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Black Dragons fluff

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Hi all
I'm thinking of starting SM again and the theme I want to use is black dragons. I just wanted to know what there fluff is and if there are any rules for them.

Your help needed please


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Hello there and welcome to the board! :D

There is some fluff about them that you can find here (link). There's also ron, the man on From The Warp blog, who painted up a Black Dragon Veteran Sergeant, so you may want to look at that too :)

Anyway, good luck with the army and hopefully you'll post some pictures!


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Hail, Brother! Ah its good to see a propective fellow Black Dragon ;)

The Lexicanum is an ok source for fluff collecting for the Black Dragons but its vague and not very in depth. In all honesty, the 40k Wiki is the best place to find Black Dragons fluff. It goes into detail and everything stated on it IS true and correct. Check it out - http://warhammer40k....i/Black_Dragons

Basically the Black Dragons were created during the Cursed 21st Founding, in the 36th Millennium.
The 21st Founding has been the second largest founding of Space Marines since the Second Founding. The purpose of this new founding was to rectify flawed gene-seed and create 'new and improved' Space Marines - the project was dubbed "Project Homo Sapiens Novus".

But something went wrong, and the newly formed Space Marine Chapters were plagued by ill fortune, mutation or worse! These horrid results gave the 21st Founding its title of being the "Cursed Founding".
The Black Dragons were one such Chapter created that suffered the flawed results. Their Ossmodula has mutated to extreme measures causing razor sharp fangs to grow and boney protusions sprouting from their head and forearms, which are then sheathed in adamantium, turning these 'bone blades' into lethal weapons. Those affected with such mutations are formed into a seperate fighting unit known as the Dragon Claws.

The Inquisition are very wary of the Black Dragons mutations and are constantly on their back, watching them suspiciously. Its not just the Inquisition though that are not fond of the Black Dragons' apparent deviences, the Dark Angels and Marines Malevolent are said to even refuse to fight alongside the Black Dragons (cowards!! lol)

It is rumoured that the Black Dragons Apothecaries actually purposely insert new recruits with flawed gene-seed, encouraging the growth of the bone blade mutations. Although this is seen as a big no - no, the ferocity of the Dragon Claws is much valued by the Black Dragons' Chapter Masters.

Finally each Chapter has to hand over 5% of their gene-seed to the Adeptus Mechanicus to be checked and monitored. But somehow, despite their obvious mutations the Black Dragons gene-seed always seems to come back pure. Again suspicion is rife that the Black Dragons are actually culling and sending pure gene-seed from other sources.....!!

So there is a basic history on the Black Dragons, which is all detailed in the 40k Wiki anyway. If your actually wanting books or material with Black Dragons in it then I would suggest grabbing hold of:-

- UK White Dwarf 251. This has details on the aftermath of Armageddon, which has a meaty extract about the Black Dragons role in the Battle for Armageddon.
- UK White Dwarf 279. This includes a section of Cursed Founding trial rules (no longer existing) and details actual background information on the Black Dragons as well as including a few neat pictures of converted Dragon Claws models and a Black Dragon abomination model.
- UK White Dwarf 260. This details the Cursed Founding and gives an insight into the creation of the Chapters within that founding.
- Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. There is a section under the heading of Helbrecht's Revenge that details a Black Dragons naval assault.

Note - there are a few other White Dwarf magazines which mention the Black Dragons in them but they are pretty insignificant, the above references are the main ones you need. Codex Armageddon also briefly mentions the Black Dragons and shows a painted Black Dragon model.

Anyway, I hope this has helped you out. If you want or need any more info about the Black Dragons, then feel free to PM me.

- EgoDraconumNigrorum

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I would love to see a Black Dragons force. I have always liked the sound of them, such a cool idea for a Chapter.

Good luck with your project




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In the sticky at the top of the forum you will find the original URL to the official GW page on the Black Dragons from 3rd edition. Place the URL in an archive search (like the Wayback Machine also linked in the sticky) and you will be able to view the page.
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Kurgan the Lurker

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This is all their official info minus the small bit of stuff in the latest Salamander novel which I haven't added to the big list yet:

• 9 Companies deployed to Armageddon, 3rd War.
• Corrupted Ossmodula zygote – leads to blade like growths of bone along the elbows and forearms and boney crests along the head.
• Suspected Salamander Successor. WD247 pg.28-34
• Founded just prior to the Age of Apostasy: http://web.archive.o...s/bdragons.html
• 2 Companies remain on Armageddon, 3rd War, after the Season of Fire: EPIC Armageddon V5 rules page 70.
• Battle Barge: Ebon Flame. Battle fleet Gothic: Armada, pg. 133.
• Founding 21: The Cursed Founding Chapters - http://uk.games-work...rines/cursed/1/
• Battle of Phoenix Island, 3rd War for Armageddon. V4 rulebook. Pg. 250
• Picture, C:A pg 18
• 9 Companies, 3rd War for Armageddon. C:A pg. 32
• Mutated Ossmodula implant leads to boney growths from the head and the forearms and elbows. Marines who suffer from this are put into special units known as Dragon Claws. Rites of Initiation, Index Astartes I pg. 7-8, Chapter Approved 2004 pg. 6
• Dark Angels and Marines Malevolent have refused to fight alongside the Black Dragons due to their mutation. Chapter Approved 2004 pg. 6
• Chapter somehow manages to pass all genetic testing done as part of its regular schedule of tithe. Adeptus Mechanicus believes they may be culling genetic material from other unknown sources. Chapter Approved 2004 pg. 6
• How to Paint Space Marines pg. 77
• How to Paint Space Marines pg. 86
• Use Victorinius Spaceport as an operations base to launch Thunderhawk strikes against ork roks on Phoenix Island. The Battle for Armageddon pg. 17
• The Colors of War. GW Catalog and Hobby Reference 2004-05 pg. 339
• Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes poster (out of print). Art of Warhammer 40k pg. 70-71
• Space Marines of the Armageddon War. Millenia date is possible Founding? M40. WD248 pg. 77
• Ushorak, former Captain, turns renegade and joins the Dragon Warrior Traitor Marines. Killed on Moribar by the Salmanders. Firedrake pg. 132
• Zartath, encountered by Salamanders in the Dark Eldar city of Volgorrah Reef. He had been trapped there for 6 years. His bone blades can be retracted into his flesh. Firedrake pg. 263
• Brother Kor’be, also with Zartath in Volgorrah Reef. Had his tongue cut out and his bone blades removed by the Dark Eldar that captured them. Killed by the traitor Salamander Iagon. Firedrake pg. 290
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What is key are the references Kurgan posted.
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