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DIY Resources

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This topic provides members with links to handy discussions/tutorials/articles that will assist them in both developing and discussing their DIYs. If there are any discussions, external sites, or videos that you think should be added, please post a reply here with the link. If any links are dead, or if you think they are no longer relevant, please post a reply.
gallery_26_6416_686.png Background Information
Timeline - A timeline of the WH40K game universe

gallery_26_6416_686.png DIY Aids
A Guide to Creating a DIY Chapter - The B&C's semi-official guide to creating DIY Space Marine Chapters
DIY Article Templates - A variety of BBCode templates members can use in composing the articles for their DIYs
The Octaguide
On Do It Yourself (DIY) Discussions - Advice for participating in discussions
WH40K DIY Article Templates - Downloadable Microsoft Word .docx templates in a variety of formats that can be adapted to a DIY from any faction

gallery_26_6416_686.png References
Tabula Astartes - An index of all Adeptus Astartes legions, chapters, and warbands - loyalist and renegade, official and DIY
Tabula Mechanicus - An index of all Adeptus Mechanicus forge worlds, hellforges, titan legions, and independent Kastelan maniples - loyalist and renegade, official and DIY
Tabula Militarum - An index of all Imperial Guard regiments, worlds, and army groups - loyalist and renegade, official and DIY
Tabula Questoris - An index of all knight households, knight worlds, and freeblades - loyalist and renegade, official and DIY
Tabula Sororitas - An index of all Adepta Sororitas orders - official and DIY
Submit your DIY to the tabula once it is completed!

gallery_26_6416_686.png Showcases
Liber Showcase - Submit your DIY article to the Liber Showcase once it is completed!
Liber Astartes Miniatures Showcase - A place for members to display the models for their DIYs

gallery_26_6416_686.png Painters
Astra Militarum
Chaos Space Marine
Sister of Battle
Space Marine (w/ wargear)
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