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AoD: Round 3, Battle 4 story

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Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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And now, here is the last Nestir V battle for round 3.
Nestir V Battle 4, Round 3.

Striking at the heart of the Imperial Fleet
Written by Chaptermaster Graymantle

Neigorath of the Black Legion (Neigorath)
Captain Morg of the Legio B&C (Nephren-ka)


A thousand kilometres above the surface of Nestir V, huge fleet elements were on the move. Ships manoeuvred into attack positions or supported each other in defensive formations. Boarding parties were everywhere, and it seemed the Imperials had been doing particularly well at that specific tactic. - At least for now, Chaos Lord Neigorath thought, standing perched on the bridge of his ship while analysing incoming tactical data. The Chaos Admirals chatted openly one the vox-net, speaking in an agreed upon code to try and fool the Imperials, but so far that tactic hadn't seen much success. Sauel the Apostle of Luther's group of ships had suffered tremendously against the Imperial fleet elements from the Sons of Doom, and Neigorath had heard a vox transmission indicating that Sauel's own flagship had exploded above Cruentatus, Nestir V's rust red moon. - No escape pods had been launched and Presumably Saul himself was dead.

The Chaos Fleet was taking a beating, and Neigorath had heard that both Aedan Radek and Cryus Crom's ships had been destroyed. Skirmishes had erupted between the far away Eldar ships as well, and the Eldar Corsairs had managed to draw the Sons of Doom away from his own position. Neigorath cared little for what happened to Adramalech's Eldar allies, for he considered them to be pirate scum, but even so he had noted that they too were in trouble, and that that could potentially be disastrous in the long run. The Imperials were making headway against the Dark Crusade's Fleet, and that had to stop, something that the distant fighting of the Eldar Corsairs had given Neigorath an opening to do. He had been given a single chance to hit the Imperials where it hurt the most and turn the tide. That meant he had to have his ship piloted right into the heart of the Imperial Fleet and hope that the lion's den was weakened enough for him to succeed. So it was that while ships, torpedoes, interceptors, bombers and fighters swirled through space in fast paced combat, Neigorath prepared his risky, yet important attack-run. - He had taken it upon himself to turn the tide and was carrying out a risky manoeuvre with his ship, taking it into the midst of the Imperial Fleet to deal out some proper punishment, but he did note the danger in that tactic. It was a do or die mission and there was no turning back, but if he was successful, then the damaged Chaos fleet would be properly back in the fight again.

During his risk assessment Neigorath had especially noted the massive number of ships fielded by the Sons of Doom Chapter. They and their followers had fielded ten ships in the war for Nestir V, though they had all suffered damage since arriving. At the moment they were the greatest threat to his planned operation, but they had been drawn away and were being kept occupied by the few Eldar Corsairs that remained at Nestir V. Even so, Neigorath recognized the danger these ships posed and wanted to know everything he could about them in case of an encounter. As such, his Lexicans had been working hard to identify all the ships in the Fleet of the Sons of Doom at Nestir V. They were: The Strike Cruiser, Doom’s Herald; the Gladius class frigatte, Shield of Dorn; the Hunter class destroyer, Death Caster; the Cobra class frigates, Tool of Destruction and Doom Scythe; the Sword class frigates, Emperor's Justice and Cleansing Sword; the Falchion class frigates Silur's Revenge and Swift Blade; and last but not least, the now crippled Nova class support ship Fury of Auton.

All of these ships loomed just out of reach of Neigorath's own dark Chaos Strike Cruiser, the Malevolent Spirit. Their blue and bronze hulls proudly displaying a large golden skull with twin alternating scythes behind it, forming the symbol of the Sons of Doom. Yet for all that power, Neigorath would ignore them. His true target would be the closer flagship of the Legio, the Bloodied Scion. That ship served as the control hub of the whole Imperial Fleet, and in addition to it, Neigorath's crew would also try and hit the Divine Messenger, which ran parallel to the Scion. Chaos intel suggested that the Divine Messenger, a vessel of the Fighting Death Chickens, was the ship that carried the majority of the Imperial Crusade's food reserves, and that by this time of the Campaign, they had to be running low on that most precious commodity. - If the Chaos forces could diminish the supplies of the Imperials, then the damned corpse worshippers would have no choice but to withdraw, for with Warp Storms brewing on the outskirts of the Nestir V system, they could not bring in more supplies, and Nestir V, having been cut off from it's agriworld in the Nestir IV system for far too long, was also getting dangerously close to starvation. With that thought, Neigorath initiated his operation.

+ + + + +

While Neigorath plotted his course of action to weaken the Imperial Fleet above Nestir V, the Imperial survivors leaving the planet were being escorted by Fury Interceptors towards their different destinations. The Devourer class dropship Cillus was heading for the Bloodied Scion where it would dispatch it's Legio Marine cargo before continuing on to the Emperor's Justice of the the 44th Autonian Imperial Guard Regiment. Many of the smaller craft were heading for the hospitality of Inquisitor Garl Rugajov's Goldfield Voyanger, while the Guardian Angels' Patriarch class Command Hawk and the survivors out of the Hive Tertius Ruins were heading for the small cluster of Guardian Angels support ships, where they would dock with the Imperial Gladius class escort Lux-Pollus. This small battle ship was protected by the Cobra class Lux Fornax, the firestorm class Lux Astrum Phoenix, and the Hunter class Lux-Viscus. They would all resupply with their own before meeting up back at the Bloodied Scion again for a proper debrief, before launching a counter attack against their enemies again.

As he stepped onto the metal grilled hangar bay of the Lux-Pollus, Captain Drako Kinghorn of the Guardian Angels' Eighth Company was happy to be home once more and couldn't wait to meet up with Crusade Commander Bannister again, though that would have to wait until their return to the Bloodied Scion. With him, the other twenty-eight Marines and eighteen Scouts of Eigth Company felt the same way. Venerable Chaplain Gaius stepped up to Drako as he stopped and smelled the oily air of the Gladius class escort, thinking of their true home back at the Chapter Monastery. It had been so many years since they had been there last, that Drako had almost forgotten how beautiful it was. Almost, but not quite. Standing beside him, Chaplain Gaius playfully slapped him on the shoulder and removed his own helmet. “I know precisely what you're thinking”, he said and smiled. “Me too”, executive officer Lennox said as they watched another of the Guardian Angels' Thunderhawks landing with survivors from Hive Tertius. - “Home, at last!”.

+ + + + +

A few minutes later, back onboard Neigorath's Chaos Strike Cruiser, klaxons could be heard as the ship roared into battle. Black as the darkest night it thundered forward to deliver a retaliatory strike against the Bloodied Scion and the Divine Messenger. The Malevolent Spirit had a non-standard, forward mounted Lance weapon, and as her Captain called for Battle Stations, they used it to launch a powerful attack on the Bloodied Scion before the Imperials could even react to her presence. Beyond the ship, things turned ugly as Imperial bombers and interceptors clashed in full with the Spirit's own close support vessels, and her stealth-cloaked bombers.

On the Malevolent Spirit's bridge Neigorath stood observing the conflict as his ship hurtled like an arrow towards the heart of the Imperial Fleet. He watched as their forward mounted cannon array once again fired on the Bloodied Scion and scored hits that blossomed off her powerful shields. Neigorath let his thoughts wander for a moment. A mere month ago he had brought the Imperial Strike Cruiser Ursa Minor low and almost destroyed Hive Primus by ramming her into it. His plan had somehow been foiled, but still, it had been an entertaining show to watch as the Imperial fleet turned tail and ran before the might of his own ship, and that of the other Chaos Captains too. Now though, the Imperial Fleet was back with a vengeance, and once again it was deadly serious.

Usually Neigorath wouldn't have been willing to risk the Malevolent Spirit against a full on broadside, let alone two, but he firmly believed that with the rest of the Imperial Fleet occupied elsewhere, he could sneak in between the Bloodied Scion and the Divine Messenger to deliver an effective attack that would cripple the Imperials' ability to coordinate their fleet properly, and that would allow the rest of the Chaos Fleet time to get properly back in the game again.

Close range defensive batteries opened up from the Malevolent Spirit as a squadron of Imperial bombers broke through their outer defences and delivered their payload against the ship. Explosions blossomed forth, and a mere minute later, bombs from the Imperial ships struck the Spirit's shields in rapid succession. Many of the destructive attacks had landed close to the bridge, but it didn't seem like the Imperials were giving it their all Neigorath thought. He had managed to get his ship so close to their position before going all ahead full towards them, that in all likelihood the Imperials were worried about the Spirit exploding in their midst, Neigorath thought and smiled. - He could use that to his advantage.

Another score of torpedoes this time, came hurtling their way, aimed at the Spirit's shield generators, but her own interceptors were picking them off one by one. The interceptors actually had orders to let a few of them through though, and it wasn't long before a volley of torpedoes punched a hole through a large section of the shield, hitting home close to the bridge. - Damage reports began flooding in and two minor hull breaches were reported to have followed the collapse of a shield just bayboard of the bridge. Neigorath grinned as he recovered his balance from the ship's violent reaction to such abuse. His plan was working. As expected the Spirit held up well against the punishment, and the damage they sustained would fool the Imperials into thinking they could stop him without destroying the Spirit in their midst. As casualty reports started scrolling on the main screen and his servitor crew began processing the data, Neigorath opened a hailing channel to the Bloodied Scion. The face that greeted him on his view-screen was that of a battle hardened Marine. “I am Captain Stride of the Legio, Captain of the Bloodied Scion”, the Marine said. “In the name of his majesty the God Emperor of Mankind, surrender your vessel and prepare yourselves for his judgement”.

At least the foolish Marines were following codes of old, Neigorath thought as he approached the screen and allowed them to see him more clearly. He held himself with confidence and proudly presented himself. "I am Neigorath of the Black Legion, loyal servant of Abaddon, seconded to Lord Adramalech of Nestir V”, he said. "You are of the Legio you say. - I have heard of you. You are a rag-tag collection of Marines from all sorts of Chapters, dedicated to hunting those of us you so eagerly call traitors”. Neigorath smiled as he saw the Captain on the other end about to reply, and rudely cut him off. “How can you even claim to call yourselves a legion when all you are, are splinters of a dying empire, fragments of once powerful armies who knelt to no master but one. The Emperor”.

Neigorath could see the enemy Captain about to reply, but he could not allow him to speak, for the barrage against his ship had died down a bit, just as Neigorath had expected it would, and so he again cut the Marine off before he had a chance to speak. “I saw him once you know”, Neigorath continued. “The Emperor, speaking to my Father. He was a magnificent sight in his golden armour. A warrior king worthy of his subjects. What is he now? A corpse hooked to a machine, fed by the souls of millions to keep him clinging to half-death. This is what you worship! I could understand your rage at us if you still did His bidding, but you have other masters. - Weak, pitiful, greedy things who lust for ever increasing power, ordering every living human to worship the Emperor's rotting carcass as a god, even when he explicitly forbade all gods when he still walked amongst us”.

He could see the irritation and confusion in the Marine's face as he glanced off to the side of the pict-recorder, and still grinning Neigorath hurried to continue his arrogant speech before the vid-link unavoidably got shut down. “I will gladly destroy everything I helped built before I see it tarnished at the hands of men who do not deserve it! - I am Captain Belial Neigorath, Master of the Eighth Grand Company of the Black Legion, a true Son of Horus, subject to Ezekiel Abaddon of the Black Legion! We are Returned and you will join us or you will die!", Neigorath yelled at the screen in front of him, and at that it went black again. The Imperials had cut the link, clearly not in the mood to listen any longer.

At that, Neigorath laughed and glanced at the majestic black and red ship growing ever larger in his windows. The Bloodied Scion. It resembled a giant cathedral in space, resplendent in its gothic architecture. Gargoyle covered gun ports, crenellated towers, grotesque decorations and a vast Imperial eagle adorned her battle scarred form. It would be a shame to destroy her Neigorath thought as he slammed his tusked Terminator helmet on with a smile. - The show was about to begin in full!

+ + + + +

Standing on the teleportation deck of the Bloodied Scion, Captain Morg of the Legio had learned that a Chaos vessel was coming too close for the Admiral's comfort. They had tried firing on her and had taken down some of her shields, but all in all they were worried that the ship might explode too close to the Imperial Fleet's flag ship, and that such an explosion might cripple them. As the shields around the enemy ship's bridge were down, it would fall on Morg and his men to try and take the ship intact, guide it away from the heart of the Imperial Fleet and destroy it at a safe distance. If all that failed, the Admiral would still have the opportunity of ordering to have the ship destroyed by torpedo bombardment. This had made Morg's mission clear and he was ready to teleport onto the other ship's bridge, even though he hated teleportation. To calm himself while the power relays spooled up, Morg closed his eyes within his sealed helmet and let his mind wander into the realm of memories.

Of all the Imperials fighting at Nestir V, few had fought in as many different places as Brother Captain Morg, formerly of the Sons of Medusa Chapter. He had arrived at Nestir V alongside the Legio, and once on the planet itself, he had begun his missions there by taking part in a covert operation to take down the Void Shields of Hive Primus. While another team had gone in to take down the Void Field Generators themselves, Morg and his team of Legio Marines had gone in to retake and shut down the main Generatorium complex. Without one of those missions being successful, the Imperials would have had a horridly difficult time invading Hive Primus, so it had been imperative that one of them be a success. Unfortunately Morg had failed in his mission, but by no fault of his own. A strange phenomenon involving overloading power conduits powerful enough to fuel a Hive City, had thrown him more than two thousand years back in time to a jungle planet named Milton's Paradise. There he had formed a small group of resistance fighters to battle against the greater demon Adramalech and his forces.

That had lead to a great war beside the Fighting Tigers, the Guardian Angels, the Imperial Guard, and the Warriors of Frost, against Adramalech, traitors, mutants and a whole planet infused by Warp power. In the end they had won through, but the devastation wrought by the war had forever changed the surface and orbit of Milton's Paradise, leaving it as the cold ball of ice and snow that had greeted the great Imperial Crusader and Conqueror Alexander Victor Nestir centuries later. Alexander V. Nestir had adopted the place as is own home, and eventually also as his final resting place. In his honour the fifth star system he had conquered had been renamed, Nestir V, and so had the star system's main planet.

Following his conflict in the past, Morg had been guided by the Inquisition, to a forbidden place near the Maelstrom Warp anomaly, where he had entered the Webway. Alongside his allies he had transversed time and space itself and had reemerged over a thousand years later to fight Adramalech once again. With this goal in mind he had travelled alongside the enigmatic Inquisitor, Fulvus, and the Eighth Company of the Guardian Angels. Together they had gone to one of the Inquisition's secret storage facilities, where they had prepared for a new war against the would be god, Adramalech.

For thirty-five years Morg had travelled the Galaxy after this. During this time Morg had gone many places and seen many things. He had served with the Inquisition and at their behest he had even trained with the Grey Knights, being privy to much information no regular Marine ever would learn. He had gone to war alongside the Guardian Angels in numerous conflicts to prepare for the coming war against Adramelch, and so he considered the Angels to be as much an army he belonged in as the Legio or the Sons of Medusa. - He was a wanderer, a warrior of legend and a much respected leader.

Then another war had broken out on Nestir V, and yet again Morg had been there to help defeat Adramalech. Thanks to many great warriors and the relic blade Anthatrill, they had once again defeated the demon lord's now weakened form, and together they had trapped it within a strange artefact called the Snow Globe; an artefact Morg had learned to think of as a form of Tesseract labyrinth. After this, peace had returned to Nestir V and as before Inquisitor Fulvus had lead his band of warriors to the Maelstrom and the Webway tunnels there.

Morg had returned to his original time alongside the Guardian Angels, but during their travels they suffered Warp madness after having been directly exposed to a Warp Storm. Inquisitor Fulvus had saved their lives, but had been forced to psychically wipe away many of their memories and later subject them to Hypno-therapy so they won’t sink into madness. Morg had slowly begun to recover his safe memories since then, but in many areas things were still foggy and confused. - Especially his thirty-five years of wandering the galaxy as a warrior of the past.

Beyond all this, Morg had also fought against Warp spawned daemons, in this, his third war on Nestir V. He had fought at the Altitronus Superna Space Port, in the streets and on the roof tops of Hive Primus. He had done battle within Primus' Administratum district, as well as in the Cathedral district. He had fought in the conflict to retake the Nex Spensa hive tower. He had fought undead in the Underhive of Hive Primus, and he had searched through the ruins and snowy wastelands of Nestir V. Later he had taken part in the enormous conflict to secure the Hive Tertius Ruins, before going in as part of the speartip to secure the Fort of the Snow Leopard. In that last disastrous mission however, he had been trapped at the Tertius ruins because the Webway portal leading to the Fort of the Snow Leopard had closed before the whole battleforce could pass through. Following this failure, he had spent a month holed up at the Ocassus mountain fort waiting for the Imperial Fleet to return. Then mere hours ago, he had made for the Bloodied Scion, alongside the Guardian Angels and the rest of the Imperial survivors out of Fort Occassus. Brother-Codicier Korvac of the Legio's Librarium had been forced to sacrifice himself in order to buy them enough time to escape from an overwhelming Chaos Force, but now Morg was ready to face down that enemy once again. There had been little time to rest or re-equip, for upon returning to the fleet, they had been thrown straight into what may well be the largest fleet conflict of Nestir V yet. Even so, Morg was eager to go into battle again. He had sworn revenge on the Chaos Forces for killing Korvac, and his old friend Crusade Commander Bannister had wished him luck in doing so.

At feeling the teleportation generators begin sparking around him, Morg opened his eyes again. Waiting gave him far too much time to think about what had happened to him in the past, he reflected. Even after all this time, he still missed his Legio team comrades Demanico, Kaligor, Nero, and Taru, but he should not dwell on such things while on campaign. During the last month, trapped at Fort Occassus, he had been reflecting on the past far too much, and he hoped that when this was all over, he would be able to sort his mind out in the Reclusiam of the Legio; but to think about it now would merely dull his combat effectiveness and his brothers could not afford such a lapse. With that last dismissive thought, Morg consecrated fully on the battle ahead, received the latest tactical data from Imperial High Command, and then was gone in a flash of teleportation power and lightning.

+ + + + +

A moment later, Captain Morg and his Terminators appeared in a flashing burst of energy, within a corridor onboard the Malevolent Spirit. Neigorath was quickly made aware of the intruders onboard his ship and observed the new arrivals from a monitoring station. Three Terminator teams had boarded his craft and the closest one was uncomfortably close to the bridge. Neigorath smiled within his helmet, knowing that the arrival of Imperial boarding teams meant his plan had worked. With holes in his ship's shields, the Imperials would try to take the Malevolent Spirit without destroying her at such close quarters. No doubt their Terminator teams would make their way towards the bridge and try to take her for their own, so they could guide her away from their flag-ship and destroy her by self-destruct. That would not happen Neigorath knew. The Imperials had walked straight into his trap and now he had them precisely where he wanted them. Yet, even with teleport disruption beacons active, one Terminator team had arrived dangerously close to the bridge. He would have to deal with that threat himself, Neigorath knew, as he collected his most trusted warriors and headed out to greet his guests in person.

+ + + + +

Morg was confused upon arriving. The flash of teleportation energy had left him dazed for a moment and it was clear that they had been subject to a disruptor beacon. The experienced old veteran quickly got his bearing though, and while his team had landed in a corridor, Auspex readings indicated that they were close to the bridge. His two other teams were close by too, and together they would make their way towards the bridge and take the ship while Wing Commander Maximus Volo and his fighter squadrons continued their bombardment of the ship from the outside. With the corridor clear for now, Morg's Terminator team moved out to secure it. Morg himself opened a secure vox-link to his other teams and addressed his sergeants. "This is Brother Veteran Morg, are you in position and ready to move out? Over". His sergeants quickly acknowledged the readiness of their teams and began carrying out Morg's orders to move on the bridge, killing any enemy that got in their way on the journey there.

With his situation clear and orders given, Morg addressed his own team which quickly followed in tactical formation as he lead them through the corridors of the ship. Guided by the map of his Auspex, Morg made good time until they reached an intersection that had been shut down with blast doors. "Lets go! Move, move, move!”, Morg yelled as they came up on the intersection, knowing that it was imperative to secure it against a force of incoming enemy defenders he had noted on his Auspex read-out. The force that met them seconds later was a small group of traitor serfs, and rapidly moving forward, Morg tore apart three of them in a series of swipes with his sizzling lighting claws. Then out of nowhere something hit him hard in the side. Morg fell to one knee, noting how his leg still felt weak after an injury he had suffered months earlier, but he ignored the pain, cursed through gritted teeth and threw himself to the ground as a group of auto-sentries in the ceiling opened up on him and his team. Smashing his way into a small service alcove full of electrical equipment, Morg managed to get out of the way of the projectiles while his team withdrew around a corner to get out of the reach of the sentries again. For the moment the group of enemy serfs were also keeping back, no doubt fearing the auto-sentries as much as they feared his own Imperial boarding crew, Morg thought. That left him with enough time to fish out a Melta Bomb, arm it and throw it down the corridor towards the cluster of sentries. At the first sign of movement the cannons opened up again, but Morg withdrew too quickly to get hit. Counting down the seconds, Morg noted that his other teams had also been engaged in combat, before a loud explosion tore the upper corridor he was stuck in apart.

Morg risked a glance around the corner of his cover and seeing that the array of auto sentries was ruined, ordered his Terminators to follow him again, but with the automated defences dead, the nearby group of Serfs decided to attack again. Running for their position, the Serfs fired Las-guns at Morg and his team, which blatantly ignored the rain of harmless projectiles. Then Brother Rakan's assault cannon whirred into action, sending a storm of shells flying into the onrushing enemy. Autocannon shells sang through the enclosed corridor, and the place was quickly turned into a bloodbath. Few enemies reached their line, but when they did, Morg effortlessly stabbed out with his Lightning Claws, piercing the chest of the opposing side's leader. He cut down another traitor cultists, then crushed a final soldier between himself and a wall before realizing that the fight was already over. Faced with Morg's Terminator team, more than twenty enemy soldiers had been defeated in a matter of seconds, and Morg was pleased with that. If this was all the enemy could throw at them, then the ship would be conquered in record breaking time.

Leading his team back to the closed blast doors, Morg was just getting ready to use his last Melta Bomb on it when the doors suddenly unlocked and opened. Standing before him were ten Chaos Terminators, their black, ornate tactical dreadnought armour lined with gold. Great tusks extended from their helmets and the apparent leader had a red cloak draped on his shoulders. As soon as they came into view, the enemy leader extended one crackling lightning clawed finger at Morg. “No quarter! No mercy!”, he yelled and the Chaos Terminators came at them with a skill and furiousity that Morg had rarely seen before. Even so, Morg was faster. As the two Terminator clad leaders crashed into each other, Morg snapped around like a snake and slammed a Lightning Claw into Neigorath's side. His powerful armour absorbed most of the attack, but even so Morg's Lightning Claw did penetrate, leaving Neigorath reeling from the pain. He fell back a step and growled in anger as Morg pounced with his Lightning Claws again, ready to impale his enemy. Cluthing at his side, Neigorath kept dodging and blocking, trying to get an attack in himself.

Lightning Claws ripped left and right as the Malevolent Spirit shook and heaved again, either delivering a broadside or taking a hit from the bombers surrounding her. The combatants cared not, for the battle was intense and they were locked in mortal combat. Morg withdrew his blades again, parried a blow and tried to sever Neigorath's head. Millennia of skill and training however gave the age-old Chaos Lord an edge, and while Morg's attack nearly took his head off, the Traitor Marine managed to duck, block and deliver a serious blow himself. Morg took the hit to the side and felt ceramite plating buckle and tear under the blow. His armour cracked open and Morg screamed as searing hot pain filled his mind. Instinctively he threw himself aside and smashed into a wall on his way to the floor. Neigorath quickly advanced on his downed enemy, but one of Morg's men got in his way, stepping in to defend his downed Captain. Growling in pain, Morg quickly clawed his way back to his feet, but he was too late as Neigorath impaled Morg's defender with his Lightning Claws and simply cut him down.

Screaming in anger, Morg rammed his Terminator clad form into Neigorath. Leading with his shoulder he crushed ceramite armour and delivered a bone snapping thrust as he slammed into the ancient Chaos Lord. His claws ripped out again and again, scoring a series of huge gashes across Nigorath's chest before ramming one clawed fist into Neigorath's exposed arm. Neigorath screamed and blocked another potentially deep cut. Morg sliced out again and again, but Neigorath blocked blow after blow, then exploded into action himself. He dodged a Lightning Clawed attack, then spun on his attacker, scored a quick hit and met Morg in an onrush by slamming his armoured forehead into Morg's helmeted face. Morg reeled back in surprise and at that moment Neigorath neatly stepped in and decapitated the Imperial warrior. It was all over so fast it was almost shocking. With a spasm, Morg's body collapsed to the floor and not long after, the rest of his men fell as well.

+ + + + +

Returning to the bridge, Neigorath was just in time to witness his ship gliding into position between the Bloodied Scion and the Divine Messenger as planned. The Malevolent Spirit's interceptors had decimated the Imperial close quarters support wings and shot down their wing leader. An action that had opened up a hole allowing Neigorath's stealth bombers through the defences of the Divine Messenger, and that had meant the end for the Messenger's bayboard bombardment batteries. Without the protection of her support ship, and with her starboard weapons already damaged by the Malevolent Spirit's forward weapons array, there was little the Bloodied Scion could do as the Spirit slid up by her side. For a few minutes panic reigned onboard the defenceless Divine Messenger and the near defenceless Bloodied Scion. Explosions tore through the shields of the Messenger as Neigorath's ship opened up with a full broadside, and the Scion's shields were also overloaded in a magnificent display of energetic sparks.

The Scion was able to deliver half a broadside back at the Malevolent Spirit, taking down some of her shields and even delivering a good amount of damage, but all in all the Malevolent Spirit came out on top. With only minor damage she ignited her engines to full again and sped away from the two Imperial ships she had just crippled in time to escape the coming massive detonation of the Divine Messenger. With so much damage done to her, the internal structure of the ship finally buckled and she exploded in a magnificent show of destruction. Few escape pods were launched and even fewer survived the following shock wave, which also hit the Bloodied Scion. Still trying to escape the blast radius with her shields already weakened, the Scion was damaged even more in the messenger's explosion than in Neigorath's original attack, and with fires raging on almost every deck, she listed to the side and slowly slid away from the destruction wrought by the remains of the Divine Messenger. The Malevolent Spirit had been surprisingly effective in it's attack, destroying one ship, crippling another and ultimately dealing a blow to the Imperial Fleet by putting their flag ship out of commission. - At least for now.




And thus we conclude Round 03 of the Nestir V AoD, and the AoD is drawing very close to the end.


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to Die in battle. what every marine in the service to the emperor wishes. well written. well done.


Chaptermaster Graymantle

Chaptermaster Graymantle


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Indeed! Morg was instrumental in freeing Nestir V from the grasp of Chaos, and thus by laying his life low for the cause he helped ensure relative peace and stability throughout the Nestirian sub-sector. - His name will be remembered with honour thoughout the Imperium, but especially within the hallowed halls of the Legio B&C!


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