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AOD: Round 3, Battle 3 story

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Time for Nestir V Battle 3 for Round 3.

The Wolves enter Radek's Temple of Slaughter
Written by Chaptermaster Graymantle

Aedan Radek of the World Eaters (Alphz)
Hakon Greymane of the Space Wolves (Cry Wolf)


At the same time that Xavier Crussis and his men fought Khornites onboard the Strages, the battle for the heavens of Nestir V continued in full. With the planetary defence network gone, it would seem that this was to be the largest and most involved fleet conflict around Nestir V yet. Ships flanked each other and came about while missiles and lance fire exploded all around them, smashing into void shields and forcing their way through thick steel plating. Interceptor fighters of numerous different classes danced about each other like flocks of birds, or guided heavier bombers and boarding craft towards ships where shields had been breached. One such ship was Aedan Radek's warp-ship, the Furor Securis. The ship was unnaturally smooth as it travelled through the dark void of space. Her shape at a glance seemed to be Imperial in origin, but in truth it was wholly unnatural and chaotic.

Onboard her form, warriors and crewmen were setting up defences in the front hangar bay, for their shields had collapsed in that section after the Imperials had dealt a particularly lucky blow. Now enemy fighters, bombers and boarding craft were heading their way and it wouldn't be long before battle was joined. On that hangar deck, dedicated Champion to Khorne, Aedan Radek, also stood ready. For most of the Dark Crusade to Nestir V, Radek had been assigned to space born operations. This was due to that the other Chaos Captain's thought him too extreme, Radek thought, but the truth was that he was not extreme enough. In his own eyes he was simply a man fully dedicated to warfare, and now he stood ready to defend his ship. - Others could take a lesson from such honour and dedication, Radek thought.

Adramalech's empty promises of power and wealth meant little to Radek. To him, the true promise was for another glorious battle in which to bloody the Imperium's far too proud nose, all while honouring the god of war. He had to calm himself as he waited for the enemy to arrive, for both Radek and his men were so emerged in the holy discipline of a rage-filled martial life style, that they quite often had to use meditation techniques in order to simply stay calm and not kill each other. Their defences were ready. Radek and his chosen were prepared. “Now for the glory of war!”, Radek yelled as he saw the enemy boarding craft approaching. All around him hundreds of crewmen, soldiers all, and his own dozen warriors stood shaking with energetic anticipation. Radek felt adrenaline filling him and blood lust starting to take control. "Blood for the Blood God!”, he roared. "Skulls for the Skull Throne!”, his men replied.

+ + + + +

Just then, Hakon Greymane, Wolf Priest of the Wolves of Russ sniffed the air onboard his incoming Thunderhawk Gunship. “The stench of Chaos is overwhelming even here”, he noted as they entered the proximity of their intended target. Khorne, he thought. The taint was strong. The other Wolves onboard the Thunderhawk hadn't developed the senses to smell such things through the Immaterium yet, but Hakon was not entirely a part of the material universe any more. An ancient wolf, he was used to being the lone hunter, for he suffered from the curse of The Thirteenth, and for the most part he travelled alone on his redemption quest. This time however, that journey had taken him to Nestir V, and he had not felt the curse change him since just after arriving on the planet. This had allowed him to join the other wolves of the place, and he had even been honoured with the opportunity to lead some of them into battle on several occasions.

He was still troubled by the occasional jolt of pain after one of his lungs was pierced during one such battle. His first battle against the World Eaters on Nestir V. In that battle he had fought against an army of mutants, as well as the Chaos Warriors of the the XIIth Legion. Later he had fought to secure the deeper levels of Hive Primus and he had been the first to lead his army in to secure the Underhive of Nestir V after it's devastation. There he had recovered the few charred remains of honoured Wolf Guard Battle Leader Thor and his team. - Unfortunately there hadn't been much to recover. Even later he had obeyed his Crusade Commander and led his Wolves on patrols into the snowy wastelands of Nestir V, hoping to seek out and destroy their arch-enemy. He had aided in securing the ruins of Hive Tertius, as well as in the rediscovery of the BelahRill Webway Portal. He had secured General Storm after the battle for the lava river of Hvergelmir chasm, and on numerous occasions he had fought in the heavens to secure Imperial superiority over Nestir V. - Now he was doing so again.

As his two Thunderhawks roared onto the flight deck of the enemy craft, they opened up with missiles and bolter fire, tearing defences apart and making a landing zone for themselves. A green light came on within Hakon's cargo compartment and the front assault ramp dropped with a mighty clang, like a giant hammer hitting an enormous anvil.
With that the wolves roared onto the enemy vessel, taking in impressions of blood red walls filled with skulls and apparent gore. Clearly the whole ship was a temple to vileness and excessive violence. - It had to be cleansed! At that thought, Hakon rushed into the enemy with his wolves following closely. "With me my Brothers!”, Hakon yelled to his men. “For Russ and the Emperor!", he roared, his mighty voice carrying, and in answer, the Wolves let out a fearsome howl before crashing further into the enemy ranks, fangs bared and swords drawn.

As they fought the first wave of enemies, Hakon roared and began singing the Saga of the Frost Maidens, an ancient tale made by the Space Wolf skald Snebjeorn Pennskjender. A story of how Nine Frost Maidens and their brother fought beside Wolves, Tigers, Angels and Humans to hunt down, trap and kill a great and colourful Wyrm of Chaos. he felt a lump well up in his throat at reciting that song. - A lump of joy and proud honour.

+ + + + +

Further back, Radek saw how the Imperial Thunderhawks came roaring onto his flight deck, and how they opened fire, tearing his first line of defences apart. Then the front ramps had opened and a pack of howling Space Wolves had smashed into the second line of dazed defenders. The leader of the Wolves was covered in runes and wolf pelts, roaring and singing as he fought with twin lightning claws, while his Wolves howled and roared all about him. Even through his rage, Radek had to admire the Wolves, for they fought with the same kind of savagery that the World Eaters prided themselves on. Radek couldn't wait to face them in battle. Furious rage was quick to form. For Radek it came about as naturally as breathing. He was ready and he would lead by example. With that last truly conscious thought, he ignited his jetpack and it made a high pitched whine as Radek roared into battle on wings of fire.

Seeing Khorne Berserkers raging towards him and his men at a neck break pace, some of them even roaring through the sky on plumes of fire, Hakon laughed heartily, for he was ready to bring the Emperor's justice to those that had dared turn their back on the holy teachings of the Imperium. Out of those, none were more worthy of being shown Imperial justice, than the demented followers of Khorne, and though many feared thir battle prowess, through many millennia of constant war, Hakon had learned not to. "Ulf, Bjorn, lead your men to close the left flank!", Hakon barked. “Gorm, Sigurd, you take the right and hold it! - I will take the middle!”, Hakon roared, his voice commanding infinite authority. His men did as they were ordered, respecting the grizzled old veteran of a Wolf Priest for the experienced warrior that he was. Blood Claws howled and tore into the enemy, Bolt pistols firing and Chainswords roaring. On the other flank, Bolter-fire erupted in a thunderous cacophony, and one Wolf Guard's well placed plasma shot ended a World Eater's life, vaporising the vile Chaos warrior's head inside it's helmet. All the while Chainblades rose and fell down the middle of the conflict, as the Space Wolves fought their way through enemy lines. Hakon sliced open a World Eater, whirred around and decapitated another. It is a bloody mess, Hakon thought as he registered a young Wolf howling while bleeding out onto the deck. Then the worst enemy were upon them, descending from above on smoke and fire.

Aedan Radek landed in the midst of panicked cries and gunfire. His left hand clutching a large, brutal Chainaxe, the sharp teeth dyed red with the blood of a thousand victims; his right had sporting Radek's signature weapon, a self-made explosive throwing axe. A plasma shot hit Radek and made him reel, but it was nothing. Live or Die, he cared not. As long as they fought and spilled blood, Khorne, Radek's god of war, would be pleased. The chaos of battle was upon them and Radek loved every moment of it. Thumbing his trusty Chainaxe "Aiolos" to life, Radek's mighty weapon rewarded him with a guttural roar promising mechanical death, and he hungrily decapitated a nearby Space Wolf. Then he strolled into battle chopping left and right, dealing brutal wounds every which way. Searching for a worthy foe, Aedan hissed his frustration and swore to cut them all down mercilessly. “Your skulls will be ornaments for the war god's throne!”, Radek screamed. - “They will be but one more pile among Nestir's many tributes to Khorne!”.

With that Radek set his sights for the one warrior he hoped could give him a bit of a challenge, the rune covered Wolf Priest down the middle of the line. He set at him with a sprint and threw his Francesca throwing axe. The thing exploded just before reaching the Space Wolf however and though clearly annoyed, the Wolf Priest was not injured. Lord Greymane simply scoffed at the poor attempt at an attack. “A coward's tactic!", he growled and brought his attentions towards where it had come from. What met him was the onslaught of a raging mad man, but Hakon's experience through millennia gave him near supernatural war instincts and he actually managed to land the first blows. With his Lightning Claws Hakon punched forward, the talons ripping into the traitor who neatly impaled himself on one claw as he rushed headlong into Hakon. The traitor roared and threw himself aside, Hakon following closely ready to tear his enemy to shreds.

Radek in turn managed to right himself and block any further attacks. He then counter attacked while releasing the jump pack on his back to get better balance and mobility for the fight. The Space Wolf leader was skilled however and managed to avoid every last attack Radek could make with his heavy Chainaxe. Hakon in turn backed off and adopted a defensive stance, then roared as his enemy thundered forward for yet another set of attacks. Hakon brought an arm up to block another powerful blow, and just barely managed to block the potentially deadly attack, which sent pulses of intense pain shooting up his arm and shoulder. Greymane growled in annoyance and noted how all around them, some of his men were still slicing a bloody path through enemy soldiers, while others were engaged in terrible close combat with Khornite Beresekers. He only had a split second for this overview however, for his own enemy delivered yet another swipe with his bloody Chainaxe and Greymane just only managed to duck. The roaring weapon glid neatly above his scalp and instead of hitting him, ended up beheading a grizzled traitor to his side. Another swipe of the whirring blade forced Greymane to throw himself aside and put some distance between himself and his enemy. He swung around and faced the monster walking calmly towards him again, Chainaxe purring menacingly. Hakon stood with both his Claws ready as the enemy came closer, and he noted how the wound he had dealt earlier was pouring blood. The Lighting Claw had bit hard, penetrating and scoring a deep wound on the chaos warrior. To his horror, Hakon also noted trophies around the monster-Marine's hips. Trophies that could only be from the Adepta Sororitas forces of Canoness Ophelia Arcadion.

“Give it up!”, Radek growled with a deep guttural laugh. “You stand no chance in this place and your soul will be the plaything of the war god's minions”. He stepped closer, wishing to face the Space Wolf leader squarely when the deluded Imperial would finally realize that his doom had come. He had merely been toying with him so far, like a cat playing with it's next meal. Radek grinned through bloody teeth as he hefted his Chainaxe again and the Rune Priest in front of him tensed. “Know that I am your executioner and that in all respects you are an inferior speck of dust in the grand scheme of things. Only your death matters to the gods”, Radek growled and felt his anger begin coming back again as the world was being drowned out by a rising roar in his ears.

In reply, Hakon simply bared his fanged teeth and snarled. “Bring it on!”, he roared. “Slaughter these cowards. For Khorne!”, Radek managed to scream before the rage and blood lust took him again. There was no possibility of the Imperials winning on his own home turf Radek knew, and the Imperial dogs would have no chance to run. Radek screamed at Hakon again and Hakon countered the blow, turning the huge Chainaxe aside. Then Greymane counter attacked with a masterfully placed jab, and again Radek felt electrified steel penetrate the flesh of his abdomen. Radek roared in anger as the Lightning Claw burrowed deep into his gut, dealing a horrific wound. The Space Wolf attacked again, but Radek managed to swipe the attack away, then he swung across with his Chainaxe, but missed as his enemy ducked low and came up again with two mighty upwards thrusts of Lighting Claws. Eight blades penetrated through Radek's chest armour and into his hearts. Radek spat into the Space Wolf's snarling face, and in disgust Greymane took a step back, pulling his blades free, and promptly decapitated the giant Khornite in one fell swoop of his blades.

As he stopped panting and got his bearings again, Hakon Greymane was pleased to note that all around him, his wolves were being victorious. Soon they would take the flight deck. Then they would plant their fission charges and blow this damned vile temple to horror and slaughter apart once and for all.

"Use only fresh-squeezed lime juice you heathens!", Hakon yelled in a dramatic voice, mirroring Inquisitor Smith's earlier advice. “The Inquisition demands it be so!”. With that Hakon laughed merrily while his men finished off the enemy. Hakon missed the Magonus Succetus' Pub Crawl in Hive Primus. Fighting was thirsty work and he could certainly need one of their cold, foamy ales right about now, he thought, as he walked back into battle, the Fenrisian Ale Song playing loudly from his lips. “A long time ago, way back in history...”.




And thus we conclude Battle 03 for Round 03 of the Nestir V AoD.
– Next up we conclude this round with Round 3, Battle 4.



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