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Simple, Easy basing

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Hey, as this is my first Post (yes this is my first after about a year!) i decided that i would do a how-to on bases as they are a fun little thing to do :P

overall it should look something along the lines of this,
Demo base

oh and also, i don't use GW paints so it make look different

To start of you will need:
-A base
-Leather brown paint(or similar)
-Sand colour paint(or similar)
-PVA Glue
-Dried mixed herbs
-Mortar and pestle(optional)

Okay, let's get started :D

Step 1
Get your base (bit obvious, but still)

Step 2
Take your leather brown (or similar) and base-coat the base
It should look like this _;)_:P_

Step 3
Take your sand colour paint (or similar) and, with a small amount on the brush, stipple it onto the base till it looks like this
Light coat

Step 4
Now is a good time to add your figure if it isn't on already.
Add glue in small patches around the figure and base

Time for the secret ingredient 0_0

Step 5
Take the dried herbs and crumble them up a bit so that they are finer
(or use a mortar and pestle and grind them down even further, i find this gives better effect),
then sprinkle it on to the glued parts.
Always add more than neccessery to ensure that the patches are covered

Step 6
Lightly tap off exess herb and Voila! your Simple, yet nice smelling, base is done :D
Finished figure

Here are some other models with the same base style
Other model 1
Other model 2

before any complaints come in about quality of pictures, i just want to say that i had to do this with my i-pod because my camera is out of battery :(

Anyway, hope this helps :D

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I have recently noticed just how bad the pictures are on, this. I Knew they were bad before, but not by how much!


Here are some better final pics for you




The models aren't the best in the world, but this is for bases...

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That is pretty cool and your opponents will wonder why they smell so nice! And plus would it work if you sprinkled a bit on their feet like they've been dragging them along?
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having not tried that myself due to lack of patience, i wouldn't know, however it sounds like a good idea :)

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