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The Annual B&C Forum awards

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I have a suggestion...

We ought to have a yearly forum awards competition, SEPARATE from the Golden Bolters, The Annual Bolter and Chainsword forum awards

Basically, there are a selection of categories, some suggestions for which i've outlined below, and we nominate members/threads for the appropriate category. Obviously you can't nominate yourself The competition would run at the start of the year, for the previous one.

Following a period of nominations there is a voting period, and then once the voting is over we announce the winners.

Prizes could vary - forum titles, badges, awards etc (maybe on new forum) or maybe even B&C swag? We could ask for donations for prizes too, i'd donate ;)

Some ideas for categories:

Best WIP Thread
Best Hall of Honour thread
Best Tutorial (By a forum member)
Best Overall Thread (Can be WIP, Hall of Honour, informative, etc.)
Friendliest Member
Funniest Member
Most Helpful Member
Most Active Member
Most Respectful Member
Least Recognized Member (That eveyone should know about)
Best Debater
Best Staff Member (Admin/Mod/etc)
Best Quote
Best Landmark Thread (100, 250, 500...etc posts)
Oustanding contribution to B&C Award

I think it would be good fun, and further the community spirit that we all love :)


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Decent idea but I feel it would require someone to take this on personally, which may (or may not) be asking for a mod or an admin to increase their duties. It would certainly need some oversight by them, if not direct hands on involvement. What would be your suggestion, in terms of running it?
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Shouldn't need any access level change, other than the ability for users can create a poll when posting a new topic, which i'm not sure if you can do for a single user on this version of IPB, or if its just a usergroups change

Whoever takes this on just needs to open a nomiation thread for each category, and have a prior arrangement with a mod to pin it.

Once nominations are over, they need to create a poll for each category and post it, and that should be it hopefully. I'm happy to help out any way i can, I have experience on IPB

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"I remember when Ragnar Blackmane had blond hair and this was aaaallll fields....."

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Kurgan the Lurker

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Not quite in the voting vein you had but something similar:

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