great many coloured Wyrm of the Warp.

938.M39 - 980.M39
'Milton's Paradise' is a self sustained, primitive, yet rich planet.
At first infiltrating the planet's population by using the guise of a Saint of the Imperium with close ties to the lost God Emperor, Adramalech subjugates the primitive population and turns their mild Slaaneshian tendencies away from such pursuits, making the humans there more imperial in their ways.

Later, inhabiting and possessing the very land of the planet itself, Adramalech uses his avatar form of Xamanth to set himself up as a ruler of the human population, and as a divinity of the land.

Presenting himself as a god of both fire and Ice; love and hate; war and peace, who rules over all of the land, Adramalech starts working on embodying the whole of 'Milton's Paradise' and turns the people from their ignorant, though low grade worship of Slaanesh, to the worship of himself as their one true god instead.

Over time he brings them better technology and industrial expansion. He re-establishes the use of the planet's three Hive Cities and eventually even industrializes the planet's nine moons.

When the Imperium decides to send an delegation to the planet, to elect an Imperial Planetary Governor and instil a small, yet strong Planetary Defence Force from off world, Imperial agents learn of what is happening on Milton's Paradise, but do not fully comprehend the situation. Ordo Malleus is alerted to the situation but seem to underestimate and ignore it.

The Eldar of Ulthwé also learn of the situation through humans and through covert means seek to alert more Imperial authorities. The Imperium does however not respond, its bureaucracy being far too slow for the task. Instead the Eldar begin luring the Fighting Tigers Space Marine Chapter towards the planet in a series of daring raids and pirate actions that sees the Tigers mobilized for a hunt.

Morg, of the Sons of Medusa Chapter arrives on Milton's Paradise, seemingly out of thin air during a monsoon lighting storm.

Through Ulthwé, the Warriors of Frost learn what is happening at Milton's Paradise and prepare for the war they were created for.

The Eldar have finally lured the Fighting Tigers to Milton's Paradise and the Space Marines learn of what is happening there. On Inquisitorial orders they fall back and await the right time to strike.

Through Imperial spies and contacts within a small but still loyal Planetary Defence Force, the Imperials learn about a small group of resistance fighters lead by one Morg, of the Sons of Medusa Chapter.

Having planned their move for over half a year, the Imperials finally have a Battle Force that is made up of soldiers from the Imperial Guard, the Warriors of Frost and representatives of the Inquisition. With the Inquisition at the lead, they attack Milton's Paradise.

In the guise of the Imperial Guard Generals Raphael and Uriel (Jokul and Jheri Rosin of the Warriors of Frost), lead an Imperial Guard army consisting of more than four million Imperial Guardsmen, against Adramalech and his loyal cultists.

The industrial moons quickly surrender and fall one after the other, but by the time the Imperial army reaches the surface of Milton, Adramalech has converted its land to his own needs; twisting its nature into chaotic weapons that spread panic throughout the habitats of the jungle planet. Entire forest uproot to become soldiers in his army and the jungles twist into terrible death traps, while all around Mount Kae, the land turns into an icy hell so cold that people without the best of protection freeze to death within minutes.

Millions of the planet's men march to war in Adramalech's name, while millions upon millions of its women and children willingly sacrifice themselves to further strengthen their god.

Carrying out their initial Planetstrike, the Imperials team up with the courageous warrior Morg, and his Planetary Defence Forces. Then months of fighting follow.

The Space Wolf skald Snebjeorn begins recording the Saga of the Frost Maidens.

The Imperials finally take the Capital Hive City of Milton's Paradise. A Hive City named Primus. By now however, the Imperial forces have been depleted to below half strength, and of the Warriors of Frost, only three remain alive.

Besieged within the Hive City, the Imperials call for aid and aid comes in the form of two full Companies of the Fighting Tigers of Veda. Securing Hive Primus the Tigers meet up with the only two remaining Warriors of Frost, as well as with Morg.

Together they devise a plan to defeat the enemy, and the Tigers' expert knowledge of jungle warfare proved instrumental in turning the tide.

Well placed surgical strikes help sever enemy supply lines, take down command areas, and to win back Hive Secundus, as well as Hive Tertius.

Yet with Adramalech's forces in retreat, the Imperial force is worn thin and spread out far too much, so they can't make the final push against the Temple Fortress of Mount Kea, where the daemonic heart of Adramalech's strength is held. Then, to make matters worse, war erupts on the planet's nine industrial moons again.

During this time of need, another ship appears in orbit above Milton's Paradise. Battered, broken and in terrible shape, it signals that it is "The Dutiful". A Strike Cruiser of the imperially loyal "Guardian Angels" Space Marine Chapter.

The Fighting Tigers are sceptical to the newcomers, but Morg and a strange Inquisitor travelling with the Fighting Tigers verifies their identification markers; and so the Guardian Angels' Eighth Company joins the war.

Focusing their efforts on the Temple Fortress of Mount Kea, the Guardian Angels force the enemy to refocus their strength. This buys a large Militia and Guard force lead by Morg, time to relocate and strike down the uproar that has broken out on the Industrial moons of the planet.

In the mean time, the remaining Warriors of Frost, reallocate their two million soldiers of the Imperial Guard and make a push for Mount Kea. Alongside the Fighting Tigers, Ione force strikes through the jungles to the south, while the other force does the same from the North. Much thanks to the jungle fighting skills of the Fighting Tigers, the Imperials decimate the enemy as they advance. - Then within hours the enemy cultists unexpectedly begin to commit ritual suicide in the hundreds; then in the thousands.

Due to the ritual soul sacrifices, a Soulstorm infuses the planet and feeding on the power of soul sacrifice, Adramalech finally fully imbues himself into the soil of the planet, making it an extension of himself. – In essence making it into his own Daemonic body.

The landscape of the planet shifts and takes on ever stranger forms as it starts to become a daemon planet. Through all this, the ferocious Fighting Tigers and the Imperial Guard holds their ground and stands firm against the enemy while still making some progress against their numbers.

Still, the merest inkling of a touch from Adramalech’s psychic presence through this nature, is like an epic dose of horror injected right into the nervous system; leaving whole regiments of soldiers feeling repulsed, defiled, and forever doubtful about the inherent goodness of mankind. – Yet fuelled with conviction thanks to the Fighting Tigers battling right beside them in those hell spawned jungles, the Imperial Guard and the Warriors of Frost do not falter and keep fighting against impossible odds. Then new unexpected allies arrive in the form of Eldar forces from Craftworld Lugganath.

At first the Fighting Tigers insist they must battle this new enemy as well, but it soon becomes apparent that the Eldar are far to elusive for the bogged down Imperial forces already desperately battling the jungles that come alive with living plants and strange hunched over Xenos creatures that seem like shades whirring through the jungle with impossible speed.

With the Fighting Tigers leading the charge, the Imperials finally pull back to air-lift secure zones, deducing that they have held their ground and kept their diversion going for long enough. As the Imperials begin to be air-ferried out of the jungle, thousands upon thousands of enemy forces fall as huge swatches of forest burn in promethium fuelled fires.

Using the diversion of the largest Imperial force to their advantage, a small group of elite warriors from the Guardian Angels Chapter, lead by Commander Iniel Bannister and Jokul of the Warriors of Frost, fight their way across the icy wastelands around Mount Kea and into the Temple fortress of the mountain's snow topped summit.

Entering into the temple, the battle force is cut off and is forced to fight its way through hordes of undead before reaching the temple's Webway portal set up much like the ancient and legendary portal "Credeas Sercambelach", the portal leading to "Sha'ell".

The battle force of Angels eventually reach the temple's portal and continue through its daemon filled tunnels to find and destroy one of Adramalech's "Aika Carrecenad" Spirit Stones, as well as the Wraithbone matrix construct that hold it; for both have become corrupt with Warp power, and with their connection to the Immaterium, Adramalech is able to capture and use the power of every sacrificed soul upon Milton's Paradise to fuel his own power.

Finally destroying the "Aika Carrecenad", Jokul Frost is able to free millions of captured Human souls, as well as Eldar spirits. This weakens Adramalech tremendously, making him loose much of his hold over the land of the planet outside, and on top of this many of the Eldar Spirits gather together to further attack his spiritual being.

In the midst of this chaos, the Guardian Angels and Jokul Frost fight their way back out of Sha'ell, to seal the portal they have learned truly is the 'Credeas Sercambelach' portal, for good.

Returning to the realm of the Real, the Guardian Angels had dealt a brutal spiritual blow to Adramalech, just as the Fighting Tigers and Imperial Guard had defeated his armies. With these goals accomplished the Imperials wish to ensure the destruction of Adramalech's planetary body so they can sever his link to the Material Universe.

Morg and his loyal warriors rig the gravity repulsers of the planet's nine industrial moons in such a way that the moons will be pulled with ever increasing force, towards Milton's Paradise.

The Imperial Fleet begins to evacuate as many of the Imperials as possible from the moons and the planet both, as the moons begin their steadily increasing fall towards their parent planet. - The operation takes days and again war breaks out on the moons.

The Fighting Tigers and the Guardian Angels are brought in to aid in the cleansing of cultists from the surfaces of the moons. Having defeated the rebellion, the moons continue their steady descent as the Imperial Fleet's heavy lance cannons bombard the planet below, but soon the Fleet moves away, no longer feeling secure within the massive gravitational pulls of the planet's immediate atmospheric orbit.

As the Imperial Fleet draws back and the lance strikes are halted, Adramalech is once more free to channel his remaining power into other things than defence. Noting that the moons are being used as projectile weapons that can tear his newfound planetary body apart and sever his link with the Real; banishing him to the Warp and leaving him open to the full wrath of Slaanesh; Adramalech, in a desperate attempt to defend himself releases almost all of his power in one fantastic shockwave of energy.

Erupting out of the planet in every direction, the immeasurable amount of energy is enough to devastate all nine moons, crushing them and swirling them into orbit around the planet itself. – Thus creating the rings of Nestir V". Only two minor fragments remain that are large enough to still be called moons, and these settle back into new orbits.

The energy release also destroys many Imperial ships, overpowering even more, and yet most of the energy had been directed at the moons, leaving the Fleet remarkably intact.

Down below, the manipulations forced upon the planet's nature, by Adramalech, followed by the unforeseen release of cataclysmic energy, almost instantly turns every last plant on the planet into a thick, black sludge that over time filters through the soil to form enormous underground Promethium seas.

The enormous outburst of energy also shifts the axial tilt of Milton's Paradise, creating a much colder climate, while in the months and years to come, the newly created planetary rings around the planet shower it in gusts of meteor rain.

The planet survives its ordeals and is cleansed and freed from its Warp held nature, yet the cities have suffered tremendous damage.

Nearly two months after the end of the war for Milton's Paradise , the Fighting Tigers return to their own meanderings, while the Guardian Angels and Morg stay with the planet for a while longer, not quite knowing where to go or what to do.

The remaining Warriors of Frost, only two in number now, return to the planet alongside their remaining Guardsmen and the planet's imperially loyal Planetary Defence Forces.

982.M39 - 996.M39
The two remaining Warriors of Frost, Jokul and Jheri Rosin, learn Lojban, the former native tongue of Milton's Paradise and alongside their loyal forces, oversee its re-population. During this time they also serve the planet's rulers in the name of the Imperium of man. Morg travels the land, while the Guardian Angels take the time to recruit while serving as guardians in the new Imperial palace within Hive Primus.

Towards the end of their reign, the Warriors of Frost are approached by the mysterious Inquisitor that had been travelling with the Fighting Tigers. The enigmatic Inquisitor remains name and faceless thanks to his brown hooded cloak. Those who know of him however, refer to him as Doc Fulvus.

The Inquisitor informs the Warriors of Frost, Morg and the officers of the Guardian Angels, that his studies prove that Adramalech is not yet defeated. A claim that is later confirmed, by a secret Ulthwé Eldar ambassador.

The Imperials send search parties far and wide across the entirety of the star system, but no trace of Adramalech is found. Unable to track down and destroy the last vestiges of Adramalech's hold on the Material Universe, the Imperials are forced to wait until he comes out of hiding once more.

Inquisitor Fulvus informs them that like all Greater Daemons destroyed within the real, it will take an estimated one thousand years for Adramalech's energy to build enough for him to have any real influence on the Real again. Yet they need to ensure his defeat in the future as well, and so the Inquisitor makes a proposition that will allow for that to happen

The Warriors of Frost end their rule over Milton's Paradise and alongside Morg and the Guardian Angels, they journey alongside Inquisitor Fulvus to a place near the Maelstrom. There they are shown forbidden Webway tunnels are claimed to lead through time itself. After many discussions and preparations, they are all guided through the Webway by the strange Inquisitor. – In the mean time, their ships and equipment lay dormant, hidden and guarded by their Eldar and Inquisitorial allies in the Real.

The Warriors of Frost are denied to bring Imperial Guard forces, but The Guardian Angels and Morg are allowed to come along, for the enigmatic Inquisitor claims they belong to another time.

For weeks the forces allied against Adramalech travel through the secret Webway tunnels, then as they finally reach its end, a mighty release of energy forces the walls of the strange place to collapse. The group is nearly killed in the Webway collapse, and travelling back through time in the way that they came is thus made impossible.

996.M39 - 012.M41
The Eldar and the Inquisition continue to prepare for the future battle to come, once Adramalech rises again.

After Jokul and Jheri Rosin stepped down as Milton's Paradise's rulers in 996.M39, the planet has seen four years of free Meritocratic rule away from the Imperium of man. Then the great Imperial Crusader and Conqueror Alexander Victor Nestir takes the planet for himself. This planet is the fifth planet and star system to hold his name. In all he conquered five star systems, four from Orks and one from no true Imperial rule. Eventually Alexander Victor Nestir made Nestir V his final home and resting place.

The Space Wolf skald Snebjeorn Pennskjender finishes recording the Saga of the Frost Maidens. By the time he has finished It involves nine songs, and each song consists of between four and nine volumes of books. Three books per volume; 135 books in all.
The same year, Snebjeorn Pennskjender dies at the venerable age of 1095 years old.

The great Imperial Crusader and Conqueror Alexander Victor Nestir dies of old age on Nestir V. A great shrine to his honour is built within the Chapels district of Hive Primus. This shrine is called the Cathedral of Nestir and is the planet's main Cathedral, as well as Nestir's final resting place.

The McPommum Corporation, a truly ancient Mechanicus organization that was already very powerful and influential on Milton's Paradise take over the ruling of the now snow clad planet and rename it and the entire star system to Nestir V, in honour of the great explorer and conqueror Nestir. They oversee the rebuilding a refitting of the planet's Hive Cities, forging them into mighty pumps that can drain Promethium from the planet and refine it.

000.M40 - 207.M40
Having hidden his 'Lir Rhiantha', his Empyrean Heart of Power and having maintained only an inkling of his bond to 'Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in', its separate consciousness, Adramalech materializes himself again this year in the guise of the Eldar Spiritseer Adram Xamanth. Having been made corporal again, he is doomed to walk the icy deserts of Nestir V in secret. Over the years he comes to hate his immortal shell, and for a time he falls entirely back into madness.

207.M40 - 996.M40
After centuries of solitude, Xamanth has resurfaced to help rebuild the world he so devastated as Adramalech. Working from behind the scenes again and again, he struggles to make amends. During this time he lives many lives. Some good, some bad; and in his mortal form, he broadens his horizons of understanding and power.

Xamanth establishes a haven for exiled Eldar Pirates on Nestir V, and within a few decades he has his own thriving, though secret little Eldar empire. Right under the noses of the Imperium.

Having planned to crate weapons especially forged to destroy Adramalech, the Eldar of Ulthwé seek out a black hole and begin extracting the super dense metal Ithilmar from it.

Xamanth begins sowing the seeds of a legend regarding Adramalech and the power he can grant to mortals.

The new human ruler of Nestir V, manipulated by Adramalech's avatar form of Xamanth, begins his quest to use dark, forbidden knowledge in a search for power and eternal life. Driven by the legend of Adramalech, he sets about to reawaken and summon the powerful entity, from its hiding place.

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The Eldar of Ulthwé ally with certain semi-corrupt officials of the Adeptus Mechanicus faction: McPommum. Their goal, to extract and decode arco-tech knowledge from a Standard Template Construct fragment they have located.

Having gone through the Webway tunnels of time, the Warriors of Frost, Morg, the Guardian Angels and Inquisitor Fulvus appear out of the same tunnel they had entered near the Maelstrom. Yet though the location seems the same, the time has changed and over a thousand years have passed in the Galaxy, while mere weeks have passed for the travellers within the Webway.

The galaxy has changed and the warriors hunting Adramalech need to become part of it once more. Inquisitor Fulvus arranges transport onboard Imperial ships and then leaves with the Guardian Angels and Morg, to reclaim their ship as well as their other heavy equipment from the secret stores of the Inquisition.

Jokul and Jheri need to relocate their allies among the Eldar and the Inquisition, as well as to create a name for themselves within the Imperium's Warmachine. They begin by setting out to find 'Ulthanash Shelwe'.

The Eldar of Ulthwé begin designing a pair of superior weapons and ally with the Jokaero of Tirathain to fulfil this goal.

Having returned to 'Ulthanash Shelwe', Jokul and Jheri learn the history of the galaxy from the time they were gone. They also learn of the fate of Milton's Paradise, which has become Nestir V.

999.M40 - 009.M41
Returning to the Imperium of man, Jokul and Jheri take the names Jack and Storm. Joining the Imperial Guard they use their previous experience and training to quickly climb its ladders, becoming heroic officers while gaining many allies and plenty of resources.

After five hundred years, the Eldar of Ulthwé have finally extracted enough of the super dense metal Ithilmar from a black hole, to create two swords. Already having allied with the Jokaero of the Tirathain, and semi-corrupt Mechanicus officials to forge the blades and the technology for them, the three allied forces begin their work to create the powerful daemon slayer weapons Yirrik-Zhai and Rillie-Tageth.

Jack and Storm, now having reached high officer status within the Imperial Guard, contact Ordo Malleus and confronts some of their Lords with their knowledge. They learn they have largely been forgotten and that the conclave that used to sponsor them is long since gone. Yet their stories are confirmed by ancient Inquisitorial archives and they gain some loyal allies again.

The blades Yirrik-Zhai and Rillie-Tageth are as complete as the allied weapon smiths of the Jokaero of Tirathain, and the Mechanicus can make them. Now the most skilled Vaul-Sword weapon smiths of the Eldar, taught by the Slann themselves, begin the work of refining the weapons.

The Eldar of Ulthwé learn that the age old and dying human ruler of Nestir V, has begun to study knowledge of the Warp so that he may fully reawaken Adramalech within the planet, gain the mighty daemon's favour and be granted eternal life.

Jack and Storm, the last remaining Warriors of Frost are summoned to 'Ulthanash Shelwe'. There they are presented with the weapons developed by the Jokaero for the Tirathain and refined by the Ulthwé Eldar to defeat Adramalech. The sabres, Yirrik-Zhai and Rillie-Tageth. Together the weapons can form an even greater sword, known as Anthatrill.

Training with their new weapons for two years alongside the Harlequins, the Warriors of Frost are finally ready to leave 'Ulthanash Shelwe' once more.

Upon their time to leave, the Harlequins present Jack and Storm with an artefact based on Xamanth's ancient Psycho-crystalline Aika Carrecenad Spirit stone technology. 'This is the 'Bionnearan Ra-iok Hasoi Tonesh Carrecenad', or the Snow Globe. A dimensional energy prison meant to trap and drain Warp essence.

Having left 'Ulthanash Shelwe', Jack and Storm return to the Imperium and work their way through the ranks to become Generals once more.

Guided by Xamanth, the McPommum Corporation finally locate the 'Heart of Winter', the 'Lir Rhiantha'; Adramalech's source of power.

Having used the Arco-tech knowledge gained by their alliance with the Eldar of Ulthwé, the corrupt officials of the McPommum Corporation have completed a new, advanced machine and start tapping into the 'Lir Rhiantha'.

Having reached General status, Jack and Storm begin gathering an army of handpicked, skilled and utterly loyal warriors.

Using their Arco-tech, the McPommum Corporation finally reawaken the consciousness of 'Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in', Xamanth daemonic counterpart and the second half of the demigod Adramalech.

Learning of this, the Ulthwé are surprised that the humans have mastered this so quickly. Fearing that Adramalech will rise once again, they recall the Warriors of Frost and prepare them for the coming war.

After nearly a year of resting and training on 'Ulthanash Shelwe', the Warriors of Frost return to their army and the ranks of the Imperial Guard, as heroes of the Imperium once again. Still going by the names of Generals Jack Alexander Frost, and General Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost. - They begin preparing fully for the war to come.

The Warriors of Frost learn that Adramalech has once more risen on Nestir V.
Moving quickly to ensnare him before he can regain his power, they direct their armies towards the enormous ice planet.

Once they reach Nestir V, they find Morg and the Guardian Angels waiting for them within the Nestir V system. They team up and launch "Operation Heart of Winter".
General Jack Frost, the Guardian Angels and Morg of the Sons of Medusa launch an attack upon Hive Tertius, while General Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost delivers an ultimatum to the Planetary Governor, demanding the PDF be handed into the command of the Imperial Guard.

The Imperial Fleet is ambushed by Eldar pirates, and the Imperials find the human officials of the McPommum Corporation on Nestir V assassinated.
The planet's orbital defence grid attacks the Imperial Fleet and on Xamanth's orders, Nestir V's Planetary Defence Forces go to war against their Imperial Guard counterparts.

The Imperial Astartes forces are cut off and hard pressed within the Hive Tertius.

Morg and half a company of the Guardian Angels are lead by General Jack towards Xamanth's headquarters, while Commander Bannister and the rest of the Angels move to shut down Tertius' power grid and communication arrays.

The Imperial Fleet finds an unexpected ally in a small but lithe fleet of Lugganath and Ulthwé ships that draw the pirates away; thus freeing the Imperials up to make a hole in the planet's defensive grid, and as soon as Bannister's group shuts down the city shields, General Storm leads twenty thousand Guardsmen in a strike against Hive Tertius.

In the meantime Xamanth is tied up in his headquarters trying to fully infuse his remaining 'Aika Carrecenad' Spirit Stones with the power of 'Lir Rhiantha' so he can meld with 'Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in' once again to form the might of Adramalech.

Defeating the personal guard-army of the city officials, Morg and the Guardian Angels finally breach the inner sanctum. From there they monitor the situation until Storm joins her brother along with a small but force elite forces of Guardsmen.

In the city at large, the rest of the Imperial Guard hold the city forces at bay, while Commander Bannister's angels finally take down the orbital defence grid uplinks, before joining the elite forces of the Warriors of Frost, in the inner sanctum of Xamanth's citadel within Hive Tertius.

Waiting for the right moment, they make their attack on Xamanth just as he is imbuing his 'Aika Carrecenad' and himself with the last power of the 'Lir Rhiantha'.

Despite his weakened state, it still takes forty marines, as well as both the Warriors of Frost to subdue him. – Yet without the combined might of the sabres 'Rillie-Tageth' and 'Yirrik-Zhai', in the form of 'Anthatrill', the Imperials would not have been able to defeat him at all.

While Adramalech is held down by five Marines, the Warriors of Frost lay the Snowglobe on his 'Chakra' and within minutes the artefact has exorcised the consciousness of the daemonic 'Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in', and drained the 'Lir Rhiantha', trapping its Warp energy within its confines.

Unexpectedly Xamanth's body perishes in the process, drained of its spirit, it is frozen into a slab of ice.

In the rest of Hive Tertius, the twenty thousand Imperial Guardsmen that came with the Generals has been depleted to under ten thousand. even so they have managed to destroy Xamanth's inner elite and their guard forces. Hearing of this the rest of the PDF lay down arms and the Imperial Strike Force manages to gain control of the city.

In orbit the Imperial and Lugganath fleets have gained even more allies as the mysterious Inquisitor Fulvus has reappeared alongside the head of the still loyal McPommum Corporation and their Skitarii forces. Together the mighty Imperial representatives of the Emperor and the Omnisiah order the armies of Nestir V to lay down arms. – The few that do not comply are swiftly taken care off by the rest of the Imperial Guard, and soon peace is restored once more to Nestir V.

'Stephanos Exerceo', the headmaster of the McPommum Corporation is shamed of what his officials on Nestir V have done, so under the guidance of The Inquisitor, he agrees that his organization, in secret, will guard the powerful artefact that holds the 'Lir Rhiantha' imprisoned.

031.M41 - 038.M41
Unknowing that they are working with Xenos, the Ulthwé Eldar and the McPommum Corporation work together to create a mighty prison for the Snowglobe.

A mighty fortress is built below Hive Tertius and the superb Machine Spirit Snow Leopard is moved by the McPommum Corporation, from an undisclosed location, to Nestir V, where it is set up as the prison's eternal Guardian beneath the Fortress-like Hive Tertius".

The armies of the Warriors of Frost, the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Eldar and the Guardian Angels disperse and go their separate ways. At the behest of Inquisitor Fulvus, the Warriors of Frost, Morg and the Guardian Angels leave their heavy gear in the capable hands of the Inquisition and the Eldar of Ulthwé, who will have custodianship over it until the return of the mysterious warriors.

Inquisitor Fulvus leads his band of warriors back to the Maelstrom and the Webway tunnels of time, but after they were almost killed the last time, Jack refuses to go. Instead he volunteers to test an experimental Arcotech stasis ship built by the McPommum Corporation. A ship no larger than a coffin, that will allow him to sleep through the ages; and so he does. - The rest travel through the tunnels of time.

A huge meteor, followed by meteor showers from Nestir V's asteroid belt hits Nestir V and keeps hitting it for more than a week.

Hive Tertius is hit and ruined in a terrible disaster that leaves hundreds of thousands dead and even more wounded, poor and homeless.

The collapse of the hive and the quakes that follow damage the subterranean fortress of the Snow Leopard Machine Spirit, and as the mine-shaft entryways to the fort collapse in on themselves, the power to the Snow Leopard and its defences temporarily go down.

Nestir V's atmosphere is saturated with dust and snow, throwing large parts of the continent into darkness, and a Fimbul Winter much worse than what the planet's already frigid atmosphere usually has to offer, follows. – This leaves even more people to freeze. – Panic and chaos follows as Tertius is abandoned and the other hives are filled beyond their capacity.

In the rush to find solutions for getting millions of people off-world, Tertius is forgotten. The primary seat of the McPommum Corporation's power falls with the hive and soon its buried secret is forgotten.

At the hit of the meteor, The Snowglobe and the chamber it is stored in is also damaged. Parts of the Most of the Snow Leopard's Fortress' defences go offline and adventurous Hrudii warriors enter the Snow Leopard's inner sanctum where they steal the Snow Globe.

The artefact is carried far into the hidden underworld of Nestir V. – There it is eventually left behind and is forgotten.

215.M41 - 312.M41
With the Snow Globe damaged, Xamanth's consciousness begins learning about the Spirit-matrix prison in which he is trapped. He learns it is much like the technology of his original 'Aika Carrecenad' stones, and eventually learns to partly reverse engineer his Cage of Solitude from the inside.

During this time the damaged chamber holding the Fort of the Snow Leopard is completely cut off from the rest of Nestir V, as ocean of Promethium form in the tunnels and caverns above it.

312.M41 - 421.M41
Xamanth learns how to feel the outside world, then how to combine his consciousness with the 'Lir Rhiantha' again. Once more becoming a weakened Adramalech, he learns to increase his power and how to use spirit energy to sense and communicate with the outside world.

421.M41 - 527.M41
Adramalech learns how to sense and manipulate the weak corruptible minds of the subterranean creatures outside his energy prison.

527.M41 - 728.M41
Adramalech begins learning how to throw his consciousness into feeble minds, but is unable to actually escape his prison to fully take over a body and get a corporal form once again.

Over time he becomes increasingly better at manifesting in his subjects and he establishes himself as their friend, then as their guide, their leader and eventually their god.

Shaping the forces of Nestir V's underworld into armies, Adramalech sends out search-parties in a vane hope to have them retrieve the Snow Globe, but they are unable to retrieve it.

728.M41 - 001.M42
Adramalech learns how to project his mind further into the outside world.
He begins ensnaring humans.

A curious Ordo Malleus Inquisitor arrives at Nestir V and takes a keen interest in the myth of Adramalech. He learns of the Snow Leopard and deems it an unholy fiend of Techno Heresy before shutting down its full access to the planet's hives cities, thus unknowingly giving Xamanth even more unhindered influence over the planet's people. Eventually Xamanth has him killed

Xamanth is again fully absorbed by the daemon 'Quass Arathinos Cae Angau Braega'in' and only Adramalech is left.

General Jack Frost returns to Nestir V in the Arcotech stasis ship S.M.E.R, built by the McPommum Corporation. He finds the people of Nestir V more primitive than when last he saw them and soon begins roaming Nestir V's icy wastelands, fighting xenos threats while looking for a way to return to the Snow Leopard's Fort. Among the people of Nestir V he becomes known as a great adventurer and a hero wandering the wastelands and the dark below. - A hero they call Jack of the Frost.

Eventually Jack learns that Adramalech has become a rising daemonic threat again, so he goes into the ruins of Hive Tertius in order to raise the Snow Leopard Machine Spirit. Investigating the depths of the ruins, he is assaulted by the psychic might of Adramalech's consciousness and Adramalech's Hrud army descends upon him.

The Warrior of Frost uses Xamanth's own ancient artefacts to bind Adramalech's daemon energy to himself and bring it under a certain amount of control. – He fights and subdues the mind of Xamanth in the ruins of Hive Tertius, and so contains Xamanth's mind within his own.

Having battled Adramalech's daemonic spirit and Xamanth's keen mind, containing them within himself for years, Jokul is finally subdued and defeated, allowing the consciousness of Adramalech to the forefront.

Having possessed Jack's body and mind, his strange xenos equipment begins to burn and damage Adramalech and so he travels to the Lava river of Hvergelmir, where he throws it all into the lava. Rather than Jack's original equipment, he begins using the power armour and lighting claws of the Inquisitor he had killed in 849.M41

004.M42 - 007.M42
In the guise of the people's hero, Jack of the Frost, Adramalech returns to Hive Primus wearing Jokul's body. He puts up a show of defeating his own armies from the Underworld, his fame grows ever greater. He is hailed as a hero and eventually the locals begin referring to him as 'The Saint of the Claws'.

With this power Adramalech forges himself into the minds of the people, as both a hero and a leader of Nestir V. He takes over the highest ranking military position on the planet.

Having travelled through the tunnels of time, yet another Webway collapses and Storm and the mysterious Inquisitor burn out their psychic potential stabilizing it long enough for everyone to get through. The Warp feedback of the tunnel's collapse almost drives them all insane, but Storm and The Inquisitor are able to fight down the Warp madness themselves.

Following this incident, 'The Inquisitor' psychically wipes and subjects the Marines to undergo Hypno-therapy so they won’t slowly sink into madness.

005.M42 - 006.M42
At a secret location, time effort and resources is spent to restore all the safe parts of the memories of the leaders and elites of the Marines.
Storm and The Inquisitor reacquaint themselves with the Galaxy and through ancient pacts and agreements reunite with their former allies. They reacquire their ancient heavy gear, including the mighty battle ship Dutiful. - Storm tries to relocate Jack, but has no luck in doing so. She then leaves with an Inquisitorial mandate to re-establishes herself in the Imperium as a General of the Imperial Guard, and to gather an army.

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Adramalech reaches the top of Nestir V's military hierarchy and begins enslaving the humans there. Then he gathers his Hrud armies, prepare his pirate Eldar and invite the forces of Chaos to drain the planet of resources for him.

A reign of terror falls on Nestir V as the Chaos invasion begins and then his quest too, begins in full. – His quest to relocate the Snowglobe beneath the Snow filled world of Nestir V. – To lead his armies into the Eternal Night of the Underworld and the Promethium Sea, and to re-establish himself as a true God!

Having completed their hypno-therapy, recognation and training, the Guardian Angels of the 8'th Company are put in recuperative stasis to awake once more onboard their ships in their own time; and their ship computer is reset and presented with the Nestir system's coordinates. – When the Angels awake again, it will be as if though their long arduous journey into the past never happened.

'The Inquisitor' leaves with Morg in a state of suspended animation, to go on his own errand.

Mar. 02. 007.M42
Adramalech gives his secret Hrud and Eldar Pirate armies the order to open the Webway gates of Nestir V's Underworld and thus to begin the process of emptying the planet's main western Promethium basins dry.

(May. 02. 007.M42)
The Legio finishes its Crusade on Antioc.

May. 27. 007.M42
Caenargeon, Diplomat of Zha'Hadumm, errant of lord Paine is ordered to leave for Nestir V, where he is to conduct intelligence gathering for his lord and a mysterious benefactor who helped bring Lord Sigismund Paine fully back into the realm of the living.

June 02. 007.M42
The Dark Apostles of the Chaotica Tyrannus gather their strength for the coming conflict foreseen by Lord Victarious of the Host.

June 24. 007.M42
Lord Victarious receives the remains of Deux Iblis and orders Lord Togaririm Elohavon, Master of the Dead to forge a new clone body for his daemonic experiments.

June 26. 007.M42
Doomed Traitor Marine Diami is thrown into the gladiatorial arena of an unknown Chaos world, where he must fight for his life, all the while being desperate for a drug; the gift of Malakai Kroenen.

July 17. 007.M42
For years Mortiis of the Purge, herald of Nurgle has been receiving visions of Nestir V. Now he is convinced the time has finally come to go there and visit the gift of death and destruction upon the place.

July 27. 007.M42
Saul, the Apostle of Luther and fallen Dark Angel, receives the call to aid the forces of Chaos at Nestir V. He sees it as an opportunity to gain much needed resources; to further cripple the Imperium and to gain deeper understanding of the forces of Chaos. Saul and his men are only too happy to respond. - They immediately set a course for Nestir V.

Aug 1. 007.M42
Plague Lord Sullanum and his forces arrive in the outskirts of the Nestir system, drawn there by visions of war, death and decay. Shortly after their arrival the Astropaths on Nestir V are all struck ill by a mysterious sickness that puts them into a deep coma.

Aug 4. 007.M42
Malakai Kroenen is leading an attack on a Legio scout ship heading for Nestir V. The battle is short and deadly for the Legio Marines onboard, as Kroenen slaughters the last of their numbers. It soon becomes clear however that the Legio is certain to send for their Scout ship, and at the same time Kroenen's men have received word that the Dark Inquisition's Judge has tracked Kroenen down to his current location. Kroenen needs allies quickly and having heard the call to arms within the Nestir system, Kroenen and his men reluctantly head for Adramalech and his Dark Crusade at Nestir V.

Hours later, the Judge of the Dark Inquisition has overtaken Kroenen's fleet and infiltrating the hybrid's inner sanctum, the Judge attempts to assassinate Kroenen. The Judge fails in this, but succeeds in terribly wounding Kroenen.

Aug 6. 007.M42
The mysterious Inquisitor Brown arrives at Nestir V and places an unknown Space Marine of the Legio, formerly of the Sons of Medusa Chapter in Hive Secundus.
The Marine who is in suspended animation is locked away in a secret room with a set reawakening time. - This Marine is later identified as Morg of the Legio.

Aug 7. 007.M42
Two murderer class cruisers from the Black Legion, and a ship of Word Bearers appear in the Nestir system. They soon pledge themselves to the service of Lord Adramalech and the Dark Crusade for Nestir V.

Lord Harok-Tal and his battle force arrives within the Nestir system, having been lured there by Adramalech's promise of power and wealth. Harok-Tal pledges himself and his men to the Dark Crusade until he is victorious or dead.

Sorcerer Lord Kherandus and his battle force from the Sons of Malice arrive in the Nestir system, still recovering from a close encounter with a force from the Emperor's Children. Sorcerer Lord Kherandus pledges himself and his men to the cause of taking and holding Nestir V, for the remainder of the Campaign, or until he is dead.

Sorcerer Lord Kherandus and his Sons of Malice prepare for war and join in on the surprise attack launched on Nestir V and Hive Primus.

Cryus Crom and his warriors from the World Eaters Legion arrive at Nestir V, eager to do battle on Chaos Lord Adramalech's behest.

Nestir V attacked by Chaos forces as Adramalech leads his new followers into battle.
Imperials loose contact with the Nestir system with no clue as to why.

Having arrived mere hours earlier, Mortiis, Sorcerer of Chaos, Child of Nurgle sends his fleet into orbit above Nestir V and soon unleashes his "Death Swarm" upon the unprepared defenders below.

Captain Aedan Radek and his forces from the World Eaters arrive in the Nestir system and lend their weight to the assault on the Nestir V.

Lord Harok-Tal and his forces dip into low orbit over Nestir V and launch a Drop Pod assault on the planet.

Lord Captain Belial Neigorath of the Black Legion's Eighth Grand Company arrives in the Nestir system, alongside his men and immediately join in the already ongoing attack on Nestir V.

Per chance a small group of Black Templars are helping the PDF n the defence of an outlying station, but Neigorath and his closest Terminator elite cut them down before they can lend much help in fending off the attack. Seeing the Imperial Astartes so easily cut down, the morale of many of the nearby PDF fail utterly and the following victory is swift and simple to achieve.

Reaching the final stages of the initial assault on Hive Primus, Sorcerer Lord Kherandus and his Sons of Malice take the battle to the main command centre of the Planetary Defence Forces. Here they do battle to pacify the defenders and Kherandus allows his Imperial Guard counterpart to die with honour, before moving on to capture or kill his enemies. - Later the prisoners of this battle will be turned to the ways of Malice, or they will die in the process.

Aug 10. 007.M42
The Chaos forces on Nestir have fully pacified the Imperial forces in Hive Primus as Adramalech personally executes the Hive's functioning Governor.

The Snow Leopard Machine Spirit shuts down its main-frame and cuts off its network to hinder corruption, infiltration or detection by the Chaos forces. The main defensive networks of the planet go down with it.

Aug 22. 007.M42
Supply ships from Nestir fail to deliver scheduled cargo within their given time frame and contact with the Nestir system is not yet re-established.
Demanding a reason for the halt in delivery and communications, Sub -Sector Command deploys two regiments of Nestir II's PDF to investigate.

Aug 29. 007.M42
The Nestir II PDF investigatory force drops out of Warp space and report they have arrived at Nestir V. Landing on the planet without incident they report in that they are travelling towards Hive Primus from ground, then the signal is lost.

Aug 31. 007.M42
A panicked message is received from the Imperial Guard Colonel in charge of the investigatory mission to Nestir V. He is transmitting from Hive Primus and reports what seems to be a report about either Tyranids or daemons. He also reports engaging traitor Astartes before his position is overrun and the signal is lost. The signal is relayed to the Imperial Fleet in orbit over Nestir V and these ships re-communicate the message to Imperial Sub-Sector Command via Astropathic conduit before they are blown out of the sky by the Nestir V's orbital defence system.

Sept 01. 007.M42
Sub-Sector Command issues a Crusade order for Nestir V and sends out a general assist order to the Astartes Chapters, believing an Imperial Guard intervention would arrive too late.

Ordo Hereticus approaches the Order of the Blessed Damsel and ask for their aid in retaking Nestir V.

The Deathwatch unit of Gaius Augustus and Xavier Crussis receives a call to arms for the Nestir Crusade. Answering the call, the Deathwatch prepares for battle.

Sept 03. 007.M42
The Legio receives the Crusade order and Legio Brother-Codicier Korvac is asked to look into the will of the Emperor. That night, laying his Emperor's Tarot in the peace of a remote mountain cabin for psychic seclusion and calm, Korvac concludes that the Legio must answer the call to arms.

Following the advice of Legio Librarian Korvac, the Legio prepares for the battles to come, and alongside Sub-Sector Command, they begin rallying a Crusade.

Not having heard of the invasion at Nestir V and dangers that follow this invasion, a small fuel cargo hauler translocates into the Nestir system. Per chance the ship is carrying a small five man combat squad of Blood Ravens, lead by Sergeant Lucius Revere of the Ravens. The ship is attacked and only the Blood Ravens live long enough to make it to an emergency evacuation pod. Seeing the ship explode behind them as they hurtle towards the planet below, Lucius and his men know they are trapped in hostile territory. They wow to bring their vengeance to the foul traitors who betrayed them and within days they begin a set of guerrilla strikes within Hive Primus.

Hunting what is presumed to be Fallen, Raguel of the Dark Angels and his squad move through the streets of an unknown, abandoned Imperial city. Their pray has been eluding them for a day when they finally catch up to them in an ancient cathedral. A short battle follows and Raguel is, to his horror, turned into an abomination of Chaos. Then through the foul magic of the Warp, his new warband and their leader, Midas, translocate onto the surface of a war torn Nestir V.

Sept 04. 007.M42
While in the final stages of culling an Ork Waaaagh's invasion, Colonel Sanders of the Imperial Death Chickens is confronted with his Chapter's honour bound duty to aid the Legio B&C at war. No other Marine can be spared from the mighty Crusade of the Imperial Death Chickens, but Sanders still agrees to go to Nestir V in order to aid the Legio there.

Having just completed their last mission against an Eldar enemy, Brother Sergeant Berevius is reassigned to a greater honour; serving alongside the Legio in a Crusade for Nestir V.

Sept 5. 007.M42
Ordo Malleus has received word of the possible Chaos invasion of Nestir V, as well as the coming Astartes Crusade to rid the planet of the Imperium's most feared enemy. With this intel secured, the Ordo sends Inquisitor Alerius on a quest to gather forces in support and supervision of the Nestir Crusade. - Inquisitor Alerius wastes no time in doing so.

Chaptermaster Cambrius Dolomitus returns to the main fleet of the Sons of Doom and orders Captain Eutronus Amorphous to take his most trusted men on a mission to aid the Legio and Ordo Malleus in the Crusade to retake Nestir V.

Having been ordered by Dante himself, to aid the Imperial Crusade issued for Nestir V, Chaplain Calgon of the Blood Angels practices his fighting skills in preparation for the coming mission, while his ship speeds towards the Nestir system.

Captain Melxis of the Iron Bears Chapter receives orders from his Master, to prepare his men for a mission at Nestir V.

Sept 7. 007.M42
Captain Melxis of the Iron Bears, and his Marines, receive a full briefing on their upcoming mission in the Nestir system. That night Captain Melxis is troubled by strange dreams or visions about his upcoming mission.

Sept. 8. 007.M42
The high counsel of the Angels of Destruction receive word of the gathering Crusade to Nestir V and convene to evaluate the situation. Within hours, The holy lady Redemptor-Chaplain Sigrdrifa of the Angels of Destruction receives her orders, and within the day she and her forces have begun preparing for their departure to Nestir V.

Wolf Lord Hakon Greymane of the Space Wolves' 13th Company is sent to the surface of Nestir V by the old Wolf priest Kjal.
Greymane arrives on Nestir through powerful magic, channelled through the Eldar Webway. As soon as he arrives he detects a Chaos outpost and begins a series of hit and run sabotage missions while gathering intel for the Imperial forces he is certain will arrive to aid him.

The Imperial Guard is battling pirates, as well as traitors from the Iron Guard Legion on the agri-world of Isis VII. The Space Wolves lend a hand and finally manage to even the odds for the fighting forces on the planet. Having finished his mission on the planet, Wolf Guard Battle Leader Thor receives new orders to head for Nestir V, where he is to support the Legio and other Imperial forces present in a Crusade against the forces of Chaos.

Sept 9. 007.M42
Captain Melxis and his company of Marines from the Iron Bears Chapter set course for the Nestir system.

Sept 10. 007.M42

The Legio Battle Barge Bloodied Scion is the first Astartes ship to arrive at Nestir V. As they approach the planet everything seems calm, just as it had been a bit over a month earlier, when the Nestir II PDF investigatory force arrived.

Ophelia’s Desiderius and her battle force from the Commandery of the Secundus Preceptory arrive at Nestir V.

Aizalephar and his men from the Chaotica Tyrannus hunt down and kill the last Planetary Defence Force Outpost held by the Imperial PDF support group sent from Nestir II. Having taken the fortress outpost, the Marines of the Chaotica Tyrannus locate an artefact requested by their liege lord, Lord Victarious. - This leaves Aizalephar free to peruse his own murderous goals on Nestir V.

Lord Adramalech receives word that the last remnants of the Nestir II PDF force that arrived a month earlier has finally been eradicated. This good news is however followed by bad news mere minutes later, as his forces report the hidden presence of a Legio battle ship, hidden beyond Nestir V's second moon. - Adramalech immediately begins mustering his troops.

Later in the day a battle barge from the Bloodied Hand Chapter, under the command of Inquisitor Smith of Ordo Xenos unexpectedly joins the Legio forces already in space above Nestir V.

Captain Melxis of the Iron Bears continues to be troubled by visions of impending doom regarding his mission to Nestir V, but eventually he overcomes his misgivings and feels ready for the Crusade to come. Then hours later, his Company finally arrives within the Nestir system.

The Deathwatch unit of Gaius Augustus and Xavier Crussis arrives in the Nestir system to join the Imperial Crusade.

The 833rd Dragoons from Kíchuty Prime and Colonel Sanders of the Imperial Death Chickens prepare for the initial Imperial assault on Nestir V, as they arrive in the Nestir system and head for the Crusade's Command Battle Barge, the Bloodied Scion of the Legio.

The Imperial Fleet engages the Chaos Fleet and what few orbital defences are active. The Imperials are extremely lucky in the opening battle and soon have most of the Chaos Fleet fleeing Nestir V.

Inquisitor Garl Rugajov of Ordo Hereticus by chance arrives in the midst of the Nestir system, a few hours after the initial Imperial orbital assault on Nestir V has begun. His fleet is discovered by a pair of Black Legion Murderer class cruisers that take up the pursuit.

Carrying refugees and having little in the way of martial strength, Rugajov's fleet flees the Chaos ships, losing their last remaining escort in the process.

Moments later, the damaged and blackened Strike Cruiser "Dutiful", of the Guardian Angels Chapter arrives in close proximity to Rugajov's flagship, the Goldfield Voyager. The Guardian Angels 8th, having been dragged into the Nestir system on the Warp wake of Rugajov's fleet, while locking onto the Goldfield Voyager’s Warp signature in The Real.

Upon their arrival, the Guardian Angels quickly assess the situation and begin an emergency evacuation of their ship before raising their shields and making a teleport assault upon Rugajov's ship. Then the Dutiful is manoeuvred into a collision course before her last weapons are fired at the Chaos ships. The Dutiful rams one of the Chaos Cruisers head on and the two ships intertwined slam into the second murderer class cruiser, rendering all three ships unusable.

With the situation clear that the Guardian Angels and the forces of Inquisitor Rugajov are allies, the Guardian Angels offer their services, and moments later, the flagship of the Legio, the Bloodied Scion appears to deliver aid and pick up any survivors from the evacuation.

Having come onboard the Bloodied Scion, the Guardian Angels pledge to aid the Legio in their Crusade for Nestir V. The Legio accepts the offer and an alliance is formed.

A bit after the mainstay of the Imperial forces have arrived at Nestir V, Chaplain Calgon of the Blood Angels, and his force, "The Ancient Baal Secret" arrive in the Nestir system.

Captain Amorphous and his Sons of Doom arrive in the Nestir system and head for the Bloodied Scion, preparing for their briefing and the battles to come.

Just before the first briefing of the Imperials onboard the Bloodied Scion, Captain Amorphous of the Sons of Doom receives intel on the Chaos Forces known to exist on Nestir V, and finds a particularly hated enemy there. Sullanum, the herald of Nurgle. - Captain Amorphous swears that he will have his vengeance and end the Chaos Sorcerer should their paths cross again.

With the troops assembled, Crusade Commander, Captain Holus of the Legio makes his speech and briefing before the gathered officers of the Crusade.

The Imperial air force engages the traitor and Chaos air force in low orbit and within the skies of Nestir V.

Inquisitor Alerius and Justicar Borroleth of the Grey Knights arrive through a military grade Warp jump, delivering the Grey Knights and all of Inquisitor Alerius' supporting forces into orbit above Nestir V. Within minutes of arriving, the forces are ready for war.

With the initial Imperial strike on Hive Primus having been launched, Veteran Scout Sergeant Lupus and a score of his Kill Teams carry out a covert operation, sneaking into Hive Primus from ground level. The squads make their way into the upper spires and into the Shield Generatorium Complex there. Once there the teams start encountering more heavy resistance and by the time the teams have gotten into the main part of the Shield Generatorium complex, only Lupus and his squad remains. They engage with Word bearer troops and a particularly vicious Obliterator as they attempt to gain access to the Generatorium's Shield Generator Rooms. Here they are to shut down the shields so that the Imperials can mount a full scale offensive. The battle proves nearly too hard however and only thanks to the unexpected aid of the Blood Raven Sergeant Lucious Revere, does Lupus and his two remaining Legio specialist Scouts reach the inner sanctum of the Shield Generatorium.

At the same time as Veteran Scout Sergeant Lupus and his Kill Teams carry out a covert operation to take Hive Primus' Shield Generatorium Complex; Veteran Sergeant Morg of the Legio leads a Terminator Assault through the hive's main tower to reach the main Power Generatorium and shut it down. His team encounters heavy resistance from traitors, mutants and daemons alike, but in the end, only Morg and a Chaos Champion Ascendant of Tzeentch, named Thanatros Dagon, face off against each other in the Generatorium complex as time seems to change and the two Marines disappear. - Morg's fate is not known to the Imperials for many months. Thus he is listed as Missing in Action.

Ophelia’s Desiderius and her battle force from the Commandery of the Secundus Preceptory join the initial strike to retake Nestir V.

Chaos Lord Cryus Crom and his men from the World Eaters Legion battles the Legio as the Imperial Crusade carries out its initial strike against Nestir V. Crom slays Legio sergeant Hiro, formerly of the Rampant Lions, and then moves on to continue his slaughter.

With the shields of Hive Primus down and the Imperial counter strike having begun in full, Brother-Colonel Sanders of the Imperial Death Chickens falls while attempting to retake the Altithronus Superna Space Port from Chaos forces. Alongside other Imperial forces, he is successful in taking a heavy toll from among the Chaos forces, but ultimately fails to capture and hold the Space Port. - Even though the mission is a failure, approximately six percent of the Chaos forces at Adramalech's beck and call fall during this battle to retake Hive Primus.

The loyalist Marines from the Crimson Guard are charged with taking and holding one sector in the lower parts of Hive Primus, to ensure the safety of the routs leading to the Altithronus Superna Space Port. The drop pods of the Crimson Guard are hit hard by the remainder of the Hive's active air support batteries however, and their forces are scattered; several of them never even making it out of their drop pods. The mission is a failure as the scattered troops of the Crimson Guard are forced to try and rally together at their actual designated drop zone. Eventually their force is overrun by Khorne Berserkers and they are slaughtered to a man. - After this devastating battle, other Imperial forces in the Hive also suffer, and by the end of it, the initial Strike Force of the Imperials has lost almost 13% of its strength.

In another part of the hive, the forces of Chaplain Lycan and Canoness Ophelia Arcadion do much better than the unfortunate Marines of the Crimson Guard. Here the Space Wolves and the Sororitas of the Order of the Blessed Damsel engage the Sons of Malice and Sorcerer Lord Kherandus. The Sons of Malice are taken by surprise and unable to put up a proper defence, their losses are overwhelming. Within minutes the remainder of the Chaos forces in the hive sector are forced to flee.

Having been given leadership of over fifty warriors from both Wolf Guard Battle Leader Thor and from Chaplain Lycan's forces, Lord Hakon Greymane of the Space Wolves takes the fight to the upper spires of Hive Primus. Here they fight their way into the Administratum complex and face off against Ork mercenaries, mutant traitors, and Chaos Space Marines from the World Eaters Legion. All these forces are under the command of Caenargeon, Diplomat of Zha'Hadumm, errant of the XII'th Legion. The battle is quickly turned towards a victory for the raging Space Wolves, and as Greymane tears Caenargeon apart, the mutant forces of the arch enemy finally breaks and runs. - The Administratum complex is thus taken by the Imperials.

Crusade Commander Holus oversees the battle from orbit, as his forces continue their battle for Hive Primus. By evening, the Imperials have taken the Altithronus Superna Space Port; have secured the secondary hive spire and are continuing to do battle in the primary hive spire. - Holus is relieved that Imperial casualties have been low, but longs to enter the battle. Seeing the Marine Commander's longing for the thrill of combat, Inquisitor Smith cheerfully reminds him that his position is elsewhere.

The Guardian Angels discover and take down a cloaked traitor listening post in orbit above Nestir V. The orbital station is small and strangely uses Eldar cloaking technology. Only guarded by 22 cultists, the station swiftly falls to the Angels.

Sept 11. 007.M42
The Steel Dragons are hired to aid the forces of disorder at Nestir V, and Brother Weiss is given command of the mission to engage the Imperials at Nestir V, while trying to capture a member of the enigmatic Legio.
Leaving in the Battle ship Flamestorm, Captain Weiss and his men set a course for Nestir V.

Captain Weiss of the Steel Dragons prepares to leave for Nestir V when he is addressed by Master Jyscal, who gives him a few last wise words and a gift to aid him in his mission. At the same time Captain Jysane of the Steel Dragons, is ordered to take the battle ship Grantos to Nestir V for surveillance duties.

Many of the Imperials carry out ritual training battles to get better acquainted, or to reaffirm old friendships, alliances and even to test each-other's mettle to score for old grudges. These training battles prepare the marines both physically and mentally for the war on Nestir V. - One such training battle is a friendly battle between Commander Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels Chapter, and Captain Eutronus Amorphous of the Sons of Doom.

Sept 12. 007.M42
Inquisitor Rugajov's fleet has, in gratitude to their saviours, set course for the Guardian Angels' Home System with the Fleet's surviving refugees and those of Eighth Company to wounded, or to important to the Company's continued existence to fight.

In the meantime, the battle for Hive Primus continues, having deteriorated to a set of battles going from city-block to city-block. The Imperial forces have suffered heavy losses, but they have also fulfilled most of their goals so far.
Captain Holus proposes an extremely dangerous mission for the Guardian Angels of the Eighth Company, and Commander Bannister of the Angels agrees.

Later in the day the mission is set into motion as the Guardian Angels strike force is sent to Nestir V via Drop Pods and Thunderhawks.

The Guardian Angels touch down in the upper spires of Hive Primus, but they are off course and spread out upon their landing. Fighting a large group of Chaos cultists, the Angels regroup and then making their way from building to building, they begin moving towards their actual target; just in time to avoid traitor artillery.

Having finally reached their designated landing zone, the Guardian Angels avert reinforcements when the cultists they fought earlier spring the trap the Angels set earlier; triggering a set of explosions. Seeing the scene through a set of remote cameras, Commander Bannister realizes that the cultists have a greater daemon of Khorne on their side, and it will only be a matter of time before they are overtaken by it and the cultists. - Having acquired this vital intel, the 8'th Company begins preparing a defensible position in which they can better defeat the cultists and their daemon ally.

While preparing for the coming battle against the cultists and their Greater Daemon, the Guardian Angels begin tearing down the wall of a building, only to find that the room inside is a huge torture chamber used by Dark Eldar raiders to torture innocent Imperial citizens. - It becomes clear that the intel stating that there are no Imperial survivors on the planet is wrong, and Commander Bannister orders his Marines to engage and destroy the Dark Eldar before freeing their captives.

Having finished their fortifications and having set traps, the Guardian Angels await the oncoming enemy. Moments later explosions and a collapsing building signals their arrival, as a wave of Chaos cultists and lesser daemons swarm their position, a Greater Daemon wading in amongst them.

The Guardian Angels open up with everything they have and seem to take down the Greater Daemon as well as scores of cultists and daemons. Then the battle becomes a terrible melee battle, where Commander Bannister and XO Lennox stand out as heroic figures while battling alongside their Angels.

The Greater Daemon is not yet defeated however and it gets back up, bolstering the morale of the Cultists who redouble their efforts. Lennox and Bannister take the Greater Daemon on, but are essentially outmatched until the Arch Angel, Venerable Dreadnought Oriel arrives, pouring heavy fire into the daemon before smashing into it with the legendary Dreadnought class Battle Hammer "Wrathworg's Hammer".

Even Oriel is defeated however, and seeing his ancient friend and mentor go down, Commander Bannister swears an oath to revenge him. He picks up "Wrathworg's Hammer" and proceeds to pummel the Greater Daemons skull with it. It is still not enough however and the Daemon casually flicks Bannister over the side of the Hive Tower, ensuring a fall that would kill anything.

Bannister is however lucky enough to be picked up by his incoming Thunderhawks and standing on the rising war machines, he orders them to take the Greater Daemon down. The Thunderhawks open fire and the Daemon disappears in a raging inferno.

What remains of the Chaos forces on the ground are quickly dealt with and the Angels finally receive their reinforcements before moving on to their actual mission.

With their full Battle Force in place, the Guardian Angels move into the Chapels district of the upper main hive spire of Hive Primus. The place is full of scattered enemy cultist forces and also the last known HQ of the enemy's high command. - The mission of the Guardian angels is to retake the district and the main cathedral, the Cathedral of Nestir, destroying any remaining enemy HQ units they may encounter in the process.

As they move through the city in armoured transports, the Angels lays low many enemy hideouts before reaching the main cathedral. Once there they fight their way to its front gates, saving civilians as they go. Then finally they breach the cathedral itself.
After a long and hard battle the cathedral is finally taken, but the main enemy forces that were holed up here are gone, and so is Commander Bannister. Later it becomes apparent that he has fallen during the battle and his men reverently evacuate his torn body. Enacting an emergency extraction led by Chaplain Gaius, the Angels take a heavy toll on the remaining enemy forces in the district as they fall back.

Having defeated the Imperial forces that intruded into his domain, Apoc Everkill looses himself in a drunken stupor before coming to again many hours later. He then spends an evening enjoying the finer things in life, like smoking, drinking and killing servants for his own amusement.

Having relocated his base of operations away from the Chapels district of Hive Primus, Adramalech assesses the situation and does not like what he sees. Even so, his plans are bearing fruit and he is sure he will ascertain his true goal soon enough.
Following his predetermined plan, he has Captain Weiss of the Steel Dragons ordered into Sector G2-4, to carry out a slaughter there.

Mourning the dead while following the situation on the battle in and near Hive Primus, Captain Amorphous of the Sons of Doom prepare for battle. Later, in a briefing he learns that the Sons of Doom have lost people in the battles to, as well as that the leader of the Guardian Angels has fallen. - Furious, Amorphous swears vengeance, or death in trying to achieve it.

Sept 12. 007.M42
With battles in Hive Primus still going, Captain Holus finds it essential to lock down the main pathways between hive levels. One such lockdown is to keep the lower hive closed off to the Chaos forces, as to lessen the potential for Chaos forces to escape, or to use the Underhive for covert movement.

Guarding the main junction to the lower hive is Chaplain Calgon and his Blood Angels. The force soon finds itself under attack by superior forces of Chaos Marines, as Battle Groups from both the Steel Dragons and the War Claws clash into their midst. A violent battle erupts and by the end of it Calgon and his Marines have been defeated. The Blood Angels put up one bloody defence however and take with them more than 50% of the Chaos forces attacking them. By the end though, the battle is lost and the way is open for the Chaos forces to move into the lower hive and the Underhive at will.

Onboard the flagship of the Legio, the Bloodied Scion, Brother Codicer Korvac of the Legio follows the strategic overview of the battle below through both reports and psychic scrying when he receives a vision of an upcoming danger that must be addressed in Hive Spire Theta 9 of Hive Primus. Confronting Crusade Commander Holus with this information, he is made aware that no units are available to deal with this threat. Korvac proposes to carry out the mission by himself and Captain Holus gives him permission to do so. – Having prepared for battle, Brother Codicer Korvac goes to infiltrate Hive Spire Theta 9.

Among the Manifactoria in the lofty spires of Hive Spire Theta 9, First Lieutenant Aizalephar of the Chaotica Tyrannus is hunting Adramalech, intent on capturing the Chaos Lord for his own master. Aizalephar is in turn being hunted by Kodicer Korvac of the Legio, who is certain he has seen a vision of Aizalephar posing a great threat of some sort. Little does he know that the vision was in reality sent to him by the enormously powerful psycher Adramalech himself; aiming to rid himself of an enemy while secretly assessing the strength of one of the Imperial Crusade's strongest psychers. - In the end Adramalech watches as Korvac incinerates Aizalephar with witch-fire, leaving nothing behind but ash in the snow.

Sept 13. 007.M42
While the battle for the surface of Nestir V is under way, Malakai Kroenen and his forces rest in a, hidden base now dedicated to Kroenen's forces from amongst the Iron Warriors. Here Kroenen is kept in a deep sleep while recovering from the wounds inflicted upon him by the Judge of the Dark Inquisition. This day however, Kroenen's loyal servant, ex-Imperial-Guard General Quiroz is to begin his reawakening.

Sept 14. 007.M42
Caenargeon, Diplomat of Zha'Hadumm, errant of Lord Paine, and his forces from the XII'th Legion arrive at Nestir V. His ship engages the Imperial forces in orbit before dropping off forces on Nestir V and escaping again.

After four days of grueling battles raging in and outside of Hive Primus, Lord Adramalech unleashes his trap and takes the Imperials completely by surprise.
Revealing hidden Plasma Cannons and anti air weaponry still active in Hive Primus, as well as in hidden bases outside the Hive City itself, he unleashes an attack on the Imperial Fleet. He further strengthens this attack by sending in ships from his own fleet and those of his allies, while also delivering a mighty class A psychic attack, with the Crusade's Flagship, the Bloodied Scion as his ultimate target. - During this onslaught, Crusade Commander Holus mysteriously disappears.

With Holus lost and the Bloodied Scion dying, confusion rages among the Imperial forces. Hundreds of boarding torpedoes are launched from the surface of Nestir V. The torpedoes carry Chaos cultists and the Imperials are expecting their major problems in space to only get worse once they arrive.

In the mean time the Bloodied Scion is out of control and about to be destroyed by a Word Bearer Legion Chaos Cruiser. Only the brave sacrifice of Captain Vertigo Gonzales and his crew saves the Flagship as they use their own Cobra class support ship Roxana, to shield the Scion long enough for Imperial support to arrive.

Both the Roxana and her destroyer are lost to a man, and fragments of their shattered hulls rain down on the surface of Nestir V, where a planet-wide snowstorm begins to build out of nothing.

Having regained control of the Bloodied Scion, Inquisitor Smith locates Crusade Commander Holus' psychic signature somewhere on Nestir V. A team of Legio marines set out to try and relocate him, and it is not long before Deathwatch Captain Xavier Crussis, a score of Deathwatch marines and an extra compliment of Imperial Fists set off to aid in the search.

As the mainstay of the Imperial forces in Hive Primus leave to take part in the space battle raging above Nestir V, what forces remain are once again assaulted by Chaos ground troops. Mortiis and his undead legion swarm into the streets of the Underhive, spreading death as they attack the Legio's forces everywhere they can. Mortiis however is summoned to Adramalech's lair in the caverns beneath Hive Primus and unable to disobey, Mortiis finds himself there within minutes.

Following a quick audience, Mortiis is enraged as his staff of power is taken from him, and he and his servants are whisked away through sorcerous means, to the fields beyond Hive Primus, where the snow storm is building while temperature is dropping.

Mortiis is just in time to see a Thunderhawk crash from the sky, and thus he comes to know his intended target.

Crussis and his men crash land in the snow, brought down by the blizzard raging across the planet. Most of Crussis' men survive the crash however and noting an approaching enemy they prepare for battle.

Just as Mortiis and his Deathguard reach the crash site, the Deathwatch and Imperial Fists of Crussis spring their trap. A long and bloody battle follows, but in the end Crussis' Imperial Fists stand victorious. Despite their victory however, Crussis has lost fully two thirds of his battle force, including all of his Deathwatch Marines.

Leaving the tomb that the crashed Thunderhawk has become, Crussis and his men venture out into the snow storm in search of Hive Primus.

Having felt the psychic backlash og Mortiis' death, Mortiis' second in command, Nihilus and the remainder of the undead forces of the Purge withdraw from the battles still raging in the Underhive of Hive Primus.

Sept 15. 007.M42
Having marched in determination for night and day through a blinding blizzard, the Purge's remaining forces finally reach the downed Thunderhawk where Mortiis and the main force of the Purge's undead legion fell. Digging their way into the underbelly of the Thunderhawk that has become Mortiis' tomb, they find that Mortiis' still lingering psychic presence draws just enough strength from their presence to enact one last of his mighty sorcerous rituals. From the dust of the tomb, his dried out heart forms in the palm of his loyal servant Nihilus, and on Mortiis' command, Nihilus is able to draw Mortiis' undead essence into his War scythe, essentially creating a daemon weapon to contain his soul.

Sept 16. 007.M42
As Crussis and his Imperial Fists desperately try to locate Hive Primus in the impenetrable blizzard that seems to be everywhere, they are overtaken by the remaining forces of the Deathguard marines from the Purge. Under the command of the Sorcerer Lord Nihilus, these undead marines have undergone a ritual to take phantasmal form, in order to transverse the snowstorm faster.
The Purge marines attempt to trick the Imperial Fists into destroying themselves, but Captain Crussis sees through their ploy, ordering his men to stand down.
Nihilus takes one last hateful glare at Crussis, swearing for vengeance, then he and his phantom marines disappear.

Sept 18. 007.M42
Deathwatch Captain Xavier Crussis the remaining force of his Imperial Fists have been lost in the blizzard of Nestir V for days when they finally reach the Void shield protected spires of Hive Primus. Here they find a way into the city and set about the work of creating an underground resistance to fight against the now Chaos held city.

Lead by their second in command, Terrelus, the Sons of Malice take and hold the Altithronus Superna Space Port for themselves. They begin acquiring flyers, supplies and manpower to fulfil their own enigmatic goals.

While awaiting their time to strike at Nestir V once more, the Imperials need their troops to stay active. Thus they begin working on securing and cleaning up the debris littered orbital zone around Nestir V; clearing out ship wrecks and defensive stations alike.

Sept 23. 007.M42
Lord Sullanum's undead forces storm the defences of the Altithronus Superna Space Port in an attempt to take control of it from the Sons of Malice, but the Sons are able to fend them off, saving many civilian lives in the process. The Sons of Malice also receive unexpected aid from the Steel Dragons and soon accept the Dragons in as part of the Altithronus' defences.

Oct 08. 007.M42
Having located and trained a loyal group of resistance fighters, Deathwatch Captain Xavier Crussis and his Imperial Fists have joined with stranded forces of the Legio, as well as the dissatisfied populace of Hive Primus, to create an underground network, gathering intel and carrying out sabotage missions wherever and whenever they can.

This underground resistance network proves to become a serious thorn in the side of Chaos throughout the coming months.

Xavier Crussis and his men carry out covert missions in Hive Primus, looking to supply their growing resistance.

Cryus Crom's Berserkers, mounted on bikes try to breach the walls of the Altithronus Superna Space Port in an attempt to take it from the remaining forces of the Sons of Malice. Crom's forces almost succeed and the Sons of Malice are finally forced to repel them using VTOL flyers that deliver airstrikes within the city's vulnerable Void shields.

Oct 26. 007.M42
A well armed hive-gang numbering in the hundreds try to seize a shuttle within the Altithronus Superna Space Port, in a futile attempt to flee the planet. The Sons of Malice show them no mercy. Those not slain are hung from lamp-posts around the perimeter of the Space Port, as an example to others.

Nov 16. 007.M42
Weiss and his Steel Dragons have taken up residence at the Altithronus Space Port, graciously having been accepted in by the Sons of Malice. Here, while he is resting and healing, Weiss is troubled by brooding thoughts and the snow storm raging outside Hive Primus' shields. He feels the time has come to move on from the Altithronus and ponders what to do next as a mysterious psychic communication intrudes on his troubled thoughts.

Nov 17. 007.M42
Inquisitor Rugajov of Ordo Hereticus, and his fleet, returns from his trip to the homeworld of the Guardian Angels Chapter. He has dropped off his refugees there before taking reinforcements and new support elements for the Guardian Angels' Eighth Company to Nestir V.

In a sleek Scout ship, General Storm Hawkin Frost covertly arrives in the Nestir system and is greeted by the Crusade's Inquisitors. Shortly after her arrival, the Imperials finally detect a drop in snow storm activity down on Nestir V.

Onboard the damaged Bloodied Scion, Commander Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels has finally been activated, as his new Dreadnought body is fully repaired. Back among the living, the Crusade's three Inquisitors brief him on the situation and elevate him to Crusade Commander before allowing him to go out and meet his new recruits to the Eighth Company.

Nov 18. 007.M42
Desperate for another drink, Apoc Everkill sends his army into Hive Primus to seek out alcohol. Unable to find any, Apoc gives his first lieutenant a scolding and the man promptly tries to put Everkill out of his misery, with a sword. The mutinous assassination attempt is thwarted however as Everkill's bodyguard steps in to save his master.
More upset than hurt, Everkill appoints a new lieutenant and has his men continue the mission.

Sixty-six days have passed since the Imperials were taken by surprise by Adramalech's forces. That day they had to fall back from Hive Primus and from the planet at large as a mighty planet-wide snow storm erupted throughout Nestir V.
In orbit, the Imperials took a heavy beating, but eventually stood victorious. Since then, they have been biding their time, waiting for the snow storm of Nestir V to die down again.

On this day, the Imperial forces are gathered onboard the Space Wolf Strike Cruiser Stormwolf. Here they are gathered to celebrate the upcoming Emperor's day, and to receive a briefing to update them on the strategic situation.

It becomes clear that Captain Holus of the Legio is still missing, as is Captain Xavier Crussis. The Crusade needs a new Commander and Inquisitor Smith is hoping to present one.

He begins by introducing Lady Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost; an Imperial Guard General that claims to have intimate knowledge about Adramalech and about what is really going on down on Nestir V. - She claims to be Adramalech's sister and that the Chaos Lord is not what he seems to be, yet he is much more.

In the mean time, down on the planet, Adramalech has been in a coma for over two months, only being kept alive by arcane machinery and the ever watchful eye of his most trusted servant, the Eldar Farseer, Yana Orkan.
Finally, as Adramalech senses the presence of General Frost, he suddenly awakens, and the snow storm engulfing Nestir V dies down.

The Imperials challenge General Frost's right to be among them, but when their new Crusade Commander, Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels; in Dreadnought form, gives her his support, and the three Inquisitors at Nestir, each a representative of the Inquisition's three mightiest Ordos give their support, there is no doubt about General Storm's authority or rights as an Imperial Commander.

As the planet-wide blizzard of Nestir V dies down, the remaining forces of the Sons of Malice begin evacuating the Altithronus Superna Space Port, including their own comatose and dying Sorcerer Lord Kherandus.

Stolen shuttles and ships leave for their hidden fleet, which reveals itself to the Imperial fleet just as the shuttles and ships fleeing Nestir V break orbit.

The Imperial Fleet moves to intercept, but they are too late to stop the fleeing ships, and with their people safely evacuated, the Fleet of the Sons of Malice escapes into the Warp.

Left behind on the planet is a small host of the Sons of Malice, who leave the overrun Altithronus Superna Space Port behind in order to try and locate Lord Adramalech. The Space Port is left to thousands of panicking civilians, as other Chaos forces move in to take control.

Being evacuated from his resting place on Nestir V is too much for the comatose and dying Sorcerer Lord Kherandus. Finally, as the Heavy Cruiser "Malal's Might" flees the Nestir system and jumps into the Warp, Kherandus' body gives in. Within the ship's Apothecarium, his people fight for his life, but he is lost to them.

Kherandus' spirit on the other hand finds itself floating through the Immaterium until it reaches what he interprets to be his god Malal. There he is given new purpose before being resurrected.

Back onboard "Malal's Might", Kherandus' people are amazed at the miracle that unfolds before them as their dead Lord and Master rises with all wounds healed.
Reconnecting with those closest to him and regaining his command, Kherandus orders his fleet towards the Cadian Gate.

The Imperials prepare for battle and both Crusade Commander Iniel Bannister and tactical super-mind, Battle Leader Thor of the Space Wolves, give a detailed briefing on their plan to retake Hive Primus.

Nov 20. 007.M42
A ship with reinforcements for the Sons of Doom arrives while the Imperials prepare for the new Planet Strike to be launched upon Nestir V. Captain Eutronus Amorphous is surprised to find old friends and allies waiting for him in the hangar bay of the Doom's Herald, but he is soon called away to a meeting with the Crusade Commander.

Captain Eutronus Amorphous meets with Crusade Commander Bannister while Bannister's Tech-Marines work on repairing his Dreadnought shell.
Bannister and Amorphous have a few word in good humour before Bannister tries to have Amorphous rescind his blood oath to take down the Marine that caused Bannister's "death". Amorphous refuses to do so however and the two discuss matters further before Amorphous finally leaves for the battle below on Nestir V.

The Imperials launch their attack on Nestir V, moving in to retake Hive Primus.
The Legio militia of the resistance lead by Captain Xavier Crussis, his Imperial Fists and Legio forces launch an attack both in the mid and upper hive sections of Hive Primus, taking down the city's void shields in select areas. At the same time Legio Codicer Korvac is leading Legio forces in cutting off routes the Chaos forces can use for reinforcements and for falling back.

In the upper spires of the hive, Captain Berevius and his men of the Brotherhood of the Saint's Tears Chapter's Third Company begin invading the Altithronus Superna Space Port, landing with Thunderhawks and jump packs alike. Much of the resistance they had been expecting is not there, as many of the traitor forces guarding the Space Port died due to extreme temperatures and thin air once the shields around the hive fell.

The traitor forces soon get better organized however and a bloody battle erupts between Traitor Guard, Legio Forces, Chaos Berserkers and the forces of the Saint's Tears Chapter. In all this chaos, Berserker Lord Cryus Crom sets off to take down Legio resistance fighters holding the main control tower of the Space Port. He breaches their defences, but soon finds himself challenged by Captain Berevius of the Saint's Tears.

The two clash in a deadly battle that eventually leads to the destruction of the control tower, the death of Beverius and the mangling of Cryus Crom.
The Traitor forces stand victorious, having held the Space Port, but they have suffered greatly, and while Crom's victory is a major setback for the Imperials, they still press the attack.

With the shields around the upper parts of Hive Primus down and the blizzard ravaging the planet dead, Lieutenant Calax Graff of the Iron Warriors is sent to send a signal to their flagship, asking it to disobey Adramalech’s orders; to drop into the Nestir system and to set up a shallow orbit around Nestir V, defying the Imperial Fleet there.

During this mission, the Iron Warriors come under heavy attack and suffer tremendous losses. Still, they are tasked with setting up an extraction zone for Malakai Kroenen's forces and Graff intends to see his orders carried out.

Soon he and his men find themselves in a deadly battle and under attack by a Vindicator battle tank. Graff is forced to deal with it himself and while he is successful, he blacks out after an explosion. This blackout leaves him in the presence of a mysterious entity that gives him an epiphany. Reawakening and finding that he is still in the fight, Graff orders his men to locate Kroenen, set up their decoy retinue and press the attack.

Moving in through the northern spires of Hive Primus, Inquisitor Alerius and a battle force of Guardsmen move towards the Nex Spensa Hive tower in the middle of the Hive City. They have received reports of daemonic and clonic activity going on in the spire, and the place is also an essential choking-point for the pathways between the levels of the city.

On their way in from the north spires, Alerius' battle force is attacked by daemons and while the daemons are dealt with, he loses some of his men, including his second in command. A new second in command is appointed and the men move on towards the Nex Spensa where they are to coordinate their attack with Astartes Captain Melxis and the Marines of the Iron Bears Chapter.

At the same time the Iron Bears are moving into position as ordered, to support Alerius once the attack is under way. In addition to the Iron Bears, the attack will also be supported by Legio trained rebel forces.

The two forces use over two hours in order to fight their way to their designated positions, but once there the Legio forces begin the attack by blowing a hole in a wall of the hive tower and launching several missile attacks on strategic windows and balconies.

In the mean time Lieutenant Calax Graff of the Iron Warriors has returned to his master, Malakai Kroenen, in the Nex Spensa tower. Here they prepare for their departure, dead set on leaving now that the war has taken a turn for the worse.

Extreme fire-fights erupt around the Nex Spensa tower as Imperial and traitor forces class. Breaking with the established plan, Inquisitor Alerius breaks away from his fire-support position and begins moving his troops in to support the Legio Battle Force below them.

In the mean time, having breached the south-most wall and gates of the Nex Spensa tower, Legio militia and Legio Space Marines enter the tower itself. Minutes later however, they are driven back, as traitor forces and Iron Warriors, lead by Malakai Kroenen fight their way out of the tower, hell bent on making their escape.

On Kroenen's command, a major sacrifice of psychers is carried out within the Nex Spensa, and hordes of daemons appear on the streets around the tower.
The Imperials are taken by surprise, but redouble their efforts to halt the daemonic incursion, all the while battling the traitor forces as well. Inquisitor Alerius stands firm against the daemonic tide, while Captain Melxis and their Iron Bears fight against time to get into a support position for the rest of the Imperial Battle Force.

The Iron Bears aid the rest of the Imperials in fighting down the daemons and soon the traitor forces are also falling to their advance. Having the Nex Spensa secured, clean up sweeps are enacted in the outer reaches of the Hive structure, by The Sons of Doom and Lady Alexandra Frost's forces.

The Imperial forces at the Nex itself begin cleaning up the immediate area around the Nex while searching for enemy forces that are trying to escape.
Inquisitor Alerius and his force have moved after some of them and find themselves in over their heads as even more enemies swarm their positions. Seeing this, Captain Melxis orders his Iron Bears to follow him as he moves to support the Inquisitor's outnumbered forces.

Alerius and his men pour a torrent of fire into the enemy, thinning their ranks, but it is not enough, and the fleeing Iron Warriors, lead by Kroenen charge them. Ready to lay their lives down for the Imperium, Alerius leads his men into a fatal melee against the Chaos forces.

Alerius stands heroically against Kroenen, but eventually he is ripped apart and killed. With Alerius' force dead, Kroenen and his Iron Warriors are ready to move on, but before being able to do so, they are engaged by Melxis' Iron Bears, which have finally reached the position of Alerius' last stand.

Leaving his Iron Warriors to deal with this threat, Kroenen takes his leave to escape through a portable Eldar Webway Portal. Unknown to him though, he is followed by Captain Melxis and just as Kroenen is about to make his escape, Melxis strikes from hiding and manages to destroy the Chaos Lord.

Melxis then destroys the Webway Portal and returns to his men, who alongside the Legio militia and General Storm's men, are sweeping up the rest of the Chaos forces in the area.

The Sons of Doom secure the outer perimeter of the Mid Hive, while the Guardian Angels join Legio forces at the Altithronus Superna Space Port in the Upper Spires to retake it. They encounter surprisingly little resistance and it becomes clear that the Chaos forces have opted to fall back.

It is clear that the Imperials need to further secure their foothold, but in essence they have captured the upper and mid sections of Hive Primus. With the position around the Nex Spensa secure, Space Wolf Battle Leader Thor enters the theatre of war in a CommandHawk, setting up a mobile command centre and allowing the Imperials time to regroup and resupply.

In orbit over Nestir V, Captain Kroenen's flagship, the Anvil is engaged by the Imperial fleet and narrowly makes its escape into the Immaterium.

Hours after the battle for the Nex Spensa, it has become clear that Captain Malakai Kroenen's atomized body was rematerialized upon the destruction of the Eldar artefact that created the Webway Portal that killed him.

On the request of the Inquisition, the charred and mangled corpse of the Chaos Lord is transported off-world to a small medical frigate in orbit for identification and an autopsy. Having dealt with Kroenen on several occasions and thus eager to confirm Kroenen’s death, Sergeant Laszlo Brutus of the Legio makes his way to the frigate. There he stumbles upon a discovery that will forever change his view on his place in the universe.

Nov 28. 007.M42
For over a week the forces of the Imperials have clashed with the forces of Chaos within Hive Primus. Civilians keep low as street fights are bloody and terrible.
All throughout this, Apoc Everkill's men of the Underhand are fighting a bloody and brutal battle to hold their ground and to keep their master safe. Apoc Everkill on the other hand is doing his best to forget where he is, by continuing to enjoy the finer things in life. He does however look in on his forces from time to time, and today he briefs his forces on some prime targets among the Imperials, ensuring his men that the Imperial leaders really won’t be that hard to kill.

Later in the day, lost in a drugged down state, Apoc Everkill dreams and remembers his origin as a fallen Dark Angel. How he was doubly betrayed and how he started his own army, the Underhand.

Dec 09. 007.M42
After three weeks of continued fighting, the Imperials have pretty much secured both the upper and mid hive sections of Hive Primus. They have even started moving forces into the upper reaches of the Lower Hive, where the Chaos forces stand stronger. Spooked by what they have seen and frustrated by the unrelenting fighting, the Imperial Guard and Legio militia forces are ready for a break, but no such luxury is in sight.

Under the command of General Frost herself, the Guardsmen search, clear and secure the deeper reaches of the Nex, aiding the General as she searches for a hidden control room deep within the Nex Spensa tower itself.

At the same time a "ghost" has been stalking the now secured borders of the Nex Spensa tower, where the Imperials have set up their command headquarters. This is Captain Solomon Caine, who has been tasked by Adramalech himself, with the duty to locate the same control room that General Storm searches for. He is to find and Sabotage it before the Imperials can get at it, for it houses the Machine-spirit that controls the now deactivated auto-defences of Hive Primus. Adramalech has promised to reward Caine richly if he can get the job done.

General Storm's forces engage Caine and bury him alive in concrete and rubble due to a misfired missile. The collapse of the room Caine is in blocks the Imperials off from their target and Caine escapes them.

Heading in the only direction he can go, Caine is forced towards Captain Amorphous of the Sons of Doom, who is waiting alone for him at the end of a corridor.
Caine sees a vision of this and rushes at the lone Captain, engaging him in a fight that eventually leaves Amorphous standing victorious.

After this, General Storm locates the chamber she had been searching for and reactivates the defensive machine spirit of Hive Primus.


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Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Dec 10. 007.M42
With the Machine Spirit of Hive Primus active again, the Imperials gain access to improved surveillance equipment in high orbit and within Hive Primus itself. The Imperial Fleet detects a possible new fleet threat in the outer reaches near the sun and Crusade Commander Bannister begins leading the Imperial Fleet's efforts towards investigating this potential threat, while strengthening their orbital defences.

The Imperials also gain access to the communication codes for Hive Secundus and learn that Secundus is in a state of civil uproar. General Storm leaves alongside Imperial Guard forces, hoping to take the city back for the Imperium.

In the Underhive of Hive Primus, the forces of Chaos have finally finished their preparations to leave. The reactivation of Hive Primus' Machine Spirit has allowed them access to the subterranean land trains of the planet and so they can finally carry on with their initial plan in Nestir V's underworld.

Before they leave, they shut down the venting systems of the Underhive and release a deadly virus that kills the remainder of the populace in the Underhive and reanimates them as undead.

Detecting this, the Imperials, under order of Inquisitor Smith, open Hive Primus' Void shields, leaving the city open to the freezing cold of the planet outside, thereby slowing the virus' progress. But even so, the situation must be dealt with.

Dec 14. 007.M42
Having assembled a large part of the Imperial Forces in the icy cold area of the upper parts of the Nex Spensa Tower, Inquisitor Smith briefs the Imperial Forces on the mission to come. Before leaving, the Chaos forces left an enormous bomb in the Underhive, and as it is guarded by thousands of zombies, reaching and disarming it will not be easy. Teleport is impossible, so a team of Marines must move in to do the job, while other Marines and Imperial Guardsmen lure the enemy away.

Thor and his Space Wolf honour guard volunteer to go, hoping to eradicate the zombie threat with courage and steel. But they are to late in reaching the bomb in time, as they encounter an unknown threat in the form of the traitor Dalencius and his Fellmarines. – The two groups battle furiously while the time runs out and in the end Dalencius' Fellmarines are victorious as they throw themselves into a warp gate, leaving the unfortunate Space Wolves to their fate.

The Underhive explodes and the whole of Hive Primus shakes. Two Hive Towers collapse and entire levels of the hive fall in on themselves as debris falls all around.
One of the Hive's outer walls collapses, and eventually the zombies and the virus that caused them burn out in the inferno of a firestorm that ravages the Underhive and the lower hive. Over 800 Imperial Guardsmen lose their lives. Thousands upon thousands of zombies are burnt to a crisp and other thousands of civilians die in the chaos of destruction; while all throughout the hive, power fails.

The Imperials have been dealt a terrible defeat and safely onboard the mobile command headquarters of the Guardian Angels Chapter, Inquisitor Smith ponders what to do next.

As the landtrains of Adramalech's forces are rushing away from Hive Primus at over 600 kilometres an hour, the explosion in Primus' Underhive cuts power to the trains, and while waiting for the trains to halt their movement, Lord Adramalech tells his Commanders of his true plans.

The Imperials start sending out air patrols that carry out recon runs while following the routes of the planet's Landtrains.

Dec. 16 007.M42
With the help of Hive Primus' reawakened Machine Spirit, the Imperials finally learn of Legio Veteran Sergeant Morg's ultimate fate; and Inquisitor Smith can only watch mesmerized at the story unfolding before him on a hololithic projector.

As Inquisitor Smith and many other Imperial Commanders watch the hololithic projection put together by Hive Primus' Machine Spirit, Legio Veteran Sergeant Morg's struggles in Hive Primus unfold throughout a strange shifting of time.

Inquisitor Garl Rugajov of Ordo Hereticus interviews Veteran Sergeant Morg of the Legio and his team, as well as General Storm Hawkin Frost and Crusade Commander Iniel Bannister. - What he pieces together is an amazing story that leads him to place them all under Inquisitorial supervision and guard.

Crusade Commander Bannister orders specialized monitor-ships to continuously scan the surface and the subterranean tunnels of Nestir V in search of Adramalech and his traitorous chaos forces.

Imperial ground forces are also ordered out into the wilderness on patrols to try and seek out anything of interest around Hive Primus.

Guided by Hive Primus' Machine Spirit, emergency repairs of Hive Primus is underway, while people and supplies are being shipped in from orbit.

In the lower, mid and upper sections of Hive Primus, zones have been set up based on threat level and structural integrity. The Legio militia and Imperial Guard forces are tasked with guarding and patrolling these areas.

Having relocated to a proper auditorium and having called in the Imperial Commanders for a briefing in Hive Primus, even Crusade Commander Bannister joins their numbers, symbolizing how securely Hive Primus is within Imperial hands.

The Commanders are shown Morg's battle before a short pause in which Inquisitor Smith shows the Imperials how to make a Banana Daiquiri.
Returning after the pause, Commander Bannister brings with him the newly relocated Veteran Morg of the Legio and part of his team. The Imperials are victorious in retaking Hive Primus and celebrate their good fortunes.

As the briefing continues, Hive Primus' Machine Spirit and Crusade Commander Bannister update the Imperials on what has, is and will be happening in Hive Primus and beyond. The Imperials then learn the shocking facts about Inquisitor Rugajov's theory as to Morg's true fate and how he and other Imperials are tied into the history of Nestir V.

Adramalech's army labours under harsh conditions to carry out their Warlord's plans, hoping it will gain them peace, riches and freedom in the end. Pushing the Landtrains ever onward towards their designated waystation, the men fear they will get no rest at all, while their lords continue to plan and scheme within their luxurious wagon. Despite their fears, Adramalech eventually relents and lets his army have a bit of rest.

General Storm continues to tell the Imperials about legends of old, the ancient history of Nestir V and claims that she, Morg of the Legio, the Guardian Angels and a mysterious Inquisitor were all part of these events.

While his men work to fulfil their orders, Adramalech drifts away into his own thoughts and remembers his past, from a mere Eldar, to dreaded godhood and back.

Back among the Imperials, General Storm continues her unlikely tale of time-travel, secret Inquisitorial groups, Imperial and Eldar alliances, Warp Gods, warfare and the mighty human and xenos forges weapons Haegl and Isa, created to slay Adramalech.

She tells of how a great war erupted on Nestir V once again, of how Adramalech was defeated and imprisoned, only to be watched over by the eternal guardian Machine Spirit: Snow Leopard.

General Storm's men break through to the inner sanctum of the last Hive ganger resistance in Hive Secundus and take them down. In desperation the hivers launch small groups with explosives against the Imperial HQ in Secundus, but are soon defeated.

Adramalech remembers more of his past and how he became able to roam Nestir V once more after his imprisonment. How he gathered armies to himself and built himself up as a legend and a hero to local populace, both human and xenos alike.

General Storm finishes her tale of her and Adramalech's past. Inquisitor Smith tries to undermine her trustworthiness and Inquisitor Rugajov makes it clear that she and many others are to be investigated by Ordo Hereticus. Through all this though, General Storm makes the seriousness of the situation very clear, presenting a very bloody and dark version of the future should they fail to defeat Adramalech.

As night falls in Hive Primus, the Imperials hold a memorial ceremony for those that have fallen in the service of the Imperium on Nestir V. - They also celebrate the liberation of Nestir V, and thousands of Imperial citizens join in on both the memorial service and the celebrations.

Hours later, Inquisitor Rugajov is done with the celebration and walking alongside Morg, he ponders if he should declare the high commanders of the Imperial Crusade as traitors, but eventually decides that it would not be prudent. The situation may require more investigation, and Rugajov starts dreaming of a victorious future in which the refugees he saved earlier can help repopulate and rebuild Hive Primus.

Having returned to her ship after the memorial service, Canoness Ophelia Arcadion is furious to find talk of leaving the crusade among her sisters. She calls them together and makes it abundantly clear that such abandonment is unthinkable.

Dec. 17 007.M42
Following the memorial service and street celebrations, the Space Wolves locate a street named "Magonus Succetus' Pub Crawl", where they intend to honour the memory of Space Wold Battle Leader Thor in their own particular way.

As the night drags on, Codicier Korvac of the Legio and Xavier Crussis wander the streets of Primus, assessing damage and repair times. Crussis is doubtful about whether or not they should continue supporting the Imperial Crusade, but after a visit to the Cathedral where Commander Bannister fell, they see how the Imperium could come to fall should Space Marines abandon their cause. - With a clear mind they decide to keep fighting.

As the celebrations of the night start dying down, Inquisitor Smith has withdrawn to his chambers in Hive Primus and follows the remainder of the celebrations for peace, as he is troubled by dark thoughts and remembers times of old.

In an unknown place, former Crusade Commander, Captain Alexander Holus awakes and finds himself lost in a snowdrift upon an icy wasteland. He feels lonely and lost, eventually turning to the machine spirit of his armour for company. The machine spirit picks up the mood and Holus soon finds himself marching through the snowy wasteland, swearing death and destruction upon his enemies.

As morning breaks over Hive Primus, Crusade Commander Bannister of the Guardian Angels ponders laying down his badge of office. He feels the Imperials no longer trust him to carry the torch of command and he fears he may indeed be damaging the Crusade by remaining in command. Joining him to look upon the sun rise from atop the Altithronus Superna Space Port, his long time friend and Captain, Drako Kinghorn tells him that he should continue despite his doubts. Bannister relents, seeing that with this victory they have a new day coming, and the two stand watching the colourful show of sparkling colours as morning breaks.

Later in the day, Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Garl Rugajov, supported by Canoness Arcadion and her sisters journey to Hive Secundus, where they will aid General Storm in bringing order back to the rest of Hive Secundus.

Supported by Brother Veteran Morg, Xavier Crussis ventures into the Lower hive and the Underhive of Hive Primus, where he is to aid biohazard teams in clearing out the area while leading the work to clear it out, to construct siegeworks and listening posts, and to assess the structural integrity of the hive.

Captain Melxis and his Iron Bears, as well as Lord Hakon Greymane and the Space Wolves begin scouting out and securing the ruined sections of the Underhive that lead to the Landtrain tunnels, as well as a stretch of the tunnels themselves, while searching for the remains of Space Wolf Battle Leader Thor and his honor guard.

Those Imperial battle Forces not immediately tasked with anything return to orbit, preparing and awaiting orders to carry out a Planetstrike against enemy forces once needed.

Dec. 18 007.M42
All the fires raging in the Underhive of Hive Primus have finally died down and reconstruction is just beginning.

Codicer Korvac takes it upon himself, Justicar Borroleth and Chaplain Sigrdrifa, to put together a psychic circle that begins searching for the enemy through psychic means. They do this without informing the Crusade Commander.
The psychic search yields no results, but instead, seven Imperial psychers go insane in the attempt, even with Grey Knight protection. Korvac rescinds the order to actively search with psychics and instead sets two Astropaths and two Navigators on the job of listening for psychic disturbances.

Jan. 18 008.M42
Former Crusade Commander Alexander Holus is still lost, and wandering icy wastelands he ponders if perhaps he has died and gone to the land of the dead. As he guises out over the horizon and looks back on his journey so far however, he throws such thoughts aside and finds himself perplexed to see a naked Eldar watching him from a distance on the icy steppes.

Crusade Commander Bannister's Dreadnought form sees critical failures to life support systems and the Commander must be put into suspended animation while emergency repairs are undertaken. Codicer Korvac of the Legio and the Crusade's Inquisitors pick up the mantle of leadership in Bannister's absence.

Captain Melxis' Iron Bears and Space Wolf Lord, Hakon Greymane's Space Wolves, and Spymaster Umbra Proeliator's Guardian Angels Scouts begin sending long range patrols into the snowy wastelands of Nestir V.

Under the command of Captain Xavier Crussis, the Legio trained militia of Hive Primus redouble their training and begin work on gathering even more recruits as well as better gear.

Feb. 01 008.M42
A team of thirty-five Imperial Guardsmen and five Guardian Angels Scouts are scouting out Sector 51 to Sector 220 when they come upon one of the traitor army's partly buried fortresses. They are caught in a battle and disappear from Imperial contact. All the guardsmen and three of the Scouts are killed, but unknown to the Chaos forces, two Scouts fall into a deep crevice and thus escape, only to be lost in a series of frozen caves.

Feb. 02 008.M42
The Imperials send out a Search and Rescue team to look for the missing Imperial Guardsmen and Scouts, after they fail to report in. The SAR-teams find nothing except that the team they are searching for may have been lost due to an avalanche.
The team is listed as Missing in Action.

In the time since their escape from Hive Primus, Adramalech's army has set up in six huge underground caverns and a score of other areas all around the subterranean world of Nestir V.

Having settled down in three of the huge caverns Adramalech has prepared, his human army. Around six thousand soldiers are living in three huge tent cities housing around 2000 people each. Cannibalism is suspected as resources are low, though not critical. The humans have even made contact with Adramalech's mysterious subterranean xenos species and are working alongside them.

The Chaos army has set many operations into life; scouting out locations, preparing for battle and they are well under way towards emptying out the Promethium basins of a huge region of Nestir V. Adramalech's Eldar Pirate Lord Yana Orkan however reports that the Webway Gates they are using to empty the Promethium basins faster than any pump ever could, are breaking down faster than expected due to always remaining open and due to constantly being under immense pressure.

At a Landtrain Waystation, the men of Adramalech's Captains Everkill' and 'Neigorath, as well as that of the human leader, Brigadier 'Prosum Causidicus' has been re-rigging the army's Landtrains to run on fossil fuels, while preparing them for the battles to come. - Something that will come in handy as Adramalech intends to slow down the progress of the Imperial army.

In this same time, the Imperials have secured the world above and keep searching for Adramalech's forces, through orbital scans, visual searches from aircraft and ground patrols. Still, through all this, Adramalech keeps his forces hidden through a psychic shield and through cunning and skill.

Feb. 03 008.M42
The Imperials relocate the ruins of Hive Tertius and send an excavation team there, consisting of Civilians, Marines and Guardsmen. Under the command of General Storm and Morg, they secure and set up in the area; then they begin their search for the Underbrunner tunnel, leading to the Webway Gate that will lead them to the Fort of the Snow Leopard, where they can get further answers in their search for Adramalech and his arcane prison, The Snow Globe.

Feb. 04 008.M42
Having been summoned into Adramalech's presence, Brigadier 'Prosum Causidicus' of Nestir V's traitor army arrives at the mighty Warmaster's tent within one of their tent cities. Here he is ordered to prepare their explosives and Promethium filled Landtrain for a trip to Hive Secundus.

Causidicus also reports that his men have engaged and killed thirty Imperial Guardsmen, as well as three Astartes Scouts near one of the Traitor Guard's Underground Forts. Adramalech tells him to mangle the bodies, to take some of their meat for rations and to dump the bodies in a faraway place near a powerful predator's lair. - Happy to still be alive, Brigadier Causidicus hurries away to carry out his orders.

Feb. 07 008.M42
Having grown bored and tired of waiting in the underworld of Nestir V, Apoc Everkill wanders the tent city of Adramalech while he searches for Dalencius.
Bored, drunk and half mad Apoc stumbles upon a nest of sleeping soldiers. In the commotion that follows, Apoc has a mad vision about the truth of his existence and becomes convinced he has been banished to some unknowable hell. When he snaps out of it again a few seconds later he proceeds to slay every last soldier in the room before eventually falling asleep.

Feb. 09 008.M42
The remains of the Imperials' lost patrol is found mangled, outside a huge natural predator's cave in Sector 220. The remains of all thirty-five humans of the mission, though horribly mutilated, are found. - As to the scouts however, only three of the team's five scouts are recovered. Imperial teams deal with the huge predator in the area and search the immediate vicinity, but find nothing else.

Feb. 12 008.M42
The Adeptus Mechanicus have finally completed the artificer bionic arm for Brother-Codicier Korvac of the Legio. This day the arm arrives in an honoured Adeptus Mechanicus transport ship and under a strict ritual operation, the arm is installed and activated.

Feb. 16 008.M42
The Legio's Bloodied Scion has been repaired well enough to resume her duties as the Crusade's Flagship, and she ceremoniously takes over the command role, from the Space Wolf Strike Cruiser Stormwolf.

Feb. 18 008.M42
Order is fully restored to Hive Secundus and air transport has been bringing massive amounts of people from Secundus to Primus. Families have been reunited and the workforce at Primus has been substantially strengthened.

Feb. 20 008.M42
The Imperial Guard locates the next in line Planetary Governor of Nestir V, in Hive Secundus. - She and her cabinet begin preparations to take over Civilian Command as soon as planet-wide Martial Law is lifted, and her cabinet prepare to lessen the burden with civil matters from the shoulders of military command.

In an official and highly pompous military ceremony before the new Planetary Governor of Nestir V, her cabinet, Inquisitor Rugajov and Canoness Ophelia Arcadion, a new Planetary Defence Force based on the Legio trained militia is formed. Commander Norrington, the initial leader of the Legio militia is formally dubbed a Knight of Nestir and given the position as Military Commander of Nestir V's new Planetary Defence Forces.

Feb. 21 008.M42
It has become routine for Imperial recon planes to fly missions following the subterranean land-train supply lines of Hives Primus and Secundus, searching for movement and heat from possible enemy units. - So far they have found nothing, but this day they do.

In the ruins of Hive Tertius, an assassination attempt is made upon Veteran Brother Morg and General Storm, as a bomb is set off near them, but by sheer luck they are unharmed.

Feb. 22 008.M42
In Imperial hands, Nestir V's orbital defences have been undergoing repairs and this day the orbital defences are back at forty percent capacity.

Being notified about that enemy movement has been confirmed, Imperial leaders of the Crusade convene for a meeting. Still not fully repaired, Dreadnought Crusade Commander Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels leads the meeting.

Large portions of the sub-levels of Hive Primus have been tidied up and blessed. Also, what little remains that Wolf Lord Hakon Greymane could be found of Space Wolf Battle Leader Thor and his Strike Team have been recovered and have been laid to rest.

The Power Station of Hive Primus has been repaired and reactivated. As has its primary environment shields.

The Nex Spensa platform has been stabilized after the battles there and the Altithronus Superna Spaceport has undergone heavy repairs, making it almost fully operational again.

From the ruins of Hive Tertius, General Storm reports on their progress there. Seven dig sites have been scouted out, but they have found nothing so far.

Satellites and the Crusade Flagship is put into a position in which they can follow the underground movement of the enemy Landtrain.

Six hours later, the Imperials have tried shutting down the electrical grid to the Landtrain, but it has not worked, so a battle plan is presented.
The Imperials believe the Train may be rigged as a weapon of mass destruction. As a precaution the people of Hive Secundus are being moved to the safest locations within the city and evacuation procedures are being prepared. A strike team is also prepared to defend Hive Secundus. As a last resort the Imperials are also ready to blast the train from orbit, but are reluctant to do so as they want to keep the tunnels near Hive Secundus intact.

Therefore, instead of immediately reaching for overly drastic measures, the Imperials will try to intercept and take the train before it is to late.

Because the train is such a small target travelling so fast in an unpredictable environment, it is almost impossible to teleport onto or off the train, therefore a team will be getting on the moving train, using one of the tunnels' many service shafts.

Brother Codicer Korvac of the Legio volunteers for the mission and is teleported onto the planet. Before his arrival, the Bloodied Scion fires a low yield, tempered plasma torpedo into the air above his landing zone, preparing it for Korvac's arrival.

From there Korvac makes his way through service tunnels to a an underground service station where he gets onboard the speeding train. Using his powers he gathers intel before neutralizing the human enemy threat. He then goes on to shut out a disruptive psychic influence before killing two Marines from the excommunicated Steel Dragons Chapter, in a drawn out battle. With control of the train Korvac halts it and calls in teleported backup. Together they search the Landtrain and disarm the weapons onboard. Korvac also has the Legio Librarium research a portable Eldar Webway portal generator he finds onboard. The artefact is moved to the the camp at the ruins of Hive Tertius.

Later in the day, Korvac undergoes surgery to repair grievous burns and cuts suffered on his mission.

Feb. 26 008.M42
With Adramalech's ploy to bomb Hive Secundus having fallen apart, the Imperials are on the verge of uncovering the Underbrunner tunnel at the ruins of Hive Tertius. - A tunnel which will lead them to the 'BelahRill'; the Glittering Path of Bifrost and eventually to the Snow Leopard's lost underground fortress.

Adramalech cannot let the Imperials win the race to reach the ancient Machine-Spirit however, for if they do, they may very well locate the Snowglobe before he does and trap his power-centre, his 'Heart of Winter', within it forever.

So, to ensure the Imperials do not get to 'The Ice Cave of the Snow Leopard' first, Adramalech opens two Webway Portals from his lair to the dig site of the Imperials at Hive Tertius. He then launches an Apocalyptic Battle-Force of Traitor Guard, lead by Brigadier Causidicus, and Dalencius' Fellmarines leading the speartip.

It is not long before both sides have thousands of men engaged in a mighty battle among the snow covered ruins of Hive Tertius; but the Traitors are not the only ones with Astartes support and as war rages around them, Morg leads his Legio Terminators into battle alongside General Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost and Camp Commander Steel of the Imperial Guard.

The two powerful forces clash together in a mighty battle as earthquakes shake the very foundations of the earth. The Imperials will need to destroy the Eldar Portal-generator that is being used to transport Adramalech's men, before too many of them get through and overrun the Imperial forces. In the mean time the Imperials must also hold out long enough for the Bloodied Scion to move into position and deliver Imperial support from orbit.

In the end a major battle has been fought with earthquakes, airstrikes, psychic attacks, planes crashing, tanks flying, desperate men struggling one on one and hundreds of men going at it with guns and worse. Morg defeats the Chaos Marines of the enemy and shuts down their portals. General Storm has a battle of wits with the traitor-side's counter part of herself, before having a sniper team take him down.

The Imperials win but are delayed even further as the entryway to the Underbrunner tunnel collapses. Air lifts, reinforcements and medevacs appear, and then once it is all over, both Storm and Morg can rest knowing that they have done their duty well.

Feb. 27 008.M42
Still lost in snowy lands of ice, former Crusade Commander Alexander Holus finds he has begun seeing things and is doubting his sanity, but he keeps walking anyway, trying to follow a swarm of apparitions he can glimpse in the distance. Eventually he can see the same naked Eldar he has seen many times before in the distant snow, but this time the mysterious Eldar waves for him to follow. The Eldar leads him ever onward through snow, ice and fog, to a steep hill, and once Holus has climbed the hill he stands on the top of a cliffside, looking out onto a shimmering majestic hive city. - Civilization at last! - Holus turns to thank the mysterious Eldar, but to his surprise finds that the Eldar is nowhere to be found.

Having captured one of the infiltrators that tried to assassinate Storm and Morg at Hive Tertius, Codicer Korvac interrogates the man unto death, but has little luck in extracting much info.

Clean-up of the Hive Tertius battle ground and ruins is begun. Over a thousand Imperials are put in to complete this work in record breaking time.
The enemy bodies are gathered up outside the Hive Tertius ruins, where they are purged, blessed by imperial priests and flown away to be dumped into the Hvergelmir Lavaflow River. - In addition to this a mobile army surgery hospital is set up at the Hive Tertius ruins.

Inquisitor Smith inserts Camp Commander Steel as the Imperial Guard Commander in General Storm's absence.

Feb. 28 008.M42
Awakening from his psychic reverie two days after the battle for Hive Tertius, Adramalech finds his men in uproar and in a state of war. Many of their numbers have broken away into rebel forces that battle their numbers from within. Not accepting such behaviour, Adramalech uses his psychic powers to halt the battles and confusion, and to bring as many of the men as possible back to his cause. Then he orders his loyal men to slaughter the rest.

Crusade Commander Bannister loses himself in a dream while visiting Morg and Storm in the infirmary onboard the Bloodied Scion. He is awoken by Morg and after some friendly banter, Inquisitor Smith arrives to give them a situation report, insisting that he has been to the nonexistent hospital shop to get bananas. – The eccentric Inquisitor then gives them a situation update.

The Imperial Fleet has detected another blip the long range scanners, just beyond the sun.

Feb. 29 008.M42
Nestir V's new Imperial governor is ready to take over the mainstay of civil matters at Nestir V.

Mar. 01 008.M42
Fearing that their location may be known to the Imperials, Adramalech's army is packing to move to new a new location.

Adramalech also receives a report that one of the three Webway portals they have been using to drain Promethium from the basins of the underworld has collapsed, but that his off-world allies are receiving all the Promethium he is sending, and that his secret Hrud army is working overtime to complete the project, eager to reclaim their old realm. At the first portal's collapse, Adramalech's Promethium draining project is at 98% completion.

Later in the day another portal also collapses, leaving the traitors with but one portal and they shut it down to preserve it for their future plans.

Adramalech sends a scout force out of the underworld, to set up a hidden safe base of operations on the surface.

The lost Guardian Angels Scouts Soner and Advivo, relocate the enemy stronghold they escaped from earlier, and from a distance, they scout it out for a few days.

Mar. 02 008.M42
Adramalech commands the Chaos Fleet to begin their journey to return to Nestir V.

Back in Adramalech's far away moon, rebuilt to be used as a miniature Craftworld for his Eldar Pirate Fleet, Dannan'Ra, his trusted lieutenant Yana Orkan brings with him Adramalech's order for the Chaos and Eldar Pirate Fleets to go to war.

Mar. 03 008.M42
The last of the Webway portals used to empty Nestir V's main western Promethium basins finally collapses, shutting Nestir V off to the Dannan'Ra "Craftworld", and effectively stopping the Promethium draining project in that part of Nestir V. If Adramalech and his Chaos forces wish to continue stealing Nestir V's Promethium reserves, they will be forced to retake the planet's hives. - Even so Adramalech's own agenda for draining the Promethium out of the Deeper Dark of the main western Promethium basins is almost complete and he almost has a way to reach the subterranean Fort of the Snow Leopard.

Adramalech's forces finally begin their long march out of the underworld and back onto Nestir V's surface. In the mean time his secret Hrud army also evacuate the caves and halls along their own secret underground routes, to go to safe chambers only they know about.

Mar. 04 008.M42
Adramalech's human army finally reaches the surface of Nestir V, after having passed through and sealed protective gate after protective gate leading into their underground fort. Clad in snow camo and equipped with both camo-netting and Holofield projectors graciously supplied by their Pirate Eldar allies they hope to stay concealed from the orbiting surveillance systems and long range patrols of the Imperials, long enough to carry out their mission. On snow bikes, All Terrain Tracked Carriers and skis, the traitor army rushes away from the now concealed gates to the Underworld. Adramalech also ensures to conceal his army's tracks.

The Imperials are undergoing a daily briefing on the progress of their search for Adramalech's forces, when alarms go off. Inquisitor Rugajov onboard the Numenov, has detected a wide range heat plume spreading throughout a huge continental area along the planet's western hemisphere and the effect is titanic enough to be causing turbulent atmospheric changes in that part of the planet. In shocked amazement it dawns on the Imperials that Adramalech and his Chaos forces have ignited the Promethium fields throughout the western hemisphere of Nestir V.

The Imperials realize that with the subterranean Promethium fields on fire, Hive Primus and Hive Secundus may be in danger, as the fires may spread explosively through the planet's Promethium and gas pipeline grid. With the planetwide Machine Spirit Snow Leopard still offline, safety measures to stop the spread of the fires may not be in place.

Crusade Commander Bannister orders a manual shut-down of the hives, as well as an evacuation of all high risk areas. Then the order is given for the hives to go to threat level yellow while an emergency evacuation airwing is prepared for each of the cities.

Commander Steel's dig teams at the Hive Tertius ruins are evacuated. Xavier, Hakon and Melxis prepare Astartes Strike Teams that are ready to go on a moment's notice. Canoness Arcadion prepares her forces to control civil unrest. Then surveillance planes, satellites and the Bloodied Scion are all brought into the planet's western hemisphere to keep an eye on the situation.

Having scouted out an enemy fort entrance for days, lost Guardian Angels Scouts Soner and Advivo begin their long struggle of a journey to get back to civilization with their report.

Mar. 07 008.M42
The Imperials continue their search for Adramalech's forces, but with smoke and vapour pouring into the atmosphere, visibility is an issue, so further ground based searches in the western hemisphere are called off. - Despite advanced searches both from orbit and on the ground, the Imperials have found no trace of Adramalech's forces.

Both the planet's hive cities are safe from the burning Promethium fields, but uninformed, scared and distrustful, the population of the cities have begun panicking; so the new planetary Governor has petitioned the Imperials to aid her forces in taking control of the situation.

General Storm is back in duty after her stay in the infirmary, and she is taking over Imperial Guard command from Commander Steel. She and her Imperial Guard will aid the Imperial Governor's forces in restoring order to the panicking populace of the world's two hive cities.

Aside from the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, the whole of the Hive Tertius ruins digsite has been evacuated. Atmospheric cleansers have kept the hospital going and now the smoke and clouds in the area is clearing up. The Imperials expect to fully resume their operations in the area in a day or two.

Riots in Hive Secundus are getting out of hand again, and so Inquisitor Rugajov of Ordo Hereticus, sets out to lead Legio militia forces, the Arbites and PDF forces within Hive Secundus, to secure the Pax Imperialis.

The two missing Guardian Angels Scouts that were lost in icy caverns several days ago, flee the flames of the Promethium Hell that erupted when the Underworld burned.
With everything melting around them, they two Scouts finally escape the ice caverns and make it back to the surface.

Mar. 08 008.M42
The smoke screen over the western hemisphere of Nestir V has begun to lift, clearly indicating that the Promethium fields in the western hemisphere have, as the Imperials suspected, been nearly entirely emptied by Adramalech's forces.

The workers at the Hive Tertius ruins digsite finally uncover the Underbrunner tunnel.
In light of these news, General Storm, Inquisitor Rugajov, Lord Hakon Greymane, Brother Codicier Korvac, Inquisitor Smith, Captain Drako Kinghorn and a score of their warriors and serfs return from orbit to oversee the last efforts of the operation.

Entering the Underbrunner and descending the two kilometre long ice tunnel, the Imperials reach the Chamber of the Yggdrasil. Then they begin searching the huge chamber trying to find a way to activate the Webway portal, to activate its lights and solve its mysterious puzzles.

Eventually they solve the puzzles of the chamber and are presented with an opportunity to use the Webway Portal "BelahRill", "The Glittering Path of Bifrost". To do so however, they need a key. The key lies in the combination of both the sword of General Storm, and that of her brother, or in having an Eldar ally to open the gate. They do not have both swords or an Eldar ally however and disappointed, the Imperials are forced to walk away.

Downtrodden with defeat, General Storm returns to Hive Secundus in the hopes that she can use her own sword's powers to track down her brother's sword as well. She also tells the other Imperial leaders that their awakening of the ancient BelahRill Portal may have alerted Eldar forces which are sure to come to investigate.

Adramalech plans for his forces to split up in order to make them harder to find.
While he goes to transverse the Deeper Dark of the Underworld with his Hrudii and Astartes army. One of his traitor guard forces heads out across the open snow plains of Nestir V, in an attempt to reach one of the old pirate forts of the Kea mountain-range. An even larger force heads for their former subterranean caves, where they intend to re-establish their old tent cities. Adramalech expects his human forces to gathered together again at a later time, but is uncertain as to when that will be.

Back in their main cavern fort, Adramalech's army is ready to depart and go their separate ways; each to its own cause and mission. Before setting out however, Adramalech holds a long and stirring speech to lift up the hearts and hopes of his army.

Unknown to his army though, Adramalech's many and uplifting words about giving his people freedom and power, while crushing the Imperium, overthrowing the Emperor and the Lords of Terra, and giving Humanity Eternal Peace, has a hidden meaning, for the speech is really about the death of humanity and returning his people, the Eldar, to power.

Mar. 09 008.M42
With one faction of Adramalech's human army heading for the over-ground Eldar Pirate Fort of the Kea mountain range, and one faction remaining behind to guard their greatest underground fort and tent city; Adramalech takes his Ulfenhedner elites, his Astartes forces, Ambull, and his Hrud army into the dangerous tunnels of The Deeper Dark. As they journey through the tunnels on their way towards the centre of the planet and the Fort of the Snow Leopard, Adramalech looses himself in thought, while mentally going over his plans. - Soon the Chaos and Eldar Pirate Fleets will return to bring havoc to the Imperials and to bring reinforcements and supplies to Adramalech's ground based troops.

Then, miles behind them, his human army carry out their orders and detonate massive explosive charges, bringing thousands of tons of rock and earth down to block off the path of Adramalech and his men. Now no one can follow then into the tunnels, but also, they have but one way to go. Forward.

The unrest and all signs of an uprising in Hive Secundus, are finally ended when Inquisitor Rugajov leads Legio forces, Arbites and PDF forces against a secret cult of Chaos worshippers within Hive Secundus. In a hive block battle the Imperials eventually utterly destroys them.

Mar. 10 008.M42
Inquisitor Smith and Captain Melxis go to Hive Secundus to help poor, parentless and homeless children there. At the same time Inquisitor Smith also goes to aid General Storm in her work to relocate Jokul Rosin's mighty sword 'Rillie-Tageth'. With Inquisitor Smith's help and blessings, General Storm also tries to contact the Lugganath Eldar Craftworld, hoping that their insight can be of help to the Imperial Crusade. They have no success in doing so.

Mar. 11 008.M42
The missing Guardian Angels Scouts, Soner and Advivo, are picked up, frozen, famished and utterly exhausted, among the Kea mountain range. They are given aid and then debriefed. Based on their reports, Operation Permafrost, the Imperials' mighty strike against what they believe to be Adramalech's final stronghold, is planned out.

General Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost sets out on daily flight expeditions using her psychic powers, meditative training, and her sword, Isa's quantum entanglement lock on its twin Haegl, to try and locate her brother's lost sword on the surface of Nestir V.

Mar. 12 008.M42
Operation Permafrost is initiated, and the major battle against what the Imperials believe to be Adramalech's final stronghold, is fought out.

The battle involves the Imperial Fleet. Especially the Bloodied Scion and the Doom's Herald, as well as landing craft, and aircraft aplenty. It also involved Crusade Commander Bannister; Captain Drako Kinghorn, Chaplain Gaius, XO. Lennox, Apothecary Sergio, Spymaster Umbra Proeliator, the Scouts Soner and Advivo, Tech-Marine Dominicus, and Dreadnought Rehab of the Guardian Angels; Commander Steel of the Imperial Guard, alongside his infantry and mechanized companies; Justicar Borroleth of the Grey Knights; Redemptor Chaplain Sigrdrifa of the Angels of Destruction; Captain Cruento Manus of the Bloodied Hand; Brother Captain Cyprian and Brother Codicer Korvac of the Legio, as well as the venerable Legio Vindicator 'Infernalis Redemptor. It involves thousands of men, lots of tanks, walkers, bikes, artillery, aircraft and more.

Throughout the day, the Imperials carry the torch of war to the gates of the enemy. They start by advancing on the enemy fort from above ground and break down its gates. Then they head over nine kilometres into the Underworld, battling the enemy every step of the way. Traps, gas, minefields, explosions, heavy fire, and desperate close combat follows.

Mar. 13 008.M42
The Operation Permafrost Battle continues and the main chamber of the fort is finally breached. The battle between the Imperials and the Traitor Forces escalates, but eventually the Imperials stand victorious.

After the battle, interrogation of captured enemy units is carried out by the Imperial Guard Commissariat. They learn the truth of Adramalech's journey into the deeper tunnels of the planet, as well as of his force moving overground towards the secret Eldar Pirate fort in the Kea mountain-range.

Later in the day, Inquisitor Smith and Captain Melxis return from their trip to Hive Secundus, where they, on the request of the new Planetary Governor, have helped out a civilian program seeking to aid children in need of help.

Briefing after the Operation Permafrost Battle is made onboard the Bloodied Scion.
Here it is made clear that neither Adramalech, nor any of his Captains were found in the operation, but that interrogated prisoners have revealed that Adramalech and those closest to him have gone into the deeper tunnels of Nestir V, collapsing the tunnels behind themselves.

As the day draws to a close, the Guardian Angels Scouts Soner and Advivo undergo a ceremony that makes them into full battle Brothers, for their efforts in making Operation Permafrost possible.

Mar. 14 -17 008.M42
Sporadic battles are fought between straggler units of Adramalech's army, both above and below ground. These battles are mere skirmishes with little more than two hundred men fighting in the largest of the battles. - For the most part the battles are fought by the Imperial Guard, with only minor effort being needed from the Astartes of the Legio, lead by Brother Captain Cyprian, formerly of the Infernals Chapter.

Mar. 15 008.M42
Captain Eutronus Amorphous and his Sons of Doom locate and engage Adramalech's Traitor Guard Force heading for the old Eldar Pirate Fort of "Occasus Niveus Montis". The Sons overtake the five hundred strong traitor force on the snowy Occassus plains and engage them in battle.

After a short battle, most of the exhausted traitors are defeated and The Sons of Doom mop up. Prisoners are taken and these soon reveal the approximate location they were heading towards. Receiving this report, the Legio decide to locate and scout it out.

Mar. 16 008.M42
Flown to "Occasus Niveus Montis" in Storm Eagles, Captain Cyprian's Legio forces search the mountainside for hours before locating the entrance to the old Eldar Pirate Fort. They find the place abandoned and that is has been unused, probably for hundreds of years. The place holds tens of thousands of Ork skulls however, and Cyprian decides it is worth scouting out the depth of the fort itself. After hours of mapping and scouting it out, they have uncovered that the place in truth is an ancient, buried Space Hulk that likely crashed on Nestir V at least five hundred years ago. – The Imperials eventually decide the place holds nothing of interest to the current Crusade, but record the place for further exploration at a later time.

Mar. 18 008.M42
Chaplain Lycan and his Space Wolves are needed to take down a particularly well defended bunker complex. After the complex is taken, captured prisoners "willingly" reconfirm the info that Adramalech and the mainstay of his forces, have moved into the "Deeper Dark" of the Nestir V underground, and that he and his army is heading for the Fort of the Snow Leopard.

Mar. 20 008.M42
An Eldar Pirate Fleet appears from behind the far side of the sun of Nestir, revealed by a small transport class Imperial ship lead by 'Incompertus Ferratus', seconded to the Legio from the 'Astral Ravens'. Onboard they carry 300 Sororitas of the Order of the Blessed Damsel, that have been sent as a support unit for the Imperial Crusade.
Upon jumping into the Nestir V system, the ship was attacked by the hidden Eldar Pirate Fleet and limping towards the Imperial Fleet, the ship gives warning of the impending enemy attack. From Ferratus of the Legio, the Imperials learn that the Eldar Fleet is commanded by an Eldar by the name of Ard-Iadanna.

The Imperial Fleet goes into full battle readiness and the Nestir V Orbital Defence Network, is brought online at 82% capacity. - Still not fully repaired after the original invasion.

On the ground, the cities fire up their Void Shields and the whole planet is put into combat readiness mode.

Mar. 24 008.M42
Much slower than expected. the Eldar Pirate Fleet has been steadily approaching Nestir V and the Imperial Fleet for days. Then out of nowhere, the Chaos Fleet jumps back into orbit above Nestir V, much closer than is normally safe.

The largest fleet battle the Crusade has seen is set into motion as ships battle ships, swarms of fighter craft battle each other, the planetary defensive network is brought online and even the Hive Cities of Nestir V take part in the battle with ancient ion cannons.

The Traitors loose seven escort ships during their opening strike; trading them for three defensive satellites and a single Imperial escort. Yet it matters little, for they succeed in teleporting onboard Chaos Marine forces, including some of the Chaos Captains, that will aid them more directly in the full on assault.

Between the Chaos and Pirate Eldar Fleet, the Imperial Fleet seems outmatched, but then out of nowhere, huge Eldar Webway portals appear and the fleet of the small Eldar Craftworld Lugganath appears. At first the Imperials think they are faced with yet another enemy, but then a Warlock named Fir Dinillainn announces to them that they are there on behalf of General Storm. To honour an age old alliance they have come in aid of the Imperials' mission.

The space battle carries on, but soon Captain Aedan Radek's Chaos ship the "Furor Securis" makes a run for the main western orbital defensive network's control hub. If the control hub falls, the Imperial will be at a serious disadvantage and the Chaos forces may indeed get a foothold over Nestir V again.

Canoness Ophelia Arcadion and nearly five hundred Adepta Sororitas defend their ship and the hub however, and they have no intention of letting it fall to the Chaos forces. When Radek and his Chaos Marines board their ship and the defensive hub, a great battle breaks out between the two forces.

The Sons of Doom's support ship, the "Fury of Auton" is also sent in to support Arcadion's ship, but is forced to sacrifice itself when Radek's "Furor Securis" opens fire on Arcadion's ship.

After a long and bloody battle, Radek eventually slays Canoness Ophelia Arcadion, while his Khornite Berserkers and other Chaos Marines have laid waste to a large portion of her forces. The last thing the Canoness does is to send a signal for the reminder of her forces to abandon ship.

Returning to his own ship, Radek orders Ophelia’s ship, The Blessed Damsel, destroyed with melta charges that cause a chain reaction in the ship's plasma drives.

The rippling shock wave of The Blessed Damsel tears the defence-hub to shreds and destroys close to a hundred defence satellites, as well as most of the escaping Adepta Sororitas escape pods and troop carriers. Then, as the control hub comes apart, all across the western hemisphere, the satellite defence network goes dead.

With the western Orbital Defence Control Station destroyed, the western hemisphere of Nestir V's heavens now belong to the Chaos Fleet.

In another part of the battle, traitor forces set up explosives within Nestir V's asteroid ring, hoping to use asteroids as a makeshift barrage of rock and flames against the Imperials. On one of the asteroids, almost large enough to be called a moon, the 44th Autonian Imperial Guard Regiment engages the traitors in an uncustomary space suited infantry battle; but the traitors are supported by Eldar pirates and Autonian’s are forced to fall back.

Asteroids rain in on the Imperial Fleet and only a massive shift in firepower sees the asteroid barrage halted. Confusion reigns and the enemies of the Imperium have more time to move properly into position. A few meteors even strike the surface of Nestir V; some of them with enough force to count as nuclear strikes.

A major Chaos attack is launched on the Bloodied Scion and Justicar Borroleth and his Grey Knights, are forced to repel borderers when a demon host makes it onboard. Beyond that, the Firestorm Frigate: "Lux Astrum Phoenix", of the Guardian Angels, is able to destroy most of the Cultist assault boats before reaching the Bloodied Scion.

Inquisitor Rugajov of Ordo Hereticus meets with heavy resistance as he leads a "Night Hawk Fury Interceptor" and "Imperial Starhawk Bomber" squadrons against the enemy. Under Rugajov's command the fighters defeat enemy strike-craft squadrons before crippling the Chaos ship 'Caenargeon'.

After this, Rugajov takes control of the 'Goldfield Voyager' and leads thousands of civilian workers that had been working on the defence network, out of harm's way.

Redemptor-Chaplain Sigrdrifa and Captain Cruento Manus' forces see little action as they continue to hold the northern orbital defence network control hub

During the time-span of a few hours, hundreds of other heroic battles are fought out in battlegrounds both large and small throughout Nestir V's orbit; but by the end of it, the Chaos forces again have a foothold over Nestir V's western hemisphere.

Both sides settle down to regroup and carry out much needed repairs in geo-stationary orbit in over either side of the planet. Chaos and the Eldar Pirates in the west, and the Imperials with their Lugganath Eldar allies to the east and towards Nestir V's Polar Regions.

Mar. 25 008.M42
Concealed from Imperial augers by cloaking systems that make the ship seem like an Imperial freighter, the Validus Justica, Battle Barge of the Fellmarines hangs over Nestir V, having returned from its long absence alongside the rest of Adramalech's hired fleet.

Skirmish battles break out between Chaos and Imperial fighter planes, bombers and interceptors, both in orbit and in the skies of Nestir V.

Most of Adramalech's Captains teleport out of the Underworld of Nestir V, but Adramalech himself is forced to continue towards the Fort of the Snow Leopard on foot; only to be kept company by hid Hrud army in the dark.

Mar. 26 008.M42
Having returned to his ship, The Consultant of Mayhem, in orbit around Nestir V, Apoc Everkill finds he can't remember the last battle he was in, but his Power Armour has been damaged and he thinks about using a new one from among the ones he has stolen on Nestir V. He considers a suit of armour from the Guardian Angels Chapter, but is uncertain if they are worthy. - With the aid of one of his cloned subjects, he begins looking for a suitable suit of armour to replace his own.

The skirmish battles between Chaos and Imperial fighter planes, bombers and interceptors, both in orbit and in the skies of Nestir V continue.

A few daring raids on the Hive Cities are made by Chaos bombers and recognizance fighters, but the mighty Void shields and anti-air-defences of the cities have no problem keeping the enemies at bay.

The Hive Cities of Nestir V start freezing as all available power generated by the cities themselves are channelled into the mighty Void shields of the cities. The streets grow cold, but people keep their houses warm with Promethium, hot food, drink and booze. – In Hive Secundus more unrest flairs up again.

Mar. 27 008.M42
The skirmish battles in Nestir V's orbit and skies still continue, and another couple of daring raids are made on the Hive Cities by Chaos bombers and recognizance fighters; but again the cities have no problem keeping the enemies at bay.

There are a few confrontations on the ground before Hive Secundus and the Hive Tertius ruins as well, but here the Imperials are superior in holding these areas, so the few Chaos forces that dared venture there do not try again.

Mar. 28 008.M42
The skirmish battles in Nestir V's orbit and skies still continue, as both forces seek to gain valuable intel or weak spots on the enemy. Raids are attempted against ships through the atmosphere, but these are all lost causes.

The Imperials have lost all control over what is happening deep within the western hemisphere of Nestir V, and so they send a reckon mission sent there to try and gauge out some intel. The expedition is lost.

The riots in Hive Secundus spill over into the streets and the Arbites, have a field day cleaning up the mess.

Inquisitor Rugajov instates a curfew in Hive Secundus to ensure that order is kept and that people won't freeze to death in the streets at night.

Mar. 29 008.M42
The skirmish battles in Nestir V's orbit and skies still continue.

General Storm finally locates a clue as to where her brother's arcane sword may be. She believes it to be in the Hvergelmir Lavaflow River and plans an expedition to go there and retrieve it.

Mar. 30 008.M42
The skirmish battles in Nestir V's orbit and skies still continue, but have become less frequent by now.

Mar. 31 008.M42
By now the skirmish battles in Nestir V's orbit and skies have almost died down.

Meeting for talks with an Lugganath ambassador, Inquisitor Smith and General Storm cement an alliance between themselves and the Lugganath Eldar.

General Storm reveals to Inquisitor Smith that she is pregnant, and Smith in turn reveals this to Inquisitor Rugajov.

Apr. 01 008.M42
Inquisitor Rugajov takes Smith out for a few drinks at "Tipsy McStagger's pub", in "the Maewyn Succat Pub Crawl street". - At "Tipsy McStagger's", the two find Chaplain Lycan's Space Wolf Warband and tell them that the Wolves will be going on a mission with General Storm, to recover the Sword "Rillie-Tageth" from the Hvergelmir Lavaflow River.

Apr. 02 008.M42
General Storm and the Space Wolves have left Hive Secundus and are on their way to the Hvergelmir, when Storm uses her own blade, Yirrik-Zhai, to track the blade of her brother, Rillie-Tageth.

Deep beneath the crust of the earth, Adramalech senses the link grow stronger and he uses his psychic might to learn more about the phenomenon. Torturing Jokul's soul, he learns of the true power of Yirrik-Zhai and Rillie-Tageth. Now knowing that the swords can destroy him, he needs to recover Rillie-Tageth before the Imperials, but being stuck in the Deeper Dark he calls to his loyal Chaos Fleet, intending to send the Berserker Lord Cryus Crom to retrieve the blade for him.

While General Storm's task force heads for the Hvergelmir Lavaflow River, the Chaos Fleet launches a surprise attack on the Imperials. A mighty fleet battle once more erupts over Nestir V, while over a thousand flyers of different sorts battle each other in the skies above the planet's Hive Cities.

This is all a distraction however, allowing Cryus Crom's Strike Cruiser, the "Strages", to go into low orbit and teleport Crom and his Terminator retinue into the Hvergelmir chasm.

At the Hvergelmir, General Storm's task force, guarded by Chaplain Lycan's Space Wolves, set up gravitic lifters to retrieve their prize, when Crom's Berserkers suddenly attack. Lycan and his Wolves engage, while General Storm's non-combatant units retreat alongside her bodyguards and herself.

A short but brutal battle explodes into action below Storm's position as the Berserkers and the Wolves engage each other in battle. Unfortunately Lycan's Space Wolves are no match for the crazed Berserkers and Storm soon finds herself falling back to be air-lifted away from the Battle Field.

Soon after, Lord Greymane's Space Wolves, backed up by Melxis' Iron Bears appear in Thunderhawks, but already having retrieved Rillie-Tageth, Crom and his men have teleported back onboard the Strages.

With their victory secured, the Chaos Fleet withdraws back to its side of the planet, and still too damaged to follow, the Imperial Fleet is forced to hold its defensive position, while even greater parts of the Lugganath Eldar's Fleet is forced to withdraw due to the Fleet's devastated state.

Apr. 03 008.M42
General Storm and her retinue have finally returned to Hive Secundus.
In a state of sadness, General Storm again starts to try and retrace her brother's mighty sword, for without both it and her own 'Yirrik-Zhai' the Imperials cannot hope to destroy Adramalech.

Apr. 09 008.M42
Inquisitors Smith and Rugajov's program to help the poor of Nestir V is finally bearing fruits. A huge shelter has been built in Hive Primus. Food, clothes, toys, money and information has been acquired for the war torn people of Nestir V. Families are being reunited and orphaned children had begun to find new families thanks to the project. The project also helps lessen crime in the cities and provides newfound stability, as well as a valuable workforce for city restoration.

In Hive Primus Smith also set up a toy manufacturing facility several weeks back, to get people off the streets and bring some joy into the lives of the young. One of the favoured toy products is a line of soft teddy bears, partly glad in what resembles polished, silvery power armour. These bears are called "Iron Bears", as a homage to the Iron Bears Space Marine Chapter.

Apr. 10 008.M42
During his evenings, Inquisitor Smith goes into harsh negotiations with the Eldar ambassador and leader. The Warlock Fir Dinillainn of Craftworld Lugganath.
Smith hopes to convince the Lugganath to stay and continue to aid the Imperials. He also hopes the Eldar will aid them in reaching the Fort of the Snow Leopard before Adramalech and tries to convince the Eldar to let the Imperials move Battle Forces through the Webway. Naturally the Eldar of Lugganath are reluctant to agree.

Apr. 12 008.M42
The Imperials arrange a special day when teams of eight Landspeeders and a Thunderhawk laden with toys, food and cloths is set up in both hive cities to deliver presents to those in need.

The Lugganath Eldar agree to continue having a Fleet presence within the Nestir V system. Seeing that the Eldar are opening up, Inquisitor Smith continues to press the Warlock Fir Dinillainn for Craftworld Lugganath's aid.

Apr. 13 - 15 008.M42
Continuing his negotiations with Warlock Fir Dinillainn, Inquisitor Smith finally convinces the Eldar of Lugganath that the Chaos threat to the Fort of the Snow Leopard is very real and that the Adramalech the demigod may yet again be unleashed upon an unsuspecting galaxy. - Together the Imperials and the leaders of the Lugganath begin planning their operation to reach the Fort of the Snow Leopard through the Webway.

Apr. 15 008.M42
The new planetary government is moved to Hive Primus where they can better assess the situation of the most heavily damaged of the planet's two Hive Cities.

Preparations are undertaken for Battle Forces from the Legio, the Guardian Angels, the Grey Knights, the Sororitas, the Imperial Guard and the Lugganath Eldar, to move through the Bifrost Gateway, to reach the Fort of the Snow Leopard.

It is now clear to both factions that securing the Fort, opening it and reactivating the Snow Leopard is paramount in their plan to relocate the lost Snowglobe artefact; 'Bionnearan Ra-iok Hasoi Tonesh Carrecenad', and with it imprison and destroy Adramalech for good.

At the same time, Adramalech's Hrud army has finally reached the outer caves that lead to the Fort of the Snow Leopard, deep within Nestir V's hollow core. Here they begin setting up portal and teleportation equipment that will be used to get Adramalech and his forces into the area.

Apr. 16 008.M42
Having tired of his ship, Apoc Everkill decides to take a trip down to the surface of Nestir V, to test out his new armour and to enjoy the cold and the wind.
While here a messenger from Adramalech summons him back to join the other Chaos Captains, but Everkill feels insulted and takes it out on the unsuspecting Word Bearer that delivers Adramalech's message. Finally however, Everkill is intrigued by Adramalech's orders and decides to return after all.

After the mysterious naked Eldar showed him the way towards a Hive City, former Crusade Captain Alexander Holus took days to make his way down the mountain, from where he had seen it. Plagued by loneliness, extreme hunger, a feeling of numb apathy, black outs and an inability to perform complex tasks, Holus then spends even more days trudging across snowy plains before finally reaching the city's outer walls.

Once there he goes on to search the outer walls for a way in, while still blacking out more often than not. The finally on the morning of this day, he finds a way in.

As the Imperials prepare to leave for the Underbrunner at the Hive Tertius Ruins, Adramalech finally steps through the portal that takes him to the caverns leading to the Fort of the Snow Leopard. On his command the Chaos and Pirate Eldar Fleets once more move into position and strike at the Imperials and their Lugganath allies.

General Storm's Imperial ground forces and the Eldar of Lugganath are air-ferried from Hive Secundus to the Hive Tertius ruins.

A dozen of Adramalech's loyal low level sorcerers sacrifice their very souls to denizens of the Warp in order to find out where they must direct their attack to secure victory. The answer is for them to destroy the hidden orbital defence grid control hub, which is guarded by a ship called Ursa Minor.

Onboard the Ursa Minor, Captain Melxis and his Iron Bears stand ready to defend the control hub to the last. On the Chaos side however, Lord Captain Belial Neigorath and his Legionnaires are tasked with taking down the defence network.

Following a bit of trash talk, a short ship to ship battle sees the Ursa Minor taking a beating and Neigorath's Terminators strike at the Ursa Minor's bridge. Here a fire fight erupts as The Iron Bears and the bridge's defenders open fire on the Chaos intruders. The Terminators seem nigh on unstoppable however and the fire fight soon turns into a desperate close quarters battle.

Eventually the Chaos forces leave the bridge of the Ursa Minor in shambles. Melxis and his Iron Bears are defeated, and Melxis awakes only to find his neck is broken and that he is paralyzed. Neigorath mocks him and puts the proud Iron Bears Captain into the Captains Chair, where he rigs things up so that Melxis himself will be forced to set the ship on a collision course with Hive Primus. Then Neigorath's Terminator Teams move on to other targets.

In the larger picture, the Lugganath Eldar Fleet has fled after taking heavy damage. The orbital defensive network has fallen and the Imperial Fleet has been forced into a fighting retreat from Nestir V.

During this same time, the Imperials' exploratory team seeking to secure the Fort of the Snow Leopard have reached the Hive Tertius Ruins and are moving through the Lugganath controlled Webway Gate to reach it. Unknown to them however, Adramalech's forces have already been moving into the region of the subterranean fort, and have started searching the cavern around the fort itself for a way in. Just as they are searching, the chamber, the Imperials appear through the "BelahRill" Webway Portal and start securing the ground around it.

Having been notified about the intrusion of the Imperials into the cave housing the Fort of the Snow Leopard, Apoc Everkill orders his force into hiding, while Lord Sullanum and Harok Tal's forces flank the Imperials in the gloom of the cavern, to take them by surprise. Only Everkill’s force is armed with ranged weapons, so getting close to the Imperials before launching an attack is essential. - Also, in the gloom of the cavern's outer reaches, Adramalech's secret Hrud army is moving in for the kill.

Lord Sullanum uses his vile sorceries to hide their advance, but the sharp senses of the Grey Knights lift the veil of magic and soon a terrible battle erupts.

On the Imperial side, the Eldar forces of Warlock Fir Dinillainn, Captain Cyprian's fast moving Legio bikers, General Storm and Inquisitor Smith's Imperial Guard forces, Justicar Borroleth’s Grey Knights, and Captain Amorphous' Sons of Doom.

On the Chaos side, Chaos Lord Adramalech's Hrud army, Apoc Everkill's Underhand Marines, Harok Tal's Marines and Lord Sullanum’s army of walking dead.

The Imperials open up on Sullanum’s zombies and quickly establish a strong perimeter around the "BelahRill" Webway Portal. While Imperial forces are moving through the gateway, Sullanum’s forces draw fire, while Harok Tal's forces attempt to sneak up to outflank the Imperials and to shut down the Webway gate.

The Grey Knights, Legio and Lugganath Eldar hold the left flank while the Imperial Guard, the Sororitas and the Sons of Doom move up on the right flank. This to Captain Amorphous' great dismay, as both his sworn enemies, Apoc Everkill and Lord Sullanum are located on the left flank.

The Imperial Guard is caught in an ambush and the Sons of Doom open fire in support. With this attack, the Imperial Guard convoy is stalled and the Imperials are unable to move any more forces through the Webway gate.

The front lines of the Imperials are overrun by Harok Tal's Battlegroup, and General Storm directs the Sororitas of Redemptor-Chaplain Sigrdrifa into the area. On the fiery wings of jump packs they move in to retaliate with steel and flame, but they also note that a new and unknown enemy begins to come at the Guard forces from the shadows. From on high, the Sororitas strike at the unknown enemy with explosives and flame, but then a mighty psychic attack is unleashed from Adramalech. Black flames of terror rage across the Imperial forces and their allies.

The Eldar, Grey Knights and Inquisitor Smith's forces stand shielded, but the Imperial Guardsmen are hit hard, and when the flames engulf Sigrdrifa's Sororitas, they fall from the sky, burning while being assaulted by fiery daemons of black flame. Still some of the Sororitas make it and by the Emperor's will they stand their ground.

A seemingly endless horde of shadow-like enemies descend on the right flank of the Imperials and strike at them from every direction. In light of this new enemy, the Sons of Doom are forced to fall back to within a forcefield that has been erected around the Webway gate. Then as more Imperial Guardsmen arrive in support, the Sons of Doom advance once more to try and support the front-line Sororitas and General Storm's Imperial Guard force.

Fighting their way through swarms of Hrud, they try to reach and engage Harok Tal's Chaos force. The two marine forces eventually clash, and a terrible close combat follows. Captain Amorphous is injured in the battle, before the forces are divided again, by the flow of Hrud Warriors.

In another part of the battle field, Lord Sullanum's undead army marches on the Webway Gate and are met with hundreds of Imperial Guardsmen that fire at them and rush their advancing numbers. Many of the Guardsmen are infected by a horrible disease that kills them on the spot and then reanimates them into Sullanum’s undead army. - Naturally many of the Guardsmen panic and flee at the sight of this.

In yet another part of the battle field, General Storm has arranged a makeshift fort out of vehicles and walkers. Held by Imperial Guardsmen and Eldar, this fort repels horde after horde of Hrudii, while Inquisitor Smith brings in even more reinforcements.

Then, from out of nowhere yet another Chaos force enters the fray as Cryus Crom's Berserkers rush into the Imperial Guardsmen guarding the Webway gate. Soon Imperial blood is raining across the battlefield.

Through all this carnage, Apoc Everkill opts to keep his men away from the fighting, seeing it more as entertainment for now.

Captain Cyprian and his veteran Legio bikers head off into the large cavern to gather intel, but they are soon set upon by Hrud and completely surrounded and cut off from any kind of support, they are caught in a terrible battle.

Harok Tal and his men take the time to kill a few Hrud as punishment for getting between his force and the Sons of Doom. The Hrud part before him and Harok Tal's force once more rush the Sons of Doom. Harok Tal and Captain Amorphous meet in single combat while the battle flows around them. Amorphous takes a devastating hit, but still keeps fighting.

Left behind at the Webway Gate, Justicar Borroleth's Grey Knights hold the gate as well as they can from the onrushing Hrud swarm. Determined to hold the gate, the Grey Knights are filled with righteous anger when the Lugganath Eldar shut it down, stranding the Imperial Spear tip with no hope of reinforcements. Shortly after this, Justicar Borroleth goes down under the press of Hrud bodies.

In yet another part of the battle field, Sigrdrifa's Sororitas are keeping the enemy at bay, desperately waiting for their backup to arrive.

The Warlock, Fir Dinillainn and his warriors of Craftworld Lugganath reach General Storm's makeshift fort, and side by side, Fir Dinillainn, General Storm, Inquisitor Smith and their soldiers hold the enemy at bay. - Even so, things are not looking good, as Lord Sullanum starts directing his undead army towards the fort of vehicles as well.

Having lost over half of their number, Justicar Borroleth and his Grey Knights finally fight off the Hrud attacking their position. Regrouping, they set out towards the right flank of the battle, hoping to aid the Sons of Doom there.

Marching up on the right flank, the Grey Knights come upon Sigrdrifa's Sororitas and aid them in battling even more Hrud warriors, when some of the Hrud suddenly explode in a bloody mess, to become Chaos Spawn. This sudden change takes the Hrud by surprise as much as the Imperials and together the Sororitas and the Grey Knights are able to defeat their nearby enemies, who flee into the shadows.

Together the Sororitas and Knights move out again, to support the Sons of Doom. Seeing that General Storm's fort of vehicles is about to be overrun by undead, The Grey Knights halt their advance however and open up on the undead army from afar. Sigrdrifa’s Sororitas on the other hand continue moving towards the hard pressed force of the Sons of Doom.

With their fort of vehicles about to be overrun by undead and Khorne Berserkers, General Storm calls for a retreat and relocation. Her men fall back inside the vehicles, which quickly move away for a better position. Bloodied and feeling down, General Storm, Inquisitor Smith and the Warlock Fir Dinillainn plan their next move within their fleeing Command Chimera. Storm reveals to the others that she has seen her brother's sword, "Rillie-Tageth" in the hands of the Berserker Lord that lead the assault on their position.

The Sons of Doom are being taken apart by Harok Tal's Chaos Marines and Captain Amorphous is down when Redemptor Chaplain Sigrdrifa and her Battle Sisters suddenly come to the rescue. Together, the Sororitas and the Sons of Doom catch Harok Tal's Chaos Marines in a cross fire and then together, Redemptor Chaplain Sigrdrifa and Captain Eutronus Amorphous end Harok Tal once and for all. Following this however, Sigrdrifa collapses due to blood loss and it is clear that most of her Sororitas are dying as well.

In the hillsides of the cavern's outer reaches, Justicar Borroleth and his remaining five Terminator Knights are surrounded by enemies. As honourable Grey Knights, they do not surrender or plea for their lives, instead they raise their swords in one last battle salute and march to their deaths against more than a thousand Hrud warriors.

While Justicar Borroleth and his Grey Knights march to their doom and the doom of hundreds of their enemies, the rest of the Imperial and Eldar forces gather at the location of the Sons of Doom, where Redemptor Chaplain Sigrdrifa's Sororitas made their last stand.

The vehicles of the Imperials and Eldar start forming their makeshift fort again and Captain Amorphous produces a flask of vine that he had been saving up for their victory at Nestir V. Popping the flask, Amorphous, Storm and Smith share a drink while preparing for an honourable last stand.

With their fort set up, the Imperials await the arrival of the Chaos forces once more. Then the slow moving army of Sullanum’s undead army appears out of the gloom. The Imperials and Eldar open up with everything they have and the army of dead walk into a wall of deadly projectiles.

Working mysterious Eldar magic, the Warlock, Fir Dinillainn reopens the "BelahRill" Webway Portal, but he opens it into a black hole. The gate stays open for but a split second, yet this is enough for the portal to swallow much of Sullanum’s undead army, to seriously harm Cryus Crom's battle force, and to leave the entire cavern of the Snow Leopard's Fort in disarray.

After this display of power, Sullanum and Crom are reluctant to be the first to advance again, and so they convince Apoc Everkill to lead the charge on the Imperial's makeshift caravan fort. Then just as Everkill's forces advance on the fort through a hailstorm of projectiles, the Webway portal opens again, and more Imperial Guard reinforcements arrive to attack the Chaos forces from behind.

The gate quickly closes and however, and Everkill's men are forced to battle the new Imperial Guard force as well.

At the same time the remainder of Captain Cyprian's Legio bikers return to the fray and engage the undead of Lord Sullanum, as well as the Chaos sorcerer himself. At great speed Captain Cyprian jumps with his bike and lands heavily on top of Sullanum himself, crushing the sorcerer's head in the process. With Sullanum’s destruction, all of his undead forces comes apart and shatter.

Everkill's battle force quickly finishes off the new Imperial Guard force, and takes pot shots at the Legio Bikers while the bikers rush away towards the makeshift caravan fort of the Imperials.

Left behind by the Legio, Everkill and Crom's forces advance on the makeshift fort of the Imperials and Eldar once more.

The Imperials are quick to deal with the open charge of Crom's berserkers, but as Everkill's Underhand warriors move in, they are once more supported by swarms of Hrud warriors, and the fire of the Imperials is divided.

Everkill's men and the Hrud swarm finally breach the Imperials' makeshift caravan fort and only Everkill himself remains out of the fight. Captain Amorphous calls him out however, and out of ammo, goes after him in close combat. A short battle follows, but soon Everkill has dealt with Captain Amorphous, who dies and collapses after having been pierced through by one of Everkill's lightning claws.

Within the caravan fort the remaining Imperials and Eldar make their last stand in an ever diminishing ring of warriors. Then, as he attempt to perform one last ritual of Eldar rune magic, Fir Dinillainn is possessed by a powerful daemon called a Soul devourer, and the Imperials and Eldar break apart while Everkill's men and the Hrud, taken by surprise, fall back from the huge monstrosity.

Inquisitor Smith reveals that the Soul Devourer is a very rare demon that can only be sated by an innocent soul, and that at the moment of feeding it is vulnerable. Knowing that only one soul in their midst is truly innocent, General Lady Alexandra Storm Hawkin Frost throws herself at the daemon, sacrificing the soul of her unborn child. At that moment the daemon is vulnerable and it is torn apart by massive fire, while Storm falls lifeless to the ground.

With the daemon gone, the Hrud once more blanket the Imperials. In the end, only Inquisitor Smith, driven mad with sorrow, and an unarmed Captain Cyprian of the Legio remain. Smith screams the gibbering phrases of a mad-man, and then the Hrud are upon them, covering them in ever increasing numbers.

Once the blanket of Hrud have fallen away from the caravan fort again, Apoc Everkill walks into it and is pleased to see that nothing remains of the Imperials; not even their bones.

All the while this last stand is taking place, panic breaks out in Hive Primus as the Imperial citizens there learn that the Nestirian Orbital Defence Network has fallen, that the Imperial Fleet is withdrawing, and that an Astartes class Strike Cruiser is heading on a collision course with the hive city.

The rich that can, flee the city in all sorts of flyers. People panic in the streets, pray in cathedrals, take cover in the Underhive or search out other areas of comfort as they await their death.

The new General of the Nestir V Planetary Defence Forces and the Planetary Governor are both caught in the streets of Hive Primus when the Strike Cruiser "Ursa Minor" finally hits home on Nestir V.

Hive Primus' Bell of Lost Souls tolls alongside every cloister bell in the city as the upper spires come crumbling down, and every soul in the city screams out in terror.

Deep in space, back onboard a war torn Bloodied Scion, Inquisitor Rugajov lays the cards of the Emperor's Tarot to try and catch a glimpse into the future of Nestir V. He lays down the first card. Death!