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Flesh Tearers: Quest for Glory

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Love the mini's and their descriptions ^_^ something I should get around to doing for mine soon...

"Watch him."


Something one of my friends used to say whenever I had a soldering iron in my hand... :tu: :lol:

Once, a Novice Cantus came to me, troubled and uncertain. A slip of a girl, only a few strides down the eternal path leading her to the Golden Throne. She asked me a question. She asked me how we can ever truly understand what faith is. I told her that there is no coin to measure what we feel in our hearts. There are no scales upon which we might weigh the faith of one woman against another. There is only duty and blood. There are only deeds and words. There is only the service to the God-Emperor, and the price that demands from each Sister can only be known by Him. But know that whatever fears must be faced, whatever hardships endured, that price is forever worth its full cost.
- Sister Katherine Elysius,
Daughter of the Emperor (later Imperial Saint Katherine)

Son of Carnelian

Son of Carnelian


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Glad you like them, Aquilanus! I have something new to add today, though he has been done for a while...

Chapter Master Gabriel Seth

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I converted him from the 2008 Gamesday Space Marine Captain, which was a pain to work with. I'm honestly not that happy with the result (despite all the work I put in) and I am thinking of redoing him in plastic already. I just don't feel like he screams "Chapter Master."